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Sorry for the wait everyone, the finished Smash Collab piece is FINALLY here! Thank you to everyone who participated, it was hard work but a blast. Most of the individual pieces can be viewed right here on this tumblog, but a list of participating artists is under the break!

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You know those times when you remember a YouTube video that you liked but then you remember it doesn’t exist anymore?

No, this has nothing to do with Retsupurae.

So occasionally I remember this playthrough of Sonic 2 that I saw once, where the music was switched out with other music for no reason (other than maybe to distinguish it from other Sonic 2 playthroughs?).

Now, there’s only one song that I remember from this series of videos, but it’s the only one I would ever need to remember. And honestly it’s because of this damn song that I miss this playthrough, which I cannot find anymore and my guess is it was likely taken down for copyright reasons.

That one song? They replaced Eggman’s theme with D’Lo Brown’s theme from the WWE.

Which means every time the player reached the boss, this song would play.

It was fucking wonderful.

 HEADCANON - The People & The Secret  ╻

     I’ve touched on this a little bit before but I wanted to go a little more in-depth about just how much some people know about Sonic and Robotnik’s history.

     First and foremost, there are people who have figured it out for themselves but it’s really only the villagers in Green Hill. I mean, those people have known Sonic since he was a baby and it would hard for them not to notice him disappearing at times and taking on certain quirks over the years. For the most part they didn’t question it, in fact, a lot of them assumed he just had an active imagination and was talking to an imaginary friend or something similar. It wasn’t until he came back with his trademark sneakers that they realized something more might actually be going on. Then, of course, their suspicions only grew when the lab explosion rocked the zone and the hedgehog came back with green eyes, as opposed to his brown. Sonic tried to play it off, claiming he had simply found the shoes and had gotten too close to whatever had exploded but not everyone believed him.

     When Robotnik attacked Green Hill everything was made clear to the villagers. Those who survived watched Sonic plea with the doctor, they saw the heartbreak and desperation and they understood what had happened - not in great detail but enough to know that Sonic didn’t just go after Robotnik because he was bored and needed a thrill like the majority of the planet.

     As for the rest of Mobius, fewer people have figured there’s something more going on than what they’ve been told but it’s just speculation for the most part. I’m not going to say everyone in Green Hill has kept their mouth shut about the truth - despite there being a sort of pact between the villagers - because the ‘rumor’ that Sonic and Robotnik used to be friends has made a few rounds in the zones. It’s just one of the things that fuels certain groups dislike of the hedgehog.

     One last note: Sonic has no clue the villagers in Green Hill know the truth, and they are fine keeping it that way. They don’t want things to be weird for him in his own home after all.