Has this photo been discussed? Let’s start this shall we….

1. Meryl is actively pushing her bottom into maks’ hips

2. Maks is actively pushing his hips into Meryl’s bottom

3. Meryl’s face is all “do Big Boris and the Oleg twins like this babe?"😏

4. Maks’ face is all "f*ck yeah we do babe. I am the luckiest bastard around”

Yeah…the turbine was definitely fully activated this week! AD has now begun tonight!

Time to leave..

It had been months now since Darby and Craig had arrived at the prison. They had some run ins here and there with rotters, their fair share of cuts and bruises, and a few run ins with other people but for the past few weeks everything almost felt….. normal. The group had started to grow their own food, found some animals that they kept safe behind the prison walls and went on less raids than before. There seemed to be less zombies around or trying to get in and they hadn’t came across any other humans since Craig had been attacked. Yet something just didn’t feel right. Craig felt more tense now than ever before. Maybe he was just to afraid to relax, to let his guard down and something go wrong. 

His eyes flicked across the common room threw the crowd to Darby, watching as she smiled and talked away in light conversation with others as they served up dinner. His eyes scanned over every small feature on her face, her eyes, her cheek bones, her cute little nose, her lips.. god he loved those lips. 

“weeks later and you still can’t take your eyes off her” the voice snapped him from his trance, Belle one of the newer members of their group sat down beside him and took out her gun and started cleaning it - something she did often. “guess I can’t help myself” Craig mumbled lowly with a smile. Belle had become a close friend, specially after Craig caught her making out with one of the other new girls and promised to keep their secret. He guessed even with the world ending she still wasn’t ready for everyone to know her secret. “she has got a hot ass, I gotta admit” Belle said with a cheeky smirk knowing full well it would get a glare from Craig before they both laughed it off. “yeah, she does and you keep in mind shes mine .. and I don’t share!” he added nudging her lightly with his elbow as he got up and walked towards Darby. 

Sneaking up behind her, Craig slid his arms around her waist, his face pushing in against the side of her neck, lips lightly brushing over her skin, kissing her pulse ever so lightly “I need to talk to you for a second” he whispered brushing his lips lightly over her ear before he finally pulled back knowing full well everyone in the room would be looking. With a simple smile he nodded towards the empty guard tower that sat at the top of the big room. “meet me in there when you’re done”

Even the Press Wants the CS Bangarang

“It’s at this point that Hook and Emma were just starting to hold hands at the house, but they were interrupted by the whole power-coming-back thing and he finds a space heater for her. I’m sure he has some other ideas in mind to warm her up, but for now, they just cuddle by it and I guess that just has to be enough.”


“…let us discuss how I think the whole Emma and Hook thing (I WILL NOT SAY CAPTAIN SWAN, Y’ALL) is really working this season! Last season the conflict wasn’t there for me, and Emma’s grief over Neal seemed way too fresh. Now, the timing seems right and the sparks are flying. I love it. Sexually speaking. I mean…what? END OF REVIEW NOTHING TO SEE HERE, MOVE ALONG FOLKS.”


I’m sorry, OUAT reviewers. I think. You aren’t being clear enough. What are you trying to say you want Emma and Hook to do?


Brown Chicken Brown Cow
  • Brown Chicken Brown Cow
  • Trace Adkins
  • Cowboy's Back in Town [Deluxe Edition]

Brown Chicken Brown Cow by Trace Adkins

Now the hay needs haulin’, the hogs needs slop
The corn needs cuttin’ but the tractor’s stopped
They climbin’ up the ladder, clear to the loft
Shuckin those dirty ol’ work clothes off

Singin’ brown chicken brown cow
(Ain’t nobody watchin’ but the)
Brown chicken brown cow

Six Sentence Sunday - Until We Meet Again, Part 2

Here’s a little something from my other S2SL submission.  Completely unbeta’d, of course.  Special thanks to Ro Nordmann for the fantastic banner!!

If you haven’t already donated, what are you waiting for??  We are thisclose to reaching $2,000, which would be super fantastic.  For more information on how to donate, as well as details about DIPG and Hope for Caroline, visit S2SL’s Tumblr.  

And now, without further ado….

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Brown Chicken, Brown Cow, a downton abbey fanfic | FanFiction

New Crack-fic, and I do mean CRACK!

A collaborative effort between Chelsie Dagger and me, “Brown Chicken, Brown Cow” is a nonsense story in which barnyard animals study the mating habits of the Butler and Housekeeper of Downton Abbey.

Cracky, wacky, and a lot of fun.  Not to be taken seriously!


BROWN CHICKEN:  Goooood evening chicks, heifers, sows, boars, cocks and bulls, it’s time for another exciting edition of Yorkshire’s favorite barnyard based, hidden observation show, ‘Brown Chicken, Brown Cow;’ where we spy on the humans to better understand their inferior ways of life. I am Brown Chicken and with me, as always, is Brown Cow.

BROWN COW:  Thaaaaaaat’s right, Brown Chicken! Yes, indeed, barnyard friends, on this week’s edition of BBC’S ‘BC, BC’, we are observing the interaction of two species in their native habitat. Here in the servants’ courtyard, we see before us a fine specimen of butlerius proprietus and a graceful embodiment of administratus domesticus. As always, the subjects of our observation are unaware of our presence. Brown Chicken, can you tell us what we can expect to see?

 Please reblog and review!  Enjoy!  If you’ve laughed - even once - let us know!
Brown Chicken, Brown Cow Chapter 2, a downton abbey fanfic | FanFiction

Chapter 2 of Brown Chicken, Brown Cow: A Cock and Bull Story

Black Cock and Black Bull visit Mary, Blake, and Gillingham at the pig pen!  Sorry, no Chelsie this time, but I think you’ll enjoy it, any way.

The Cheerful Chelsies write again!  Chelsie Dagger and chelsie fan collaborate on a second chapter.  Even crackier than the first installment!