brown tail moth

readasaur  asked:

Tell us about Marina? Wasn't the moth tribe supposed to be extinct?

Technically yeah, but with characters like Marina, Terrato, Deep mother, Belfee, etc; I’m kinda following/adopting Half-Rose’s concept of there being lands beyond the kingdom of Hallownest.

Marina is a Brown tailed moth.

She’s kinda like the rebellious teenager archetype who strikes out on her own in spite of her parents’ wishes just to prove that she’s capable of taking care of her self. To which she then gets lost in the process after being caught in a storm out in the wastes.

Terrato saved her from crash landing (because the rain water had rendered her wings useless), and allowed her to stay and recover in his cave.

But as soon as Marina was rested enough, she immediately started pestering the poor guy with relentless questions. Most of which revolving around his strange habits and why he hides under so much cloths and such.

But Terrato puts up with it because he’s too nice to force her to leave, and so he just deflects her questions with “I don’t know” and “It’s nothing you need to worry about” aaaand “I’ll tell you later”.

But I think we all know that sooner or later….Marina’s gonna find out who Terrato really is.