Shadows of Tirisfal

Reb'kah Bloodeye walked confidently through ghostly forests surrounding Brill. A man in dark violet robes guided her; unmistakably Sin'dorei from his tall build, slim compared to her soft curves. The orc’s wardrobe was as gaudy as ever - a wine-bright gown with bronze medallions violently at odds with the landscape around her; faded greens and rust browns of decay.

Mists parted and a three-story mansion emerged from the clearing before them. It had a complicated asymmetrical shape, one that didn’t entirely make sense. Steep, imposing rooflines met ornate wooden siding - but between there were shadowed gaps from mismatched cornices. A leaning portico allowed for a view of an orchard of skeletal fruit trees. Lumpy fruits hung from each branch, each pristine, for local wildlife avoided the mansion’s perimeter.

She glanced up at Darklin to give a smug reply to the various probing questions he’d wormed into her ear as they walked. But when her eyes returned to the structure its wings and bays weren’t as she remembered them - they seemed to have multiplied. Was the house six stories before, or had she missed something?

Reb'kah had already made up her mind - she wouldn’t be intimidated. For she had Arylitom’s secret in her back pocket - a trump card she’d not hesitate to use against the Dealer (though she’d given less thought as to how to conceal the source from him…). The warlock would stand strong against whatever horrors awaited her here.

She had no idea…

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Find a Black Yoga Teacher

The Ocean Key

Love was a key I threw in the ocean

By ebb and flow of loving notion

Washed upon my shore promising devotion

Returned to me with one more sin

Scaled barnacles brown and rusted, my sullied skin

It opened the door to my heart

Something lurked inside, a fear always drifting me apart

That key is a proposal of trust and love

It unveils my facade of iron hide

A mirror before a scarred broken child

He grew abused, abandoned with hopes now fear

To survive he brought himself to let no soul near

The barnacle bites the hand and the key is sent to toss

It returns again but just with moss

I sit adding to the ocean’s salty sublime

I’ll clean it again, for you…

You were always worth my time

I understand now…these aren’t mine alone to bear

The moss is to clean and the key is to give

I want to be better, something more for you

A home and just live.


Joan Baez,  75th Birthday Celebration

Live at Beacon Theatre, New York, January 27th, 2016

Track list:
01. God Is God
02. There but for Fortune
03. Blackbird (with David Crosby)
04. Catch the Wind (with Mary Chapin Carpenter)
05. Hard Times Come Again No More (with Emmylou Harris)
06. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
07. Oh, Freedom (with Mavis Staples)
08. Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around (with Mavis Staples)
09. The Water Is Wide (with The Indigo Girls & Mary Chapin Carpenter)
10. She Moved Through The Fair (with Damien Rice)
11. She Never Could Resist a Winding Road (with Richard Thompson)
12. Before the Deluge (with Jackson Browne)
13. Diamonds & Rust (with Judy Collins)
14. Gracias a la vida (with Nano Stern)
15. The Boxer (with Paul Simon and Richard Thompson)
16. Forever Young

Paper Towel Holder or Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder- Cast Iron Giraffe Paper Holder - Versatile and Decorative Bathroom Toilet Paper Holder or Stand Up Paper Towel Holder - Rust Brown by Comfify by Comfify
Paper Towel Holder or Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder- Cast Iron Giraffe Paper Holder - Versatile and Decorative Bathroom Toilet Paper Holder or Stand Up Paper Towel Holder - Rust Brown by Comfify by Comfify

The Cast Iron Giraffe Toilet Paper Holder Stand by Comfify is attractive home décor piece that blends antique vintage style with superb functionality. Perfect for a wide range of home styles, use this in the kitchen as a stand up paper towel holder for the countertop, or in the bath as a free standing toilet paper roll holder. Vintage Decorative Paper Towel Holder for Kitchen Enjoy gorgeous vintage style for your kitchen with this antique decorative stand up paper towel holder. Holds a roll of paper towels securely and this vertical paper towel holder is sturdy and heavy enough to detach paper towels easily with one hand. Use on your countertop and add an attractive, vintage look to you kitchen. Antique Bathroom Standing Toilet Paper Holder This versatile antique home décor item works just as well in the bathroom, where the neck is long enough to fit 2-3 rolls of toilet paper. A freestanding toilet tissue holder is a necessity in bathrooms where the architecture places the toilet inconveniently far from a wall. Also use this standing toilet paper holder to store extra toilet paper rolls in a way that looks good and does not clutter your bathroom: decorative, functional and fun! Outstanding Décor Gift Idea Here is a home décor gift that anyone will appreciate! The Comfify Iron Giraffe Toilet Paper Holder Stand is a perfect gift for housewarming parties, wedding gift registry, birthdays, Mother’s Day, anniversaries and more. Enjoy A-to-z Guarantee + Free 2-Day Shipping PURCHASE NOW to beautify your home and add this classy, elegant vintage paper towel or toilet paper stand to your décor. Amazon’s A-to-z Guarantee protects your purchase and Amazon Prime members receive FREE 2-day shipping!

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ANTIQUE CAST IRON HOLDER STAND, use in the kitchen as a vertical paper towel holder or in the bath as a free standing toilet paper holder, decorative and fun in either room, with classic style and perfect functionality,VINTAGE STYLE DÉCOR that fits a wide range of home styles, including antique, rustic, traditional and more; gorgeous and elegant looking with style to spare, this free standing paper towel or toilet tissue holder is a wonderful addition to your home,HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL, including genuine solid cast iron construction heavy enough to detach paper towels or toilet paper one-handed; vintage style and antique finish resists wear, looks better with age,PERFECT GIFT IDEA for any occasion, this is a present that will be appreciated for housewarming parties, wedding gift registry, birthdays, Mother’s Day, anniversaries and more; purchase this decorative home décor item for someone special,18.2′ high x 5.4′ long x 3.9′ wide, neck measures 13′, 3.9 pounds; perfect size for single roll paper towels or 2-3 toilet paper rolls; in Rust Brown color with vintage textured finish

I opened the box and it was all banged up and had a crack going through the entire body.Didn’t think that was possible since it seemed to be made from a metal material.Complete waste of my money

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This is such an adorable toilet paper holder , this product is a cast iron giraffe toilet paper holder .This decorative giraffe toilet paper holder is a solid piece, crafted with cast iron from recycled metal. The metal holder is made from recycled iron and are treated with special coating, giving the item vintage or rusted look, while protecting the item from rust and wear.This is such a beautiful home decoration , this is perfect for your home .I put mine in my bathroom , it fits in great with all my products from this fabulous company , it looks positively amazing ..It is so solid and strong , it is made of high quality materials .This is something that will last a long time , you will love this for the beauty and versatility of this holder.I love that it is made of recycled materials which makes it environmentally friendly .I love this holder and I promise you will too.If you are looking for something like this for yourself or as a gift , you have found it with this product .I highly recommend this wonderful giraffe toilet paper holder ,I received this product at a discount this is my honest review.

I love our new giraffe.This sweet little giraffe has been roaming around the dinning table for a couple of days now, and it looks great. Every time I see her it makes me smile. Sadly our giraffe doesn’t like wearing paper towels around her neck… It’s not very stylish and she looks soo much better without them.The husband is not too happy about the giraffe having fashion preferences, and thinks we should put her to work, but really the paper towels take all the grace out of her, and that is such a pity… I can’t force her to do it.I may end up getting a different thing for holding our paper towels, but I am keeping the giraffe.

The design of this with the giraffe’s head sticking up over and the body coming from under the paper towel roll is really cute. However, it has a huge flaw in that, unless the roll is new, the towels will unfold down to the countertop. It has a nice, heavy weight and I do think it’s charming so I am keeping it, but I am going to try to rig something that will hold the towels in place. Also, and this is just a matter of taste so I did not take off stars for it, when they say “antique” white, they really mean it. The finish looks like the piece has been left in the backyard for a few months. Some people really dig that look, I am going to repaint it. Basically, it’s just a base and I’m going to need to rebuild it to get what I want.

I got this in the mail today and it’s so freaking cute!! I was expecting something really light but I forgot about the cast iron part. I love that it’s heavier– my cats won’t be able to knock it down. I got the antique white version– it’s adorable. The detail on the head is really nice.It’s tall enough to hold up to 3 rolls, depending on if you want to cover the head or not. I took 3 different pictures of the giraffe with 1,2, and 3 rolls of paper to compare how much space they take up. I don’t have any paper towels at the moment so I couldn’t test that, but I assume you can probably fit only one at a time. These are so much cuter than the traditional wooden pole toilet paper holders that you see. I’m considering buying another for paper towels for my kitchen. Love it! I was lucky enough to receive this giraffe stand at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

Really cute, but it doesn’t hold more than one roll of tissue. When I put a second roll on it, I could not roll it off and the center of roll started sliding out. I’m fine with just 1 roll at a time. I love the white, but wish I had ordered the brown or bronze. It would have looked better, I thnk.

LOVE this giraffe! I hesitantly purchased the antique white color as a gift. I immediately fell in love with this item! It’s heavy (durable) and my two young boys (2 & 4 years old) are able to easily place and remove two double roll size toilet paper rolls on it’s lovely long neck. I may have to get one in bronze for our home!

Bought this as a gift for someone and it is so adorable in their bathroom! They do not have an area for a toilet paper holder (pedestal sink) and this works perfectly. It is sturdy enough to not tip over and about the same height as a toilet brush cleaner. I would probably think about using it as a paper towel holder instead since it is not very tall, but that is just my opinion. Still very cute and stylish!

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Cage cleaning day! After running around the room while I clean, Rover Pancakes goes to relax in the clean fluffy bed.

Rover’s around half a year old now! He’s not a kid anymore! He’s still small, probably always going to be a small-ish rat, maybe because of the rough start he had to his life. We’re so proud of him, he’s grown up to be such an awesome rat and gone from a little teeny baby with not many rat social skills to a good big brother and much more confident and social rat among other rats. He’s such a good rat and a really friendly guy.

His adult fur ended up staying the grey-ish mink instead of changing to the brown-ish mink like we thought it might. He’s just got some brown patches of “rusted” fur on his butt, it’s really cute.