brown ukulele

Empty Auditorium

Pairing: Zoe Murphy x Reader

Warning: nothing really. this is just a plotless fluff that i wanted to write bc :-( i’m lonely

Requested: nope (but someone should have)

Word Count: 1159

Note: THIS IS PURE FLUFF BASED ON THE SONG CECILY SMITH FROM FLY BY NIGHT (if you haven’t heard of this, listen to it right now. listen to will connolly’s version bc i based it from that.) you guys will understand my want for writing this when u listen to it bc it’s cute as shit, pals. one of paragraphs have its first word linked to the song so you can listen to it from there !!! 


It was hard to find moments like this – to be alone in a sanctuary that thrived in the cheers and joyous screams from the people who stayed in it. The school auditorium was empty with only three lights shining down on the center of the stage where you and Zoe were, legs crossed as you sat across from one another. You were facing the seats and Zoe had her back against this view.

Your fingers were tight around the ukulele’s fretboard, nervously tapping on the wood.

“You sure we can do this here?” You asked the brunette in front of you, voice echoing out to the hallow room.

Zoe gave a meek smile as she reached out to take one of your hands in hers. 

“I’m sure,” She said softly, thumb lightly tracing over your knuckles then your calloused fingertips. “It’s just us here. You wanted to practice, didn’t you?”

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Tyler, your boyfriend, held the door of Guitar Center open for you, smiling as you passed him. Today you were here to look at possible new instruments for Tyler, as he often came and purchased new ukuleles or bass’ or guitars. And you usually went along with him.

Watching Tyler in Guitar Center, or any music store, was like watching a kid in a candy shop. His soft brown eyes widened in wonder, and he never stopped smiling. He’d pick up an instrument, strum a couple of cords, put it back, pick up another one, play a chord or two, put it back. He had such a respect and love for instruments, it was joyful for you to watch.

You followed Tyler around, until he spotted one. He picked it up and beamed at you. 

“Look how pretty it is,” he said. He played the beginning chords of a song he’d written. One for you, called Tear in My Heart. He sang softly to you, making you blush profusely. “You’re so cute when you blush,” he said. This made you blush even more, and he laughed, wrapping you in a hug, kissing you.

“Stop, we’re in public, Tyler,” you say,  giggling. He keeps leaving kisses all over your face, making you laugh hysterically. He finally releases you, and looks at the dark brown ukulele in his hands. He checks the size (tenor) and decides to buy it.

Upon leaving the shop, you and Tyler run and get ice cream, laughing all the way home.

The Signs as Types of Music
  • Aries: Screamo metal
  • Taurus: Really dramatic showtunes
  • Gemini: J-Pop or K-Pop
  • Cancer: Emo from 2005
  • Leo: Uptown Funk 9 times in a row followed by James Brown
  • Virgo: Slowed down ukulele covers of pop songs
  • Libra: Underground poorly recorded rap
  • Scorpio: British Invasion Rock with 8 minute guitar solos
  • Sagittarius: EDM remixes of pop songs, usually Lady Gaga or Ke$ha
  • Capricorn: New Wave (or is it New New Wave?)
  • Aquarius: 20 hour mix of Vaporwave
  • Pisces: Swedish pop from the 90's used in DDR games