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If you don't mind me asking, why do you hate Dali? (I don't really know much about him, so I'm sorry in advance if he did something really horrible I just don't know about)

This may be a long answer but let me clarify first, you don’t have to apologize for not knowing something. 

Now let’s dive into my seething hatred of Dali (note: not all offenses are on this list are on the same level, it ranges from supporting Hitler to just being a jerk):

There are a lot more things that bother me but these are the headliners. I may write an article about this man one day, but honestly every time I try I get so mad my hands shake. And I think George Orwell said it best:

“If Shakespeare returned to the Earth tomorrow, and if it were found that his favourite recreation was raping little girls in railway carriages, we should not tell him to go ahead with it on the ground that he might write another King Lear …  One ought to be able to hold in one’s head simultaneously the two facts that Dali is a good draughtsman and a disgusting human being.”

“ Now what did I say about disturbing me while I was working ? “
“ Not to do that commander. “
“ What are you exactly doing then ? “
“ Disturbing you commander. “
“ And you know what I do to those who disturb me from my work? “
“ I’ll er- report back later command Erol. “
“ You best do so. “

In which Erol is very serious about his work when it comes to the Zoomer races and staying top notch about his role as champion.  Really I’m on a Erol high at the moment and felt like doodling him in his environment ( and because I still love the idea he has straps on )


Because I enjoy making pages for potential Miraculous holder match-ups – although I admit I’m not as eager for this possibility – I made a chart comparing Rose, Juleka, Alix, and Mylène to things within and outside the show associated with animal stickers on them in the second season theme song. I’ll make a disclaimer in that this is pure speculation, as the stickers could just be references to the future Chinese zodiac kwamis and not be directly related/related at all to the students they’re on.

First, Mylène has the rat ear stickers. Comparing her to the rat kwami, the kwami’s eyes have a similar pink to her. Her dreadlocks are kind of like rat tails (though way cooler and better than actual rat tails), and she has a meeker, mousy personality, reminding me of the phrase “as quiet as a mouse.” Her akumatized form, Horrificator, has rat-like feet and a rat-like tail in its length and curved positioning. The dove on her shirt seems as a throw-off of her having a Rat Miraculous. However, if Nino proved anything (at least for me), just because a character has features related to an animal or even has the animal clearly on their attire, it doesn’t mean they’ll get that particular animal in Miraculous form. Rats often mean vitality, intelligence, kindness, helpfulness, and nurturing. Mylène hits some of those things not too badly personality-wise, being such a friendly and supportive sweetheart.

Next, Alix has the rabbit ears and mouth stickers. It’s a weird association for sure, and based on her design, I would’ve expected her a more likely match-up with the Snake Miraculous, but I already explained above why I’m not taking the designs seriously on that fact; this is solely focusing on the animal stickers, but interesting comparisons with Alix and snakes could be made elsewhere. Alix’s short ponytail looks like a rabbit’s tail, and she is speedy like a rabbit. Her concept design for “A Christmas Special” also included a puff ball on a knitted hat, another rabbit tail reminder. There isn’t a known rabbit kwami to compare her to, but what I’m realizing is that she has some interesting rabbit associations to a character from a particularly famous book. In “Timebreaker”, she gets a pocket watch. A character known for owning and using a watch like it is the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. The lady hologram in the watch looks like someone who would’ve been alive in the normal world of the book. Also, the name Alix sounds a lot like Alice, potentially a coincidence, but if it’s intentional, it’s a very interesting connection. The symbols that rabbits can represent aren’t the most strongly linked with Alix, but there are a few, particularly speed, awareness, and growth.

I found an interesting tidbit from China about snakes and rabbits:

“It’s believed that the Snake is intelligent and good at accumulating wealth, and it’s lucky for people to dream about a snake; the Rabbit is docile and versed at guarding wealth. As a result, people born in the Year of the Snake and those born in the Year of the Rabbit are an excellent match, and it’s believed that they will have a happy life together if they get married.

The pattern of “A Snake Coiling a Rabbit” is widely used in paper-cuttings for window decorations, colored paintings, and even screens in China.”

Third, Juleka has the tiger ears, tooth, and tail stickers, along with a “GRRRR” sticker overlapping her. She looks a lot like the tiger kwami, helped by the kwami, at least in concept art, being purple instead of orange like tigers are usually known to be. The orange eyes match up a lot of Juleka’s red orange eyes. Actually, Juleka’s eyes have a lot of color similarities to things like tiger iron, tiger’s eyes, and tiger lilies.  She also has attire with black/gray colors, and her akumatized design includes stripes and eyes that almost feel tiger-like. Even her earlier concept design had very notable black stripes. Her fingerless gloves, her long fingernails as Reflekta, her ripped leggings… They aren’t inherently connected to tigers, but they can make one think of it. While Juleka doesn’t have the tiger’s associated fury and ferocity, she does have its hunting prowess and intimidating nature when she is silently staring. Juleka’s often forgotten about or covered up in photos, which makes sense when thinking tigers use their stripes as an advantage to camouflage themselves from prey.

Finally, Rose has the pig ears and nose stickers. She doesn’t have the pig kwami’s black spot, but there is a strong relation between them with how much pink they have. White is another color that some pigs are too, and Rose also has some white in her attire. Her sandals with pink straps and brown soles also kind of remind me of pigs’ feet, or at least the split between the legs and the hooves. Her dress has wings on the back, which, if considering pigs, can be a reminder of the phrase “only when pigs fly.” Her akumatized form, Princess Fragrance, has a lot of pink and black, common swine colors, and her left cheek includes a swirl, similar to a pig’s tail. Her concept design included a lot more “pig tail” curls in her hair. Personality-wise, Rose is a lot like a symbols of pigs, notably sincerity, love, and peace.

Again, these comparisons are based on the stickers these characters wear, but it could just be an unrelated or indirectly related tease. A lot has been stretched too, so some of these things may seem like pushing a connection too far. However, it was interesting researching and seeing what connections showed up. I think it would be fun to try with other students, but I’d rather wait for more evidence of what Luka is like and play around with the eight out of twelve students (assuming for this theory all of them get Miraculouses) with the remaining Chinese Zodiac Miraculouses.

Also, I’m still not keen on this being the final situation if that is what is getting implied here. This is more for fun and less for the hope of it being true, but I think it makes for a unique, interesting AU pairing up Chinese Zodiac Miraculouses with students. Either way, adding more Miraculouses to the series to characters will be awkward, whether it’s a lot of established characters, a lot of guest-starring characters from other places, or somewhere in between. Nonetheless, good writing it was can make or break whatever plans are in store for the rest of the Miraculouses, and it will be intriguing to learn more someday in the faraway future. I can see where connections can be made between these particular characters and the particular Miraculouses, and it makes for fun ideas and interesting comparisons.

Time In A Bottle

SPN FanFic

~Dean wishes for more time. Time to enjoy the golden moments with Y/N, time to relax, time to breathe. But wishes never come true, not without a price.~

Dean x Reader, Sam

7,628 Words

Warnings: ? Sad Dean… a little angst, a little smut, a little fluff. a little action… 

A/N: Hope you enjoy. I’ve been working on this for weeks. Let me know whatcha think ;) 

Time is fleeting. Years tick by in the span of seconds while the hardest moments seem to drag on for days.

Time is an illusion, but one we are stuck with, forever checking our watches and phones, making sure we’re not too late or too early. Always on the move, just like the tiny hands on the clock we look to.

Time is precious. It must be guarded and protected, our free time so carefully used lest we miss out on the fun.

Time is our master and we are merely slaves to its whims. Wake up at five, retire at twelve; I’ll meet you then, you should be here now. Minutes keep on ticking; the sand forever slipping through the hourglass.

We are bound by time, locked to schedules that pull us through our days.

We count our lives by its passing.

We watch it.

We waste it.

We beg for more.

Time was a luxury that Dean Winchester rarely had. Sure there were quiet moments in between cases, time to relax and goof off, but he never felt like it was enough. As soon as his body and mind reconnected, both finally at rest, there was another case. Another town to drive to, another victim to save, another apocalypse to avert. He never had enough time. And lately he felt it slipping faster and faster away. With each new line on his face, every new fleck of gray in his stumble, Dean felt time draining away from him. He wanted to freeze it, to slow it down, to keep it from sliding through his hands.

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So! Again I’m sorry I was gone for so long!
Here is my traveler’s sheild for Breath of the Wild! The shield is made of pink/purple insulation foam, cut with a foam factory wire foam cutter.
I traced the two circles and cut them out, and pushed the inside circle partway down to create the heightened effect of the shields rim
Then I added a half foam ball and coated in all in wood glue because otherwise the foam would dissolve when painted.
After that dried I covered it all in resin, I actually used a 2 part resin made for casting jewelry. It’s made to be used inside so it really has no chemical smell at all. It also spreads easily and is lightweight. Then I painted the base coat, traced the design from a still of the game, painted it and added a matte clear coat!
Since the back is uneven I smoothed it out with lightweight clay and painted it brown. Straps will be added so I can hold the shield and put it on my back.

The Sun Shines Brightest In The Dark

[10:14] Eren: hey, how r u?

[10:22] Levi: Good. Sitting in class right now. You?

[10:24] Eren: suffring thru 1 of my dad’s lectures

{10:25] Levi: Fuck.

[10:26] Levi: I hope you’re alright.

[10:26] Levi: Anything I can do for you?

[10:27] Eren: u already have :)

[10:28] Eren: but maybe dinner tonight?

[10:34] Levi: Sure, when and where?

[10:35] Eren: i’m off work at 7

[10:36] Eren: small restaurant named Wall Rose?

[10:40] Levi: I like the Rose. Okay, I’ll meet you there at 7:30?

[10:41] Eren: awesome <3 i can’t wait

[10:51] Eren: hey Levi

[10:51] Eren: is it alright if i wear a dress?

[10:52] Levi: Wear whatever the fuck you want, brat, as long as you bring yourself.

[11:12] Levi: Eren? You okay?

[11:14] Eren: … i’m good. thx Levi. <3

[11:15] Levi: You’re welcome. Talk to you later.

[11:16] Eren: later


Eren slowly leaves the public toilet while clicking his purse shut. He pushes his work clothes deeper into the plastic bag in his right hand, then makes his way towards the Wall Rose. His heart is beating like mad in anticipation from the feelings Levi’s text induced within him. It still warms him to his core – and it made him bawl like a baby for ten minutes after he had received it.

Levi’s too good to be true. Just like a dream in which everything in his life works out for once. Every time he thinks about him, there is a flutter in his stomach and warmth spreads throughout his body. The sight of Levi’s smile alone would be enough to chase away the bitter aftertaste his father’s lecture left in his mouth.

God, Eren has it bad.

He yearns to hear Levi’s voice again, to tell him a joke and make him laugh – he wants to get Levi, his desires, his fears, his passion. And it scares the fuck out of him, as he has never quite felt like this before. If Armin could see him now, he would probably tease him, but his friend is away at Stanford.

Eren approaches the Wall Rose carefully, looks around if Levi is already there. He sees him sitting on the stone bench at the fountain, his phone in his hand. He’s making such a disgruntled face that Eren cannot help but chuckle as he approaches him. Levi is so obviously distracted by whoever writes him that he only notices Eren when the brunette talks to him.

“You look like you bit into a citrus.”

Levi almost jumps into the air in surprise. His phone slips from his hand. He barely catches it in time.

“Geez, Eren,” he admonishes. “You scared the fuck out of –” Any words he wanted to say get stuck in his throat at the sight of his date. It sends a shiver down Eren’s spine to see Levi speechless because of him.

He’s wearing one of his favorite dresses today. It is an A-line skirt dress in such a dark green that it is almost black. It reaches only down to Eren’s bare knees which are not covered by tights today. Instead, Levi gets an eyeful of smooth skin and long legs. They end in intricate dark brown sandals whose straps wind around Eren’s calves like snakes. The brown haired wig Eren wore during his performance sits snugly on his head again. The wavy brown hair softly cascades down his back. He smiles and blushes under so much scrutiny.

It takes Levi several minutes to find his voice again. “Fuck, you look amazing!” he says while he stands up, obviously flustered. It’s a look that Eren would like to see more often on his face. “I don’t … damn, I don’t know what else to say.”

“It’s alright,” Eren says, grinning like a fool. “You just made my day to be quite honest.”

“And you made mine,” Levi blurts without thinking. His cheeks color. Eren never wants this to end.

Levi stuffs his phone into his bag, then shoulders it. He holds out his arm to Eren like a gentleman. “Shall we, brat?”

Eren loops his arm around Levi’s and grins. “Lead the way.”


Wall Rose is a small restaurant built into the wall of a former military base called Trost Base. The base had been built some 200 years ago and is quite a tourist attraction, promising a lot of income to the small establishment. The owner is a guy named Keith Shadis, an ex-military commander that loves to shout orders at his kitchen crew. Under his rule, Wall Rose had been renovated to represent a US government facility as they’d existed before the Independence War all across the country. If not for the tables and chairs that are strewn about the place, it would look more like a museum than a restaurant.

Levi and Eren choose a table in a quiet corner that isn’t plagued by tourists like the rest of the place. A waiter comes by as they sit down to give them the menus, and soon they browse through them.

“Oh, nice,” Levi says suddenly, delighted. “They have Ceylon again.”

“Ceylon?” Eren looks at the name printed on the page. “Isn’t that a black tea brand?”

“Yes,” Levi answers. “It’s from Sri Lanka. Shadis usually bought it from a company specialized in importing it since they were giving him a discount. But two years ago or so the tea plantations in Sri Lanka had a drought and most of the plants died – so the value shot up and the prices skyrocketed. Shadis had to take it out of the menu.” He ends his rant suddenly. “Oh god, sorry. I don’t usually ramble like this.”

“I think it’s cute,” Eren says, fondness creeping into his voice. Levi had looked so alive while talking about something as mundane as his favorite tea brand that Eren could’ve watched him until the end of his days. It makes him smile. “You really like tea, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Levi’s cheeks color. “I’ve started drinking it as a kid.”

“You’re so passionate,” Eren grins. Making Levi blush is as easy as it is charming. “I wouldn’t mind trying it.”

“Sure,” Levi clears his throat. “What do you want to eat?”

Accepting this change of topic, Eren looks at the menu once more. “I think I’ll take the chicken pasta.”

“Neat. I’m gonna take the fish.”

They make small talk until the waiter comes back to take their order. He brings their tea not soon after alongside a basket of bread slices with garlic cream on the side.The first sip Levi takes makes him moan.

“God, I love that taste.”

“I bet,” Eren says, trying to get his hormones under control. It’s not really a common courtesy to spot a hard-on during the first date. The things Levi does to him with a mere noise, though, are just–

“Aren’t you going to try yours, brat?”

“Er–” Eren is at a loss for words. “Sure.”

He tries the tea and finds it a tad too bitter for his liking, then adds sugar to Levi’s obvious snort. It is quite delicious afterward.

They enjoy their tea in sweet silence until the meal arrives. Levi’s fish is still steaming from the grill, whereas Eren’s pasta smells so delicious that he can literally feel his mouth water. He starts eating with gusto and almost moans himself as the flavors explode in his mouth. Soon enough, Levi is following his example.

“I love the food here,” Eren says after he’d swallowed his first bite. “It reminds me of my mom’s cooking.”

“Was she a good cook?” Levi asks.

“Yeah, the best,” Eren’s spirit seems down for a moment, then he smiles wistfully. “She thought me a few things. If you want, I could cook for you some time?”

“I’d love to have you cook for me,” Levi admits. “I can’t cook for shit.”

“Really? Do you set a kitchen aflame just by walking into it?”

“It’s not that bad yet, brat.” Levi smiles into his tea, Eren can see it through the wrinkles around his eyes. It fairly suits him. “I can do scrambled eggs.”

“Everyone can do scrambled eggs.”

“You make it sound as if I need a degree to work in a kitchen.”

“Not a degree – more experience, and a helping tutor of course.”

“Well, what are we waiting for?” Levi shoves a forkful of white fish meat into his mouth. “I have a tutor sitting right here if he’s willing.”

“I always am,” Eren says in a sultry tone. It made Levi chuckle.

“Not bad, brat, not bad.”

They return to their meals after the banter, as they don’t want the fish and the pasta to go cold. It tastes delicious, and Eren savors every last bite. When they finish their dishes and only their barely filled teacups remain, Eren tackles the question that he’d been thinking about for hours.

“Say, Levi,” he started. A glance at the black haired man tells him that he has his attention. “Say – how would you like to go to a movie with me?”

“Sure,” comes the answer, fast as a shot from a pistol. “When and where?”

“Actually,” Eren’s hands become sweaty. He grips the fabric of his dress tightly. “I thought about – maybe right now?”

“Oh.” Levi looks at his watch. It’s barely nine. The evening is still young and fresh. “Ok.”


“Yeah, really,” Levi chuckles while Eren sighs in relief. “You don’t want to go home yet, do you?”

Eren’s silence is answering enough. He feels Levi’s arm slide around his shoulder, then the smaller man is sitting right next to him.

“I’m sorry,” Levi says quietly. The honesty in his voice makes Eren tremble. “I understand where you’re coming from. Having your parents yell at you for reasons that you can’t change without denying your true self seems to be going around.”

Eren laughs. “You make it sound like a sickness.”

“Perhaps it is,” Levi tightens his grip. “You’re wonderful and talented, and if your Dad can’t realize that, then it is his loss.” He sounds so sure as if he had done this before. His parents must’ve been assholes, too. “No one should be afraid to go home.”

“I – Levi –” Eren doesn’t know what to say. The mere thought that Levi might understand what he feels like is too much. How can it be that someone like Eren got to meet such a good guy who would get him and not mock him for the problems he has. Levi must be an angel, sent from Heaven to brighten Eren’s life. He can’t explain it otherwise.

Before he can stop himself, he has shortened the distance between them and presses his lips against Levi’s unresponsive ones. Levi is surprised by the kiss – his eyes widen and he goes rigid as a board, but when Eren tries to end it as quickly as it began, he grabs at his head and pulls him closer still before he opens Eren’s lips with his tongue.

Eren’s eyes slide shut. His hands roam about Levi’s body for a second, before they settle at the shorter man’s waist. Eren can feel the softness of Levi’s shirt below his fingers, as well as the hardening body beneath it. Their tongues start a desperate battle. All blood leaves Eren’s head to rush south.

They are interrupted by someone clearing their throat near them and jerk apart. While Eren turns cherry red, Levi levels a glare at the person interrupting them, who happens to be the waiter that attended to them all night. The man visibly shrinks in on himself and then ask in a timid voice if he can bring them anything else.

“No,” Levi says a tad sharper than intended and crosses his arms over his chest. He is not at all pleased by this sudden interruption, but he doesn’t want to have a fall out with one of his favorite restaurants, either. He, therefore, opts for polite neutrality. “We’d like the bill, please.”

The waiter nods sharply before he basically runs off. Still blushing, Eren can’t help but chuckle at his haste. He gently covers one of Levi’s hands with his own and watches the other visibly relax. “You handled that well.”

“Yeah,” Levi responds, then levels a warm gaze at Eren. It makes the brunette shiver despite the warmth in the restaurant. “I was tempted to chew him out, but I happen to like meals here.”

“They are really delicious, aren’t they?” Eren hums. He takes one of the tablecloths and folds it into a square, needs to occupy his hands or else he’s gonna jump Levi right then and there. He can still taste him on his lips.

Luckily for him, the waiter comes within another minute. Levi pays, doesn’t even accept when Eren tries to intervene – “We could at least share it, Levi.” - “No, this one’s on me. You can pay for the movie if you want to lose money so badly.” - “… Fine.” – and they leave the place naught five minutes afterward.

A gentle breeze greets them. Eren can feel it caress his bare legs as well as the long strands of his wig, relishes in the feeling of breathing in fresh air. He stretches a little and sees Levi watching him out of the corner of his eye. When Eren turns his head, Levi averts his eyes. A blush colors his beautiful pale face.

“Everything alright?” Eren asks teasingly, a grin on his face. At this rate, it will become a permanent fixture on his face, he’s sure of that.

“I just thought – nevermind.”

“Oh, come on,” Eren bugs. “Tell me? What did you think?”

Levi turns even redder, then clears his throat. “… I thought about how much I wanted to kiss your neck right now.”

“Oh.” Now it is Eren’s time to blush. “I wouldn’t be opposed to it,” he blurts out before he can even think about it.

Levi laughs. “Of course you wouldn’t.” He shakes his head for a moment, then looks at his phone. “We should probably get going to the cinema, though. To catch your movie.”

The sudden change in topic throws Eren off-guard for a moment, but then a smile graces his face. There are a lot of things two people can do in a darkened movie theater, after all. “Alright,” he purrs, grabs for Levi’s hand and drags him along. “Let’s hurry then!”


They end up expulsed from the cinema for ‘steamy behavior’ halfway through the movie. Eren almost keels over while they leave since he’s laughing his ass off, and even Levi finds the situation weirdly amusing. Once outside, however, the brunette continues where they left off. He urges Levi against the wall next to the exit, takes the other one’s hand and guides it back to where it had slipped under his dress before a security guard asked them to ‘leave’. He finds Levi’s lips once more and moans into his mouth when Levi squeezes his thigh.

“Don’t stop,” he mumbles against Levi’s lips when they break apart for air, then surges back into the kiss. Levi’s hand is warm as it trails up and down Eren’s leg, and he can’t help growing hard as fast as he does. His leg bends on its own accord and wraps itself around Levi’s waist, drags the other even closer than before.

“I don’t intend to,” Levi groans. “You taste so good, Eren.”

Warmth spreads through Eren’s being, and before he can help it his lips are on Levi’s again. One of his hands finds its way into Levi’s hair, nails scraping over the short strands of the other’s undercut, while the second goes to Levi’s own on his thigh. He breaks the kiss and guides it to his crotch. “Look what you do to me,” he whispers.

The reaction is not as anticipated.

Levi tenses the moment he touches Eren’s groin. Grey eyes widen, then dart from Eren’s middle to his face and back. The brunette reads fear within that gaze and slowly uncurls the leg he had partially wrapped around the other.

“Levi?” he asks carefully. Gently. “Is everything alright?”

“I –,” Levi breaks off, suddenly pale, then licks his lips. “I – you – Eren you have a dick.”

“Er–” At first, Eren doesn’t understand. Yes, he has a dick, he’s a guy after – oh. Oh. Of course. His grip on Levi’s hand loosens with sudden realization. “Oh, Levi. I’m sorry.”

Levi shakes his head. He looks oddly vulnerable. “It’s okay,” he says. “I should’ve known. Of course you have a dick. You’re a guy.” And I’m not, goes unsaid, but Eren hears it in the defeated tone of Levi’s voice. He wants to assure him that everything will be okay one day, that he will have a dick at one point in his life. But he doesn’t find the words. Instead, he wraps his arm around the shorter male in a gentle embrace as his arousal bleeds into concern and something else. Something he doesn’t want to acknowledge just yet.

“I won’t like you any less if you tell me that it is, in fact, not okay,” he says quietly. Levi breathes harshly. “I can only try to understand what you feel right now, and I will probably never get it completely, but just know that I care about you and your well-being. If you need time, just tell me.” Another harsh breath that sounds suspiciously like a sob has Eren press Levi’s body even closer. Slowly but surely, Levi hugs him back.

“I’m sorry,” the shorter man mumbles in a voice full of unshed tears. “I didn’t know it would affect me like that but … when I held your … it is hard to explain–”

“Shh, it’s alright. You don’t owe me an explanation.”

“I know,” Levi says. He lifts his head and locks his gaze with Eren. “But I want to give you one.”

“Okay,” Eren only manages, then waits patiently for Levi to find words. He rests his arms on Levi’s shoulders and interlaces his hands behind the shorter man’s neck. Levi’s right hand finds Eren’s forearm and squeezes it in silent thanks.

“… I’m jealous,” Levi finally blurts out. “You were born with a dick and you’ve never had to struggle with what I’m going through and … shit, this is hard –,” Levi swallows harshly. He looks away before he continues, “for a long time, my life was shit, you know? Before I realized that I had been born in the wrong body, I always wondered what was wrong with me. Nothing felt … right. I rarely smiled because I always felt …weird. I can’t really explain it, but – I … I thought about killing myself for the first time when I was eight. Everyone was expecting me to behave in a certain way, and if I didn’t they were so disappointed in me. They called me names … and they … they ” He breaks off, clears his throat. “I’m sorry. I feel so guilty for being jealous of you.”

“You don’t have to. Feel guilty, that is.” Eren places a gentle kiss on Levi’s forehead. It makes Levi look at him again. “And thank you.”

“For what?”

“For sharing that with me,” Eren answers. “I know it must’ve been hard to admit the truth. Not only to me, but to yourself as well.”

Levi looks at him oddly, then– “How can you be real?”

“Excuse me?”

“How can you be actually, properly real?” Levi pinches his cheek. The color has returned to his face and he looks a lot more like himself. “I swear, half the time today I thought I was dreaming.”

“… I take that as a compliment,” Eren grins cheekily.

“You better. I don’t often compliment people, brat.” Thank fuck, Levi has returned to normal. On a sudden impulse, Eren places a wet kiss on Levi’s cheek which has the shorter man immediately recoil from him. “Fuck, now I have drool all over my face!”

Eren just laughs.

“That isn’t funny,” Levi chides but doesn’t wipe the wetness away yet. Instead, he takes Eren’s hands in his and looks at him with sudden profoundness. “Thank you, Eren. For listening. I didn’t know I needed that.”

“Anytime,” Eren responds honestly. “And just for the record, we can take it slow. You don’t have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.”

“The same goes to you,” Levi places a chaste kiss on Eren’s lips before he interlaces his right with Eren’s left. “Since we couldn’t finish the movie, let’s walk around until you feel comfortable enough to go home.”

And there it is again, that warm feeling that spreads through him whenever he is in Levi’s presence. Eren takes a deep breath and smiles. Together, they walk into the night.

To be continued.

Part 1 | Part 2

Get Together: Part 2

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Jason Todd x Reader

Request:Will you please do a part two to “get together” with Jason Todd where he’s been dating the reader for about a year or more and she finds out about the whole killing/guns and smoking thing and she’s upset?

Word Count: 1763

Part 1

Y/n was at the mansion, it was about to turn midnight, she was waiting for Jason to return from whatever he was doing. Dick told her he wasn’t going to be out for long that it was just a quick errand and he’ll be returning in just an hour, but that never happened. They’ve been dating for little over a year now and soon came to term that if he hadn’t returned back before midnight; she just needed to go home. Sometimes when she got to their shared apartment he was already there or he wasn’t and would be home until the later hours of the morning. She wasn’t okay with it at first, questioning him all the time about it, he always told her the same answer; don’t worry about it. After the tenth time, she gave up and knew when the time was right; Jason would finally tell her the truth.

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Gladiatorial Romance

Hulk X Reader

So a beautiful Anon recently screamed at me:


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Hulk has recently landed on the planet Sakaar (RAGNAROK BABY!) and captured as a gladiator slave. Hulk isn’t use to not being the strongest there is so adjusting to this new life is difficult. As he fights his way through the ranks of the arena he finds someone who makes him feel he is not quite alone. 

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The Sun, The Moon, The Truth [a Barry Allen AU] (The Flash/Teen Wolf Crossover: Part 2)

a/n: aye part two already! I hope you’ll enjoy this, I had fun writing it! I also made an outfit, tell me whatcha think of that. If you want to be tagged in the future parts, shoot me a message! Until then, enjoy!

Part 1


“Where exactly…are we?” Barry asks cautiously. Honestly, he isn’t sure what he should be asking; what’s acceptable. Scott seems like a nice guy but Barry really doesn’t want to get on the alpha’s bad side. After all, who knows what an alpha can do to a beta.

The loft appears to be abandoned; it doesn’t look like anyone lives here. Barry’s navy shoes scuff lightly on the cracked gray concrete floor. “Derek’s old loft. He left Beacon Hills a while back… But, this is where you and Y/N are staying for the full moon.” Scott informs, plopping down the black duffle bag he’s carrying with a loud clank.

The forensic scientist furrows his thick eyebrows at the sound of metal. What the hell is in the bag? Stiles helps Scott after unzipping the bag, pulling out strands of chains. “Woah, woah, what-what are those?!” Barry asks in a panic, dark charcoal cardigan flapping around his blue shirt. He turns to you; wide grassy green eyes flashing neon purple for a quick second.

“They’re chains. On the first full moon…it’s safe to be chained up. That way, our inner animal won’t hurt anyone.” you explain, smiling softly at him. “This is only my second full moon, so I need them as much as you do.” you try to comfort, pulling your off-white Nirvana shirt down.

Barry lets out a breath that he’d been holding in, pushing his hair off his forehead. There’s a slight smell of gasoline in the air and he sniffs around. “Don’t worry, you’ll get used to the smell.” Stiles shrugs while he clips the ends of the restraints to opposite ends of the walls. “You’ll be over here.” he says to Barry, pointing to one side of the room. “And Y/N will be all the way at that end.” he gestures across the room.

Noticing, and feeling, the anxiety, Scott pats the tall brunette’s shoulder, trying to be the ‘nurturing’ alpha. “We’ll be right back, I promise. Then you can meet the rest of the pack. You guys are safe.” he reassures, giving you the same look before he and Stiles tie the light brown straps to yours and Barry’s wrists.

“Wait! No! Come on, I don’t need to be restrained!” Barry calls out after the two guys exit. When he realizes that the pack isn’t coming back, he slumps down against the wall, testing the leather brown cuffs. Pulling them, his bright green eyes watch his arms fall limply at his sides; cardigan flapping around him.

Your gray skinny jeans ride up a bit as you squat, puffing out a breath of air. “Trust me dude, you wanna be restrained.” you mutter, seeing the pinks and purples of the setting sun from the dusty windows. Shifting in your black combat boots, you plop down on the cracked ground, Y/C/H bouncing.

At that, Barry’s quick to respond, shaking his head in a condescending way. “Oh no, I’m not dangerous, I can hardly hit a bumble bee!” he smiles bashfully, “Did you know that bees are actually a key part of living?” he rambles, raising his hand only for it to be pulled back. “They bring the-”



“Do you do that a lot?” you ask, kind of sarcastically, snorting when he tilts his head to the side, pouting. “You know…ramble? If you do, try to keep it to a minimum. At least for now.” you smirk at him, feeling your claws starting to come out. “Okay, try to think of some…something that makes you human.” you pant, shutting your eyes to remain calm.

Barry can hear his blood pumping through his ears and looks at you with wide eyes. “Wh-what?” he breathes, feeling his chest rise and fall at a rapid rate. “I don’t… I don’t un-understa-ah-ha, that’s not normal.” he speeds out, watching his claws sprout from his nail buds.

Gulping, the brunette clenches his eyes shut, opening them and looking around. Everything is… much clearer. A low growl escapes him to his surprise and he pulls at the chains. When he glances at you, he growls a little more, much louder than you are. Maybe it was a dominance thing.

After a couple hours of flashing your yellow, and his purple, eyes at each other, the two of you calm down. Your loose t-shirt tumbles off one of your shoulders as you catch your breath. “When is Scott coming back?” Barry huffs through his fangs, peering down at himself. Due to one of his claws getting caught, there’s a hole in his dark gray cardigan and some in his jeans as well.

You shrug, glancing out the window. There’s a tinge of light blue at the bottom of a jet black sky, signifying the night’s almost up. “Well, it’s almost morning, so I assume soon.” you mutter; hair messy and clothes disheveled. You let out a sigh, seeing the blood in your palms disappear slowly, healing themselves.

“The cuffs ripped a bit…” he grumbles shyly, neon purple eyes shimmering at you. To that, you shrug again, panting while your nails shorten back to their normal length. “At-at least I didn’t hurt anyone…” Barry whispers to himself.

A bright fanged smile stretches across your face the moment you hear that. “Told you. I didn’t say it just to be kinky.” you giggle, making him blush. “They had to chain Liam to a pole apparently on his full moon…” you hum, ears perking up when you hear Stiles’ voice a little ways away.

Before Barry realizes it, Scott and Stiles pull the heavy metal door open, stepping into the loft. “Congrats, you’ve officially made it through your first full moon, Bartholomew.” Stiles claps his hands together, causing his red and gray flannel to sway.

Scott walks to Barry as Stiles heads towards you. “How’d it go? You both alright?” he asks, voice full of concern while he undoes the cuffs.

“I need a shower.” Barry comments, eyes shifting back to his normal hazel color.

Nodding, the alpha pats his beta’s shoulder; green button down flapping around slightly. “We need to meet the pack first.”


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