Found You - Pt 3

A/N: I’M BACK FOR ROUND 3, YOU GUYS! Hope you’re prepared! Goodness, I’ve fallen in love already myself hahaha. I’m having such an awesome time with this! We’re far from over!!!! 

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^^^ This GIF really represents this part, sooooooooooo. You’ll get what I meannnnn.

Part One

Part Two

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Song that inspired series: Found You by Kane Brown

Adding the last finishing touches to Alexa’s makeup, she smiled at you. “You are the best, (Y/N).” She breathed out, turning her head from side-to-side. You beamed, shaking your head. “You’re one of my favorites to work with. I just love your complexion!” You laughed, placing your brush back into its holder. 

“There’s my girl.” Finn walked up behind you, snaking his arms around your waist. Alexa grinned at the two of you, watching as you leaned back into his touch. “Looks like somebody’s about to go on.” You turned your head, feeling as he kissed you quickly. He nodded his head and you could feel his heart racing.

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