What’s the “normal”or “best” way to maintain natural hair?

Recently in our MyBrownBox Facebook Group a member requested a few tips from her fellow MyBrownBox Beauties stating she was new to the natural hair journey and had a few questions about products, wash frequency, maintaining healthy hair, and the length of time you go before you wash and re-do your twist/twist-outs. We all know the topics I just listed deserve their own full-length post (and they’ll receive just that in due time) however I’d first like to briefly comment on an interesting theme I’ve noticed among new naturals, myself included…

Growing up I got my first relaxer when I was in third grade and from that point on I remember every beautician I visited followed the exact same steps on every head of relaxed hair they coiffed. I’m sure they based their routine on industry-wide best practices but I noticed little variation for women with different textures since every curl pattern was soon massaged straight. Now I’m not a stylist and am not suggesting mine ignored my special needs — I’m just saying the way I learned to maintain my relaxed hair was in-part by watching and memorizing the consistent example set by my beautician. I’ll never forget the order: base, apply, massage, rinse, wash, condition, dry, apply heat, spritz, etc.

I’ve noticed that when folks become newly natural they try and create a natural hair regimen based on similar industry-wide best practices that simply do not exist yet. One reason I believe it’s possible they never will is because my natural hair is different from  your natural hair, and my own strands vary in curl pattern throughout my entire head!

Having said that, my advice for new naturals is to keep track of each product you try and note how it works for YOUR hair. Note the weather, the amount, was it applied wet versus dry, to achieve a wash-and-go versus a twist out, etc. Every detail matters because it’s up to the individual to discover the “best practices” for each individual strand on his/her head. It can be a time consuming process but companies like MyBrownBox are here to make it easier. We’ll be sending product samples straight to your door and we also maintain a community of women who share, care, and support one another through this discovery process.

Please continue to use our MyBrownBox Facebook group to share your findings with friends. We truly are all in this journey together but first understand that no one can tell you the BEST way to maintain healthy hair – you must discover the products and methods that work best for you!