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OHMYGOSH!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BEAUTIFUL FRIEND! I am so joyful, grateful, and so blessed to be your friend. You have grown to such a wonderful person, you amaze me in so many ways and I consider you one of my closest friends. You're so gorgeous, with such a wonderful personality, I am in awe. I HOPE YOU HAVE SUPER BIRTHDAY YOU SWEETHEART YOU!!! HHHAAAPPPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

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OHMYGOD PIA!!!! I started to cry when I read this. You’re so sweet and I’m so honored to be one of your closest friends. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have such an amazing friend as you! I’ll be forever grateful for freshmen year.

I broke out into a smile and laughed so hard remembering that! (Whoa hold up copy cat! I wanted to be your friend also. Dang.) I remember we got in trouble in drivers ed because we were drawing! (She couldn’t stop us haha) ohmylord thank you. I moved back to my childhood home last week and I found them all! :o all of our letters. Whoa.