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Warren Worthington iii x reader {Feathered Infatuation}

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Imagine: A bird flying past the mansion, a female duck, stops to rest by the pond. She sits in the water, watching the mutants milling around and chatting, then she spots Warren.

And that is one handsome hunk of bird.
Warren’s just sitting underneath one of the trees, relaxing in the shade and waiting for you to come meet him.
He opens one of his eyes when he hears a loud quaking, he watches a small brown duck shake it’s feathers and start waddling in his direction, it keeps coming closer until it’s about two feet from him and quacks again.

Warren is now very confused by the duck staring at him, he eyes the bird warily (he’s had a bad run-in with a flock of geese on one of his flights and he doesn’t think a duck will be any more trustworthy) “What do you want? shoo” he makes a shooing motion at the duck but it only takes a step closer to him, still starring with those beady little eyes.

Now the duck was creeping him out, but she didn’t think so. Oh no, she thought she was being quiet friendly to the handsome male bird.

Warren was getting uncomfortable from the ducks unwavering gaze so he got up and decided he’d just go find you instead of meeting at the tree, he turned to look at the duck only to see it was following him, slowly waddling behind.
Warren’s eyes widens and he speed walked into the mansion, closing the glass door behind him.

Maybe finding you would calm his nerves, that always works.

Warren had completely forgotten about his encounter with the duck, he was sitting next to you at a table in the library, smiling at you gently while he listened to you talk about the book you had been reading.

He didn’t really care about the book, but he liked hearing you talk about the books you read, or even just watching you read.
Warren smiles when your nose crinkles up and wraps his wing around your shoulders, everything is good. Until he hears a tapping sound.
He looks up trying to see whose doing it, possibly to knock some sense into whoever it is if they don’t knock it off.

There aren’t many people in the library right now, a few studying and Kurt curled on one of the couches reading with a teacup held by his tail, nothing odd.

Until he looks up, the same brown duck from earlier is pecking the window right by you and Warren, and he swears it’s looking at him again.
You look up from your book, sensing Warren’s discomfort when his wing stiffened around you. “Warren? baby what’s wrong?” you ask, rubbing his shoulder lightly.

Warren turns back to you, relaxing a little and forcing a smile “Nothing, c'mon Angel face, it’s stuffy in here. Wanna get something to eat?” he got up, kissing your cheek then pulling out your chair and offering you his hand “Ok…but I still don’t understand why you call me that” you shrugged, following him towards the door “Your the angel here and you know it” you finished making him chuckle
Warren sighed inwardly, glad you didn’t ask anything else and really hoping you didn’t know his reason for wanted to leave so quickly was because he wanted away from that duck’s view.

The next day you were sitting outside trying to understand the homework Hank had given you this week, when a small brown duck waddled up to you.
You smiled at the bird “Hello duck” you greeted as it got closer,
instead of waddling along or ignoring you, it bit your knee “Ow! duck!” you yelped as it bit you again, and again, and again, and your book too, and shoes..

Duck was not happy you were stealing her man-er bird.

“GET AWAY” Warren’s loud voice rang out, his wings fluffing up angrily and scaring the duck making her fly away from you both.
You turned to him “Warren!” you smacked his arm, his wings relaxed and folded against his back. “What I do?” he asked confused, and tempted to try out that puppy eyes trick when he saw the way you were looking at him.
You huffed “Warren you shouldn’t have done that, she was probably just protecting her nest or something”

Warren sighed “(Y/n) it was attacking you, and we don’t even have ducks around here why would there be a nest, and how do you even know its a ‘her’?”
you rolled your eyes “Well obviously there are ducks or at least a duck around here, and her coloring is wrong to be a mallard” Warren shook his head, he knew there was no point in trying to argue that he was saving you from a possibly murderous beast.

Once again, Warren’s day had been peaceful after his encounter (*cough* battle *cough*) with the duck. That is until it was time for his afternoon nap, you and Warren had been headed to his room to cuddle and sleep like always, but when Warren opened his door he found he already had a woman in his bed.

A woman duck that is,

The same beady eyed brown duck was now in the middle of his bed sitting it some kind of makeshift nest filled with twigs and feathers, and was that a pair of his boxers? Warren didn’t really want to know.

He looked over to see you trying to stifle your laughter “So Warren, whose this little lady friend of yours?” you tilted your head giving him a cheeky smile
Warren deadpanned “That stupid duck is no friend of mine, it’s a creepy stalker duck that’s been following me. I think it wants to kill me.”
You stepped closer to the nest, staying out of attacking range “Really babe? cause I think she wants something else from you. Those are your feathers tucked in her nest, those are your cupids arrow boxers I got you, and she’s on your bed”
Warren huffed and crossed his arms “And what are you getting at? I must’ve been the only one to leave my window open. That’s all.”
“Well you’re a bird-man,” you held up your finger to shush him before he protests “you’re a pretty attractive man, maybe you make a hot bird too?” you wiggle your eyebrows at him and start laughing

Warren leans against the doorway sighing and putting his head in his hands “You’re not going to help me get rid of this are you?” he asks, only receiving laugh from you.


You walk out to the steps where Warren was sitting, seeing the small brown duck who had been trying to get lucky with your boyfriend for at least a month, poor gal just wasn’t having any luck.

“Oh so that’s how it is eh Warren? sitting out here with your little mistress while I get us a drink”
Warren groans at your teasing, no matter what he can’t get rid of the damn duck. He’s tried scaring her away, taping bread to other students in hope she’d follow them, he even ducknapped a boy duck out of the sky (he also almost fell out of the sky while fighting the duck while trying to subdue it) in hopes she’d get a new crush.

“You’re such a cruel lover Warren, paying her no attention even though she preens those feathers to their glossiest shine and watches you whenever possible” you say humorous heartfelt sympathy, one hand over your heart as you watch the little duck and hand Warren his drink
“No matter how much you try to guilt trip me, I ain’t fucking the duck. She should go find that 'mallard’ or whatever boy duck I brought her”

You snorted, wrapping your arms around his neck “Good thing too, you’re my birdy boy and I’m one of those jealous lovers who wont share their man with waterfowl”
Warren nuzzled your neck, hugging you, before getting a stupid little smirk on his face.
Warren pointed towards a tree not far from you, “Alright, but what about Cardinals? because she’s a looker”

Before NHL Queue: Class 2003 (3/∞)
10 Axioms for a Lifetime of Learning in Medicine (taken from my radiology textbook)
  1. If you like it, you’ll learn it; so learn to like it. 
  2. Principles are as important as fats. If you master the principles, you an make up the facts.
  3. You learn better when you know your goals. If you don’t know where you’re going, says the Talmud, all roads will take you there. But if you do know, you’ll get there much quicker. 
  4. Follow your cases. I’ve learned and remembered more by follow-up than any other way. 
  5. Like sex, learning is better if you are actively involved. When you read, talk back to the author. Be skeptical. Don’t follow authorities too closely or you may become a Brown Nose Duck, he can fly as fast as the leader, but can’t stop as quick.
  6. Reinforcement is essential for acquiring knowledge. But don’t reinforce by simple repetition: use some other method other than the original way you learned it. See a case, look it up, read an article, ask a question.
  7. Reward is important for learning. Show off what you know. Brag a little. Speak up in class. Tell your spouse or sweetheart, tell your colleagues, don’t bother telling your friends - you won’t have any. 
  8. Different people learn by different methods. Figure out your own best method and cater to it, whether it be reading, listening, observing, or doing, or a combination of these. Don’t depend on great teachers. They are as rare as great students.
  9. Quick retrieval of once acquired information is crucial. The home computer is ideal but other good retrieval methods are available. Create your own personal modification ad keep improving it. Without a recall system you are a “loser” , an old man with a stuck zipper.
  10. Divide your study time into prime time, work time, and sleepy time. Biorhythms vary widely among students, so develop your own study schedule. Don’t watch television during prime time and don’t read medicine during sleepy time. 

You can find the text book here. It’s actually amazing for learning chest imaging. 

By Felson, B. Humor in Medicine, 1989; RHA Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio

Some of the best things that my 5 year old cousin told me tonight

“Balloons are just so bad at listening.”
“I like brown ducks but white ducks are rude and don’t understand me.”
“I heard Canada has rude ducks.”
“I need my water so I can walk over there. It scares the bad bats away.”
“I like bats because one tried to kiss daddy on his birthday” (about a bat attacking her dad)
“Thomas the train knows me, you know?”