brown toms

gender bender

pairing: harrison osterfield x reader

requested?: yes! from my prompt list, by an anon who asked “can i get 12 and 73 with harrison or harry?!” i decided to do it with harrison, but harry’s also featured, hope you enjoy!

word count: 1420

summary: harrison and the reader get ready for a themed party, despite harry nagging them.

author’s note: both harrison and tom call harry “baz” or “baz-man”, so that’s his nickname in this imagine :-)


harry pressed the ‘enter’ key with finality, letting out a long breath and throwing his arms back so he slouched on the couch.

“there we go. script’s done.”

you were sitting behind him on the floor, trying to tug on some brown woolly socks that tom had leant to you earlier. the tv was on but it was muted, and you were waiting for your boyfriend, harrison, to come home so you could go to one of the chaos walking PA’s party together. tom was already there, helping to set up and hanging around with daisy.

“nice work loser,” you smiled and harry made a coughing noise from the back of his throat, flopping over on the couch and slinging his arms over the back so he could narrow his eyes at you.

“who you calling loser?”

“you, for not coming to the party tonight,” you teased, and he groaned and turned away again, flipping the top of his laptop shut and placing it on the table.

“i came to the last one. i’m just so tired tonight.”

you tugged one last time on the sock and it slid on, covering your feet right up to the spot above your ankles.

“it’s okay baz, i’m just teasing you.”

the sound of a key turning in the lock of your shared house made you both look up at the front door before you quickly ducked back down behind the couch again.

“don’t tell him i’m here!”

you imagined harry rolling his eyes as the door clicked and was pushed open.

“hey mate!”

your boyfriend’s cheerful voice echoed in the small living room and you heard the rustle of takeaway plastic bags.

“hey harrison. need a hand?”

“i’m all good, thanks. where’s y/n?”

you pressed a hand over your mouth, trying not to give yourself away.

“she’s hiding behind the sofa,” harry replied drily.

“harry!” you jumped up and grabbed a pillow, thumping him on the head with it and making him roll off the couch and onto the floor laughing.

“sorry! okay, okay, i’m sorry!”

harrison was laughing too as he stepped over harry to give you a quick peck on the lips before continuing into the kitchen.

“baz, you’re a div. y/n, why would you ever trust him?”

“i,” you threw a pillow at harry between each word, “don’t. know.”

sticking out your tongue at him, you got up and moved to your boyfriend, wrapping your arms around his waist from behind. harrison chuckled and wiggled his hips a bit, making you squeeze harder as you followed him around the kitchen.

“do you want to eat dinner before we go? i got your favourite.”

he unwrapped the bags and pulled out three plastic containers filled with steaming thai food, setting them down next to a small stack of plates and cutlery. harry’s head popped up from in front the couch.

“is that for me?”

“no, you can starve,” you smiled sweetly and harry stood up ready to reply with a snarky comment. but before he could talk, harrison swung you around and placed his sweater paws gently over your mouth, laughing again.

“kids, behave – yes, baz, some of the food’s for you!”

harry charged into the kitchen and grabbed a plate, purposely leaning across you to do so. he filled it up with food and left again, heading towards the back of the house.

“i’ll give you losers some alone time before your party,” he smirked, picking up his laptop on his way, “thanks for dinner, harrison!”

“finally,” you smiled and turned to face your boyfriend properly, “okay – yes to dinner but you gotta get changed first or else we’ll be late.”

“mmkay,” harrison slowly unravelled himself from your arms and traced a hand down your side, taking in your outfit properly for the first time. “you’re looking especially cute and rugged tonight, love. what’s the theme again?”

you shook out the sleeves of your top and brushed down your shorts, looking up at your boyfriend with a big grin.

“it’s a gender bender.”

harrison moaned, knowing what was coming next.

“you’re not going to make me –“

“yup,” you folded your arms and shook your head slightly. harrison made a face.

“i’m not wearing a dress.”

“come on,” you smiled and grabbed his hand, pulling him into your bedroom.

“y/n,” he whined, noticing the clothes you’d set out on the bed for him to put on. one of your sundresses lay front and centre – it was actually one of the ones harrison had bought with you when you’d gone shopping in montreal’s cbd together. you looked up at him and widened your eyes, knowing he’d have to give in eventually.

“i promise, baby! it’s comfy and you’ll look cute.”

“my thighs are so white, tom’s gonna give me so much shit.”

“your thighs are beautiful,”’ you laughed and gave harrison a quick kiss on his cheek, reaching down and fidgeting with the base of his t-shirt. he shivered at the touch of your fingertips, sighing.

“okay – fine, i give in. but if anyone takes a photo of me that ends up online, you’re paying for it!”

he tickled you, making you squeal and jerk backwards almost falling over the bed but harrison caught you in time, holding you upright in his arms. he glanced down at the tiny gap between you and the places where your fingers were clutching to his shirt hem.

“help me?”

together, you lifted his shirt off, exposing his firm chest. his fingers danced up and down your bare arms restlessly as you turned away to pick up the sundress. in silence, with nothing but the touch of your hands on his skin and his guiding your own, you pulled it over harrison’s head and down his torso, admiring how it left his arms bare and exposed. harrison slid off his sweatpants and threw them aside, leaning down to capture your lips with his own.

“mmfphh,” you sighed, slowly drawing away. “baby, we can’t do this now, otherwise we’ll be late.”

“okay,” harrison conceded, instead smiling and reaching for your hand again. “let’s go grab some dinner.”

harry was back on the couch when the two of you shuffled back out, eyes on his phone. he looked up as you kicked his ankle on the way past and burst out laughing.

“harrison! so peng, mate, so PENG.”

“shut the fuck up.”

you giggled at harry rolling around on the lounge and almost crying from laughing so hard. harrison kept walking towards the kitchen, red in the cheeks but trying not to smile as well.

“you sure you don’t want to come? i’ve got a lot of other dresses that you could wear.”

“i’m good,” harry snorted, wiping tears from his cheeks. “harrison’s showing enough leg for both of us.”

“it’s not my fault i’m so much taller than y/n!”

harrison tugged at the bottom of your dress, looking self-conscious all of a sudden and stared back at you for help. you waved a hand at harry, who burst out laughing again, and moved over to stand between harrison’s legs.

“don’t listen to him, you look fine.” your fingers found their way into his hair and you kissed him once on his shoulder and once on his collarbone. harrison smiled down at you.

“i don’t mind. i’m keen to be the best-dressed couple tonight with you, we look impressive.”

“and if anyone talks shit, i’ll fight them. especially tom.”

harrison winked, sliding his arms around your waist and tugging you closer to him.

“i’d bet my money on you to win, too. my fierce, beautiful girl.”

you blushed and buried your face in his chest. you and harrison had been dating for seven months but you never failed to feel shy every time he surprised you with a genuine compliment. he was one of the best types of people – the kind that could change the world with just their smile and their attitude to life – and every day, you woke up next to him and wondered how you got so lucky in life. harrison dropped a soft kiss to your forehead and hair before using one finger to lightly but forcefully tilt your face up so he could gaze down at you.

“i’m in love with you, you know.”

he blinked his clear blue eyes and rested his hand on your cheek, tracing the outline of your lips with his thumb.

“i love you too.”

harry’s head popped up from behind the couch.



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For all those who fought bravely this day 19 years ago, to those that lived, may they live well and happy, and for those that died, may they rest in peace.
This day is not just to remember those who died, but to remember what they died for.
Love, loyalty, friendships and family stands above all, and to attain happiness there’s a need for sacrifice.
Sometimes, the good die young so the others can live longer. The ones who die for us, live through us.
They will always be in our hearts forever.
I raise my wand to Severus Snape, Fred Weasley, Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks, Colin Creevey, Lavender Brown and the Fallen Fifty.


Tom with blue eyes omg.