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I feel like Grim looks different every time you post a picture of her. Are you sure you don't actually have like, 12 different tabbies that are never in the same room, at the same time?

here’s a secret reason I don’t post as many pics of Grim: her fur is STUNNING, all ticked & rich, but it goes dull blah brown when in shadow?? like here’s my Grim resplendent in the sunlight:

& here’s my good good girl in the shade. she goes from jaguar to warm potato:

Bilquis is a dark skinned black woman who is the goddess of love. She devours men and women with her vagina and feeds on the devotion they give her. Laura Moon is an unapologetic asshole who is most likely depressed. Yes, Laura os is complex and well written. But to treat her like she’s the height of female representation is some white nonsense™ .

Bilquis is revolutionary because dark skinned black women are not allowed nor be sexual or are shamed for being sexual. And because she’s a woman that’s doing whatever the hell she wants with her body. And she’s embracing her sexuality.

And also, stop defending Laura. She’s horrible for a reason. You can like her but defending her and justifying her actions is unnecessary.

Okay, so Bitty is procrastinating by scrolling through Youtube and today it starts with husky puppies playing in the snow for the first time, but he ends up watching this contouring video where it starts off with this super cool music riff and shots of the mountains? It’s a really nice shot, but the voiceover sounds really familiar. Like, really familiar.

He spends the next couple seconds racking his brain until Derek Nurse’s Doppelganger’s face shows up “without makeup” and Bitty is transfixed for 6:43 minutes as Totally Not Nursey, Right puts a timer on and does a five minute face in real time. Five minute contouring. It’s mesmerizing, honestly

Then, the guy finally talks on screen and holy mother of the baby lord

So, he watches more as this guy who he’s pretty sure is Nursey combs and fills his brows and gets rid of dark circles and blemishes, uses a dark brown shadow as eyeliner and a pale pink shade in his inner socket and on the bow of his lip for an every day look. There are costume tutorials and filling in spare patches in facial hair, skin care routines, and reviews of products. Bitty’s like !!!!!! because he’s 100% sure this is Nursey but, like Nursey might not want the team to know about his tutorials and outfit videos because Bitty gets it, it’s the Hannah Montana glamour of it all and also yeah…….:/// and it might just be an open secret like his own vlog is???? 

He scrolls through Nursey’s instagram–well, his makeup instagram. It’s not the account that Bitty already follows, it’s his Youtube username, finelines, and it’s kinda…….ridiculously…popular??? It was featured on Buzzfeed apparently??? There’s those flat lays of Nursey’s outfits, lines of poetry, swatches of eye shadow and lip products and screencaps from videos, etc…. 

And while Bitty’s sure that someone in the Haus has seen his own videos, no one ever confronts him about it, so he’s just gonna let Nursey do his own thing while Bitty himself spends the rest of the afternoon watching dozens of videos in bed and maybe orders….some brow product online….like Bitty has blond brows and he would like some definition, thanks Derek

And then Nursey compliments Bitty’s brows once the product’s come in and Bitty’s had a few tries and watched a few videos and !!!! everything is goodt in the Haus

Creepypasta #1037: The Model In My Figure Drawing Class

Length: Short

This semester, I took my first figure drawing class. Forget starting off slow with a bowl of fruit. As soon as the door clicked shut, an old woman in the middle of the room dropped her robe, revealing her wrinkly tits for the world to see. I was aghast.

I didn’t know what to do. Was I supposed to look? Not look? If I looked, then where? Her sagging mammaries? Her face? Her eyes? What if she looked back? Then, I’d be staring at a naked old woman and a naked old woman would be staring back at me. I couldn’t think of anything more awkward than that. Except maybe if she was my grandma.

“Pick a spot and get your sketchbooks ready. We’re doing five-minute poses,” instructed the professor, as he motioned towards the easels set up in a circle around the model. He opened up a newspaper and started reading.

I sat there nervously, holding a charcoal pencil in my hand as the geriatric nude struck a pose. To my surprise, I found her to be quite charismatic. For such an old woman, she displayed the kind of dignified poise you’d expect from a ballerina. Smiling, she watched me as I began to sketch her elegant features.


Her second pose was just as graceful as the first: arched back, bent knees, and head turned in my direction. I immortalized the moment in my sketchbook. The way the light gleamed off her chest, her soul-piercing brown eyes, and the shadows clutching her in a lover’s embrace. Maybe I’d impress her by showing her my work after class.


With more flexibility than a Yoga instructor, she stretched out further and contorted herself for the third pose. She chose to face me again, as though she was as captivated with me as I was with her. In five short minutes, I was able to capture her very essence on the page.


Her torso began to crackle as she twisted it sideways. Her earthy eyes remained locked on mine, but her smile had faded. Had I offended her somehow? Was my artwork not good enough?


My stomach dropped and she moved into her fifth pose. Her upper body began to twist towards the other side of the room, but her legs and head remained in place, making her appear as though she’d just been in a wreck. Her fingers bent outward. I could hear snapping noises as her bones popped out of their joints, causing her fingers to elongate to unnatural lengths.

My hands trembled, barely able to keep hold of the pencil as I watched the horrid mess of misplaced limbs. I didn’t want to look at her, nor at my sketchbook, but somehow, my hand flew seamlessly over the page, as though forced to trace the inhuman shape I was witnessing. I tried to stop it, I really did. I slapped my free hand over the one holding the pencil. I pushed. I pulled. No matter how hard I tried to stop, I kept drawing.

The model’s hawk-like eyes stared me down with contempt. The cold gaze felt as though it was burrowing into me, examining every inch of me. Not just on the outside, but on the inside, too, like an x-ray. It burned. It burned under my skin. My joints began to ache. It could feel the pressure of an unseen force trying to pull my bones apart. And through it all, my hand still scribbled in my sketchbook.


“All right, let’s take a quick break and then we’ll do a half hour pose,” said the professor, still looking at his newspaper.

The model’s body rebounded back into place like an elastic band.

I felt an instant wave of relief. The pressure was gone, but I was still sore.

She gave me a knowing, devious smile, slipped into her robe, winked, and stepped out of the room.

It was only then that I noticed my fellow students exchanging anxious stares and rubbing their now rigid, almost atrophied hands.

As I nervously paced around the room and rubbed my own hands, I peeked at the other student’s sketchbooks. Blood drained from my face as I realized that, in every single sketch, the model’s head was turned towards the viewer, as though she’d been facing every single student in class at the same time.

The door swung open and a younger woman stepped in, apologizing for her tardiness. Whoever - or whatever - the old woman was, she wasn’t a model.

really don’t want to go back to class.

Credits to: manen_lyset

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what do u do for doing skin in paintings? :o

i have a lot of Mario/ 3d render references up then use three main shades: a dark faded red/ brown for shadows, a salmon pink for middle tone and a yellow for highlights

it always makes a really nice full skin tone

also I make sure to make it smooth but not over blend and focus obsessively on lighting and how it would fall on what im drawing haha

heres a pic of kinda what i mean

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I need tips for eye makeup! I'm Arab so my skin so dark, especially around my eyes. My bags and my lids. I'm 14 and I love makeup, but I can never do nice natural pretty makeup because my eyes are too dark. I use light concealer to cover my kids as a primer and base but it doesn't seem to work, and neither does white eyeshadow. Most of my friends are light skinned so nice colors like light pinks and neutrals look great, but you can't see hem on me, any tips?

Watch these videos to learn about color correcting and covering dark circles: 

Color correction might be what you need! It will take some practice to find the right shade and amount of product to use but it does work if done properly. Then for natural looking makeup instead of going for light colors use metallics that are the same shade as your skin. On days when I just want natural looking eyeshadow I go for medium toned golds and browns so it just adds a little bit of shimmer and sparkle to my lids without looking super bright or ashy. 

Also you can use your dark circles to your advantage. If you conceal under your eyes and not your lids it usually looks like you just have some shadow on your lids. You can then apply a light layer of shimmery gold or brown shadow over you lids for a very natural look. 

To get shadow to show up there are a lot of things you can do. 

1. Try using eyeshadow primer instead of concealer. This one from wet n’ wild is supposed to be comparable to the urban decay one which is the one I use:

2. Pigments have much more intense color than regular eyeshadows because they have less fillers and are closer to pure pigments. 

The urban decay electric palette is all pressed pigments so the colors are very intense:

Makeup geek eyeshadows:

The loose pigments are very intense:

Regular shadows are very pigmented:

The foiled shadows are super intense (I think they crease on oily lids though): 

Colourpop eyeshadows:

The ultra-metallic ones will show up on every skin tone:

The regular metallic ones are great as well:

You can use colourpop shadows as bases for other shadows as well. 

3. Instead of using concealer as an eyeshadow base you can use an eyeshadow stick or like I said above, colourpop eyeshadows. 

In this tutorial I use a melted down nyx jumbo pencil in black bean for a black base to deepen up shadow:

In this tutorial I use a melted down nyx jumbo pencil in milk to help bright colors shop up better:

4. You can foil metallic shadows to get them to show up better. I always do this with loose metallic shadows otherwise the shadow goes everywhere. I first pick up some shadow on my brush and then spray it to dampen the shadow. Then I apply the shadow to my lid.

I do it in this tutorial:

I hope at least one of these tips helps!