so yesterday I attempted to model a bit.. initially I was annoyed and upset cause I hated all of the pictures. After taking time to be confident within myself and understand that I am an amateur and so was my photographer (my lil brother lmao), I was actually able to see the potential in some of the pics. So I’m posting these in a sensitive but open minded place. Don’t be too hard on me 🙄😩 IG & SC | yecadecali

T’was the night before Eid, when all through the house

mothers were ironing clothes for her kids and her spouse.

The henna was applied so intricately with care,

girls hoping that it wouldn’t get smeared everywhere.

The children talked about what food they will eat,

as all throughout the month they were craving for sweets.

So as the blessings of Ramadan comes to an end,

we will celebrate Eid to say goodbye to a friend.


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Part 6 of ‘Desi Remix’ series [Remix of “The Murder of Paolo & Francesca” by Joseph Noel Patton]

Mohini is the female avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu. She is known for being an enchantress and for driving lovers to madness. Her name itself is derived from the verb moha, meaning “to enchant, perplex, or disillusion” and her name as a whole translates literally to “delusion personified”. 

Mohini also has a destructive side known for slaying demons. One day, she intervenes when she sees the ash demon Bhasmasura, who has the ability to turn anyone to ash by touching their head, misuse his power on the very god who granted him this ability. Upon seeing Mohini approach him, Bhasmasura is so breath taken by her that he immediately asks her to marry him. Mohini agrees, but only on the condition that he mimics her moves in a dance. As she precedes to charm him she cleverly places her hand on top of her head. So entranced, he unknowingly repeats the move and reduces himself to ashes.

Here you see a more metaphoric depiction of the 2 sides of Mohini. On one hand you see her as the enchantress, pure, seductive, and deceivingly innocent in white and on the other hand you see her as the demon slayer, ruthless and unmerciful in red.