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Flo any summer picks from boohoo or missguided? They're both having 50% off for students!





Butterfly Display Cases

Butterfly cases filled with a mix of butterflies. The pictures are different colours as I took some with my phone and some with my iPad and that’s just how they came out. 

Away with the Fairies by Laura Brownhill

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Hi there! I have a question on what colors these two parents would produce if that's okay: mother - brown classic tabby with low white (carries dilute & chocolate) father - dilute cream mackerel tabby with low white (carries chocolate)

Oh you’ve no idea how happy I get whenever I get such orderly questions~ 

So yes, their possible kitten outcomes are, from the information you’ve given me: 

- brown mackerel tabby sons
- brown mackerel tabby sons w. white (50% chance of low white, 25% of high white per kitten)
- blue mackerel tabby sons
- blue mackerel tabby sons w. white
- chocolate mackerel tabby sons
- chocolate mackerel tabby sons w. white
- lilac mackerel tabby sons
- lilac mackerel tabby sons w. white

- red-brown tabby tortoiseshell daughters (brindled)
- red-brown tabby tortoiseshell daughters w. white (calico)
- blue-cream tabby tortoiseshell daughters
- blue-cream tabby tortoiseshell daughters w. white
- red-chocolate tabby tortoiseshell daughters
- red-chocolate tabby tortoiseshell daughters w. white
- cream-lilac tabby tortoiseshell daughters
- cream-lilac tabby tortoiseshell daughters w. white

Now these are the obvious ones, however for some itty bitty details remaining: 

- if daddy carries classic tabby beneath his mackerel, you can add a 50% chance of classic tabby vs. mackerel tabby for every outcome - if not, only mackerel tabby is possible

- if both parents carry solid beneath their tabby coats, then you have a 25% chance per kitten for a solid black coat as opposed to brown tabby, for example - if not, all kids will be tabby somethings

- the variables for white spotting is great, so you’re free to experiment with patterns so long as the pattern match the amount of white available to each kitten

Hope that helped a little :)

If WindClan Was Never Rescued

WindClan never being rescued would have altered the entire series.

With WindClan gone, the other Clans would want their hunting grounds. War would break out between the remaining Clans.

ShadowClan and RiverClan would team up against ThunderClan. ThunderClan would be wiped out, leaving their territory up for grabs. ShadowClan would take ThunderClan’s old territory, and RiverClan would take the moors.

RiverClan’s cats, after feeding on rabbits for a few generations rather than 100% fish, would grow larger than normal and very muscular. They’d be the size of a Norwegian Forest Cat on average. They’d have nimble, broad, powerful paws that would allow them snap a rabbit’s neck in one swipe and easily scoop fish from the river. Their claws would evolve to be like a cheetah’s: unable to retract. They wouldn’t be as sharp as they once were, but would provide great traction for the large felines’ numerous dashes for rabbits.

ShadowClan, meanwhile, would also change. Being under forest canopy for most of their lives would result in later generations having only dark fur (black, brown and tortoiseshell especially). They would evolve to have long legs to assist in stepping over thorns and very sharp claws to help climb trees. They would be very silent when they moved and would have very powerful legs and long tails. Later generations would be a bit smaller than before, but not a very noticeable change.

Both Clans would grow dramatically in size; dozens of cats would live in each. Fights would be rare, and full-on wars almost never happening.

The forest Clans would live happier lives. With more territory, there would be more herbs and more prey, so sickness and starvation would be rarities. Life would improve, and soon the memories and tales of WindClan and ThunderClan would be forgotten and fade away.

Just Right (A Joshifer One Shot for SDCC)

A/N: Hey, y’all. Clearly I am still trash for these dorks. I could write endless tales about things that Comic Con unearthed, but I missed writing platonic and yet crazy flirty Joshifer, so here we are. I hope you enjoy it. (Oh, and this is like insanely unedited, so please excuse my mistakes. There are probably lots)

Contains some brief adult content and mentions of infidelity. 

Berlin, June 2014

It had been a long day. Filming was bright and early and finished up late, not to mention the after party that had stretched on into the single-digit hours of the morning. I was drained, so was everyone. Especially Josh.

That was the reason we gave ourselves for wanting to spend the night together. His rental was closer to the set than mine, so it was a shorter walk, and he jokingly said he was worried about me now that it was the last day. The fact that tears had leaked out of my eyes when I tried to tell him I was fine didn’t help deter him.

I forgot whose idea it was to sleep in the same bed. His, probably.

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Prompt: "You have five smiles, James, and none of them is for me."


The little prick is sitting three seats down from Lily, piles of scrambled eggs and kippers loaded onto his plate. Lily glowers, little thirteen-year-old fists clenched against her thighs, but he remains oblivious. 

The grin that stretches across his face is pointed, even as he tries to affect a nonchalant air. “Alright, Snivellus?” he calls, ignoring Black’s hooting and Pettigrew’s fist thumping his back. Lupin, at least, has the decency to hide his smile behind the Daily Prophet.

Snape, for his part, simply wipes the pumpkin juice from his face and flicks his own wand, a grin of his own sliding across his mouth when boils start to erupt on James’s face.

Lily laughs, but the sound is choked off by James’s yelp of pain.

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Kit, they/them, non-binary

(also autistic, otherwise queer, and mentally ill)

[image descriptions:

1. Kit, a white person with short brown hair and tortoiseshell glasses, holding up a copy of QDA: A Queer Disability Anthology, which they are published in

2. Kit draped in a rainbow pride flag holding a painted sign reading “Autistic & LGBTQ+ Pride”

3. Kit wearing a shirt by @autisticwomen reading “Neurodiversity is for everyone,” and holding a neurodiversity painting they painted

4. Kit speaking in front of a microphone at a queer open mic]