brown recluse zine distro


“Zine culture is not white culture. D.I.Y. culture is not white culture. Punk is not inherently white culture. So in the spirit of resistance, in the spirit of visibility and in the spirit of celebrating our cultures and intersectionality: Brown Recluse Zine Distro.”

We have all different kinds of zines (personal zines, political zines, DIY how-to zines) abt all sorts of stuff: racism, gender, sexuality, punk, sex work, feminism, addiction, recovery, harm reduction, anarchism, racism, teaching, self care, antioppression wok, accountability, herbalism, food, traditions, mental health, community activism, traveling, touring, bands, accountability processes, parenting, &more!

we’re open to all sorts of stuff! our criteria is p loose but we have an especially HARD NO to anything that includes hateful content towards trans folks, sex workers, and/or substance users.

please share this CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS far & wide!!

looking forward to continuing to support black & brown zine writers ❤️


Brown Recluse Zine Distro Updates and Travel Treasures

Hey Everyone!
So I am finally feeling a little more recovered from tour and ready to
update you all with all of the awesome zines that I picked up from POC
Zine Project tour members and rad folks that I met along the way as
well as new projects that BRZD will begin.

BRZD will be adding the following zines to the distro within the next
week! Descriptions need to be written and pictures taken! As soon as
they are available I will be making an announcement.

Fix My Head #3 and #4 (co-edited by Osa Atoe), Always Was and Always
Will Be Aboriginal Land, The Swan The Vulture #3 and #4 all written by
Anna Vo, touring member of POC Zine Project.

Panocha Platicas: A Guide to Healing Sex & Sexuality in Community,
from the Chula Doula table ran by Pati Garcia.

#Art Life: Musings abd Advice from a Queer Activist of Color, Art
School is Hell and We Are Not White Lesbians all written by Nia King,
touring member of POC Zine Project.

Philosophactivism written by Toi Scott, touring member of the POC Zine Project.

Slander written and compiled by Mimi Thi Nguyen, touring member of the
POC Zine Project.

BRZD will also be launching a crowd-funding campaign before the end of
the month to help us reach the following goals. Brown Recluse ZineDistro is seeking support for a few reasons.

The first goal is to continue to buy and print zines to keep the distro well stocked and affordable. BRZD wants to remain an affordable and accessible project to everyone.

The second goal is to make a paper catalog available for free to increase accessibility to folks who do not have access to the internet.

The third goal is to make the entire catalog available to prisoners for free.

The fourth goal is to be able to help folks set up zine libraries in communities that serve People of Color. This means sending one copy of every zine in the catalog to existing zine libraries or those starting zine libraries nationally and internationally.

All funds garnered from this crowd-funding campaign will be applied directly to meeting these goals. For updates on new additions to the distro and for the kick off of the crowd funding campaign follow us on Tumblr, Facebook (coming soon), or check out the website!

Thanks for your continued support and signal boosting!