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Three Inches of Heaven [Pt. 1]

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Pairing: Yoongi x Reader, Jimin x Reader
Genre: Time travel, romance, Royalty AU (Mature themes ahead) | Length: 3.4k

Summary: A bizarre time-warp sends an unsuspecting woman hurtling towards an era of cunning plots, political strife, and strict societal hierarchy—it appeared the world between a few centuries hadn’t been too different after all.

Notes: Check out the tag #3ioh for image references. (Just for fun)

There had been no time to notice the passing of seasons in your old life.

You didn’t say old with spiritual meaning, not one of those “new year, new me” campaigns people propagated in their heads. Neither did you say old with the anticipation of a new—a second—life.

But it appeared that had been what you were given.

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Here you go folks, photos from my Brown Sash test in Wing Chun under Sifu Francis Fong. I had a days notice on taking this test, literally found out as we were landing in Atlanta. Nevertheless if I give myself credit I blew the test away and did extremely well. From the technique to the extremely challenge rounds I pushed hard and delivered. Got a few more pictures that i’m waiting on those and I’ll post them later on. But this is the body of the technical part of the test. Next year Red, two more years to Black Sash.

I received a big box of goodies from my parents in Japan on Friday.

TAKARA TOMY Disney Beans Collection doll - Sven & Kristoff

They are only 18cm tall but possibly the cutest Frozen dolls I have ever seen! 

Side Story: Vows, Part Two

A/N: Who is posting this overdose of fluff at ass in the morning? Yes, me. Ah, of course I’m writing something naughty for the honeymooners.

Enjoy darlings!


‘Why am I going blindfolded to enter Ordon?’

‘Because I got a surprise for ya, and it would be spoiled if I did, love’

Rusl and Uli opened their door, and Link left the bride inside to change clothes.

‘You looked lovely at the castle wedding, dear’, Uli remembered as she unpinned Zelda’s braided hairdo, ‘this dress pales in comparison’.

A simple, ankle-length cream colored cotton dress with flowy sleeves, round cleavage, and cinched at the waist was hung in front of them. A pair of flat laced espadrille shoes were on the floor.

‘This is how I imagined I would look if I married here without all the royalty fuss’, she looked at the dress and smiled fondly. ‘I like the other dress, too, but it is for the Queen’ - brown waves framed her face as braids were undone - ‘this is for Zelda’.

Uli gazed at her, understanding her words.

In a matter of minutes, Zelda was in her gown, hair loose and wavy, a wreath of blue wildflowers on her hair, a bouquet of the same, mixed with lavender and baby breath.

‘Link will think you are a forest fairy!’, Colin told her as she checked her appearance before going outside.

Once ready, both women and children left the house, and Zelda could appreciate how Ordon was looking: paper lanterns were hung in lines to light up the village, and an arch with flowers had been put at the center. To the side, a large dining table had been laid out with an assortment of food and drinks for the guests and small tables with chairs were scattered around, in a similar fashion from her first time there. The bunch of guests from Castletown had already arrived, so the mood was already festive: the children running and playing, friends chatting animatedly.

‘Wifey!’, Link, in full Ordonian garb - green linen jacket, cream embroidered shirt, tan pants, brown boots and blue sash - ran to her, holding her by the waist and lifting her into the air. ‘We’re all waitin’ for ya’.

‘Then drop me down and let us get this started, you handsome hellion!’, Zelda held the wreath to prevent it from falling off, giggling.

He put his wife on the ground, and standing straight, offered his arm to her.

The scattered guests gathered around the arch, where Major Bo stood, and left an aisle for the newlyweds, who began walking down.

‘Welcome, fellow Ordonians, and guests from all over Hyrule’, he began, ‘We’re here to celebrate the wedding between Ordon’s most illustrious son, Link, and the most unexpected adoptive daughter we could’ve ever gotten, Zelda’.

The crowd elicited a collective laughter at his last words.

‘By the laws of this land, they are already married, but they brought their wedding to Ordon too, and here are to share their vows with us’, Mayor Bo smiled proudly, ‘May the Light Spirit Ordona bless them always. Zelda dear, share your vows’.

Ilia handed Zelda an envelope, from which she took a carefully folded sheet.

‘I wrote this one day before the wedding, after a sleepless night’, she explained with a faint blush on her cheeks. ‘It might be a bit rushed, but it is from the heart’.

She took a deep breath.

‘Our spirits are bound by something larger than life itself’, Zelda’s eyes focused on her husband’s Triforce mark, ‘our souls are very, very, old friends. But it is not just that. I love you because you are yourself, nothing less, nothing more, nothing else. I had to have you almost taken away from me to realize it’. She paused. ‘You are son, brother, friend, partner, lover, my love… and so much more you will be with time’.

Zelda wiped a stray tear from Link’s cheek.

‘I was the empty shell of a woman. I had nothing, yet you gave me everything without asking for anything in return’ - she swallowed hard, overcoming with emotion - ‘You are like the Sun to me: you warmed my heart, made me flourish and bloom like the earth awakens after the snow melts and spring arrives.’

‘I am no longer alone’. Tears began falling from her eyes. ‘I became daughter, sister, friend, partner, lover… and so much more I will be, thanks to you, my love’.

Link stepped to hold her tight, sobbing, sinking his face on the crook of her neck, murmuring ‘gods, woman, I love ya so much’. She held onto him until both stopped crying.

The crowd was as emotional as they were, everyone with watery eyes, even the tougher ones. Shad was a crying mess, same as Naima and Telma; Ashei did her best to not cry, but failed miserably. Once they quieted, Mayor Bo gestured for Link to read his vows.

‘And to think I was dense enough to think ya didn’t love me’, he laughed, unfolding the paper with his words.

‘You, Zelda, against all odds and chances possible, became my friend, and even more, a home away from home: you never wanted me to feel homesick or outta place. I lost count of all the times we ate pumpkin pie and rambled on about the day. That’s the only reason I’m gonna miss the mirror door’, he chuckled.

‘I’m not incredibly talkative, but I listen. And Goddesses, I could listen to you forever, just as I could watch the moon wander through the sky at night. You both have a lot in common, besides the mesmerizing paleness: you really shine in the darkness, and your light, your powerful, healing, bright light, ain’t blinding. It’s enveloping, like an embrace, and ever-present, like the love I feel for you’.

He folded the paper and put it away, then got a little box from his pocket. There were two simple gold bands.

‘Sometimes we’ll be apart by the duties we have, and not ev’ry night the moon can be seen’ - he took one of them - ‘so I wanna carry your name with me always, even though I carry you forever in my heart, as a reminder we belong together’.

Zelda stretched her left hand for him, the ring sliding into her finger. She did the same with his ring, and kissed.

‘Now that you have exchanged your vows, let’s celebrate your happiness, and make a toast for your love to be everlasting!’, Bo patted the newlyweds’ backs, bumping them forward.

The guests applauded, still sobbing and wiping tears, and approached the couple to congratulate them.

‘Man, congrats!’, Fado hugged his friend, ‘You lucky son of a goat!’ - he turned to Zelda - ‘How could you marry this dorky lad, missy?

Zelda laughed dearly at his words. ‘It seems I like cute, dorky country boys, Fado’.

‘He’s hard not to like, for sure, ma’am!’, he grinned, ‘By the way, bro, there are some goats that need wrangling’ - he tousled up Link’s hair- ‘I know you’re staying for some days, are ya up to it?’

‘Sure, why not?’, he fist bumped his friend to seal the deal.

‘Maybe you both should teach me’, Zelda nudged at her husband. ‘I am good at wrangling people, you know? It might work with goats too

‘We’re both fired, man’, Fado looked at Link. ‘Your wifey will beat our arses’.

‘Hi guys’, Ilia joined the conversation, drink in hand. ‘I need to inform you that my dad is kinda flirting with Telma as you talk about goats’.

All faces turned to the crowd, not believing the maid of honor’s words.

‘I don’t mind calling her mom’, Ilia giggled, ‘she’s pretty much everyone’s mom’.

Ilia dragged Fado and the newlyweds to chat at a table where their friends and the children gathered; Shad was telling them stories about the Oocca and Link’s adventures on the City in the Sky, and several other legends of the land. The kids -and Naima- were extremely excited, constantly asking for one more, despite almost all of them sleepy-eyed.

‘He is such a dad’, Ashei cackled, drinking her wine.

‘Sister, he is a wonderful storyteller. You chose well’, she winked at her, raising her glass.

Ashei answered with a shy smile.

Mayor Bo gathered with some of the new settlers who had brought instruments, to play some tunes to liven up the evening. Soon, almost everyone was dancing and singing, even Zelda joined to play the harp and the lute for a couple of tunes.

After over an hour, the music mood changed to some ballads and slow tunes. Fewer and fewer people remained on the party.

‘Hey, love’, Link whispered as they slowly swayed to the music, ‘You wanna call it a night? I have something to show you in the house’.

‘Does it involve you, me, and a bed, sweetheart?’, she asked drowsily, head resting on his shoulder, ‘because my feet are killing me, and I have been in dire need of a good night’s rest’.

‘More or less’, he smiled, realizing how in tune they were. ‘Let’s go’.

They left discreetly, hand in hand, barely no one noticing their absence.

‘So this is what you were hiding, Link!’, she admired the works done to the front of the house, climbing the new stairs. ‘Nice improvement!’

‘Go inside’, he urged her, climbing quickly behind her.

‘No way!’, she shook her head, ‘We have to do “the thing” as we enter’, she gestured.

‘What thing?’

‘When the groom carries the bride on his arms’, she specified, ‘It is for good luck. I am not a superstitious woman, but it is a tradition all over the land’.

‘I’m doin’ it’, he obliged, lifting her, and stepping inside. 

Zelda was almost in shock at how different the house looked under the soft light of the oil lamps, sprinting from her husband’s arms to check every new detail.

‘Everything is so wonderful’, she admired the woodwork of the spiral staircase as the went up to the upper level, ‘the Mason’s guild work is quite impressive’.

‘Sure thing, love’, he followed her, ‘The chief carpenter is one hell of a guy, very flamboyant, but incredibly talented. He can make beautiful things almost from scratch’.

Zelda gasped, and almost dove on the bed, after leaving her bouquet and wreath on a dresser. ‘Perfect’, she snuggled against the pillows, then sat immediately. ‘Help me to get out of this, sweetheart, please’, she requested, taking off her dress, revealing a delicate cream corset, trimmed with white lace, a simple, short, translucent petticoat over it that revealed a pair of lace panties underneath.

‘This feels like unwrapping a birthday gift’, he commented humorously, as his fingers undid the laces, leaving her almost undressed, fingers caressing her back. ‘If I’m not wrong, Impaz didn’t pack too many clothes, telling we didn’t need ’em’.

‘Indeed, dear, but it applies only to me’, she nodded, ‘I’m stealing any of your old shirts for the purpose’. She got up, and looked up in a drawer, until she found one, and slid it over her barely dressed body, as her husband took off all his clothes but his breeches, looking carefully at her, slightly teasing him, and slid into the bed. Zelda joined him after putting the lights down, snuggling against his chest.

‘Do you think we should do it, even if we are tired?’, she asked him.

‘We don’t need to prove anything, love’, he raked his fingers through her undone waves, ‘it’s not as if we hadn’t consummated anything’.

She just laughed softly at his words. ‘True’.

‘I wanna enjoy this’, he tightened his embrace, ‘Us, sleeping peacefully, together, in our home, for the first time’.

‘I am already doing it’, she hummed delighted, in a sleepy tone. ‘You are so warm’.

‘Goodnight, wifey’, he gave her a peck on the lips.

‘Goodnight, husband’, she hummed, both quickly drifting to sleep.


Well, yesterday I did a thing. Specifically, tested with GM for the next advancement in my black belt, brown sash.

Not only was I able to test with my kung fu brother (the gentlemen that looks like he’s pondering how best to slice my arm off with a broadsword) but I was also able to watch as several high ranking sifus tested. Definitely a treat to see that much experience on display.

After the ceremonies, Grandmaster left us with an important reminder: rank doesn’t matter - practice matters. Rank is a motivational tool and not a marker of success. Never stop practicing and never stop growing.

Still facepalming at every idiot who’s all ‘omg Rey is going to the dark side!!!!’ based on her clothing.

She looks like a freaking Jedi, guys. She’s predominantly in very classic off-whites and browns – the darkest item of clothing she wears is brown – plus the grey sash/scarf thingy that might signify possibly adopting the Grey Jedi philosophy from Luke.

Entry #30 -- Frost

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The snow made her so horribly nostalgic.

Clad in a brown tunic, a sash of green about her shoulders to keep in the warm, she wandered the fringes of the North Shroud, her boots crunching softly underfoot.  With every breath, she could taste the frost.  Its sharpness, its passion.  It tasted like home.  When her eyes closed, she saw the campfires of her people, heard the sound of their voices, felt the Coerthan wind brush over her.  

It had been a lifetime ago.  The years had changed her.  

Her gloved fingers touched the branches, knocking dust-like snow from them.  Vesper craned her neck back to stare up at the light snowfall, her nostrils puffing out hot wisps.  On days like this, she cherished a walk in the forest, alone in her thoughts.  The serenity it granted soothed her soul.

It occurred to her suddenly that she was not alone.  An ear turned in his direction, her head moving just a split-second after.  Emerald eyes fell upon the man standing yards away, his body framed by berry bushes, his cutting amber irises contrasting against the bleak white wonderland.  She looked at him for a long while, staring at the parts of him that seemed familiar– his stance, his nose, his eyes, the twitch of a smile on his mouth.  Part of her withered, turning to frost.  Her hand moved to her dagger’s hilt, but did not draw it.

“Who are you?” She asked him.

He did not reply.  Instead, he rubbed his eyes, stumbling a step back.  A cough resonated from him, and even the way he breathed seemed so familiar.  His movements were a tad jarred, unwell.  Like a struck deer.

“Uhhh…” The serenity of the forest was lost.  She took a step forward, reaching a hand out to him though something told her to stay away.  His white hair fell into his eyes, obscuring features of his face.  Vesper called out, “Are you okay?”

He did not speak.  Instead, he held up his hands in warning.  Her eyes darted about, searching for any possible attacker.  The fur on her tail began to rise.  He coughed more and staggered backwards into the trunk of a tree, dousing himself in snow.  But he did not seem to care.  Instead, he turned and fled into the woods.  

Vesper made after him, running a few paces before her sides began to ache.  Her wounds from her days in captivity were still healing and she slowed to a halt, leaning against a tree.  His footprints continued on in the snow… She watched them go for a few moments, then resolved herself to inform the Adders.  It loathed her to take it easy, but she knew a certain group of misfits that would be most cross with her if she had opted to go off on another adventure.  Especially without them.

He seemed so familiar… I know I’ve seen him before…

It did not strike her until she had reached Fallgourd Float.  The wedding. She had seen him at Alfeaux and Jeremias’s wedding.   But what was he doing out in the wilderness by himself?  And why had he been acting that way?  She frowned.  Troubling… most troubling…

Closed RP with @Applejack-and-daxter

A late night arrives on the farm of Sweet Apple Acres, with silence filling the air!  However, complete peace didn’t accompany it as three unknown figures approach the farm from the orchard.  They tip-toe their way to the side of the structure while ensuring the coast was clear before stepping into the moonlight.  All three were raccoons; One of them wearing a long-sleeve white polyester-shirt with back-strap holsters, his fur being a golden-brown.  Another, having your average grey raccoon fur color with a black long shirt and skull cap, the typical burglar attire.  The third one wore a white-hooded robe stopping above the knees and a brown sash around the hips.  His fur color was a natural raccoon brown, judging by his tail, and mouth, which were the only exposed parts of his body..  

“Okay, so now that we got the recon done, we know now that there’s only one inhabitant in this house.  So, let’s revise the plan: I climb up to the bedroom window, Rufus, you keep a lookout for anyone, and Saeb, you occupy our host!”  The long-shirt instructs, Rufus being the guy in black and Saeb being the hooded one nodding together in agreement.  Rufus moves away to the top of the barn, to get a better view of the area to scope out, while Saeb slithers in through the kitchen window after picking the lock.  Drake begins climbing the wall of the home, progressing towards Applejack’s bedroom window.  Once everyone was in position, Drake speaks through his earpiece to the others.  “Alright, we should be all good now.  Saeb, begin the diversion when ready!”  He signals.  In the kitchen, Saeb takes a metal pot and drops it on the floor, which makes a loud thundering boom that echoed throughout the house and rang his ears!  Quick to hide, the hooded raccoon quickly attaches himself to the ceiling just beside the stairway to prevent detection!


@kylemaddigen - [Little Red Riding Hood AU, based from this post]

Hanzo’s sharp, golden eyes - underscored by angular red lines tattooed on his cheeks, matching the pattern on his left arm - scanned the trees as he sniffed the air, black lupine ears flicking in search of unusual sounds.
His dark hair hung in thick, twin braids down to his waist, with a somewhat wild but close-cut beard framing his mouth. He wore a dark green sleeveless gi belted with a brown sash, a pair of loose quilted tawny pants that stopped at the knee with cinched hems, and strips of leather wrapped around his lower legs and arches. Half his father’s wolfskin was draped on his shoulders, ends tucked into the neckline of his gi. An archer’s glove covered his right hand and forearm; both his bow and a quiver of arrows were slung on his back.
He had been sent, as usual, to scout the area around his clan’s hideout for any of that accursed huntsman’s allies. As a mutt, the result of a frivolous encounter between his father and a human woman, this was part of Hanzo’s duty. He could not transform or fight as a werewolf should, so better to make things easier for the ‘real’ members of the clan.

Hanzo went suddenly, utterly still when he heard an unfamiliar sound, ears standing at attention. His eyes reflected the moonlight in flashes as he searched for the sound’s source, and his hands flexed in case he needed to reach for his bow.
“Who is there?” he called, soft but clear. “Show yourself.”


“You look like you could use this *hands over jet*

More progress pics! I got the blue undercoat done and the shirt done. All I need is a proper red coat, a brown belt, a flag sash and then roll in dirt for a while, maybe make a few holes here and there…

I’m pretty proud of this shirt though. Fuck Ruffles and his shirt. I dunno how it even works.