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Hey there!
My name is Kyono, and I’m a 16 year old trans man from Florida! I was recently told (aside from my mom saying a few things in the past) that I should try modeling, and honestly I was really iffy about it. Of course I’m very flattered to have been told this, and I’m still kind of blushing a bit! But I’m not entirely sure if I’d actually be able to model, how I’d do it, or if I really have the stuff for it. And of course my main concern is who would let a trans man model for them? That’s what I’ve really been thinking about, and was wondering if anyone could possibly help me find someone like that, someone who might let me model for them even though I’m trans.

It’d be incredibly helpful, and it’d also be yet another huge step forward for the lgbtq+ community! There are already a few other trans celebrities out there who are doing amazing things for modeling, and it’d be spectacular if we as a community could help make that group of trans models grow!

Thus, if you could help spread these photos, it would be very much appreciated and would help me a whole lot with finding someone who I could contact about possibly modeling! Any form of spreading or sharing this really does mean a lot, and I really do mean it when I say that, so thank you so so much! <3

And of course if you happen to know someone I could get in contact with, please feel free to let me know! That would also be very helpful!

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“Who’s the brunette with Carter?” Bucky asks. He shifts in the backseat, legs pinned by Sam’s seat. The girl in question is wearing a grey leather jacket, dark jeans, brown boots, and a faded blue v-neck t-shirt with the Nasa logo stretched tight across her breasts. She didn’t look like an agent, didn’t have the right cut or military stance, not like Carter beside her.

The girl’s eyes were sharp and blue behind a pair of green plastic frames. She didn’t look dangerous, but then again neither did Natalia. He didn’t want to think about that. Some memories needed to stay buried.

“Darcy something, she works with the Avengers Initiative. She’s the liaison for Thor,” Sam says. He’s tapping his fingers on the dash and leaning back as hard as he can. 

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so yea I know I haven’t posted shit in such a long time but I just don’t have the time for tumblr right now and I’m actually been thinking about deleting my blog
I’m not sure yet