Imagine...Sexting Dean

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Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: implied smut/kinda smut

A/N: Italicized are Dean texts, bold are readers…

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Transfiguration Partners (Connor Murphy x reader)

Connor Murphy Ilvermorny AU

So, this is actually the first reader insert I’ve ever written. I hope it’s okay? This isn’t much honestly, it’s just kind of my first step into this Ilvermorny AU. Note: I’m saying butterbeer is a wizarding world drink, not just a Hogwarts drink, so that’s in here. Also, when Connor mentions going into town I mean it like the American version of Hogsmeade. Because, come on, these kids have to have some awesome shops and restaurants to visit, too!

Warnings: language because I mean it’s Connor. Also I’d say ooc Connor but we know so little about him couldn’t everything written about him be considered ooc? And probably typos.

Words: 1173

You had always noticed him. There was something about the mess of brown hair and the blue eyes that had just a bit of brown in them. You’d learned his name early in first year when you shared a Potion’s class together. You had also noticed that he rarely ever spoke. In second year, you took notice that he always ate his meals alone. The other students in his Wampus house didn’t seem to notice he was always alone. Or if they did, they didn’t seem to care.

           It was the first day of fourth year when you walked into your transfiguration classroom and realized he was sitting at a table alone. This was your moment. You took a deep breath and straightened your blue robe. You could do this. You waved hello to your friends as you walked past them at their table and took the seat next to Connor.

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anonymous asked:

An art question for you, should I use a brown or dark blue for my line art?

i usually do dark brown :O but depends on the mood you want to set for this piece i guess 

This painter’s palette was carved from a single piece of ivory and tinted with red and black stain. Six oval wells contain cakes of pigments including blue, green, brown, yellow, red, and black. The oval cartouche at one end encircles the throne name of the pharaoh, Amenhotep III.

Poseidon took a deep breathe as he transformed. He’d been doing this for 3 years in secret. He fixed his tie then knocked at the front door of the apartment. A woman with dark brown hair and blue eyes opened the door. She smiled at Poseidon.
“Happy third anniversary, Sally.”
Sally embraced him, “Happy third anniversary, Paul.”

things girls look for in boys:

  • goofy, friendly, and adorable personality
  • bright smile
  • high-pitched yet strangely cute screams
  • tall leggies
  • really cool
  • and cute too
  • loves the ocean and marine creatures
  • strategical mind
  • smartly practical
  • loves his friends a lot
  • selfless and protective
  • like he’d literally sacrifice himself for his friends
  • really handsome and suave
  • loves space and astronauts
  • sweet and kind
  • a bit talkative
  • but has a really cute and attractive way of talking
  • likes to take care of his looks
  • a noble gentleman
  • yet would fart or burp in your face without a prior notice
  • loves his family. a lot.
  • skilled sharpshooter
  • has a rival who he really, really cares for
  • loves the color blue
  • flirts with anything and everything that moves
  • pretty brown hair
  • attractive blue eyes
  • beautiful brown skin
  • cuban
  • lance

Correspondences for Mabon

Animals: Goose, Swan

Beverages: Beer, Cider, Mead, Wine

Colors: Blue, brown, gold, green, orange, red, yellow

Foods: Apple, corn, grain, nuts, pear, pomegranate, pumpkin, sweet potato, wheat

Gemstones: Amber, citrine, sapphire, tigers eye, gold topaz

Incense: Frankincense, myrrh, pine, sage, sweetgrass

Plants: acorns, gourds, pinecones, vines

Symbols: cornucopia, double spiral, scales, scythe, sun wheel

Magical energies: Acknowledge hard work, agriculture, ancestry, balance, bounty, completion, divination, equality, forgiveness, harvest, honor, hospitality, meditation, mystery, offering, otherworld, planning, preparation, reflection, rest, sacrifice, settle debts, soul, success, Thanks giving, vision quests.

Ilvermorny Headcanons pt. 2:

  • every other saturday theres movie night of new illegally/magically downloded movies in the dining hall at 9pm 
  • no house elves in the kitchens, it’s staff and pukwudgie students (that volunteered) 
  • a translator spell was invented for students who didn’t speak english very well or at all, or just preferred to speak in their native langauge, and if any other student made any comment like “you’re in america, speak english”, they would spend the rest of their weekends in detention 
  • the wampus common room has two giant stone knight statues that protect the entrance and open the doors for you, anyone is welcome into the common room, just not the dorm rooms, it’s an incredibly, loud, welcoming, and cozy common room
  • the horned serpent common room is within the library, the password to get in changes every month, and is usually a phrase from literature, it is almost considerbly messy, books scattered everywhere, spilled potions, almost empty potion bottles, cauldrens laying around 
  • the pukwudgie common room is on the same floor as the kitchen, they make up the entire floor, it always smells amazing and is as welcoming as the wampus common room, just not so loud 
  • the thunderbird common room is outside of the castle, in treehouses, the treehouses surround the castle and are all linked together, a very sleepy and very real thunderbird sits in the trees, protecting their rooms from storms or outsiders 
  • football season and march madness is insane 
  • the small town a few miles away from the castle is a very touristy town, full of fake anf for fun witch shops 
  • wampus colors - deep red, orange, gold, and black 
  • horned serpent colors - silver, green, blue
  • pukwudgie colors - orange, red, brown, yellow 
  • thunderbird colors - grey, light blue, dark blue, brown 
  • quill and ink are only used for final reports, that or typed, normally students just use pens and pencils 
  • due to a few thunderbirds and horned serpents in the river that goes around the castle the weather is usually rainy and stormy 
  • if students desire and/or their home life isn’t ideal or safe, they may stay in the castle on holidays and during the summer
  • many students who excell in potions go on to be chemists 
  • lots of hand on magic 
  • the surrounding mountains, forests, and rivers are full of nymphs 
  • some students bring in video game consoles for their common room and dorm rooms 
  • starting at 16 students start to get jobs in the small shops within the castle or down in the tourist town 
  • no indigenous cultures are magic, some actual indigenous people have magical abilties just like the rest of the students, but not their culture 
  • there are no-maj electives such as art, computer programming, web design, film, forgein langauge, american sign langauge, writing, journalism, choir, band, theater, shop class, and almost endless social studies classes

bethgarcia  asked:

I actually really like Cressida more than you could imagine. She's one of the starco children I can actually see being star and Marco's daughter, she's doesn't have to much star nor to much Marco... it's perfect!!! I also like how you gave her darker skin and Marco's eye shape. Usually people would make their starco child blonde with brown eyes or brown hair and blue eyes with lighter skin. Anyways Cressida's design is GOLD!!!

You really think so? Because I thought Cressie may look a bit too much like her Dad, but still, thanks!

Here’s a ramble on our thought process when we were making Cressida: we wanted to make her color palette slightly different from Star and Marco, since I just don’t want her to look like Star with Marco’s color palette and Star’s blue eyes. So, we made her skin a tone between Marco’s and Star’s! Also, her hair color is just a tad lighter than Marco’s, we made it so it’s clear that she got that trait from her Dad but not making the color the exact one. Here’s a quick color chart thingy:

Another thing is her eyes: one thing that I’ve always noticed that most Starco child OCs tend to look like their mom (maybe a bit too much, sorry to say) and I feel they don’t utilize Marco’s eye shape enough (I only saw it in @aweirdlatina​‘s Amanda and @turquoisegirl35​‘s Luna, which is depressing because I absolutely love Marco’s eye shape) so I gave Cressie that.  Her hair shape is a mix of Star’s bangs and Marco’s hair, and I gave her Star’s nose. Another chart thingy:

Also, her eye color is almost the same shade of Moon’s as well because I haven’t tortured River enough lol:

I’d say that Cressida is one of those ‘brown-haired blue-eyed’ Starco children, but I guess people really dig her design.