brown snail

The first poop ☝🏻💩was obviously 🔍👀Frank. Old 🙇🏻🍺and weak, he had an accident🙅🏻‍♂️❌, that’s why he was so intent on destroying🔥💥 it. There were many turds💩💩 before this one❓1️⃣, weren’t there Frank😒🤡? This was just the first time👆🏻🚨🚨 you got caught, wasn’t it🗣? And then you went and did it again the next night🌚🚨? Or did you❓🙅🏻‍♂️? Two poops 💩💩 in two nights🌚🌚? Tall order⏫👆🏻for such a short⏬👇🏻 man. No! The second poop 💩2️⃣belonged to Charles🐱🚽. He wanted to get back at Frank⚠️😡, but due to his poor diet🍭🧀, couldn’t produce a turd🍑❌. So he called☎️📞 Mac, who jumped🏃🏻💨 at the chance to see 👀🔎Frank humiliated one 🥇1️⃣more time. But Charlie overlooked 🙈🙉the fact that Dennis listens 👂🏻👂🏻to Mac’s phone calls🏋🏻‍♀️📞 and he heard every word🗣👂🏻. Dennis was jealous 😒🙃 that Charlie had chosen Mac 🏋🏻‍♀️⭕️to help instead of him. He swore🗯💱 to have his revenge😤😡. That’s why he👤 encouraged Mac to sleep 💤 😴while he stayed up👁⬆️. He was going to put the frame on Mac 🍆🏋🏻‍♀️by pooping💩💩 next to him! But he didn’t realize 🙈💭that a futon 🛋🛌slept on by the weight of three 👱🏻👱🏻👱🏻men would be off its axis ➗✖️and slope 〰to the center⬇️⬇️, and like a small👇🏻👐🏻 brown snail🐌🐌 it crept to the middle between Charlie 🙀and Frank👹. Deandra🦉🐔! You wanted in on this poop war 💩🔫⚔️from the start. The outcast👤? The slut👅? The bitch💅🏻? The whore💦? The lonely😩, sad 😭, slutty💦💦, bitchy 😑whore🍆. You sat 🛋😌on the sidelines while these four 4️⃣🚹titans battled 🗡🔫💣it out. you were jealous 😒😒 that a few pieces of poop 💩💦got more attention 👀👀than you. That’s why when the lights went out🌘🌚, you unleashed some thunder ⚡️⚡️of your own. Thunder⚡️ of the chocolate🍫⚡️ variety.


Snail by Rusty Dodson
Via Flickr:
A small snail appears to be reaching from a blade of grass.

[ID: close up of a blue and red betta fish staring intently at a brown snail on a tan and grey stripy rock that’s on the left of the image. there is black and multicolour gravel, blue and black tank background, and fake mossy tan rock hide in the right background.]

I’m really glad I got the snail, not only because I love gastropods, but because Felix seems to really enjoy watching it. He’ll swim by then suddenly act like he’s never seen it before, and slowly swim up close and stare at it like this. A little before this photo was taken, he also just…laid down…on its shell…weirdo.

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