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November 1, 2017

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Bucky and Clint have been keeping their relationship on the down low for awhile now, but will a Halloween party and accidental couples costume out them to the world?! I'm going to love reading all your Halloween prompt fills!!


“Holy blueberry muffins!” Tony yelped. “Elsa, I didn’t see you come in!” 

Bucky was wearing his habitual glare, but the effect was kinda lessened when paired with his current outfit. Tony woulda told him off for not making an effort if Bruce wasn’t a completely different size to him, ‘cos big green - bless his fashion-backward heart - was the only one among them who might’ve been responsible for the green v-neck shirt, the brown corduroy pants with the subtle flare. 

Currently his glare was focused somewhere around Tony’s chest, and it took him a second before - “the nipples, right?” He grinned when Bucky’s eyes snapped up to his face, his cheekbones washing a subtle pink. “Don’t blame me, that one’s all on Joel Schumacher. Wait’ll you see Steve, the rubber does wonderful things for his ass.” 

Bucky looked distant for a second, then shuddered, then downed whatever was in his cup. It was one of the blue cups - superheroes only, that stuff could basically kill a regular person, so he was gonna have to keep a close eye just as soon as - 

“Hey,” he asked, “you seen Barton?” 

“No,” Bucky said shortly. He scratched at the stubble that he hadn’t even bothered getting rid of, half-assing whatever costume he was aiming for. 

“Lemme guess,” Tony said. “Groot?” 

The potted ficus in the corner rustled industriously, then sprouted a face, painted with streaks of green and brown, under piled brown hair with leaves woven through it. 

“I,” Jane said impressively, “am Groot.” 

“Well I ain’t,” Bucky said. He looked over Tony’s shoulder, caught sight of something across the room, and managed to somehow simultaneously roll his eyes and look impossibly fond, an expression he only ever wore around two people. “Zoinks,” he added, flatly. 

In the corner of Tony’s eye there was a blur of fake fur, then someone leaped into Bucky’s arms, trusting themselves to him entirely, not a moment of hesitation. 

“Holy flea-infested costume rental!” Tony exclaimed, and Barton gave him the fingerguns from where he was comfortably perched. 

“Rice Robin rimpression,” he said, and Tony snorted. 

“Thanks, Scoob,” he said. Clint grinned, wide and satisfied under the Scooby Doo head that was perched atop his, and clambered down. “And you’re Shaggy!” he exclaimed, finally getting Bucky’s vaguely ‘70s thing, but Bucky wasn’t paying him any attention. He’d hooked his finger into the collar around Clint’s neck, and to say the archer was panting for it was both accurate and a terrible pun. Tony promised himself to tell Steve, later, make him make that excellent face. 

Tonight was a night for couple’s costumes, apparently, and Tony spun around to avoid the slightly childhood-destroying image of Shaggy frantically making out with his dog and set off in search of Thor instead; with any luck he had a giant aggressive raccoon to find. 

Wanted (Sam Drake x Reader) Chapter 6: I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

hello everybody! i finally have chapter 6 done and ready, after taking me forever and defeating writers block to do it! but here it is! this chapter is significantly shorter and definitely a filler chapter but all the action is happening in the next! so, long story short, i hope you enjoy and as you all know i love feedback and to know what you think!!

tag list: @lucilaura, @impossible-box, @dragonjedihobbit, @jodiereedus22, @brutal-crazy-joker, @heroes-x-thieves, @unchxrted

words: 1805

Sometimes it only takes a few words, a simple gesture from one specific person to tear down the walls that you had spent years building. Years that you had taught yourself to trust no one, to get jobs done by yourself, to bottle up your emotions, and to not let anyone in, no matter who they were or what they did.

Yet Sam was the one to tear it all down.

You both sat in the courtyard, side by side, in a silence that overcame the two of you.

Sam watched as your eyes flushed with tears again, but this time, Sam cradled your face, wiping away the tear that rolled down your cheek.

You pressed your cheek into his palm, and his hand drifted behind your neck.

“Come here…” He whispered, gently pulling you in his direction.

He enveloped you into a hug.You pressed your face into the nape of his neck, curling your fingers into his shirt. You felt his breathing, and he felt the warmth of your cheek against his skin. 

It was what you needed. In that instant, everything you had built up, all of the walls you surrounded yourself with, came crashing down. You had been broken. 

You would have never thought that someone you had met two days earlier, a smart-mouthed, rough around the edges, scoundrel would end up meaning so much to you.

You shut your eyes, feeling his hand run across your back. Between breathing in the smell of his cologne, the smell of cigarettes lingering on his clothes, you felt— content.

You began to pull away from the hug, your lips barely tracing along his jawline as you drew back.

You were close. Closer than the night in the hotel room. Closer than when you were dancing with him.

Your eyes met again once more before your eyes dropped to the soft smile on his face.

And you kissed.

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Doki Doki Literature Club! (Lvl. Easy)

Hello! Today I will be outlining everyone’s costumes in Doki Doki Literature club! (However there wont be any information on spoiler based outfit alterations) 

Disclaimer: Whenever I mention Left or Right, I ALWAYS mean from the character’s POV, not ours. 

Overall, everyone has a basic school uniform, with some sight variations. Here is a list of what every character wears in common.

- A white collared dress shirt
- An orange/brown diamond patterned v-neck sweater vest (its a little plush as well as you can see below)

- A thin deep red neck tie/bow
- A taupe colored blazer with three golden buttons. The buttons are on their left side and are buttoned into the holes on the right (except for Sayori for some reason whose buttons are on her right side.) Extremely formfitting.
- A navy blue pleated shirt that ends above mid thigh
- White indoor shoes with a light blue toe (*except Monika’s with a pink toe)
- Pure white knee socks (*except Monika who has sheer black thigh highs)

Individual Character Design Traits:

Sayori - The cinnamon bun

- Chin length strawberry blonde hair with cow licks all over the back. Her bangs are in three sections with the middle section laying slightly to her left
- Big red bow on her left side. You could get away with making it a clip or a discreet headband since its so large.
-Her eyes are bight blue
- She is the only one to wear her blazer unbuttoned 
- She is also the only one to have her third button on her dress shirt always unbuttoned 

Natsuki - The angry bean

- Straight chin length night pink hair. She was two small pigtails on either side of her head with red ribbons (the same thickness as her uniform bow) tying them up. Her main side bang leans to her right and on both sides of her face she has small bangs cut to half the size of the rest of her hair. 
- In the middle of her side bang she has a red hair clip that looks like [X] or a sideways hourglass. 
- Her eyes are a more purpleish pink color than her hair

Yuri - Knife Wife 

- Butt length dark purple hair with the front two sections of hair ending just below the bust. Her bangs are flatter than the rest and are split into three sections with the middle on facing her left
-She has a brighter color purple simple clip on her left hair section
-Her eyes are, guess what? Purple! She also has the narrowest eyes of the group if you’d like to do some eye makeup magic~
-Although bust size doesn’t matter that much, it should be noted that she has the largest chest out of the cast and that its a mentioned feature in the game.
-Bonus points if you carry around the fake book “Portrait of Markov” as her
-Extra bonus points if you carry around a pocket knife! (Unless at a con, please be safe…)

Monika - Just Monika

- Just want to point out again that her socks are sheer black thigh highs and that her shoes are white with a pink tip instead of blue like the others!
-Her hair is even longer than Yuri’s and has a slight curl to it. It is a natural orange color that is pulled up into a high ponytail with a large bright white bow.
-Her bangs go pretty straight across her face and end just past her eyebrows
-She has two sections of hair that are outside the pony tail and end a few inches below her bust.
-Her eyes are bright green
-Bonus points if you carry around a red pen with a heart at the end of it

Thank you for reading and happy cosplaying!


Hey there!
My name is Kyono, and I’m a 16 year old trans man from Florida! I was recently told (aside from my mom saying a few things in the past) that I should try modeling, and honestly I was really iffy about it. Of course I’m very flattered to have been told this, and I’m still kind of blushing a bit! But I’m not entirely sure if I’d actually be able to model, how I’d do it, or if I really have the stuff for it. And of course my main concern is who would let a trans man model for them? That’s what I’ve really been thinking about, and was wondering if anyone could possibly help me find someone like that, someone who might let me model for them even though I’m trans.

It’d be incredibly helpful, and it’d also be yet another huge step forward for the lgbtq+ community! There are already a few other trans celebrities out there who are doing amazing things for modeling, and it’d be spectacular if we as a community could help make that group of trans models grow!

Thus, if you could help spread these photos, it would be very much appreciated and would help me a whole lot with finding someone who I could contact about possibly modeling! Any form of spreading or sharing this really does mean a lot, and I really do mean it when I say that, so thank you so so much! <3

And of course if you happen to know someone I could get in contact with, please feel free to let me know! That would also be very helpful!

jokers to the right

“Who’s the brunette with Carter?” Bucky asks. He shifts in the backseat, legs pinned by Sam’s seat. The girl in question is wearing a grey leather jacket, dark jeans, brown boots, and a faded blue v-neck t-shirt with the Nasa logo stretched tight across her breasts. She didn’t look like an agent, didn’t have the right cut or military stance, not like Carter beside her.

The girl’s eyes were sharp and blue behind a pair of green plastic frames. She didn’t look dangerous, but then again neither did Natalia. He didn’t want to think about that. Some memories needed to stay buried.

“Darcy something, she works with the Avengers Initiative. She’s the liaison for Thor,” Sam says. He’s tapping his fingers on the dash and leaning back as hard as he can. 

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The Farmer’s Daughter

A/N: Hello and welcome to my first ever fanfic! I’ve only been on tumblr for a little over 7 months, but I’ve read countless Fairy Tale fanfics and me, being the FT lover that I am, wanted to give it a shot as well! I was listening to the song “The Farmer’s Daughter” by Rodney Atkins and became inspired!

A hUUUUUge thanks to my senpai @not-just-any-fangirl for giving me tips, ideas, and editing my first chapter. You and your writing are amazing and it still befuddles me that you still talk to a little snail like me <3 If you haven’t already, you need to check out her story “What Hides In Plain Sight” because it is amaze balls.

Chapter 1: Dust In My Nose

Summary: Natsu Dragneel was just trying to find work in a world full of stuck-up people when he met Lucy Heartfilia at his new weird job as a ranch hand for pyrotisserie and undead devil goats. But if he thought the animals were weird, why was the farmer’s daughter so bright? No really, she’s glowing.

Rating: T (for swearing and most likely some suggestive themes,not sure if I’m going to attempt anything too steamy)

Pairings: NALU(main)

The first thing he noticed was the smell.

Star dust. And a lot of it. It was weird, because it didn’t make sense for it to be so strong in a place like this.

It’s just a ranch. A huge ass ranch with its own fucking mountain range and forest.

Seriously, thousands of trees that were spread out over hundreds of acres were abruptly cut off by steep mountains with snow tipped peaks.

But he supposed the place needed to be big if they were going to have flying horses.

Pegasus. He remembered the name after one almost knocked its hoof into the back of his head.

They were pretty cool he had to admit. And Natsu Dragneel is not easily impressed any more.

Their wings of course were their most noticeable feature, beautiful, and strong. When fully out stretched a full-grown pegasus’ wingspan could reach from forty, to forty-five feet wide. Their manes and tails trailed behind them like scarves in the wind, matching tufts of feathery and light hair extended from the backs of their heels. Their color range was more exotic than a regular horses’, the common browns and blacks rarely seen in the herds.

Looking at the two up in the sky, Natsu’s eyes were drawn to the one that almost hit him earlier. It was a charcoal black on his coat, white speckles splattered across it like paint, but come mid wing, it began to turn into a midnight blue with white feathers peeking out in random places. Almost like stars in the night sky. The other was entirely white. Literally, the whole thing. Even his eyes, which Natsu thought was kind of creepy. He could only make out these details due to his enhanced eye sight, no normal human capable of making out these details of the creatures at their current height.

But Natsu was no normal human.

The two beasts began to circle Natsu as they slowly lowered themselves from the sky. He was nearing the herd in the pasture on his right, and by now he had their full attention. 

The black one landed first, a good thirty feet from him. The white one landed closer, taking up a seemingly defensive position between Natsu and the herd. He was shaking his head up and down and stomping at the ground with his front hooves, signaling the herd of Natsu’s approach.

So he was the dominant one. This’ll be interesting.

This situation was the exact reason why Makarov chose Natsu for this job. He could deal with animals better than anyone else in Fairy Tail, except for maybe Lisanna. But Lisanna and Natsu were two completely different people.

Natsu began to slowly, yet confidently approach the stallion. Even as the creature reared back and beat his mighty wings. Natsu showed no fear as he allowed the powerful gusts of wind to wash against him. While looking the animal in the eyes, Natsu began to emit a low, deep hum from within his throat. It wasn’t threatening, nor was it a sign of submission. He was merely trying to convey to the beast that he meant no harm and just wanted acceptance.

At the sound of Natsu’s hum, the pegasus stopped beating his wings to stretch them as high as he could, making himself seem bigger and more threatening. But Natsu was not intimidated. He continued his approach and hum until he was just a few feet from the beast, stopping to simply stare at it.

The pegasus broke first. Flaring its nostrils, it bent its head to Natsu’s level to sniff him. After a few moments, the creature pressed its muzzle to Natsu’s forehead and spread its wings in an arc around him as a sign of acceptance.

Tentatively, Natsu raised a hand to pet the beast. It jerked back at first, but Natsu tried again, and this time, the pegasus met him half way, allowing Natsu to stroke its neck.

“You did a good job,” Natsu praised him. “If I was anyone else, I would have backed down.”

The pegasus simply snorted, and left Natsu to return to its herd.

Natsu continued his walk on the dirt path to the residence of the farmer. All the while looking around, trying to see if there was anything abnormal that would explain the strong smell of star dust.

It was like he was in it. It was everywhere, in the air, in the earth. Nothing in the land didn’t have at least a small trace of it. But it didn’t make sense, there didn’t seem to be anything special about this place. Sure, it was a pretty nice ranch, but nothing overly special aside from how big it was.

Several large pastures laid out on either side of the dirt path. A couple had wooden fences that reached about fifteen feet in height. Curious, Natsu walked closer to see just what kind of large animals were hidden behind these fences. But to Natsu’s confusion, all he could see were sheep.


Why the hell would they make such huge fences for sheep? Natsu wondered. Yet no sooner had he thought it, the sheep whipped their heads up to look at him. And when a slight breeze brought Natsu’s scent floating over to them, they immediately began to leap as far away from him as possible. Bounding several feet high into the air in a single jump.

Huh, that was kinda cool.

After witnessing that interesting spectacle, Natsu turned around to head back to the house.

Upon arriving at the front steps, he couldn’t help but gawk at the sight. A three story mansion, white from the roof to the porch was set up before him. Eight pillars held up a deck that extended from the second floor and wrapped around the entire building. The only thing not white about this place were the two huge doors at the front of the mansion.

They were a light gold with two key holes, one on each door, that looked like only a certain large key could fit through. And above the doors were the words:

‘The Celestial Plains: The Gate that separates and the Bridge that brings us together.’

Natsu didn’t understand what that meant, but he just dismissed it as something family related.

After knocking a few times, the doors opened to reveal a man in his mid forties with graying hair and a mustache. He was wearing a business suit that Natsu would probably have to spend a months worth of living costs to pay for.

Jude Heartfilia didn’t know what to think of the boy standing in his door way. First off, his hair was pink, and spiked out in every direction like he hadn’t tried to do anything with it this morning. He was wearing a plain black v-neck shirt with ripped, blue denim jeans and brown combat boots. Around his neck was a white, scaly scarf that looked like it needed to be washed.

Jude Heartfilia was not impressed.

Although he had to admit that the boy looked like he could handle the job.

He was fit, extremely so, but not overly bulky. His skin was tanned to a dark, golden brown from obviously large amounts of time in the sun. He emitted an aura that was confident, maybe even a bit cocky, but he looked like he could handle himself well. When Jude looked up to see his eyes, they were shining with eagerness, and curiosity. He wasn’t the least bit nervous. A large grin split across his face, crinkling the scar that started from his jaw line and tilted up to the corner of his right eye, almost touching his nose.

“Yo!” Natsu raised a hand in greeting. “I’m Natsu Dragneel from the organization Fairy Tail. I’m here about the job request you put out.”

Jude looked at him for a few more seconds before answering.

“Jude Heartfilia. Owner of the Celestial Plains.” He replied briskly.

Natsu was slightly surprised. He was expecting the guy to look more like, well, a farmer. You know, straw hat and over-alls. Jude looked like a CEO of a company that’s never worked outside a day in his life.

He stepped aside to allow Natsu in, and immediately the star dust scent became increasingly stronger.

Where was it coming from? Natsu took a subtle sniff in Jude’s direction. Nope. Not him. Of course, it couldn’t be just him. It wouldn’t explain why the entire ranch smelt like it too. Guess he’ll have to do a bit of investigating. Maybe he’d ask Levy when he got back.

Jude led Natsu through a couple hallways until he reached a door at the end that brought them into a grand room. It was a large office-or was it a small library?-with bookshelves that reached the ceiling. Jude sat down at the mahogany desk in front of the window at the back wall and motioned for Natsu to do the same at the side opposite him.

“I’ll expect you here early, six days a week, Monday through Saturday, at eight o’ clock.”

Great, he was using that tone of voice with him. If there was one thing that Natsu hated, it was being talked to like he was lower than the other person. 

“Your shift will end at 7 or whenever you finish your duties for the day. You’ll have an hour lunch break at noon and one other thirty minute break that you can use any time during the day. Your jobs won’t be overly difficult, so you should have no problem getting them done in a timely manner.”

Natsu simply nodded in response, Jude raising an eyebrow at his lack of verbal agreement. But continued none the less.

Boys like him knew nothing about manners, so he wasn’t expecting too much from him.

“Today, I’m leaving for a business trip out of town, and won’t be back for a few weeks. You’ll be answering to Capricorn in the meantime.”

Immediately, there was a knock at the door. A tall man, wearing a black suit and shades, walked into the room. He had white hair, and a white goatee. Natsu couldn’t tell much about him from the man’s face. It was completely neutral. But when he walked past Natsu to stand next to Jude in his chair, the star dust scent spiked.

It was like he was made of the stuff! Besides star dust, Natsu could detect the scent of light. It was…pure. For lack of a better word.

“Capricorn this is Natsu Dragneel. He’s accepted the job request that I’ve put out. He’ll be answering to you while I’m gone. Be sure to tell him everything he needs to know.” Jude told Capricorn sternly.

They looked at each other for a bit longer. Seeming to have a private conversation before Capricorn replied.

“Yes Sir Heartfilia.” Capricorn slightly bowed his head. “He will be well taught.”

Satisfied with his response, Jude stood up from his chair to leave.

“Very good. I’ll leave him to you then.” Jude then directed his attention to Natsu. “Mr. Dragneel, I hope things go well for you.” And with that, he walked out of his office, jacket and briefcase in hand, leaving Capricorn and Natsu by themselves.

A brief moment passed before Capricorn spoke to Natsu.

“Mr. Dragneel, if you’ll follow me.”

Capricorn led Natsu out of the office and into the hallway. As they were coming around a corner Natsu could tell that the scent of star dust and light was getting stronger. He could hear voices talking in hushed tones.

“-don’t think this is a good idea.”

“-know who he is?”

“-if he finds out about-”

Capricorn cleared his throat loudly to gain the attention of the ten individuals sitting hunched over on the plush sofas. Their heads snapped up, and upon seeing Natsu immediately stood up.

The smell, he could sense it from all of them! Something seriously weird was going on with this place, and he was going to find out what.

“Mr. Dragneel, this is the rest of the staff. Leo, Virgo, Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aries, and Gemini, the twins.”

Each person gave a nod and a small ‘hello’ when their name was called. All except for Aquarius. She looked at Natsu with a look of disdain. Her arms were crossed across her chest and a deep scowl was on her face. Natsu slightly narrowed his eyes at her, which didn’t go unnoticed.

“Tsk,” she scoffed,” this is the brat that’s going to be working with us? Where did Jude find him, the dump?”

Natsu growled slightly at the woman. “ My name is Natsu Dragneel,” he said proudly, “I’m from the organization Fairy Tail upon Jude’s request.”

Aquarius’ eyes, along with everyone else’s, widened at the name. “Fairy Tail? Oh you’ve got to be kidding! Those idiots can’t do anything without destroying something! If he gets anywhere near Lu-”

“That’s enough Aquarius.” Leo cut her off sharply. He faced Natsu with a slight grin. “Sorry about her. She can be pretty bitter most of the time. That’s just her though.”

Aquarius sent a death glare at Leo and Natsu shivered slightly at the sight. She could be scary. “You’ll see. Nothing good will come out of him being here.” And with a last glare towards Natsu, she marched out of the room, Scorpio right on her heels.

Leo sighed. From what Natsu could see he was used to her over-dramatic tendencies.

“Leo,” Capricorn addressed the orange haired male, “ have everyone complete the rest of the chores and see if you can find our missing light.” Leo raised an eyebrow at the last part, but still complied. He, along with the others, filed out of the room to complete their duties. Leo turned to look back at Natsu with a pondering glance before walking out the door.

“Come with me Mr. Dragneel.” Capricorn said.

The rest of the afternoon Capricorn showed Natsu around the first floor of the mansion and the rest of the ranch. He wasn’t allowed up to the second or third floors unless specifically asked by Jude himself and Capricorn was positive that he never would. Natsu didn’t ask why he couldn’t go up there. He was sure he wouldn’t get an answer and if he did, it would probably be something vague that would leave him more confused about this place than he already was.

Capricorn showed him the large barn with piles of hay, different types of feed, and shavings. There were closets full of tools and supplies for various jobs around the ranch that he was shown how to use. Including the large red tractor in the corner.

Natsu liked that tractor. It was red. His favorite color. He fondly named it Igneel.

Next he was directed to a large chart up on the wall that had the different animals listed along with directions on how to care for them.

The names were simple enough, common ones that he knew. Cows, chickens,pigs, goats…But, why would have to wear ear muffs and ear plugs when feeding the pigs? And why would he have to wear a mask when herding the cows? Fire proof gloves for handling the chickens?! Were they serious?!

“Uh, hey Capricorn?” Natsu hesitantly asked. The man turned his head to look at Natsu. “Why do I have to wear all this crap when working with these animals?”

And for the first time, Natsu saw Capricorn’s lips twitch up into a sly smile.

Natsu didn’t trust that smile. Not one bit.

“You’ll figure it out Mr. Dragneel. You’re a smart young man, I’m sure.” Capricorn chuckled a bit before his cool mask returned to his face. But before Natsu could say anything, they both could hear a commotion outside.

Capricorn perked up at the sound, his eyebrows raising. He didn’t look at Natsu when he spoke next, not even while he was walking away from him.

“You can go home now Mr. Dragneel. It’s already late afternoon, you can start tomorrow. Don’t be late.” And with that, Capricorn picked up his pace and walked out of the barn.

Natsu frowned slightly. What was going on? Was something wrong? When he walked outside, he saw those that he met earlier, along with a few others that he hadn’t, in a group appearing to be surrounding something. All with smiles on their faces. Even Aquarius had a slight smile on her face.

He tried to see clearly what they were looking at, but they were too huddled around it. At one point, Capricorn stepped away slightly just enough for Natsu to catch a glimpse of golden strands of hair before the person was herded into the house.

Natsu looked up to see Aquarius already glaring at him. But just as quickly as he caught her gaze, she left, following the large group back into the house.

What was her problem? Why is this place so weird? Who was that person that they were all fussing over? Natsu had so many questions about this strange place. And he was excited to find out. Another adventure awaited him and he couldn’t wait to get started.

Maturity: Luke Hemmings Smut

In which you convince Luke to buy jeans that aren’t black skinny jeans and dressing room sex ensues. Sequel found here.

Your name: submit What is this?

“Did we have to do this?” Comes the dry question you’d been waiting for. Honestly, you’re surprised it took him this long to ask. You smile, thinking you probably look sickly sweet with your lips curled up like this. But you only look predatory, and it makes Luke raise an eyebrow and try not to admit how he almost enjoys that wicked smirk. The way it makes your eyes shine with sinful acceptance.

  “Luke.” You purred indulgently, “you were wondering yourself how you’d look in loose jeans. Why not find out?” You say the words like it’s something exotic, and with a giant amount of pretension. As though forcing Luke into loose jeans and a nice, non-ripped shirt is just the prize of a game that children play. And from the way you blink lazily at him, you’re making it quite clear who you think the child is. He rolls his eyes and huffs. This hadn’t been his idea, after all. If anyone was a child here it was you, for coming up with such a ridiculous plan. You click your tongue idly and jerk your fingers over hangers, occasionally plucking a shirt or a pair of jeans off the rack and throwing it into the growing pile in Luke’s arms.

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In My Arms (AU)

Each time someone walked by, he would turn his head so quickly, it almost created a massive case of whiplash. Palms sweating, braced on knees that bumped together constantly. The airport had never seemed so overwhelming and crowded. Whispering to himself, Peeta spoke positive vibes to pass the time.

Seven years. 

Seven years since he last saw her face. 

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Those shoes have since been thrown away :-(

They were beautiful old-lady, black suede slippers that I wore so much the heel literally had holes in them (PLURAL).  It was a sad day.  BUT WE MUST MOVE ON.  Oh yes, there will be more shoes.  In fact, unhealthy numbers of shoes.  Definitely over 30 but maybe not 50 pairs of shoes.  Is that sad?


Costume for the Day:

- Black skinny jeans (BDG twig, if you insist)

- Black/Brown tie-dye v-neck t-shirt worn backwards (try it dudes, you’ll be into it)

- Black slipper shoesss :-( :-( :-( :-( (aforementioned)

- joncarling button - have you not gotten into his beautiful art yet?  You should.  You are really just letting yourself down and everyone else around you by not loving his art ^_^

- There was also a sweater.

The 52-year-old Parisian, whose signature style can best be described as biker chic, sports flowing brown locks and favors V-neck shirts that reveal about an acre of chest hair. (Company photos indicate, and a Google image search seems to affirm, that the man has never fully buttoned up a shirt or even owns one with such a capability.)
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The Beauty Of Concentration

One of my stronger and at the same time weaker characteristics is how big my heart truly is. It holds so many people and still has so much room for many others. I only wanted to work for the FBI to help people and once I got here, they placed me in the BAU because they thought I was a good judge of character. I have been here for over three years now and I have helped so many people and that fills my heart with the greatest joy imaginable. Yet when we loose someone or can’t help anymore than we already have, I feel like all I have done has been for nothing. A few cases into my job, we lost a victim and he was shot and killed right in front of me, no one really understood what I was feeling. No one other than Spencer. He would have coffee with me on the plane, sit next to me in a comfortable and comforting silence and just try to show that he really did understand because he had a heart just as big as mine, maybe ever bigger. Ever since that case, I have been head first into my job, it has been work and nothing else, I didn’t have time for feelings or boyfriend, sure I wanted one but I didn’t have time for one and I would rather be alone than neglect someone. I sighed as I sat down in my chair at my desk with a few files in hand. JJ was on leave so Hotch wanted me to pick the cases rather than finding someone else to take the job so now it’s all on me to find the case that needs us the most. I took a deep breath and took all of my long and curled hair and put it in a high pony tail, took my sweater off so I was just in a white v-neck T-shirt and my black pants and brown heeled boots. I took the first file from the top and began reading, now that I had my coffee and gotten comfortable enough to sit through file after file. The first few files I would pick one that was the worst and put them in a separate pile and when I got down to the final three files I felt a wad of paper hit my forehead.
“What the hell?!” I shouted and looked up to see Penelope and Derek both chuckling and pointing to the paper that had just hit me. They never can leave me alone can they? I rubbed my forehead and sighed as I uncrinkled the paper only to see Penelope’s hand writing in bright red pen ink and Derek’s handwriting in dark blue pen ink.
“Spencer is staring at you as if you are the most beautiful woman in the world.” Penelope’s writing said as I read it to myself and I chuckled slightly, and continued on to read Derek’s.
“Pretty boy over there thinks that you could be his pretty girl.” Derek’s read and I laughed while grabbing a pen to write them back.
“Both of you be quite. I am working and you should be too.” I wrote and balled it back up and threw towards Derek who caught it in his hands and made sure Hotch or Rossi, the dads of the team, didn’t see it before opening it. Once they opened it they both groaned as I sent them a small smile. Penelope pointed in Spencer’s direction and mouthed the words “look at him” before walking away and Derek just chuckled and shook his head before sitting down in his seat. I thought it over for a second before looking to the right of me to in fact see Spencer gazing at me but once we locked eyes, he looked away, blushing. I smiled widely and took a blank piece of paper from my desk and began to write Spencer a little note.
“Pen and Derek told me you were staring at me, its flattering really. Don’t be embarrassed Spence :)” I wrote and now threw the piece of paper towards him like Penelope and Derek had done to me a few moments before. It landed perfectly on his desk and as he opened it and read it he looked over at me, shot me a charming smile and looked back at the note. I went back to doing my work, thinking that he would read it and just drop the whole thing but a few moments later the piece of paper that I threw at Spencer, landed on my desk. I grabbed the piece of paper and unfolded it, Spencer would be the one to fold it perfectly rather than crumpling it like the rest of us.
“I’m sorry, you were just so concentrated and you looked beautiful with your hair up. I’m out of coffee, would you like to take a break from you hard work and go to the break room with me?” This wrote read and I threw the piece of paper out in the bin next to me and grabbed my coffee mug and smiled at Spencer. Maybe I didn’t have to give up having a relationship, maybe I could have one while having crazy work hours, if anyone understands that it’s Spencer.