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September 4, 2017

Monica wishes Beyoncé a happy birthday.

“Happy Birthday @beyonce … Praying your birthday is filled with this very kind of love, fun and laughter .. Each time I’ve seen you you’ve been just as gracious and loving!! Only right they call you Queen.. you were surely raised by one❤️ #LiveItUp#MemoryMonday #HappyBirthday“

Ms. Tina’s 60th Birthday Party at Muriel’s Jackson Square in New Orleans, LA (January 11, 2014)

Until Dawn Headcanon Dump

¤(In accordance with @transchrishartley ’s step-siblings au) Everyone going over to the Hartley house for pizza and video games ever friday night (even the jocks who don’t like to game)

¤ Hannah and Beth being alive

¤ Josh and Sam dating

¤ Chris and Ashley dating

¤ Hannah and Matt dating

¤ Jess and Beth dating

¤ Emily being ace/slightly aro and is perfectly okay just being single. (She has cats and adopts a daughter later in life)

¤ Mike becoming a better person (helps at the animal shelter with Sam *and Josh on occasion* on Tuesdays and Thursdays)

¤ Everyone effectively getting therapy

¤ Josh’s anti-depressants and anti-psyches working/taking them regularly

¤ Everyone going to Matt’s football games to cheer him on

¤ Emily’s family offering scar removal surgery for Jess as a peace offering

¤ They become better friends again, and Emily becomes a fashion designer who Jess models for

¤ Jess getting slight scrutiny for her relationship with Beth

¤ Emily telling them to piss off

¤ Chris and Ashley have four kids

¤ Sam and Josh only have one

¤ Matt and Hannah have three

¤ Mike being known as “Uncle Mikey” and Emily being known as “Auntie Em” from everyone’s children

¤ Mike teaches all the children basic survival skills

¤ Emily lets them pet her cats and has a soft spot for Chris and Ashley’s youngest daughter

¤ They still stay in touch

¤ Beth and Jess being the most “fuck you” gay couple ever

¤ Like they make out in front of gay marriage protesters

¤ And they don’t even care

¤ Sam reminding Josh to take his pills and driving him to therapy

¤ He really likes the snakes at Sam’s animal shelter

¤ He’s named quite a few of them

¤ Would you look at that Mike has a Wolf Friend™

¤ Ashley becoming a published author

¤ Chris becoming known as “The Next Bill Gates” in the technology world

¤ Sam becoming a veterinarian

¤ Josh becoming a special effects editor

¤ Mike becoming an actor (Johnny Cage level of sass)

¤ Hannah spinning blood at the test lab for a job

¤ Matt becoming one of the most aggressive players in football (but anyone who knows him knows he’s the BIGGEST softie ever)

¤ Josh setting both Jess and Matt down in a room and lecturing them in a creepy voice about the dangers of hurting his sisters

¤ Beth works as a mechanic, less interested in the spotlight

¤ Hannah sometimes guest stars in Josh’s movies

¤ Josh adapting some of Ashley’s books into movies

¤ Ashley not being able to see blood without passing out. But Chris gives chees commentaries to calm her when they watch horror movies

¤ Sam is the type of mom to let her kids learn from their mistakes instead of argueing

¤ Chris is the “I’m the parent I’m always right” parent

¤ Josh is the parent that gets suckered into buying their kid anything they want

¤ Hannah is the kind of mom to always embarrass her kids

¤ Matt is the kind of parent who is super attentive to his family and wouldn’t trade them for anything

¤ Ashley is the kind but firm parent



take that history

13x01 coda. deancas, grieving. 1200 wc. [on AO3]

saw @xylodemon and @apricotcas mention a sad idea on twitter so I decided to punch myself in the face

The kid hangs his hand out, stiff in the same way Sam must have taught him, waiting for introductions. Dean looks at the offending hand, thinks of the blood on his own. He slumps past the kid, scuffing him with his shoulder in lieu of a reply.

He hears Sam give his name, and then the kid—Lucifer’s kid—says, “Ah, Dean,” and it sounds so much like a smile that Dean’s gut churns.

Then, like it’s a normal thing to say, the kid adds, “My father loved you very much.”

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😺*Spell To Bring You a Cat Familiar*😼
It’s not always easy or even practical to have your own pet. Apartment living or being with someone that works a lot, travels or is barely home is not good for a pet. As witches we love our familiars (animal souls who are not only a companion but an assistant in our witchcraft.

I lost my beloved cat and familiar two years ago and he was great at helping me in witchcraft. I have a dog and two birds now and all three are absolutely no help to me! They are my beloved little trouble makers!

Now that I have two birds I really don’t trust having a cat in the house at all times. I created a spell for a cat familiar to come to me. One that will be a companion and assistant but one that either has a home and likes to come over and play or a stray who loves their freedom but wouldn’t mind a friend and a good meal in exchange for their assistance. I found my Familiar he wasn’t exactly what I expected! A big fat Ginger tabby who loves to lounge around inside and outside of my home. He is my neighbor’s cat, but visits me on a daily basis. He usually will saunter over at night when I’m outside casting spells. I asked him if he wanted to be my familiar, he sort of yawned but agreed! 😽

1 Brown candle
I Black candle
Brown cloth enough to hold your herbs
A long cord or string to tie a sachet bag onto
The following herbs:
Catnip: attracts cats
Lemongrass: to attract a psychic cat
Copal: for Spirituality
Saffron: Strength
Yellow Rose Petals: For Friendship

•Light the brown candle.

•Take ½ of the herbs and resins and wrap them in a small square of brown cloth and tie it off with a cord or string.

•Take the other half of the herbs and make a smaller satchet for the cat.

•Keep your sachet in your pocket for nine days.

•Hang the cat’s sachet outside somewhere around your home. Preferably from a tree. Stand under a tree branch where the sachet will be hanging. Drop a circle of catnip around you and rotate in a clockwise direction. Make sure you have a long enough string so the sachet is 3 feet above the ground. Hang the sachet above the circle.

•Step out of the circle and charge the circle by pointing your fingers at it and focusing your intentions of drawing the cat familiar to you.

•Meditate on the cat familiar at the same time everyday for nine days. Do this outside next to the circle and sachet. Think about the colors and personality of the cat you wish to attract. Think about what kind of spells the cat will assist you with and also what treats, food and attention you will reward your familiar with.

•At midnight on the 9th night, take all the herbs and burn them in a cauldron or oven safe dish outside in the circle.

“Spirits of the night, beckon my cat unto this site. Bring to me my magickal creature of the night, we belong together, I know this is right. I also know that you will make it so, because every witch needs a cat shadow. Now come my lovely feline, your master is here we shall work together on magick my dear. You shall be showered with my affection and love, come to me now my precious love”

_*This spell will work but may take 3 months for the cat to appear to you, as cats are reluctant to give their love and devotion to just any old fool. 😺 Expect that the cat is scoping out the situation to see if they wish to partner with you. So be on your best magickal behavior!*_

I’ve used this spell and have attracted a familiar. Not the black cat I envisioned but my neighbors big ole ginger tabby who blesses me many nights with his presence and help.