brown rust

End, Day 1.

I want to slick the edges of the mouth to make it feel more weathered. Am really itching to dye this, but I want to wait for the initial molding to dry 100%. I’ll test dyes on my scrap piece tomorrow. Am thinking of starting with yellow and then layering browns and rusts.

So far, I’ve learned I will need to wear a bald cap, after all. No biggie. I’ve also learned that this mask size seems like it will work just fine – it should be a bit stretched out on my face and that’s exactly what happens when I put it on.

crowtoed helped me find some great “bubble” cotton gauze. Once I buy it, I’ll tea-stain and wash for weathering. I still need to get a wig, but that’ll have to wait until after shatterdomeatl


Two new hats that I made in preparation for the Steampunk Weekend in Gothenburg at the end of the month! 

As usual, they need names so all suggestions are very much appreciated! :)