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Red Fire (Crowley x Reader x Lucifer) - One Shot Smut

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Summary: You’re Crowley’s personal, little pet and you enjoy every second of it. But when you hear that a more powerful creature is held prison by Crowley, you decide it’s time to move up on the ladder.

A/N: This is just 4000 words of pure, filthy porn but I regret nothing. Set in S12 E15

Tags: @socktrollqueen @tori-supernatural @karlamoriarty

Warnings: SMUT, So much smut everywhere, Explicit Language, Pet Play, Blow Job, Facial, Threesome, Double Penetration, Anal.

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Physical Therapy

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader (Y/N), Cara (OFC)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean hurts himself and takes on physical therapy where he meets the Reader.

Warnings: AU, Fluff.

Word Count: 2K-ish

Author’s Note: Hey guys! This is my entry for @dancingalone21‘s challenge- “Lau’s AU Funny Quite Challenge”. My quote is bolded in the fic. I just want to say I am soooo damn sorry for being late on this. I’ve been having a hectic life lately. I’m sorry for the lateness of this fic. I hope you guys like it nonetheless. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Enjoy! *hides face*

**Special thanks to Ree @neversatisfiedgirl for taking the time to beta this for me. You really are a life saver, Ree. Thank you**

Physical Therapy

I didn’t think my life would get so interesting…so fast. I had woken up at approximately 4:30am, thanking the heavens above that it was Friday. It had been a long and stressful week and the weekend couldn’t get here fast enough.

But alas, I was here. And I couldn’t be happier.

The morning went as per usual. I got my Starbucks, drove to work an hour early, so I waited in the parking lot, sipping on my venti Double Chocolate Chip Frap. It was a peaceful morning…until a slightly harsh tap against my window stopped it abruptly.

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🍀 Sara’s reference is here 🍀

- Flower crown with white flowers

-Shoulder-lenght hair

-Really dark brown/Black eyes

- Grey t-shirt, with a white rose pattern

-High waisted dark green skirt

-Bobby socks

- Mary Janes


-Very outgoing

-Loves nature

-Always smiling

-Really cares about the way she looks

Thanks to the lovely and super kind @bramblescrossing for creating the reference picture💜

Eavesdropping [Rick Grimes x Reader]

Hi! Can you please write one where the reader is maggie’s little sister and rick over hears her telling maggie how hot she thinks he is. And he starts flirting with her and teasing her every time they are alone until she asks why he’s doing it and he tells her that he heard her telling maggie? And it leads to smut? Please and thank you!

Hope you enjoy anon!

Words: 2,070

Warnings: Smut, swearing, unprotected sex, oral sex (female receiving)

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Seven Day Challenge

“You know, you don’t always have to hang on to her every minute.”


Rick turned to glance over Rosita. The raven-haired woman was seated on her porch, squinting out at him from beneath her government issued hat.

“Michonne,” she nodded, tilting her chin in the direction in which Rick’s wife had just walked off. “She’s not going anywhere. You don’t have to hang onto her every second. You two are getting gross.”

“Gross?” Rick was more amused than anything by the diminutive woman’s statement, but he kept his face impassive.

“Always holding hands, kissing on each other,” she pulled a face. “It’s disgusting.”

“Didn’t realize you were watching us so closely,” Rick folded his arms over his chest, wishing that Michonne had lingered just a moment longer. He wanted to see her reaction.

“Don’t have to watch closely. Everyone sees you two slobbering all over each other.” Rosita raised one brow.

“No one else has complained,” Rick shrugged.  

Rosita tilted her chin defiantly. “I bet you guys couldn’t go a week without touching each other,” she challenged.

“That’s a safe bet,” Rick cracked a salacious grin. If he was sleeping next to Michonne, he was sure to be touching her.

“What you get up to in your bedroom is up to you two. I’m talking about in public.” Rosita stood up, walking slowly to the edge of the porch steps. “7 days. If you can pull it off, I’ll cover your guard duty for a week.”

Rick paused, considering the possibility of a full week of nights with his family. “You’re on, Espinosa,” he nodded at her, turning off to walk back home.

“I’m getting everyone in on it,” Rosita called after him. “No touching! We’re watching you!”


“No touching?” Michonne paused, toothbrush midway to her mouth.

“No touching,” Rick confirmed, pulling his shoes off and kicking them beneath the bed.

“For a week?” she asked, disappearing back into the bathroom.

“7 days,” he nodded, flopping backwards onto the mattress.

“You think you can do that?” she shouted, peeking her head around the doorframe.

“Me?” he sat back up, glancing at her skeptically. “You’re the one always reaching for my hand.”

“Is that so?” Michonne emerged, wearing only his dark brown t-shirt. “Should be pretty easy then, since you won’t have to control yourself at all.” She smirked at him, tucking a loose loc behind her ear.

“Rosita will cover a week of shifts for me if I win,” his mouth had run dry, but he got out the most relevant information.

“A week?” Michonne crossed slowly over to him, intrigued.

“A week of nights at home,” he smiled, running his hands up the back of her thighs as she climbed on top of him.

“That’s some serious motivation to win,” she settled down in his lap, leaning forward over him.

“Lots of possibilities,” he agreed, running his hands upward beneath his borrowed shirt.

“There’s only one way to win this,” Michonne pursed her lips, glancing at him through a curtain of dark hair. “When does the bet start?”

“Tomorrow. She’s got everyone agreeing to watch us. Even Carl is in on it.”  Rick rolled his eyes. Rosita was tenacious.

“So, that’s…ten hours?” Michonne twisted his arm gently to glance at his watch. “Think we can get in a week’s worth of touching?”

Rick grinned, smacking her bottom playfully. “We can do this.” Without preamble, he rolled her over. Michonne giggled, wrapping her legs around his waist, pressing her mouth against his.


“Are you kidding me? This is totally cheating!”

Rosita crossed her arms over her chest, regarding Michonne and Rick with a murderous expression.

“Maggie needs help at the Hilltop,” Michonne shrugged, adjusting her pack on her shoulders.

“Let me guess, for the next seven days?” Rosita sucked her teeth.

“Seven days seems like a good enough time to spend with our godson,” Rick nodded at his wife, stationed safely a few feet away.

“Seems fair,” Michonne agreed, smiling.

“Cheater,” Rosita smirked despite herself.

“Next time be more specific.” Rick chortled at her.

“Whatever,” Rosita shook her head. “Just kiss your wife goodbye.”

Grinning, Rick moved towards Michonne. Michonne burst out laughing, retreating a few steps.

“Rick,” she admonished.

“Right,” he stopped suddenly, cheeks flushing.

“I’ll see you in a week,” Michonne winked at him, waving as she departed through the gate, Aaron in tow. “Love you,” she blew him an exaggerated kiss.

“Love you too,” Rick smiled, already imagining an uninterrupted week with his wife.

Rosita watched them, looking equal parts irritated and amused. “Like I said,” she scoffed, already wandering off. “Disgusting.”

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I want her

I Want Her Masterlist

Author: @riversong-sam
Word Count: 656
Jensen x Reader
A/N: I hope you enjoy this! Random idea I had to disperse.  Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Dean/ Jensen tags only:

“(Y/N)?!” you’re best friend Rach practically shouts into the phone.
“What Rach?” you ask
“Are you even listening to me? Did you hear anything I just said?” she demands.
You really weren’t listening to closely as you went over your patients charts, if you were being honest.
“Something about some TV show you like and something about auditions next weekend.” You reply after going over stuff in your head. You had a gift, well you saw it as a curse but that was you, could remember everything. By everything you meant everything ever minute of every day. Even things you weren’t paying attention to you could recall and go back over. You hated, most people were jealous but they wouldn’t be if they were as damaged as you were, for everything you knew.
“Ugh (Y/N) are you doing work again?”
“Yes I’m finishing patient charts.”
“You need to let loose a little. I don’t care what your opinion is you’re coming with me to those Supernatural auditions next weekend no argument.”
You felt bad for not listening so you gave in, “Fine I’ll go to support you.”
“No way you’re trying out to! You’ll love it!”
You grit your teeth, “Fine if it’ll make you happy.”
“It will thanks (Y/N/N) you’re the best!” she squeals.
You were much to Rachs dismay, in your camo pants and combat boots and brown t-shirt tucked in. Everything about you screamed Marine, which would be accurate you were a former Marine.
“(Y/N)! What are you wearing?!” she screeches in horror.
“You wanted me to go to this you aren’t choosing what I wear too.”
“Do you every have fun? Dress up a little, wear make-up try to get a man.”
You roll your eyes, “Let’s go before I have a panic attack unbecoming of a Marine.”
She just rolls her eyes and the two of you get in line where you’re supposed to be. Before long you’re separated to do line readings and whatever else.
“We’ll give you a few minutes to look over the script, try to get a feel for the character and sort of memorize her lines.” Some aid says
You glance over the script already having a feeling for it and had the lines know by once glance, “No need I’m ready whenever.” You toss the script back on the table and lean back.
“Are you sure you barely..” you cut her off
“Yes I’m sure thank you.”
She nods and goes to the door, “I’ll tell the producer and actor you’re ready.”
You nod and watch her go half wishing you knew anything about this TV show.
The aid comes back and shows you in.
“Please sit miss..?” an older gentleman says.
“No miss just (Y/L/N) will be fine thank you.” You sit.
“Alright (Y/L/N) run you’re lines with Mr. Ackles here” he gestures to his companion.
“Ready when you are sir.” You face him.
The Ackles guy immediately shifted and got into his character.  
“Alia! Stop this isn’t funny.”
You scoff, “I’ll do what I please Dean.” You couldn’t sit still anymore so you got up, nobody seemed to mind as he continued his lines.
“You could get hurt!”
You laugh coldly, “I could get hurt!” you spin and face him brining your hands down on the table in front of him. “Says the infamous first half of the Winchester duo! You and Sam always pull this shit so piss off” you seethe pushing a little into his space without thinking.
The scene ends and you pull back straightening up, “Sorry”
“What for?” he asks slightly bewildered at your passion running the lines.
“Personal space, I invaded yours” he waves you off kindly
“No big deal” he smiles and you can’t help but return it.
“Thank you that’ll be all we have what we need.” Mr singer says and you nod.
Once your out the door Jensen turns to Bob, “I want her.”  

part 2?

Who’s this?//Negan

Info: y/n finds the video camera Negan brought back from Alexandria and watches a video of Rick but finds herself turned on.

Warnings: smut, swearing, this is also really short hahaha kms

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“What’s this?” She asked Negan while picking up a camcorder. 

He strolled to her, looking over her shoulder and saw the camcorder he found in Alexandria. Tapes of Ricks’ group were kept in there, interviews for them to be accepted into the town.

“Somethin I found in Alexandria”

“Why the fuck did you keep this? It ain’t worth shit” She asked and sat on the end of the bed.

“It works still, smartass” He turned it on as he sat beside her.

The screen lit up to a welcome phase, then a man with a full beard filled the screen. He had gorgeous blue eyes, brown curly hair slicked back. He wore a form fitting brown t-shirt, he was dirty and looked roughed up. He spoke inaudibly, she was so focused on his face she didn’t hear what he said. She licked her lips.

“Who’s this again?” She asked Negan, eyes never leaving the screen.

“Rick, from Alexandria”

“That’s your bitch everyone talks about, right?”

“Damn right, baby”

She clenched her legs together looking at him. The man made her wet and she doesn’t even know him. Negan watched her actions, her eyes glazed over dark, clenching her legs and licking her lips, she was turned on. He ignored it and made a move. He placed his hand on her thigh and moved it up to her inner thigh, near her heat.

“Negan” She tried to protest but just moaned, eyes on the screen still.

“What?” He asked, kissing her neck.

He took the camera from her weak hands and put it on the nightstand, pressing record without her knowledge. He pushed her back and kissed up her stomach as he brought her shirt up higher and higher. Eventually, discarded the shirt and removed her bra. She tugged at his shirt and he took it off for her.

He leaned back down to kiss her, his hand snaked down under the band of her jeans and underwear. He felt how wet she was, not sure which man made her feel that way to get like that. He ran a finger over her folds and then stuck one inside her.

“Rick” She moaned out and Negan halted.

“Fuck was that?” He growled.

Her eyes opened up realizing her mistake.

“Shit” She cursed.

“Shit is fuckin right”

He ripped off her pants and flipped her over so she was on all fours. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. She couldn’t see behind her but feared what was next. She knew he was mad, but it also turned her on a lot more.

He rammed himself into her, his hips hitting her ass. She cried out in pleasure. On the second thrust, he slapped her ass. He had never spanked her before, so this was a surprise, but a good one. He kept thrusting into her, spanks alternating between sides. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her back to him.

“Who do you belong to, huh?” He growled between grunts.

“You, N-Negan” She struggled to speak.

“You’re my bitch, and who else is my bitch?”


“That’s the only time you speak his name here. Got it?” 

“Yes, Negan”

“Who do you belong to?”

“You” She moaned and he thrusted harder.

He reached his free hand down to her clit and rubbed her, his strokes were becoming erratic and sloppy, he was close. He tried to get her off before he did, he always did. 

“Fuck yeah you do, I know, but not everyone else does. One more time, say my name baby. Say it so Rick can hear you” He spoke angrily.

“Negan!” She cried as her stomach clenched “I belong to you, Negan” She screamed as her release hit her.

“That’s right baby, creamin my fuckin cock like the bitch you are” He spoke before finishing after.

He let her go and her body fell limp onto the bed. He laid beside her.

“I’m sorry, Negan” She whispered feeling truly sorry.

“It’s fine, as long as you know who you really belong to, we’re all good” He spoke out of breath.

She crawled out of the bed, wrapping a bath robe around her and looked out the window. All she could think about was how she could possibly go to Alexandria and find Rick.