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a/n: be more chill x soulmate au. :o if you wanna be tagged in the series letmeknow.kbyethanx. Updates on Thursdays & Sundays. Any Filipino friends/readers wanna help me out :0 Michael being biracial I wanna have a little more substance to him. I’m hispanic so I have one side of him covered but its unfair to only depict that side. I’d love the input/help to give Michael all of his canon qualities ^^ pleaseandthankyou
summary:  Jeremy Heere never knew he missed something until he realized he was living a world not only devoid of colors but of a soulmate. After a terrible incident he’s found himself chasing after colors he wants; and realizing there are some colors he needs as well.
warning: He’s a mean one, Mr. Squip
w/c: ~3.1k
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“What do you mean we WON’T be doing a Midsummer Night’s Dream!” Christine groaned after being peeled off the ground and placed on a chair, holding  an ice pack someone had run to the nurse and got for her. She looked up at Mr. Squip then turned to Mr. Reyes who didn’t seem as bothered about all this as Christine.

“Mr.Squip and …the board suggested a slightly …different approach so we can attract more of a crowd this year.” He explained calmly.

Christine shook her head and slowly placed the ice pack aside. “What’s wrong with Shakespeare’s approach on theater!?”

“He’s DEAD, Canigula, let him go.” Mr. Reyes sighed, then slowly walked over to her and whispered. “The popular kids are going to be lending a hand, with them on board we have a chance of saving the theater!”

“But sir, since when does the theater sell out it’s morals like this?” She pressed one final time.

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So! Again I’m sorry I was gone for so long!
Here is my traveler’s sheild for Breath of the Wild! The shield is made of pink/purple insulation foam, cut with a foam factory wire foam cutter.
I traced the two circles and cut them out, and pushed the inside circle partway down to create the heightened effect of the shields rim
Then I added a half foam ball and coated in all in wood glue because otherwise the foam would dissolve when painted.
After that dried I covered it all in resin, I actually used a 2 part resin made for casting jewelry. It’s made to be used inside so it really has no chemical smell at all. It also spreads easily and is lightweight. Then I painted the base coat, traced the design from a still of the game, painted it and added a matte clear coat!
Since the back is uneven I smoothed it out with lightweight clay and painted it brown. Straps will be added so I can hold the shield and put it on my back.

forget all the shooting stars and all the silver moons

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robert wakes up on his thirty-first birthday, and is totally, utterly spoiled by his husband.

Robert didn’t like birthdays. Really, he didn’t - he’d stopped liking birthdays once he’d turned twenty-five, feeing as though he’s started to go over the hill, not much seeing the point of celebrating.

He hadn’t even celebrated his thirtieth, and that was supposed to be a big one. Robert had wanted to celebrate in his own way, with a holiday to Barcelona, Aaron by his side, but that had fallen through.

Maybe he just wasn’t meant to celebrate his birthdays, Robert pondered, burying his face into his pillow. Maybe he should just leave well enough alone, and be grateful he survived another year.

He could just about go for a quiet dinner in the pub, and Victoria buying him a pint, but he didn’t want the fuss. If the Dingles had caught wind of when his birthday was, they’d have no doubt organised a surprise party in the pub.

He’d get it out of Aaron when he got up, make sure there was no Dingle organised chaos to come his way that day. Shifting in bed, Robert opened his eyes and stretched out, blinking at the bright light of their bedroom.

Aaron must already be up, light streaming in from their open bedroom door, invading their otherwise still dark room. Robert ran a hand through his already messy blonde hair, easing himself into a sitting position, just as Aaron reentered the room, tray in hand.

“You’re supposed to still be asleep!” Aaron grumbled good-naturedly, nudging their bedroom door shut with his hip, blocking out the rest of the already busy pub again.

It was the one thing Robert had never gotten quite used to about the Woolpack, the constant busy atmosphere of the pub. He’d always assumed that living in a pub, the day wouldn’t start until 12pm when the pub actually opened - but deliveries started from seven or eight, depending on the day, and it was always a hub of activity.

He’d almost miss the noise, when the Mill was finally finished and they were living in a place of their own. According to Ronnie, it would only be a few more weeks, a month, tops before the place was actually liveable.

“You shouldn’t have left the door open then, should ya? The noise woke me up.” Robert teased, his heart swelling with love for his husband as he watched him set the tray down on their bed, piping hot tea and a freshly made bacon sarnie awaiting him.

Aaron’s cooking skills weren’t exactly top notch, but he liked breakfast food enough to be able to make decent bacon. “Happy birthday, Robert,” he said softly, leaning across to press a minty flavoured kiss to Robert’s lips.

Robert melted into the embrace, still revelling in the fact he got to kiss his husband whenever he wanted to, even now, two weeks after his release from prison. Two weeks wasn’t enough time to even begin to make up for all the time they lost when Aaron was inside, and there would never be enough soft, sleepy, morning kisses to make up for all the first mornings of their marriage they had missed.

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You Got Nothing To Prove [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]

Request: do you still have my ask about Seb having a soft side with his little sibling or little cousin and reader, who thinks he’s just a big jerk, finding out about it.. and proceeding to tease him about it while he’s all “nope, I’m an asshole you’re confused I’m not nice at all.. what? me? soft? you’re soft!! …ok, just.. can we keep it a secret at least?” ? (if you lost it tho, that was it. that was the request lol ;) )

a/n: i don’t even remember seeing this ha…….i HAD to use the name #sorrynotsorry

Your eyes must be deceiving you. Sebastian Smythe is here, in an ice cream shop, with a little boy. They kind of look alike, other than the obvious; the boy has to be at least seven or eight and has darker hair; both have the same facial structure. The Warbler bends down, knees buckling under him.

When the boy points at you, you try to appear occupied, scuffing your floral print Vans on the bland tiles. “Well, if it isn’t Little Miss Sunshine…” Sebastian taunts, tongue flicking over his top pearly teeth. Your thumbs hook in your thin brown backpack straps, tugging them to the waistband of your dark green shorts, eyes focused on the floor.

“Seb, tell her she’s pretty…” the young boy whispers as quietly as possible. Your cheeks heat up.

Sebastian’s grass green eyes blow wide, long eyelashes batting across his freckles. “Dartanian! What was our deal?” The boy giggles, much to your surprise. “I get you ice cream and this is how you act…” he grumbles, smiling as Dartanian tugs on his navy blazer, licking the cone. “You are so lucky you’re cute.”

A little noise comes out of you and you cover your face with your hands. This is so cute! “I never knew you could be so nice, Sebastian!” you squeak, jumping slightly. The Warbler rolls his eyes, trying not to grin at your level of adorableness. “I thought you were an as-…” you cut yourself off, fixing your black t-shirt.

“Come eat with us! Seb thinks you’re cute!” Dartanian smirks. There it is. There’s the resemblance. Same goddamn smirk.

With wide eyes, the brunette looks at the boy, as if he disrespected his honor or something. “Go sit down!” he orders, voice slightly higher than usual. Dartanian huffs, stomping towards the table with the messenger bag and blazer. Sebastian sighs, straightening his striped tie. “Look, I am an asshole. I’m not nice, I-”

“You like me…” you tease, rocking back on your heels, broad smile on your lips. He turns his head, jaw clenching. “You’re nice and you think I’m cute!” you giggle, twisting from side to side bashfully.

Sebastian frowns, pretending to be annoyed. “Yes, okay, I’m nice to my cousin. Big deal. Are you gonna join us or not?” he bites, glaring; you nod, continuing to smile. “Okay… this is between us, got it?” he grumbles, spinning on his heel.

“Can I hold your hand?” you ask innocently, gaze focused on capturing his hand.

He scowls, “No.” (Plot twist, you end up holding hands.)

Hey look, it’s my legs!  It got all the way up to sixty-two degrees (I really haven’t gotten the hang of Celsius and have given up trying) and I figured it was high time to pull my sandals out and prove to my parents that it was a good idea to bring them.

[Image description: one full-body photo of a young woman (me) with very short pink hair that’s kind of in a bob.  I am wearing a huge dark orange pullover sweater with a wide neck and a hem that goes down to about mid-thigh.  It’s covering the majority of my dress, but the bottom part of the skirt–burgundy lace and tulle, with a handkerchief hem–is showing.  I also have on dark grey crocheted-looking socks and brown sandals with various straps and buckles.  I am wearing large gold earrings and dark red lipstick.  As always, I have on my round black glasses.]

Onsra | kihyunau!

(v.) to love for the last time - a bittersweet feeling of knowing that a love wont last

requested by @gelattuan

summary: kihyun is an international spy investigating an art robbery, and is paired up with [y/n], who was a double-agent.

ship: kihyun x [y/n]

genre: angst, romance, idk ;u;

word count: 5,611

a/n: hi there! i hope you guys like this. i don’t know but it might be all over the place ;; im so sorry. but anyways, i was listening to urban zapaka’s i don’t love you while writing the latter. you can listen to it while reading this tho! anyways, i hope you guys enjoy this and i apologize for any misspelled words and wrong grammar ;;


Originally posted by monstaxscenariosx

“I need the you to work on this case.”

The atmosphere was utterly suffocating, and pressure was already building up. Glancing down at the folder handed to you, you scan the case file once more and let out a deep sigh. It was the tenth art theft for this year and you’ve gotten sick of hearing such cases over and over again.


A simple question left your mouth. You look up to meet the gaze of the chief of the secret intelligence service that you’re currently working in. Yes, you are an agent, a double agent of some sort. Working under two different S.I.S was a piece of cake for you. Just work under the enemy, earn their trust and destroy them slowly with the information you get without earning any suspicion from your colleagues. 

“You’re one of the best agents that we have, [y/n], and we badly need your help on this one.” The Chief was already sounding like he’s desperate to have you in that case and this isn’t the first time he sounded like that. 

“Alright, I’ll do it but who’s in my team?” You query without any hesitation. Never in a million years would the Chief let you work alone. There was always an outstanding agent who’d get paired up with you.  

“Yoo Kihyun. He’s an international spy who signed contracts with us last year and he’s got outstanding skills to find the mastermind of the stolen Poppy Flower by Van Gogh. Mr. Yoo has already started this case long before the Poppy Flowers were even stolen.” The Chief declares while passing you a folder filled with Kihyun’s basic information.

“Hm.. Yoo Kihyun, 23 years old, Male..” you continue to scan the papers right in front of you and wonder why you’re being paired up with him.

“Hey, pops,” you look up from the paper that you’re currently reading and ask, tapping your lower lip with your finger, “out of all the best agents in this building, why did you choose me?”

“Simple. I know you have tons of ways to get this case done. You’re not like the other agents whom I trust with other dangerous cases and I think that you’d have some chemistry with each other. I can sense something great about you to be honest and–”

The doors burst open, revealing a handsome, young lad whom you didn’t expect to arrive. His soft black locks bounced every time he makes a step, his cheekbones ever prominent as he flashes a toothy grin at the two of you, and his eyes turning into crescent shape. If you didn’t know a single thing about him, you would practically be fooled by his appearance, thinking that he’s just some handsome man with a profession suited for his face.

“Great timing, Mr. Yoo.” The Chief beamed and takes the hand of Kihyun, shaking it before passing him the case file that he’s given you when you first came in.

“Ms. [l/n], I want you to meet Mr. Yoo. Mr. Yoo, you’ll be working with one of our top agents and I hope that the two of you get along. Now that the two of you are here, let me proceed in breaking down our objectives for this case,” Pressing a button on the remote that he’s been holding for a while, the light from the projector illuminated the presentation prepared by the Chief himself.

“First, with all the information gathered by Mr. Yoo,” The Chief passes the two of you another folder and proceeds with his presentation, “Ms. [l/n] will come in in the picture. You’ll be working in the museum with Mr. Yoo as his personal assistant.”

“Next, in order to get a head start on finding the one who stole the painting, you need to squeeze some information out of the Director running the museum itself.” Upon hearing the objectives of the case, you couldn’t help but let out another sigh.

It’s been awhile since you’ve worked on a case. You couldn’t help but feel ecstatic about it but thousands of problems came crossing in your mind. Both of the secret intelligence services that you’re working under for have requested you to do this, and you couldn’t help but think on how you should inform the main S.I.S, that you’re loyal to, without getting any suspicion from Kihyun.

Slowly losing yourself in your own train of thoughts, you didn’t notice Kihyun calling out your name, trying to get your attention. “Earth to you! Hey, are you even listening?”

Snapping out from your thoughts, you look at Kihyun and gave him a nod. “Y-yeah.” 

“I hope so. How about let’s get going, aight? And here, I think you should change into this.” Kihyun hands you a paper bag filled with normal people clothes.  Peeking through the gap, you couldn’t help but compliment his taste in fashion.


“Oh, Kihyun, you’re here! Omo, and who might this be?” A man in his late 50s came to welcome the two of you with a big smile on his face. Looking at you from head to toe, you gave him a polite bow before Kihyun introduces you to him. “ [y/n], I want you to meet, Mr. Park, he’s the Director of this museum. Mr. Park, this is my personal assistant, [y/n]. She’ll be with me starting today.”

“You sure do have a good eye in choosing an assistant, Kihyun.” Winking at him, Mr. Park couldn’t help but let out a soft laugh before patting him on the shoulder and flashing you a fatherly smile.

“I welcome you with wide arms, [y/n]. I hope you enjoy working with our Kihyunnie.” 

“Thank you, Mr. Park.” you respond and gave him one last bow before he left to handle some paper works for the artworks that were coming in in a few days. As soon as the Director left, Kihyun turns to face you and gives you a clipboard filled with classified information.

“Here, if we ever get separated, we’ll still be able to communicate and track each other down with this.” Kihyun takes a hold of your wrist and wraps a watch around it, smiling at you in the process. He was utterly close and you could feel your heart skip a bit but you decided to push away any possible romantic feelings that could start to develop.

“Oh, and as a matter of fact, I can also send pictures and files through this watch and vice-versa. Quite handy, right?” Kihyun’s eyes twinkled while talking about the watch itself, as if it was just a toy to him.

“Yeah, it is.” you said, gazing at the rich clay brown leather strap and at the glossy case before catching Kihyun’s gaze. “So, Mr. Yoo, do you want to continue staring at me or should we get going and get this case done?” you playfully teased to which resulted to Kihyun bursting out into fits of laughter.

“Let’s get going.” Before you could even respond, Kihyun already has his back at you as he waltz towards the room where the theft happened. The sound of footsteps echoed throughout the whole museum. There was nothing but silence to be heard. No one really talked as they tried to enjoy and focus themselves on the meaning behind every single art that is being displayed.

Scanning the whole room with your eyes, you noticed a couple of cctv on every corner. The information that Kihyun has gathered were reliable and relevant. Taking a couple of information in your mind, you glance up to see Kihyun looking at you. 

“Have you checked the cctvs?” Kihyun didn’t think twice but to respond right away with a nod. “I’ve checked each and every cctv there is in this room,” He points at every cctv in the room and continues, “However each camera were somewhat hacked during the of the robbery. In addition to this, they did not only hack the cctvs in this room, but also in the whole building.”

“Were they able to hack the cctv from the outside of the museum?” You question once more but you didn’t stay at the same position. You walk up to the cctv and scrutinize ever side of it for any possible lead. 

“They were. Mr. Park has actually hired a hacker to check if there was any possible chance in retrieving any possible footage but… they weren’t able to find any.”

“Gotcha.” you mutter under your breath as you turned around and gestured Kihyun to come closer. Kihyun, confused of what’s up, went closer to you and asked, “What is it?” 

“Lift me up.” you order without any hesitation. “What? Why?” Being ordered by someone out of the blue baffled Kihyun. “Just give me a lift, will you?” Without complaining, Kihyun positions himself and effortlessly lifted you up. In the midst of removing something from the cctv, Kihyun couldn’t help but feel flushed when he realized that you were wearing a skirt.

Get a hold of yourself Yoo Kihyun! Kihyun mentally scolds himself and looks up to see if you’re already done. “I got it!” you beamed and carefully get off of Kihyun. Kihyun’s eyebrows were furrowed, curiosity got him and he’s been itching to ask you what you just found. 

“Did you ever think of checking the cctvs for any… oh I don’t know… any device of such sort?” You playfully ask whilst showing him the small device in between your fingers.

“Wait, is that..” 

“It is.” You quickly answer his question. “They seem to have forgotten to remove such device that can be easily tracked or maybe hacked, if possible.” Kihyun was definitely impressed by your skills. A smile found its way to his lips, making you look at him weirdly.

“Why are you smiling like that?” You ask whilst studying his features up close. Smooth, flawless skin, red plump lips, sharp nose and a pair of beautiful that could make you lose yourself to. “You’re pretty good.” Chuckling at his sudden compliment, you nod your head and mutter a, “Let’s get this device checked.”

The two of you didn’t waste any time and proceeded to his office where the two of you spent most of your time in.

Days turned to weeks and neither one of you was able to get a lead to this case. Staying in his office didn’t really help but you weren’t in the place to complain about it. Reviewing the gathered information once more, a thought popped out of the blue. 

You remembered that Kihyun started to work in this museum long before the Poppy Flower was even stolen. “Hey, Kihyun.” catching his attention in just seconds, Kihyun looks up to meet your gaze. Dark circles were already forming under his eyes. Both of you spent sleepless nights together and throughout those nights, the two of you were able to get to know about each other.

“Chief told me that you were already working here before the Poppy Flower was even stolen.” 

“Yeah, what about it?” Kihyun then returns his gaze back to the pile of paper right in front of him, scribbling notes on his pad while tapping his foot. “Didn’t you notice any suspicious looking person?”

“None.” Kihyun timidly replies without meeting your gaze. Scratching the back of your head, you knew that neither of you would make some progress in that state. Hoisting yourself up from your seat, you walk over to Kihyun’s side and peeked on what he’s writing. 

“You should take a break, Ki.” 

Startled by your voice, Kihyun looks up to you in confusion. “Eh? I can’t take a break, [y/n], and you know that. We haven’t made any progress and the chief just gave us a deadline for this case.” 

“Well, we wouldn’t be able to make any progress if we’re this stressed. You should take a nap or something, dark circles are not your thing.” you mutter as you turned your back at him, walking towards to you handbag to get something. Pulling out some eye mask, you offer it to Kihyun and said once more, “Take a nap, will you? I’ll go get some drinks for the two of us and maybe something to eat, alright?”

Before Kihyun could even stop you from leaving, you were already out of the room with your wallet tucked under your arm. Kihyun couldn’t help but smile at how cute you were. Following what you just told him, he puts on the eye mask under his eyes and proceeds in catching some Zs.

It’s been awhile since you’ve last came out of that room. The museum was still buzzing with tourists and you couldn’t help but envy their lifestyle. Sighing to yourself, you walk towards the small cafeteria in that museum. Ordering two bento boxes and some cold beverages for the two of you, you thanked the old lady and waltz your way back to Kihyun’s office with the bento boxes and beverages in your hands.

Your mind was definitely clouded with the device you’ve discovered days ago. Where did you go wrong with the hacking? Did you miss some codes? You just couldn’t seem to put a finger on it, you decided to just dismiss the thought. 

Upon entering the room, you were welcomed by a couple of soft snores from your partner. The sight of Kihyun fast asleep with his head resting in his arms made you soften up. Placing the paper bag on the table, you went back in front of your laptop and studied the code once more.

Staring at the monitor for quite some time now, you finally found the mistake in your own codes. The sound of keys being pressed on echoed throughout the whole room. Your fingers skillfully pressed on the keys, your eyes was glued on monitor with such concentration that you didn’t even realize you’ve awoken Kihyun from his short nap. Pressing enter, your monitor finally displays the information that you’ve been wanting to see.

“Finally!” you exclaim with such happiness that you’ve startled yourself when your eyes landed on Kihyun, who was staring at you with such sleepy eyes. “What’s up?” He asks and rubs his eyes while looking at the paper bag that you’ve placed on top of the table.

“I’ve finally decoded the device and I think we’re gonna get ourselves some juicy information.” 

You continue to work on your laptop until it decided to warn you that it might take ten to twenty minutes for it to finally analyze every single data it gets. The room was utterly quiet for the two of you. Nobody dared to speak until the sound of your stomach grumbling filled the whole room, making Kihyun burst out laughing.

“C’mon, let’s take a break for awhile and eat these bento boxes.” Kihyun hands you the bento box that you’ve bought while pulling his swivel chair near to you. His bento box in his hands, he sits down and opens it in just a snap. You, on the other hand, are already ripping your chopsticks off the paper casing.

“Thanks for the meal.” Kihyun mutters before digging in. Throughout the whole meal, the two of you had some conversations here and there. “Were you able to get some sleep?” You ask while plopping in a piece of meat in your mouth.

“I was able to get some until you came typing really loud.” Kihyun joked, making you nudge him on the elbow with a smile. “Oh, does our prince need more of his beauty sleep?” 

“Whatever, [y/n].” 

It took the two of you almost 15 minutes to finish your meal and by the time the two of you guys were finished, you immediately checked your laptop and it showed the information that you’ve been trying to retrieve.

“Kihyun, we finally have a lead!”

“Really?! Nice one!” Kihyun beamed and pumped his fists in the air. Having the information printed out, the two of you decided to scavenge more information and with just one fatal information, the two of you were able to find the main culprit.

The name was written all over the screen and printed information. Just reading the name all over and over, you couldn’t help but feel your heart race in fear. It was no other than the persons who made you take up this path. Gulping down your saliva, you avoided eye contact with Kihyun.

“Wait, Shin Hoseok and Son Hyunwoo? Are you freaking serious?” 

Kihyun also couldn’t believe what he was reading. They were probably in the last place for suspicion for Kihyun. Glancing towards your direction, he immediately noticed how tensed up you were. The atmosphere was quite heavy and Kihyun didn’t like it. Placing the printed information down, he quietly walk towards his laptop and stare at his monitor blankly.

“Now that we know who stole the painting, we better start tracking them and plan out how we’re going to retrieve the stolen painting.”

Tugging the hem of the skin-tight longsleeve shirt that you were wearing, you look up at the building right in front of you. The sound of dogs barking from a distance sent chills running down your spine. Throughout the previous weeks of planning out the perfect plan, you couldn’t help but feel a gush of guilt of something you were about to do.

It was undeniable that you and Kihyun had gotten to that flirting stage, a couple of naughty actions here and there during those sleepless nights. You’d be lying to yourself if you’d say that you don’t have any feelings for Yoo Kihyun.

But what can you do? Your life, nor did Kihyun’s life, allowed the two of you to enter such relationship. The two of you were agents and once you bring someone in to your life, they were bound to meet tragic endings. Feeling a tug on your hand, you look up and saw Kihyun’s angelic smile that could make your knees weak.

“Hey, angel, are you okay?” He asked, concern was all over his tone and you couldn’t help but feel those butterflies dancing around your tummy. “I-I’m fine. Let’s go?” You stammered and flashed the most convincing smile, but you knew Kihyun too well that he wasn’t going to buy it.

Despite the fact that the two of you only have known each other for a couple of weeks, you were able to spill everything to him as if the two of you have been best of friends over a decade. Agent or not, the two of you acted like yourselves around each other and neither of you minded. 

Those weeks of working together was the best moments in your life. It has been a long time that you’ve felt your heart flutter from the little things that you’ve done with Kihyun. However, you were dreading this day would come. 

“The security has been deactivated by Minhyuk and what’s left for us to do is that we need to get to the room where they kept the painting.” Kihyun remarked and showed you the plan once more. “I need you to get there safely, [y/n]. Promise me that you’ll get there safely…. okay?”

Nodding your head, you linked your pinky with his and flashed him a smile. You were about to leave and proceed with your plan, you were pulled back into a tight hug. Looking up, you saw Kihyun’s smile and you couldn’t help but heat up by the sudden skinship. Your pale cheeks were flushed when Kihyun softly pressed his lips on your forehead. “See you there.” 

Before you knew it, Kihyun was off to his own plan. Without wasting any more time you proceeded with your plan and successfully avoided all the guards inside the building.

With you back on the wall, you listened to the conversation between two guards. Looking around your surroundings, you noticed the cctv camera facing at the entrance. If the person behind the camera sees you, your cover would be blown and you’d utterly fail.

You pulled your wrist up to your lips and whispered something loud enough for Kihyun, “There’s a cctv camera facing the entrance. I need you to–” 

(Don’t worry, I’ve knocked the person behind all the cctv cameras down. Now that I’m here, there are actually four guards armed with guns.)

Glancing towards the glossy wall, you saw the reflection of the guards. All of them were facing their backs at you, giving you much advantage. Pulling out some poisoned darts out from your pocket, you carefully placed them inside the blowpipe. Aiming at the first victim, you blew as hard as you can and hurriedly placed the next poison dart inside before aiming it to the next target before the others could react. 

Successfully knocking down two guards with the poison dart. you grabbed your pistol, with a silencer attached to it, from your belt and immediately fired at the guard you turned around to face you. Seeing his fellow men down, the last guard pulled his gun out and fired at you. You were able to miss the first bullet but then you were distracted by the other cctv camera with a red light, making the second bullet hit you on the right shoulder. 

Wincing in pain, you looked at the guard who had a smug look on his face. Pointing your gun at him you didn’t think twice and fired, aiming the gun on his head. Just before you know it, the guard was sprawled on the floor, blood spurting out from his head. 

You held onto your bleeding shoulder and went straight to the place where the painting was hidden. Kihyun was right behind the screen when he saw you getting hit on the shoulder. His heart almost stopped when he saw you wincing in pain, blood dripping down your arm. Cursing under his breath, he dashed out of the room and hurriedly dashed towards the room.

The whole way to the room was filled with the sound of you grunting. You knew you needed to stop the bleeding before you loose a lot of blood. A couple of turns here and there, you finally spotted the room and stopped right in front of the door, hesitating whether you should enter or not. 

Pressing your ear on the door, there was nothing but silence. You lifted your watch and checked the Minhyuk’s signal. Sending you a big go signal, you grabbed your gun and twisted the knob open, pushing it open, only to be greeted by darkness.

Despite your right arm going numb, you were still able to grab the small flashlight from your pocket and turned it on. A couple of flashing on different places, you finally found the painting and waltz your way towards it, only to be stopped by someone. 

“Well, well, look who we have here.” You stiffened when you finally identified the owner of the voice. Slowly turning around with your gun ready, you pointed it at the person right behind you. “Isn’t it our little tiger, [y/n]?” Just hearing your nickname made you remember all the bad memories you’ve had with them. “What do you want?” you spat, trying to put on a brave front but deep inside you were already whimpering in fear. 

“What do we want? Hm, should we be the ones asking you that? You’re trespassing and you know what’s going to happen to those who decides to trespass on our territory huh, litter tiger?”

Kihyun was completely drained when he arrived at the room. His gut feeling has been telling him that something bad was going to happen. Shaking that feeling off, he wraps his fingers around the silver knob, twisting it open, only to be greeted by you, seated on a chair with tons of tapes wrapped around your body. 

It was obvious that you’ve lost a lot of blood based on your pale lips. Your hair was a mess and there was a bruise slowly forming on your cheekbone. Scrambling to his feet, Kihyun was about to get a hold of you when you stopped him.

“Don’t… please don’t come near me Kihyun.”

Kihyun has finally caught on to what was happening. “[y/n]…” His eyes were now looking at you with worry. He never saw this coming and he was never going to forgive himself if you’d be gone. You remembered what Hoseok and Hyunwoo told you a little while ago.

We’ll give you fifteen minutes to say everything that you want to that little friend of yours, little tiger. Once the time is up, the two of you will be dead.” 

Kihyun… I know that this is not the time for things like this..” you paused, only to receive a ‘huh?’ from Kihyun. “But I just wanted to tell you that you’ve literally made my heart flutter… and I’ve never believed to be able to feel these feelings again in my entire life of being an agent..” you continued but stopped once you felt that it was wrong.

It was wrong for you to feel that way. Catching feelings for someone was a taboo in the field and here you are, doing the exact opposite of what not to do. 

“[y/n], don’t do this.” Kihyun pleaded as he walked towards you. “Didn’t I just tell you to not come near me?” You asked, searching his eyes when he placed his hands on your cheeks, wiping the tears falling down in your cheeks.

“How can I not reach out to you when you’re in this state? [y/n], don’t do this… Please, l-let me help you.” He begged as you shook your head, unable to hold back your tears. “Kihyun, just leave me here. Take the painting and just leave… “ You whispered loud enough for the two of you to hear. 

“I can’t leave you here. [y/n], I love you, okay? I know this is a taboo but I need to get you out of here with me. I don’t want to lose you. You know what, forget about that stupid painting.” His voice was shaky as he tried his best to cut the tape.

Glancing at the shadows, you saw Hoseok showing you his watch, telling you that your time is almost up. “Kihyun, please, just listen to me.” No matter how much you pleaded him to look at you and listen, he didn’t budge as he continued to cut through the tape with the knife he had in his pockets.

“Just leave me, okay? If you don’t leave, we’ll both die! Please, just save yourself–”

“No, there no fucking way that I’m going to leave you okay?! You’re my partner and an agent never leaves their partner behind.” Kihyun shouted through the pressure and stress that was building up.

Remembering that your colleague from your main s.i.s was coming, you already knew what to do. Once Kihyun was able to finally cut the tape, he hurriedly removes all the tape on your body. “C-c’mon, [y/n], w-we still have time to leave.” You shook your head and held his hand. “No, we don’t…” Your hands slowly cups his cheeks, a smile slowly forming in your lips. “I love you, Kihyun and I’m sorry… and there’s something that I haven’t told you… I’m a double agent.” your voice trailed off at the end, making Kihyun just gaze at you with sad eyes.

Pressing your lips onto his, you couldn’t help but cherish this moment. In just seconds, you slowly pulled away and the softness of his lips lingered on yours. You wiped away the tears brimming down his cheeks and looked back to see Jooheon’s sad smile. Jooheon has been in the shadows until now, with the painting in his hand. Jooheon wasn’t alone as Changkyun was also with him. They were your trusted team and you couldn’t help but feel sorry all of a sudden.

“Jooheon, you know what to do.” Before Kihyun could even react, you already pushed him towards the two, Changkyun catching him on time before dashing out of the room with the painting in their hold. Kihyun struggled, trying to free himself from Changkyun’s hold but it was no use, Changkyun was stronger. He bawled his eyes out, screaming your name with so much despair.

“[y/n] don’t do this!! [y/n]!!” Kihyun continued to scream until his voice turned into a muffle. You already knew that that love wasn’t going to last. It was painful but this was your fate. You had to give up everything just to keep those around you safe.

“Time’s up.” Hoseok said as he comes out from the shadows with Hyunwoo readying the gun in his hands. “You didn’t change after all, little tiger. Always ever ready to sacrifice yourself for the sake of those whom you love.” he added as he stopped right in front of you.

“It’s such a shame that you have to leave this world at a young age.” Hoseok twirled his finger around the strands of hair covering your face. You didn’t care anymore. This has been your fate ever since then. You look up and stare right into Hoseok’s eyes.

“Why don’t you just kill me now?” 

Surprised by your words, Hoseok lets out a fruity laugh before tucking his finger under your chin with a smirk. “Well, aren’t you excited to die? Let’s have a bit of fun since–” 

“Bullshit! Just kill me already!” you screamed as you grabbed Hoseok by the collar. Regardless of the past you had with Hoseok and Hyunwoo, there was still a little bit of attachment present in Hoseok and Hyunwoo’s heart. Looking at the little sister they once cherished, Hoseok could feel a tug in his heart. 

Hoseok lets out a shaky sigh and looks at Hyunwoo, who just gave him a nod. Wrapping his fingers around your hands, Hoseok carefully removes your hands and looked dead straight into your eyes. “Do you really want to die?”

“Isn’t this what I’m fated to?! Once caught, I must die.”

Hoseok moves aside and let’s Hyunwoo take over. “Alright, if that’s what you want then, let it be.” Pulling the chamber and pointing the gun in your forehead, you stared at Hyunwoo and smiled. “Even though we had some misunderstanding between the three of us, I’m glad that I met the two of you–”

Before you could even finish, the sound of Kihyun’s voice echoed throughout the whole room. It was from your watch and you didn’t even bother to respond to it.

(Fuck it [y/n]! Get out of there, please. We’ve called back up. Please don’t do anything to get yourself killed–)

You were startled when Hoseok aggressively grabbed your wrist and responded to Kihyun, “Well, too late. She just asked for it.” You could feel your heart sink when you heard Kihyun scream from the other side, telling Jooheon and Changkyun to hurry up and get the back up.

Kihyun, I really am sorry.” You muttered loud and clear against your watch and grabbed Hyunwoo’s hand, forcing him to press on the trigger, totally catching the two off-guard.


The sound of a gun being fired echoed throughout the whole room, everyone went silent for a moment, unable to process what just happened. Hoseok stared blankly at Hyunwoo before going insane. 

Grabbing you on the shoulder, Hoseok shook your almost lifeless body and wailed, “Why did you do that?! We were going to let you off–”

“This is not the time to do that, Hoseok. Let’s get her out of here and get her treated before it’s too late.” Hoseok was too shocked to move. Hyunwoo swiftly carried you bridal style and carried you out of the building, only to see Kihyun, Jooheon, Changkyun and all of the back ups that they’ve called.

Spotting the ambulance, Hyunwoo didn’t think twice and ran towards the EMTs. “Please, help her. Don’t let her die… please.” Hyunwoo begged, tears were already threatening to fall. Without further ado, the EMTs took a hold of you and did what they could do.

Kihyun, who finally got his sense back, turned around and saw you lying on the stretcher. “We need to bring her to the hospital now. She’s already lost a lot of blood and if she doesn’t get to the hospital, she’d die.”

“Then what are you waiting for?! Hurry up and get her in the vehicle!” Hyunwoo screamed. Everyone scrambled to their feet and carefully brought you inside the ambulance. Kihyun didn’t think twice but to enter the ambulance despite being stopped by the other agents. Just letting Kihyun be, the EMTs didn’t think twice and pressed on the gas.

“[y/n]….” he muttered as he noticed you opened your eyes and looked at him. “Why… are you… here?” you whispered but was then hushed by Kihyun. “Don’t do speak, w-we’re almost there… D-don’t close your eyes on me now, [y/n].”

Everything seemed to happen so fast. You closed your eyes without even hearing out Kihyun. When you’ve finally arrived at the hospital, you were immediately treated by the doctors. Kihyun sat at the waiting area with worry completely plastered all over his face.

Glancing down on his watch, he looked at the picture of the two of you took in his office. The two of you were smiling happily at the camera, Kihyun had his arm wrapped around your shoulder and you were leaning your head head on his neck. The sound of doors opening snapped Kihyun out from his train of thoughts. Three doctors stood right in front of him and they’ve hanged their head low as they one in the middle spoke up.

Mr. Yoo…. we’re so sorry but… we couldn’t save her.”

Mukuro, Hibari and Byakuran acting Protective of their s/o


    “Pardon the intrusion ma'am, but may I have a quick word with you?” Your teeth pinched your lower lip in an attempt to prevent a groan from leaving your mouth. You had been assigned to go undercover as a teacher at an all male privet school. Something about the headmaster organizing a heist to take the large shipment of guns’ that the Vongola was able to obtain before they were shipped out to local small-time gangs.
   "Yes, what can I do for you, Professor?“ You took a page from Murkuro and allowed charming, but hollow, tight-lipped smile stretch across your face. You stood from the chair behind the desk and turned to the Professor in the doorway. It took everything not to cringe at the smell that wafted off of the man. Had no one told him about deodorant, or better yet the magical thing called a shower?
  “Well, you see myself and a few of the other teachers have some concerns.” He cleared his throat before continuing. “You see,” you felt your face twitch as he stepped into the classroom and shut the door behind him, “multiple of us believe that some of your choices of attire might not be the best and most professional choice.” That made you pause in your internal complaints.
   Glancing down at your deep purple long sleeved bodycon style dress. A white and purple scarf was draped across your shoulders, your black heels sat innocently underneath the large oak desk. Pearl bracelet and earrings where your choice of jewelry this morning. “And pray tell is wrong with my choice of work clothes?” You glanced back up at the man only to cringe seeing that he had gotten closer to you while you were assessing your clothes of choice.
   "Well, you see,“ your eye twitched at the repeated phrase, "as you know we are an elite all-male privet school.” He cleared his throat out. “With the boys here are at a certain age where they start to notice the opposite….,” Your inner monolog drowned the rest of his yammering out. This guy had to be bullshitting you, there was no way he was going to pull this kind of crap on you. “and thusly we would like you to start wearing less revealing clothing so you do not distract the boys from their studies.” He was.
   "Kufufu…“ Before you could open your mouth to lay it into the sexist skin hating ass, a laugh flooded the large lecture room. "That was quite an unwise thing to say, for a man such as yourself.” You both watched as the familiar pineapple haired man melts from the shadows of a corner.
   You watched in exasperation as the color from the professor’s chubby face drained into a pastel white. Beady eyes rolled to the back, and his heavy-set body hit the tiled floors with a heavy thud. You shot a look at the illusionist. “That was unnecessary, I could have handled the pig myself.”
    Murkuro gave his signature laughter before taking your hand in his and placed a feathered kiss on the back of it. “I have no doubt that your sharp tongue and harsh words could have done just that. But I could not help myself, the thought of others staring at what is mine with such dirty thoughts fills me with rage that is beyond control.”
    “I am not some property to own you ass.” You grumbled and jerked your hand back to your side. Despite wanting to seem made you could feel your cheeks turning red. Twisting away from the man before you in hope he would not see your embarrassment, even though you know it was no use he saw everything it seemed. “Let’s just get out of here already.” You fled the room before he could say anything.
   "Kufufuf…. of corse.“ His long stride made it easy to catch up with you. You felt his long arm snake its way around your waist before pulling you close to his side.


    A deep sigh passed through your slightly chapped lips. You were stuck at home today, as per Hibari’s demands. You had gotten a minor concussion the last mission that you had gone on, and despite being cleared for work, the ex-chairman had forced you to take the day off. The thing about being stuck at home that you shared with Hibari it always ended up being too quiet for your tastes. Even when Hibari was home the large home was quiet seeing as Hibari was not one to fill the silence with mindless chit-chat and in the end neither were you. But that quiet was different than this one, this one filled your being with a strange sense of unease.
   Your eyes panned the room in despite need to find something to do. You pause as you spot your thin black phone that sat on the dark chabudai in the middle of the open living room. Your eyebrows raised in thought and glanced down at your attire. You had decided to be lazy today and chose to wear nothing but one of Hibari’s button down white shirts over a pair of one of your most expensive lingerie sets that you own. You never really wore any of them as much as you used to. You had stopped since you moved in with Hibari. Seeing as he had a habit of ripping the fragile fabric when he became impatient. You had learned your lesson when you had decided to wear a one of a kind limited edition set on one of the few dates that he had taken you on.
   A sly smile crept onto your lips. If he thinks that you would spend a dull day at home while he got to go out and have fun with no complaints, he had another thing coming.
   A deep scowl was permanent on the skylarks face today. So was a migraine that pounded behind his eyes, and the one that sat on the couch across from him. Today seemed to tick on forever for him, normally it would be someone else that sat across from him, someone more desirable. Instead, he has had to deal with the blond herbivore ever since he stepped through the entrance of the underground safe house. If you had been here with him, the blond herbivore would have left the moment you had opened your mouth. He never understood why the Chiavarone boss listened to you instead of him. His deep frown got deeper at the thought of depending on you. Suddenly the sound of vibration on solid wood broke through his musing.
   Not giving a damn if it was rude he reached for his thing flip phone that sat on the coffee table between the two black leather couches. Looking at the small screen on the front of the phone ‘1 new text message from Bambina’ it read. The corner of his mouth twitches up for a fraction of a second at the name you had placed your number under. You had been a bit upset when you had learned that he had put your name as week herbivore instead of your real name or a cute pet name. So you had stolen his cell phone just to change your name, it had been about half a week before he had gotten it back from you.
   Shaking his head off his drifting thoughts he opened the mobile device with a sharp flick of his wrist and opened the text. What he saw had caused his mind to go blank for a moment. There you sat staring up at the camera with wide eyes and a slight pout on your painted lips one of his old buttons down shirts was completely unbuttoned and shrugged down low so it showed off your shoulders. It wasn’t odd to see you in his clothes you stole his shirts and sweatpants on a daily basis. What caused him to pause was what you wore underneath.
  A sharp whistle broke his trance. "Hibari you are one lucky man. Is that a bustier and garter?” Sharp eyes snapped to the man that now leaned on the couch behind him looking over his shoulder and at the picture of you on his phone. His teeth ground togeather in irritation how dare this pathetic herbivore think he could look at a privet picture of you and think he can get away with it.
   Before Dino even realized what had happened he was on the floor with some of the most painful injuries he had ever felt that were inflicted by the younger man. “Tell Sawada that I am leaving, and if he ever sends you to my office again he will be retrieving you back in a body bag.” The tall man rumbled out and walked swiftly out the door before he could be stopped. He had something that needed to be done.


   You adjusted the large floppy sun hat to sit more firmly on the top of your head. It was one of the warmer days in Dublin surprisingly seeing as it almost fell. But you weren’t complaining, this gave you a chance to window shopping one last time before it became too cold for you. It was also a nice time to finally wear a new outfit that you bought last week. It was one of your more flowy pieces, with a long dark blue skirt that had a thick leather belt that wrapped tightly around your midsection. It was light and with each step, you took you felt the soft see through material that made the outer layer brush against your bare ankles. It made you feel like twirling in circles just to watch the fabric fan out around you. The shirt you decided to pair it up with was a cream colored tank top. You had accessorized with wedges with blue straps, a brown leather bag, and a wooden necklace.
   You hummed happily, feeling confident with your choice of clothing. It was going to be a good day today. Just as that thought passed through your mind you suddenly felt a large calloused hand snatch one of your swinging arms and jerk you back into an alleyway you were passing.
   "Ah!“ You squeaked out when one of your ankles twisted at a weird angle because of the sudden side motion. You stumbled back into the rough brick wall of one of the buildings, scraping your bare arm. Looking up at the culprit that rudely jerked you out of your happy thoughts. "What the heck was that for?” You demanded the man that was still gripping your arm in a death grip.        He was a tall man in his late twenties if you had to guess, dark messy hair. five o'clock shadow, and bright blue eyes. A heartthrob if you had met him in a more polite fashion but no.
   "I’m sorry for the rude and hasty introduction but there is no time for a proper greeting.“ A light Russian accent colored his hastily spoken words. "My name is Isaac and you must follow me and do exactly as I say okay?” He asked as he started to drag you down further into the alleyway towards where a dark car with tinted windows was parked.
   "NO! Not okay! What the hell is this? Get off me!“ You shouted and tugged at your arm in an attempt to shake his grip off, but his grip held strong.
   "I’m sorry Ma'am but like I said there is no time to explain, all you need to know is that you are in great danger and I am here to help you.” He explained without looking back at you.
   "Here to help me?! It’s more like your the one that’s the danger to me! HELP!“ You screamed as you reached down with your other hand to grasp his middle finger and pulled it back as far as you could. This was the wrong way to use this move but you couldn’t remember how they had shown you how to get out of a death grip from the front, and you had to do something. Though your attempt to get free was not successful. "SOMEONE HELP! RAPE! KIDNAP!” You shouted at the tops of your lungs.
   "Oh…What do we have here?“ A calm deep voice sounded from behind you. At the sound of another person caused a deep rush of relief passes through you. You weren’t going to be taken away by this weird and rude man. Speaking of the man he had frozen mid-stride, the abrupt stop had caused you to bump into his broad back. He slowly turned his head to look behind you. His once tan features were now a sickly white, his bright blue irises were now a barely visible rim surrounding his blown pupils. A thin layer of sweat had gathered on his forehead where a vein now bulged out in fear.
   You too turned your head to look behind you. Standing there in an all white Italian cut suit was your savior. He was tall, and a shockingly head of white hair despite his young age. His eyes were a beautiful shade of violet that matched his button up shirt and tie. He looked like an angel except for the wide fox-like a smile that was painted his lips, and the strange glint that shown in his eyes.
   "Why Issac, if I hadn’t known any better I would say you were trying to steal my sweet flower away from me.” The angelic man purred. His voice was light and airy but had a threatening undertone to it. His head cocked to the side his eyes squinted shut, giving a fighting smile. “That is against the rules you know. No one is to touch my flower except for me. And you know very well what happens to people who break the rules.” His lavender eyes cracked open, the fox-grin still persistent as the day.
   "I’m sorry Byakuran-sama.“ The Japanese title sounded weird mixed with a Russian accent to you. But you were too freaked out to ponder the odd combination. You had no idea what was going on. Angel man had called you his flower, and yet you have never met him before this day. And despite your inability to remember a face, you could never forget meeting someone with that hair and eye color combination.
  "Byakuran, we have to get going it’s almost time.” Suddenly another voice spoke from behind the white haired man.
   "Oh, is it that time already?“ Byakuran gave a giggle, which was odd to hear from a grown man. "Why don’t you take my flower to the car while I deal with Issac here, Sho-chan.” As told a redheaded man with glasses stepped out from behind Byakuran. He smoothly walked forward and grabbed you by the arm leading you to the car to the end of the ally.
   You were too shocked on what had conspired to make any objections about being dragged off by a stranger once again. All you had known that today you had met the devil who had gone by the name of Byakuran. That day you had met the man that says that he has known you for your whole life while you knew not of him. Each time you think back to the encounter and his explanations your head started to pound in confusion. But in the end, you had met the man that you love, so you couldn’t really complain much.

Summer Guardian (jack x merida)

At Jack’s first Summer Solstice (party) since becoming Guardian he meets a peculiar Summer Guardian. They clash and they fight and they’re seemingly opposites but Jack just finds her fascinating.  

“Whoa–who’s that?” Jack asked, strawberry halfway to his mouth and blue eyes staring at the mess of red curls that just passed him. The wild curls of fiery hair were loose and kept getting in the way of a sunburned face with a spattering of freckles everywhere, with a pair of sharp summer blue eyes that seemed to look through rather than at everything and everyone. Jack bit into the strawberry, sweet flavor bursting on his tongue as he studied the girl. She was about his age, maybe a little older, at least that’s what he thought. Jack still wasn’t sure how old he was. 13? 14? 15? No older than 16 for sure but he was definitely no younger than 13. The girl was wearing an old fashioned blue dress, ripped at the skirt and every time she moved, freckled flesh would flash. The sight made his face hot, but considering the time he grew up it wasn’t all that surprising. On her feet were a pair of sturdy looking brown hunting boots, and strapped across her back was a quiver filled with homemade arrows and a hand carved bow. It was his first Summer Solstice, and there were plenty of Guardians he had never met but he was sure he would have remembered her.  Most Guardians were either much younger than him or much older, physically at least. Jack grabbed Tooth’s sleeve and tugged, pointing unashamedly at the girl who’s face suddenly started turning red with anger. “Who’s that?”

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Genre: Smut*

*Warnings: Light bondage and thigh riding, hint of breath play, daddy kink, and switch!Jimin.

Word Count: 2667

Summary: Smut. No plot, no meaning. Just smut.

Requested by: @yoonkook-af

A/N: Okay so basically this was something that Millie and I talked about M O N T H S ago; I promised her something along these lines and never got around to it. Lo and Behold at like 1 AM what was meant to be a drabble turned into… this and it’s preeettyy sloppy but I haven’t posted in awhile so. :)

Hint: There maayyy be a part 2 to this. We’ll see how it goes.

     With your hands held securely to the headboard and a brown strap biting into the soft flesh of your wrists, another small whimper is elicited from your lips  as Jimin’s tongue swipes a burning trail up your folds. Hands caught between you and the bed, he pulls you forward by the grip he’s got on your ass, and there’s no longer a distinction between whether he’s moaning for you, or because damn, had you always tasted this good? With desperation, you try to focus more on the enveloping darkness that wraps around your eyes; what you lack in vision only coming back to bite you with the vivid reminder of his tongue.

    Your bottom lip clamped gently between your teeth, you try not to give him such satisfaction of making you beg for more, as challenging as he made it; being completely restricted and unable to see was enough vulnerability for you, even though your trembling thighs didn’t do much to prove your point.

     “Why so quiet, princess?” You hear his velvet voice slink along your exposed skin, Jimin’s finger pushing into your slick entrance.

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Very nice and rare Heuer Camaro 7220 NT in full authentic condition. Unpolished case with original sunburst finish and clearly readable numbers between the lugs. The black dial is slightly fading into a beautiful browntone and lume on dial and in hands is still the original one. The watch comes on a brown leather-strap. The Heuer Leonidas signed Valjoux 72 was checked in all functions and is running perfectly. 

this watch was sold!

Cassandra Pentaghast Under Shirt & Vest

This is for the anon who asked about the undershirt (and vest) for my Cassandra cosplay! Again, I am not great at explaining so here are more pictures! Luckily, I took quite a few of my progress! :)

For Cassandra’s undershirts, I did a long sleeve shirt (top right photo) and a vest with pointed sleeves (bottom right). I had to start with the undershirt first so that I could figure out both the vest and the armour, and how they all looked layered on top of one another. I do most of my patterning from scratch but I am sure there are quite a few patterns out there that work as a base to start with. I always do mock-ups with cheap fabric first to make sure the fit/size is right - which you can see in the first pictures below!

I wanted the look of Cassandra’s ‘seamless’ collar (top left & right), so I added front panels and facings to my undershirt with the seams for the collar only on the shoulders and back (where the seams would be hidden). The brown collar straps (bottom left) are sewn into one of the side collar seams and then wrapped around the neck and closed with snaps. The brown straps are also tacked down so they stay in place. The white strap behind is just tacked down and stuck in place with velcro. The shirt is closed with a simple zipper and hook and eye (bottom right) which you can’t see once the whole costume is on.

The sleeves were one of the hardest parts of the costume for me. I wanted to imitated the look of leather stitching on the sleeve seams (top left) but since the arms are an area with lots of tension and my base fabric has some stretch to it, I used wide flat elastic so I would be able to move my arms and so it wouldn’t pull. Next, I had to do the criss cross straps on the arms (top right & bottom left). This part was basically a lot of trial and error of getting the straps to sit flat and not move around too much while wearing them but still having movement in my arms. The undervest (bottom right) was pretty simple; using a raglan style sleeve and stiff fabric I was able to get the pointed shoulders to sit nicely. (I found the quilted purple fabric and HAD TO use it even though no one would actually see it as part of the costume. :P) The collar was made with the same purple as the undershirt and a thick interfacing + batting to make it stand up on its own. I finished the vest with lining and raw edge bias binding and the front is closed using a leather cord and grommets.

Here are a couple of extra details. Back of undervest (top left), adding grommets to the arm straps (top right), elbow patch on sleeve (bottom left), pointed shoulder detail on vest with studs and stitching (bottom right).

You can also find my Cassandra Pentaghast Breastplate & Backplate Armour Mini ‘Tutorial’ HERE and also some costume close-ups HERE!

Thanks so much for your questions and comments!

The Trophy Wife (7)

Summary:  Bucky is going through a rough time in his life after his Winter Soldier days when a stranger shows up at his doorstep asking for his help. What’s he gonna do?

Warning: violence, angst, bad-ass reader

Word Count: 3,329

A/N: I fucking love the reader okay? She’s developing so nicely as well as her relationship with Bucky and the trauma of being abused. Also i apologize for taking so long to update but i’m glad i did. It wouldn’t have been this long or written well if i rushed it. Two more things, i’ll be making a master list very soon of my work now and my future work. Last, one more part of Trophy Wife and its over :(

  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

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The Mysterious One (Chapter 2) Peter Pevensie x Reader
Written by @thesuperkpopfan

The next day, the drops of water pounded against the glass windows for countless hours. The puffy, grey clouds invaded equally dark sky. Because of this, their activities were limited. They had a scrumptious breakfast and had let the time tick by as if they had all the time in the world while observing the space their in. At the moment, Susan and Peter were playing a word game as Lucy looked out the window. Edmund was fiddling with a chair.

“Gas-tro-vas-cu-lar,” Susan waited for Peter to answer but he didn’t, resting his head on his knuckles, “Come on, Peter. Gastro vascular.” Peter groaned as his head heavily turned to her, “Is it Latin?” Susan looked at the thick, worn book.

“Yes…” Confirmed Susan as Edmund sat up.

“Is it Latin for ‘worst game ever invented’?” Peter chuckled as Susan huffed. She slammed the book closed and placed it to the side. Lucy walked up to Peter, “we can play hide ‘n seek.” She rested her crossed arms on the arm of the couch. Peter glanced at Susan, “but we are already having so much fun…”

“Please, please Peter,” she shook his arm, “Please! Pretty please…” Lucy pouted as Peter sighed once more. A playful smile grew on his face.

“One, two, three, four, five…” He kept counting as he made his way over to the wall. Edmund groaned as Susan, Lucy, and himself had gotten up to hide.

Susan had found a wooden box along a wall in a hallway and decided that was the best place to hide. Lucy and Edmund headed towards the beautiful maroon silk curtains, but Edmund pushed Lucy away.

“I was here first!” Argued Edmund. Lucy huffed and ran through the next hallway to find the doors all closed shut. She checked the first one; it didn’t budge. She checked the second one which moved with ease. She froze at her spot. A cream colored sheet was draped over some sort of a large rectangular prism. She walked slowly to the shape, and when she was close enough, she yanked the sheet to the floor. The sheet flew to pool in front of the object on the ground. The dark brown wardrobe was revealed. The wardrobe was decorated with beautiful carvings, and there was a door at the front.

She gasped as she heard Peter distantly counting, so she swiftly got inside, peeping through the door one last time before she closed it fully. She had a huge grin on her face as she slowly walked back, feeling the different textures of the fur coats until her hand was stabbed. She hissed from the pain and slowly turned around… Her breath hitched and let out a exaggerated gasp of delight; her face beamed from happiness. She looked around at the glistening snow that covered the whole ground entirely like if it was snuggled into a tight fitted blanket. She trudged through the thick snow and spotted an unusual lamppost.

Then, she heard footsteps. She slowly moved around, trying to keep herself from danger. She got closer to the lamppost, turning her head to the tree in front of her to see a woman dressed in a ravishing silver cloak. It had dark blue embellishments that looked as if there were blue vines along her cloak, starting at the hood. Also, she was wearing an equally ravishing ice blue velvet dress. There was a tight band of a darker blue around her waist under her bust and ice blue sleeves that ended at her hands with a V shape; a loop around her middle fingers connected with the sleeves. The woman held a mahogany bow in her hand, and her light brown arrows strapped onto her back were peeking through her cloak. The hood of the woman’s cloak was down, so you could see on top of her head was a crown. A crown with scarlet jewels and many gold, jeweled roses and daisys all around as a frame. The scarlet jewels created another layer, but it stopped where there was a few gold flowers left at the ends that was hidden in her hair. At the top middle of the crown was a shining diamond reflecting the soft sunlight at almost every angle. Her profile was facing Lucy.

“Lucy?” Lucy furrowed her eyebrows and tried to remember who’s voice it belonged to, “What are you doing here, Lucy?” The woman slowly approached her.

“I-Is…” She recognized it, “(Y/N)?” Lucy looked at the woman, trying to see her face.

“D-did… Did you come in through a wardrobe?” Inquired (Y/N). Lucy calmly nodded her head. (Y/N) sighed before light footsteps could be heard in the distance. (Y/N) cautiously readied her bow and arrow by pulling back her bow string bit by bit and aimed near a thick tree.

Suddenly, a man with unusual legs had walked near the tree, and Lucy screamed out of shock! She hid behind the lamppost, and in result, the man also screamed as he hid behind the tree (Y/N) was aiming at. (Y/N) had let go of the string, but it missed the target. The man had dropped all his packages in which they were laid in front of the tree.

“Who’s there? Show yourself!” Commanded (Y/N). Lucy calmly moved away from the lamppost and walked slowly towards the thinnest package on the ground. The man, out of curiosity, walked around the tree into the light and started to stutter as Lucy picked up the package. (Y/N) was ready to shoot another arrow if needed.

“Were you hiding from me?” Lucy asked contently after she held the package up.

“Um, uh, um. I-I… I didn’t want to scare you.” There was a brief silence. Lucy handed the man the light brown package; he snatched it back. They slowly went in a semi-circle, examining each other carefully.

“If you don’t mind my asking… What are you?” The man chuckled quietly, “Why, I-I’m a faun! A-and you must be some beardless dwarf?”

“I’m not a dwarf! I’m a girl!” Lucy picked up another package, “And actually, I’m the tallest in my class.” Lucy had also gave the brown package back to the fawn. Lucy’s smile appeared, small but there. (Y/N) giggled at Lucy’s remark, yet kept her arrow up.

However, the faun’s face fell. It then turned into surprise, “B-but… You’re saying… You’re a daughter of Eve?”

“Well…” By now they picked up most of the packages, “My mum’s name is Helen…” The faun hunched closer, “Yes, but you are… In fact… Human.” Lucy scrunched her eyebrows in confusion.

“Of course,” she replied as if that was the most obvious thing in the world.

“What are you doing here?” The faun sounded astonished. One of his hands fiddled with the brown string around a package in his hand. Lucy took in a deep breath, “Well, I came in through the wardrobe in the spare room, and-”

“Spare Oom,” the faun interrupted, “Is that in Narnia?”

Her face scrunched up in confusion, “Narnia? What’s that?”

“My, dear girl, you’re in it! Everything from the lamp post, all the way to castle Cair Paravel on the Eastern Sea, every stick and stone you see, every icicle… Is Narnia.” Lucy looked at where his fingers where pointing.

“This is awfully a big wardrobe.” Whispered Lucy.

“I-I’m sorry, please allow me to introduce myself; my name is Tumnus.” Lucy’s face had brightened up.

“Glad to meet you, Mr. Tumnus!” She extended her hand, “I’m Lucy Pevensie,” after a while, Tumnus didn’t do anything, “Oh, you shake it!” Tumnus’s face itched in confusion.

“Uh… Why?” Lucy tried to come up a reason in her mind but she couldn’t, “I… I don’t know! People do it when they meet each other.” Tumnus was hesitant to shake her hand, but he did, shaking it fairly quickly until it turned into swinging their arms. As they were doing so, Tumnus had said, “Lucy Pevensie, from the shining city of War Drobe in the far land of Spare Oom, how would it be if you came and had tea with me?” They had let go of their hands and Tumnus had opened his beige umbrella dusted with snow. Lucy felt a bit upset as she thought about her siblings; they were probably worried to death.

“Oh! Well, thank you very much! But I probably should be getting back…”

“Oh, come on! It’s not every day I get to make a new friend! And there’s a… r-roaring fire! And toast and cakes! And maybe… we’ll even break into the sardines.”

Throughout this whole interaction, (Y/N) thought is was sweet, but it turned into suspicion. Instead of relaxing, she kept her stance to be ready for anything. You can never be too careful.

“Well, maybe for just a little while… if you have… sardines.” Lucy had picked up the package she placed on the ground before they shook hands and hooked arms with Tumnus.

“By the bucket load…” They were about to walk off, but Lucy remembered (Y/N). Lucy tugged on Tumnus’ red scarf and swung around. At this point, (Y/N) had put away her arrow.

“Are you coming, (Y/N)?” (Y/N) pushed herself off the lamppost and ambled toward them, “I’m afraid not, Lucy. I have my own matters to take care of,” she explained. Tumnus’s eyes widened with amazement and endearment.

“Lady (Y-Y/N)… P-princess…” Tumnus bowed as low as he could, keeping his head down. Lucy was stunned at the title, but (Y/N) kept a straight face.

“Tumnus, arise,” he did as he was told, “how should I trust that you’ll keep Lucy safe?” Trepidation began to grow in Tumnus. Tumnus attempted to make eye contact with (Y/N).

“W-well, I-I don’t know, your majesty… I don’t know how to answer that when I haven’t even realized you were there. Please, forgive me.” After a few moments in silence, (Y/N) sighed and a small smile grew. “Alright, Mr. Tumnus.” Tumnus also smiled.

“I-if you’re back… He’s back. Is-is he back?” (Y/N) placed a hair behind her ear before responding, “I’m sorry, but I can’t tell you anything, especially at this time,” Tumnus nodded in agreement, “you should get going; there’s no time to waste. Have fun.” Her smile grew. She was turning to walk away, but Lucy called her name.

“Yes, Lucy?” Her silver cloak spun around majestically as she twirled to face the pair.

“Not trying to sound rude, but why are you here?” (Y/N) blinked a few times before responding, “I’ll tell you when you get back. Do not tell anyone-in Narnia or at home-you saw me. That goes for you as well Mr. Tumnus until it is time.” She spun around and trotted off into the trees. Soon, she disappeared within the greens.

With that last look, Mr. Tumnus and Lucy stopped off to Mr. Tumnus’s place.

Oh, How The Mighty Have Fallen [a Barry Allen AU]

a/n: yes i used a len quote bc im crying

Barry isn’t a good guy. Not after his parents were both killed. He’s seen too much pain, too much death as hero. They all tried to change his mind, make him go back to good, but there’s no hope. He’s a villain now and, boy, is it thrilling. It’s a shame how the mighty have fallen…

But the rush, the rush of a successful heist, is like heroin. Everytime he does it, it’s like a shock to his system and, you know what drugs do; he’s addicted.

He understands Snart’s morals now, why he’s a thief, a criminal. Barry takes what he wants. Nobody can stop him because they aren’t fast enough! He can have anything he can get his hands on. Which is virtually everything.

Stepping into the crisp winter air, he sees you walking aimlessly on the street. He snorts a little, eyes following you down an alley. “Oh, this is too easy!“ he chuckles to himself, fixing his gray fingerless gloves before flashing to the place. His shoulder leans on the brick wall as he crosses his arms over his tight black t-shirt. “Well, aren’t you a pretty little thing?” he purrs, looking you up and down.

You jump back a tad, clutching your old brown messenger bag strap. With wide eyes, you stare at the tall man; fingers twitching inside your white gloves. “The Flash.“ you breathe out, chest heaving up and down.

Uncrossing his arms, he smirks at you, tilting his head forward as his feet take slow steps. “So, you have heard of me? Smart and pretty. Quite the combo, I must admit.” he grins wickedly, grabbing your arms. “Hmm, I like you. You got that hope in your eyes. I had that too. I think we’re gonna get along.”

Wind whips around you and suddenly you’re in an abandoned place. It’s big, tall ceilings with no windows, a kitchen, which is a mess, and a king sized bed that seems to have been stolen. You pull your teal petticoat tightly around your body. “What are you gonna do with me?“ you gulp.

Barry sighs, sticking his hands in the back pockets of his dark skinny jeans, shrugging. “I was going to kill you, no lie. But…I’ll make a deal.” he pauses, eyes scanning your body as if he has x-ray vision. “ I won’t kill you, if you don’t leave.” he says smugly, running a hand through his fluffy brown hair. “And you can call me Barry, love. Do we have a deal?“ he condescends.

You know this is bad. Yet, you really don’t want to die. “Okay. On one condition.” you challenge, stepping closer to him. He raises an eyebrow. Were you seriously making demands? This is great. “You tell me what happened to you to cause you to be evil.“

He laughs darkly, smirking. “Watched my parents die. Twice.” he mutters, fighting back tears. “And my sisters fiance shot himself in front of me. All in all, the life of a hero isn’t a great one.“ he drawls, inspecting his nails.

“I’m sorry”

Biting his lip, he grabs your waist, pulling you to his chest. “That’s why when I saw you, I needed to have you.“ he purrs, pushing your hair out of your eyes. “I like being bad, baby. You’ll like it too, trust me.” Oh, how the mighty have fallen.