On Sale at Farfetch: Church’s Sahara Dainite Sole Suede Chukka

Sizing extremely limited.

Farfetch, the online storefront for dozens of high-end boutiques worldwide, started their mid-season sale couple days ago. The sheer amount of inventory to parse through is staggering, but this stood out almost immediately as a good find.

While there seems to be a consensus that Church’s is not what it once was since it’s acquisition by Prada, much of the criticism seems to focus on a higher retail price. The Northampton company still makes a solid English shoe.

As I’ve written in the past, there are few shoes more versatile than Goodyear-welted, Dainite sole chocolate brown chukkas. These pairs are stocked by D’Aniello, a shop in Naples, which brings shipping and duties to $24. While there may be better options at the roughly $400 retail price, there are few if any at just over $200 shipped.


It’s On Sale: Stuff Here and There

Lots of sales going on this weekend – some related to Memorial Day, some not. I have a roundup of over fifty for our Inside Track newsletter tomorrow. Here’s a sampling of just six. 

Ralph Lauren: Take an extra 30% off already-discounted items with the checkout code RLMEM15. The code applies to things such as quilted field jackets (~$118 with the discount) and brown calfskin chukkas (~$230).

Superdenim: Lots of Shetland sweaters in the sale section, available for $75 once you discount for VAT. Just be sure to double-check on the sizing. In the UK, a size 40 sweater often means that the garment measures 40″ across the chest; not that it’s intended to fit someone with a 40″ chest. 

Club Monaco: Take an extra 30% off clearance and sale items with the checkout code MEMORIALDAY. I like Club Monaco for their merino knitwear and third-party brands, such as Aspesi and Golden Bear

East Dane: Price drops in the sale section. There’s some good knitwear here from SNS Herning, Inis Meain, and Patrik Ervell. Be sure to size up on the SNS Herning stuff; they run slim. 

Dapper Classics: In three-day sale starting tomorrow, you can take 20% off all purchases with the code 20MD. I like their solid navy over-the-calf dress socks, which come in both cotton and wool. They also have a new line of trousers made in the NYC. 

Independence: Take 20% off select spring/ summer stock with the checkout code MEMORIALDAY20. I like the Battenwear packable anoraks, Post Overall’s “Dee’s Jackets,” and shirts from Engineered Garments and Gitman Vintage. Note, if you’re on surfing on Chrome, you might have some problems with the webstore, but Independence tells me you can always phone your order in. 

You can get more sales roundups by subscribing to our Inside Track newsletter. We not only give members a heads up on recommended sales every week, but we also include a full roundup of awesome menswear-related auctions happening at eBay. 



Being on a college campus, you start to notice the same outfits on most guys, the plain colored button downs *Polo Oxfords* , variety of colored shorts that come just above the knee “Chubbies”, with an assortment of dark to light loafers or boating shoes. This is an example of the typical “Fraternity Wear”, on almost every college campus, this outfit can be seen everywhere!

* Most guys typically stay away from the polka dot design and the unique style that it brings. Mainly because it is sometimes hard to match with things unless you have a sense of fashion and you and I both know a couple of people without that fashion sense.

I personally wear a navy blue and white polka dot button-down, dark faded jeans, brown chukkas, and a brown belt on good days. It shows a casual yet elegant fashion statement that a few men love to express. It is an ideal photography outfit,  as well as date night attire for you lucky lady’s men out there.

Polka Dots are in style, from painted dot, to Swiss dot, and multicolored polka dots. There are a couple of things to think about though when selecting and buying polka dots.The things you wear with them matter, a typical way is just a polka dot button down or t-shirt with khaki shorts, or navy or khaki dress pants. Alot of ties, shorts, hats, shoes, and even underwear all support the polka-dot industry and also increase the types of polka dot designs schemes.

Keep all this in mind the next time you are walking around store, or browsing a clothing site. Polka Dots are popping up EVERYWHERE!