“No Blacks or Africans please”

I encounter so much racism on dating websites it is exhausting.

Having to deal with getting called “chocolate” “caramel” and other various light brown foods is fucking annoying. 

Almost as annoying as seeing, my personal favorite, “No African Americans or Blacks” the men behind these profiles display themselves as racist pigs from the very start. Which in theory is nice, because I can easily avoid them but out of every 5th or 6th profile it becomes burdening. 

You don’t even know me, but you’re refusing to get to know me due to the fact that the color of my skin varies from yours. 

That is racism.

But they hide their racism under of guise of preference.

“Oh, I’m not racist, I just don’t date black girls”

“Nah, black girls tend to be too loud and ghetto for me, but I’m not racist tho”

“No Blacks or Africans please”

Let me understand this a little more, so would you say the entire black population in the world is completely desexualized to you? All of them, you don’t think that has something to do with racism? You’re desexualizing the entire group-population, you’re categorizing the entire group of people visually and completely discounting them. 

And you’re able to get away with because of you, you know, preference.