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So! Again I’m sorry I was gone for so long!
Here is my traveler’s sheild for Breath of the Wild! The shield is made of pink/purple insulation foam, cut with a foam factory wire foam cutter.
I traced the two circles and cut them out, and pushed the inside circle partway down to create the heightened effect of the shields rim
Then I added a half foam ball and coated in all in wood glue because otherwise the foam would dissolve when painted.
After that dried I covered it all in resin, I actually used a 2 part resin made for casting jewelry. It’s made to be used inside so it really has no chemical smell at all. It also spreads easily and is lightweight. Then I painted the base coat, traced the design from a still of the game, painted it and added a matte clear coat!
Since the back is uneven I smoothed it out with lightweight clay and painted it brown. Straps will be added so I can hold the shield and put it on my back.

Late To Class (Part 2) [a Barry Allen AU]


Part 1

Barry’s rusted light blue truck pulls into the parking lot of the apartment building; the engine dies and he climbs out, slamming the door behind him. Two of his fingers hook in the knot of his dark red tie, loosening it around the collar of his gray button down. His black dress shoes enter the main lobby, stopping so he can get the mail, before stomping up the steps.

The brown briefcase strap hooks over his shoulder, bag thumping against his hip. After climbing two floors, he makes it to apartment 2E. His nimble fingers pull out the keys from the back pocket of his tight black slacks, putting it in the keyhole before twisting the doorknob.

He’s met with dim lighting and his eyebrows furrow; he turns, closing the tan door behind him. Instantly when he spins back around, his back comes into contact with the wood. “Hey, honey…” he gulps, staring down at you; green eyes wide. Your very exposed chest presses against his and you bat your eyelashes at him. “Y/N, I-I’m sorry, I have to… I have papers to grade…” he says awkwardly, frowning, feeling the strap of the briefcase slip off his shoulder.

Sighing, you step back, pecking his lips. “It’s okay. I’ll go make some food!” you beam cheerfully, wrapping your shawl around you better as you enter the kitchen.

Barry trudges to the table, heaving his briefcase up; it lands with a loud thump. His fingers grab the zipper, pulling it to retrieve the stack of papers and a red pen. Sitting down, he uncaps the pen, beginning to correct the twenty two quizzes. “Sweetheart?” he asks, cap hanging from his lips. You set the water on boil, walking out. “Can you…get my glasses? I gotta stare at these for awhile.” he scrunches his nose.

“Of course, Mr. Allen.” you tease with a wink. Your bare feet pad across the rough carpet in the hallway, entering the bedroom. On the bedside table sits his thick reading glasses; you pick them up by the temples, swinging them as you strut back to the dining room area. Your silk red shawl sways around your body. “Here you go!” you hum, squatting down to slide them on his face, giving him a full show of your breasts.

He sucks in a breath, face going red and jeans tightening. “Y/N…” he mumbles in a warning tone; green eyes darkening a shade behind the lens’. Your hands run up his chest, fingers hooking under the holes of his gray dress shirt, ripping it open; buttons fly off, landing on the floor and table. “Oh… my god.” he breathes, feeling the fabric of his tie rest on his naked torso. “Y/N…I…”

You shh him, climbing on his lap, hands traveling to his thick light brown locks. His breath hitches, head bending back, making his adam’s apple more prominent. “You’re such a hot teacher, Barry.” you purr against his jawline, fingers walking up his chest, circling the moles. “I told you I was gonna attack you when you got home…” you whisper, nibbling his lower lip as the oven dings. “Pasta’s ready!” you grin, getting up to check the food.

Panting, Barry blinks, readjusting himself in the chair. “Minx…” he huffs under his breath, picking up the red pen that fell. He really needs to correct these papers…

Genre: Smut*

*Warnings: Light bondage and thigh riding, hint of breath play, daddy kink, and switch!Jimin.

Word Count: 2667

Summary: Smut. No plot, no meaning. Just smut.

Requested by: @yoonkook-af

A/N: Okay so basically this was something that Millie and I talked about M O N T H S ago; I promised her something along these lines and never got around to it. Lo and Behold at like 1 AM what was meant to be a drabble turned into… this and it’s preeettyy sloppy but I haven’t posted in awhile so. :)

Hint: There maayyy be a part 2 to this. We’ll see how it goes.

     With your hands held securely to the headboard and a brown strap biting into the soft flesh of your wrists, another small whimper is elicited from your lips  as Jimin’s tongue swipes a burning trail up your folds. Hands caught between you and the bed, he pulls you forward by the grip he’s got on your ass, and there’s no longer a distinction between whether he’s moaning for you, or because damn, had you always tasted this good? With desperation, you try to focus more on the enveloping darkness that wraps around your eyes; what you lack in vision only coming back to bite you with the vivid reminder of his tongue.

    Your bottom lip clamped gently between your teeth, you try not to give him such satisfaction of making you beg for more, as challenging as he made it; being completely restricted and unable to see was enough vulnerability for you, even though your trembling thighs didn’t do much to prove your point.

     “Why so quiet, princess?” You hear his velvet voice slink along your exposed skin, Jimin’s finger pushing into your slick entrance.

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Very nice and rare Heuer Camaro 7220 NT in full authentic condition. Unpolished case with original sunburst finish and clearly readable numbers between the lugs. The black dial is slightly fading into a beautiful browntone and lume on dial and in hands is still the original one. The watch comes on a brown leather-strap. The Heuer Leonidas signed Valjoux 72 was checked in all functions and is running perfectly. 

this watch was sold!

Chased by the Hunter, Saved by the Wolves ||closed||


When he woke early one morning, when the dew still dotted the glass on his window and the sun had barely peeked through the trees, he had no idea the life as he knew it would change forever in a few short hours. He sat up in bed, stretched his arms widely and slid onto the floor of the quaint and small wooden cabin. His clothes lay over the worn wooden chair next to the even more worn wooden desk and he was quick to change from his night clothes into his greet tunic, laced with brown leather straps and black trousers which tucked into his boots.

The door creaked as he opened it into the modest main room of the home, where Ada stood tirelessly at the cast iron stove, the smell of rabbit stew filling the air. Helden was nowhere to be found.

“Morning, child,” The blonde-haired elf greeted pleasantly. Noticing his attire, she remarked, “Leaving already?”

He nodded, with a small smile. “I saw a thicket of berry bushes about a mile away yesterday when me and Helden were out gathering wood. I figured I’d go pick some.”

Ada frowned a bit. “Alright. Just don’t go too far.” She said, concern on her voice. “I’ll save you some food for when you get back.”

She leaned over and kissed his head, earning a smile, before he grabbed his rucksack and headed out, through the small farm’s fields and into the woods.

He would never see Ada or Helden again.


The shout of the afternoon drunkards was only silence by the god-awful screeching of a fiddle and tone-deafness of a pub singer in the corner. Gornan chugged at his beer as he waited for his client to arrive. It wasn’t an easy life, being a spy. One needed to cut through all the drivel and dregs of normal, everyday conversation about crop tending and which king had seized what power to find the really good stuff. But he was confident he had found something worth a heavy price.

He finally saw his client enter. He never discovered his name. Names were not important to him as long as he got paid. He flagged the scruffed, travel worn man down, sliding the half-empty bottle of cheap ale across to him.

“Got a nice lil bit o’ new for ye,” He slurred, halfway there to being an afternoon drunk himself. “A lil birdie told me tha’ our friends out in t’e Hunt are mighty restless these passed few days. Stormin through a forest nearby, lookin’ for somethin’. Or rather, someone.” He baited his hook, now all he had to do was wait for the bite.


etsyfindoftheday 3 | 8.27.15

theme thursday: unique canvas bags and totes

waxed canvas diaper bag in tabasco by kithandkinstore

kithandkinstore’s waxed canvas bag styles all feature a hint of fun, colorful patterned fabric as an accent as well as sturdy leather straps. check out all their color combinations — and shapes! — today. this particular piece is designated as a diaper bag but feel free to use it as a carry-on, a farmer’s market tote … get creative!


etsyfindoftheday 3 | 8.20.15

theme thursday: rustic rucksacks for summer adventures

‘ness’ roll-top waxed cotton canvas backpack by fernwehuk

made with great care and high quality, fernwehuk’s roll-top packs are water-resistant, durable, and weatherproofed for years of radical hikes and camping trips. love the detail of the plaid interior, too. check out more of what this awesome shop has to offer today!

The Bite

Prompt can be found here

It was dark, a musky smell hung in the air and you were terrified. You lay on a cold table which seemed to be made of steel and brown leather straps were holding you down from your legs and shoulders. You didn’t know where you were but you knew that it had something to do with the Dread Doctors and that soon…you would no longer be human.

Chimeras is what they made, the frightening Doctors with coats of steel, turning innocent teenagers into horrible monsters. It scared you thinking about how you were next and what was going to happen to you. You started to cry, tears rolling off the side of your cheeks onto the concrete floor below you.

“THEO!” You cried out as you heard the clunking on the floor from the Dread Doctors approaching.

You begin to frantically thrash around to try and free yourself from the grip of the horrible straps keeping you captive. They were far too strong for you and eventually you give up from releasing yourself and lie still while breathing heavily awaiting what lies before you. As you look up you see three masks of metal facing you with needles and sharp tools in the hands of the Doctors.

“Please don’t do this.” You say as your voice cracks from fear.

“We do what must be done.”

The first needle goes in at your neck, you scream aloud as a second and third puncture your hip and arm. Liquid shoots from the needles into your body causing immense pain. Cutting into your side the doctors begin to remove a part of your insides. The pain being so unbearable you begin to feel faint as you can hear the splatter of your blood dripping onto the floor. Unable to move you lay there taking in whatever they do to you.

After what seems like hours on end the drilling and whirring of machinery stops and you lay there in silence, only capable of letting the smallest amount of air into your lungs. Your vision is blurry and from what you can make out the Dread Doctors slowly fade out into the dark room leaving you there to die.



You slowly start to open your eyes to see the outline of your boyfriend, Theo, standing there, you aren’t able to make out the other bodies standing around you, but you assume it’s the rest of the pack.

“(Y/N) oh my god what did they do to you?” Theo begins to unstrap you from the table. As your vision becomes clearer you see two drops fall from his eyes above you, falling into your pool of blood on the floor.

“T…Theo?” Your voice barely above a whisper.

“N-n-no don’t say anything, save your breath.” Theo picks you up from the table as you let out a loud moan, pain pierces your whole body sending you into shock as you start to wheeze fighting for breath. You lay cradled in Theo’s arms on the floor as the pack surrounds the both of you.

“Scott w…what do I do, she’s gonna die here if we don’t do something fast.” Theo fumbles for words as he does his best to stop you from bleeding.

“He’s right Scott, we need to do something quickly.” Stiles says. Scott stands there staring at you thinking of a solution to save your life.

“There’s really only one thing I can do, but I don’t know if it will work.” Scott looks unsure as he stares at Theo.

“What is it Scott, hurry we haven’t got much time.” Theo glares at Scott with a pleading look in his eyes.

“I’ll have to give her the bite.”

All eyes turn to Scott as if it was a stupid idea, but as your cry echoes throughout the whole room they think differently.

“ARE YOU CRAZY?” Theo yells out.

“I…its okay Theo.” You whisper to him, as he studies your face leaving a small kiss on your forehead and giving Scott a nod. Theo continues to hold you as Scott leans down next to you grabbing a hold of your arm, his teeth sink into your flesh as you let out a scream. Scott pulls out and you hold your arm as Theo pulls you into his chest and hugs you tightly.

“Its okay (Y/N), you’re gonna be okay.” You lay in Theo’s arms as you feel your wounds beginning to heal, you start to become stronger, and slowly but surely you can feel the pain being drained from your body.

You are too afraid to face the pack but as you gradually turn towards them your eyes glow a vibrant yellow and claws form where your fingernails are supposed to be.