Virginia au Augustus

“She is something new, something hopeful. Like spring to my deep winter.” - Darrow, Red Rising, Pierce Brown

“If Eo smelled of rust and soil, then the Golden girl is fire and autumn leaves.” - Darrow, Golden Son, Pierce Brown

for virginiamustangauaugustus, for becoming one of my first real tumblr friends. Thanks, doll!

(Because I was having some strong Virginia feels while making the Institute collages…)

[images are not mine.]

tinny penny ; krellsaphy
  • genre: angst, fluff
  • length: one shot
  • rating: R
  • summary: kris is an artist.
       He absolutely hates his work.
       It’s all ugly, so ugly, and will never be as beautiful as his muse—nothing on this planet could ever be as beautiful as his muse, Huang Zitao—whose blood runs in rivulets down the canvas of agony, what was once such a striking, vibrant crimson, faded to a dull, rust brown with time.

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