manaveris-draconis  asked:

How exactly did the writers whitewash Briala? How can she be whitewashed when they never said she wasn't white in TME? Because when I read TME, all it said was that Briala had a darker skin tone than Celene. I mean, white people aren't all the same color.

Short answer: Go away

Long answer: 

Her elven lover made soft sleeping sounds, and Celene stroked her hair absently. The black curls lightened to gray with the pre-dawn light, then slid to the light brown of cinnamon as the sun brought colour to the room.
Dirt-brown, Celene had called it, when Briala had waited upon her as a girl. Horse-dung brown, an ugly shadow of Celene’s spun-gold locks. Back when they had both been children, before Celene had known the value of having a friend who could be trusted, who wasn’t a competitor in the Game.
She watched Briala’s throat, where her pulse fluttered. Her skin was darker than Celene’s, though she spent most of her days inside and showed no tan lines at the bare skin around her eyes. Briala tried to ignore it, but Celene knew that she was quietly ashamed of it. Not the ears that gave her away as elven even beneath the mask, not the lovely liquid eyes, but her sun-touched skin, dotted with a spray of pretty freckles.

What about this paragraph at all paints a picture of a white girl to you? Like, it is even specified that her skin is not a tan.

“You could have woken me earlier.”
“Burdens of the empress,” Celene said, and smiled. Her lover’s skin was dark against the creamy white satin of her nightshirt.

Again, directly describing her skin as not white.

Briala is not white. She is a woc with a beautiful head of curls and a face full of freckles. 

And yet in Inquisition she’s white af, with straight af hair, and perfect af skin.

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