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Teacher, Teacher! (Taeil x Reader)

Rating: PG

(A/N) YA’LL. I’m not even sure how I managed to write this, I literally burst into tears when I finished because it was so precious. I love Taeil so much, he is such a beacon of light in my life, I’m afraid this writing does him no justice. Anon wanted some angst and fluffy Taeil, I couldn’t but try and go above and beyond. Anyway, enjoy!

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You tossed your house keys into your purse, slinging the brown leather bag onto your shoulder as you smoothed down the front of your dress. You walked around to the side of your house and grabbed your pastel blue bike, a gift you received from your kids’ families after your first year. You carefully arranged your dress to prevent the cheeky summer wind from lifting up your skirts, slinging your leg over and tossing your purse into the basket as you pushed off down the street. The townspeople greeted you warmly as they walked or rode to their respective jobs on well cared for bikes as well, the air of a good day was just around the corner, you could feel it.

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UPBRAID (Jumin Han) 4


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You had class tomorrow. 

 Zen brings you back to your apartment and before you could shut the door, “MC, can i get a hug?” He asks. You smile, giving him the biggest hug ever. 

 But then, he pulls away. In his head, he had planned it all, chosen the words, the perfect thing to do, but in the end, nothing. 

With an awkward smile, he sighs, “Just know, I’ll always be here for you. No matter what.” he says, then heads to the elevator. 

 Zen gives you warm feelings, he’s always always ALWAYS there for you. 

You fix your school things for tomorrow, grab your bag, and open your laptop. 

Upon opening the laptop, your phone vibrates. A message.

From Jaehee.

Good morning, MC. I have to request your presence tomorrow afternoon, at the milkshake place at the corner of 6th avenue and emerald street. Please? I hope to see you there.

You reply, sure thing, i’ll meet you at around 4pm :)

Resuming your school work, your journal article homework, writing about absolutely anything. You brainstorm, trying to think of topics. Taking a deep breath, you start typing. The words, ideas, they never ended, you just kept typing. 

It was time for lunch, you take two socks of different patters, slip on your black and white converse chucks, take your wallet, phone and head out.

Before leaving the building, you ask Shane, the receptionist at first floor if you had anything delivered.

“None that I know of, sweetie.” 

“Oh.” You say. Were you expecting anything? “Okay, thanks.” 

“Where you going hon?” He asks.

“Get some lunch.” You say. “Want me to get you anything?”

“You’re going out like that?” He changes the subject. 

You were wearing an over-sized purple shirt, shorts, socks that don’t match, low-cut converse, holding your wallet and phone

“Yep.” You say blankly.

“You do you, I guess.” He sighs. “I’ll have coffee.”

“The usual?” You ask, and he gives you a nod.

You head off to the all-day breakfast place and order a take-out of bacon and eggs, proceeding to go to the coffee & fruit shake place, you order Shane a large caramel macchiato and a pesto-chicken sandwich, and a mango fruit shake for yourself.

On your way back, waiting for the stoplight to go red for you to pass, your head starts to go back. 

“MC!” You heard a familiar voice, turning back, you see a bright yellow umbrella running towards you. “Its pouring, you might get sick. Let me bring you home, please?” You couldn’t help but smile, you felt butterflies in your stomach. He holds your hand and you two walk under a yellow umbrella in the pouring rain, to your apartment. “Thank you.” You tell him, making him smile. “Anything for you.” He replies. “Stay safe going home.” You tell him, as you walk to the building doors. “I will.” He looks back with the big grin on his face. 

“Lady, its a red light, might as well go.” A small girl passes by, snapping you into reality. “Right, sorry.” You apologize and hurry across the street, passing a few blocks and getting to the building. 

You could still remember that smile on his face, you miss it, don’t you?

You make your way inside, give Shane his order and go back to your flat. 

The next day, you pass in your article and everything else that was due that day, go to your second class and end at around 3pm. You change into a nice navy blue dress and white jack purcell sneakers, taking your small brown sling bag, that fits only your phone and a few dollars. 

Walking to the milkshake place, you notice a bunch of people with cameras and microphones crowding the place, you take a looks inside, scanning for Jaehee, and there she is. 

Surprisingly, you made your way inside, walk to the table Jaehee’s at and sit down. 

“Good afternoon.” She smiles. “Is there anything you want to order?” 

“Oh yeah, just a strawberry milkshake.” So you call the waiter, and order. 

You two catch up on work and school, as more people came to the shop.

“Why are there so many people?” You ask.

“There’s a photoshoot.” She answers. “I’m on a day off but Mr. Han asked me to go.”

“Jumin?” Your eyes grow big.

“Yes. He’s being shot right now.” She points at that corner occupied by a photography team. The lights were bright and your eyes searched for Jumin.

There he was.

“Mr. Han asked me to bring you here actually.” She blurts out.

“Me? Why?” You ask.

“I’m not entirely sure. He told me to contact you and bring you here.” 

You had a perfect view of him. He made alot of outfit changes. He first wore a polo, jeans, sweater and dress shoes, then he changed into a white shirt, a unbuttoned polo over it, blue jeans and shoes. He looked like an actual model.

“Its for Mr. Chairman’s friend’s clothing line. All their shops have a diner interior and vibe, so they decided to shoot here. Even if the history of the clothing line has no connection to diners or the 1940s. Strange.” She explains. “He’s not the only model today, but so far, all the shots taken are all him.” 

“I wonder why.” 

Jumin comes out of the bathroom wearing a different outfit, and same after a few minutes, another outfit after the other. He changes into another outfit, but a girl wearing a pretty black dress, a white coat and heels. She was gorgeous. Jumin sat on the stool by the counter and she sat infront of him, on the counter table. They looked like a couple. 

You don’t know why, but for some reason, it made your chest heavy.

They changed into a bunch of outfits and took so many shots together. They took a shot where he posed standing straight, while she was clinging on to him, her hands were travelling his body and her face was close to his. And Jumin looked at you, his eyes locked with yours find a place to have dinner?” Jaehee, being an amazing friend, took your hand and lead me out to the street. You two had dinner at a nearby cafe. On your way back, you were walking with Jaehee, you pass by a theater. 

And the most cliche thing ever, Zen comes out. He looks around and sees you and Jaehee. He stops, your eyes travel to his, which were locked on you. It felt softer and welcoming, different from Jumin’s. “Hey.” He smiles.

You all head in the same direction, since you all lived in that direction, until you reached this street, where Jaehee and Zen were to go straight, when your apartment was a few blocks away, going left. You hug both of them goodbye, and you continue walking.

The wind felt cold, and the skies filled with clouds. You knew you had to hurry up, but your feet were killing you. 

“MC!” Someone calls out. You look behind you to check. Your heart dropped. You turn to face him. And he walks towards you. 

“Hey.” His raspy voice greets.

“Hey.” You reply.

“How are you?” He asks.

“Good. You?” You answer.

“Terrible.” He smiles. You stay silent. He looks at you. “I’m sorry.” He says. Your heart felt heavy, you look down. “MC, say something please.” His voice sounds broken. But your heart felt broken.

“Jumin.” Your eyes start watering up. “Why are you like this? You make me feel like you love me and then you break me like I’m your toy. I don’t know why you’re still coming after me. You have a thousand girls waiting for you.” Your eyes stream tears down your face, and the rain starts pouring. “I’m trying my best. Why do you always hurt me? W-why do you always do that? I do love you Jumin, more than the world, but I’ve spent so much time crying myself to sleep, hoping you’ll love me again, and when you do, you break my again. What did I ever do, Jumin?”

His eyes grew big and his face looked shocked. “MC,”

“And now I’m here, with you, standing in the rain. Where’s your yellow umbrella now? Where’s the Jumin that told me he’ll never leave me? Where’s the Jumin that held my hand? Where’s the Jumin that I wasn’t afraid to love?” Your dress was wet, your shoes were soaked, you face was stained with rain and your tears. You wipe your eyes and look at Jumin. You’ve never seen that face he was making. He looked like he didn’t know what he was going to do. 

He looked at you, and his eyes looked tired, different. You sigh and lick your lips before speaking, “Maybe we should just stop. Let’s break this for good.” Your eyes continue pour, so does the rain. 

“If that’s what you want.” He sighs, turns around and walks away.

You couldn’t help but drop on the floor. That was it. 

You walk back home, in the rain. And when you get to the apartment, Shane calls your attention.

“Have you seen this?” He shows you an article on the internet,


The article was filled with lies, and harsh comments about you. It was as if they were scolding you, they were criticizing everything about you, upbraid.