brown and rust

*CROSS LISTED* 1940s Blue Tweed Hat with Front Bow!
Approx Size 22"
(£45 plus P&P from NZ)

Blue and cream wool blend tweed cap measuring 9.5 inches. The crown is 4 inches high and has, at its base, a ½ inch matching band. The two inch brim in the front gradually wanes to brimless in the back. There is a matching square shaped hat pin and a front bow that measures 4 inches across. The cap is lined with a dark brown grosgrain ribbon band and the interior crown is lined with a rust-brown rayon blend fabric!

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July 5

Unlike the steely grey and black granite colors of the previous mountains, the mountains in Denali are colored shades of tan and brown and rust, often dusted with charcoal.
Sandalwood Fragrant Bracelet, Mens Bracelet, Womens Bracelet

These stretch bracelets are a handsome combination of 8mm dark brown Sandalwood beads and 8mm Rust Brown Riverstone beads with copper accents. The Sandalwood beads have a light fragrance that make them and are absolutely gorgeous!

Oath of the Modern Drenger

Of none else shall you desire

You shall be reborn in fire

A sturdy beast of steel and bone

Luster across the sandscape shown

To fight the hordes, to spill the blood

To bathe in ash and salt and mud

For the gods, your blades are sharp

Blasphemers you shall usurp

Through the fury shall you drive

At shining gates you shall arrive

Delivered from this poison dust,

It’s venom air and red-brown rust.

Because you have a great desire

Perish, be reborn by fire!


Working on some test models for heresy era Alpha legion. Using a base coat of rust brown with splashes of black and gold metalics. Then I spray with chipping medium. Next step will be airbrushing on the base coat of lagoon blue and troll blue from miitaire ((badger).

Monogram Brown Argyle Tray Serving Tray

Monogram Brown Argyle Tray Serving Tray $47.95 by suncookiez

A classic rust brown and black argyle pattern decorates this stylish monogrammed serving tray. Personalize this tray by changing the monogram letter to suit your needs. The design is from original art.