I start a new job in exactly a week– so I wanted to share some of the stuff I bought and some of the resources I used to dress myself in the big boy clothes. 

My color palette comes from Cladwell and has been a great jumping off point for trying to build a wardrobe.

The shoe/pant color chart comes from here

Also, while Into Mind tends to be focused towards women, the basics are still the same for men.

As it stands my wardrobe is made up of 4 pants (navy, black, 2 different shades of gray–and an olive green is on the way to make a 5th), 3 dress shirts (the standard light blue, purple, and green), with 3 different ties (though none to match the green yet) and 3 more casual button-down shirts. I also have 3 pairs of shoes (tan oxfords, the light brown chukka boots, and a pair of black square toe dress shoes that I’ll replace with my first paycheck) and 2 belts (a black and a black/tan reversible). I also bought 1 polo shirt after arguing that I wouldn’t look so dad-ish if it had a Star Wars logo. 

I’m pretty lucky in terms of sizing, given that I’m a medium (16″, 32-33 dress shirt), size 10-11 shoe, and have a 36-30″ pant size. If you’re worried about things fitting though, Haggar makes these really great Work-to-Weekend pants that I keep jokingly calling Husky Pants for Boys for Men. They have a comfort waist without looking comically elastic. This way they have a little more give while I’m still losing weight without me needing to replace my whole wardrobe 20 pounds down the road.

I tend to avoid short sleeve dress shorts because I have slightly disproportionate arms, so I look more like a teenager who borrowed his dad’s clothes versus a man in his mid-20s starting his career. Obviously I don’t want to dress like a dad (think: anything you’d wear golfing), but I don’t want to be boiling in the summer, so I had to find other options. Instead, I tend to opt for button-down shirts where I can roll the sleeves. One of the best things I ever learned was how to roll my sleeves without looking like I was scrunching them up. It took a little practice, but now I can even make my flannels look dressed up when I go out with friends.  

Also not necessarily related to dress, but it’s nice to think about overall presentation. 

My best friend got me a Fjällräven bag for Christmas that I’m going to carry to work with me.

It’s still practical and I’d rather risk looking like a hipster rather than being the guy schlepping around his old college backpack (or conversely, being the dork with the briefacase– there’s definitely a time and place, but for me this job isn’t it)

I’m not even sure if this helps, but if people want me to talk more about this I might do a part two on building a wardrobe,  job hunting, interviews, and how I’ve managed to market myself despite not having a ton of professional experience in recent years (the last time I worked in an office was almost 4 years ago, then I did 4 years in retail).

Almost a kilt
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