Colors that the signs should dye their hair
  • Aries:dark brown with faint highlights
  • Taurus:caramel brown
  • Gemini:any variation of the ombré/dip-dye thing, maybe blonde + light pink
  • Cancer:pastel rainbow
  • Leo:the purest light blonde, try a curly style as well
  • Virgo:light brown with a purple underside
  • Libra:blonde, pastel green highlights
  • Scorpio:black with bright red tips
  • Sagittarius:purple that transitions into turquoise towards the end-- go mermaid-inspired.
  • Capricorn:red/auburn with honey-colored highlights
  • Aquarius:pastel blue is cute on you
  • Pisces:completely white or silver
Picture Preference #193 - The Color Dip Dye He Likes On Your Hair

Harry: Blue

Louis: Hot Pink

Niall: Purple

Liam: Brown/Blonde

Zayn: Pink

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