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Quality moments from Bananaz

Bc I’m re-watching it and in case you needed convincing that you should watch/re-watch it too

  • Opening with a excerpt from a zombie movie like what else
  • Jamie not liking the layout of his hotel room
  • Damon laughing at Jamie’s pain
  • Damon referring to himself as a ‘really good boy’
  • “I know the guy who invented all of that (American Idol etc)…he’s got so much money and all it’s given him is a slight weight problem and really, really, really orange skin”
  • Damon failing multiple times to catch a cigarette in his mouth
  • “Who the fuck is Paula”
  • “And Damon said “you’re always drawing stuff like that” (‘17 year old girls with guitars’), and so I just drew a 10 year old”
  • Jamie describing Murdoc as an ugly, snaggle-toothed Satanist
  • Jamie being salty about Damon just being able to come up with ‘great little tunes’ while he’s stuck animating
  • Damon saying that Punk sounds “fucking wicked” and then calling it a ‘nasty track’
  • Damon humping his guitar once standing up, and then getting down on the ground and humping it again
  • Jamie sarcastically asking the camera man if he thinks 2 weeks is enough time to animate a video
  • Damon kissing baby Missy’s head when she tries to grab the lyric sheets out of Ibrahim’s hands
  • “This is extremely important Jamie” Damon says to Jamie. “So important he hasn’t even got any trousers on” says Jamie to the camera as he points at Damon who hasn’t, in fact, got any trousers on
  • Jamie’s genuinely terrifying impression of Murdoc
  • Damon slagging off Americans (I live for it)
  • Nelson fucking around while recording voice lines and reciting dirty limericks
  • Phil’s Murdoc groans that go on for just long enough to make you feel mildly uncomfortable
    • Phil’s exaggerated arm movements while he roars “MELT IT’S FACE”
  • “Damon? It’s the police, they want you to stop playing the fucking flute” ~ Cass Browne, sick of Damon’s shit
  • “I thought this was about showing people what Gorillaz was about? Right then, so I’m going to play my banjo”
  • Damon tellling the story of how Jamie had to start hiding his underwear because Damon kept stealing them and losing them
  • Damon accidentally hanging up in the middle of a fucking interview
    • Then just sitting there and drooling while someone tries to sort it all out
  • “Where is Murdoc and 2D and Russel and Noodle today?” “Well Murdoc is lying inside having a vodka enema with his favourite female nurse at the moment”
  • Jamie not wanting to win an award because he’s too lazy to get up and accept it
  • Damon throwing up right before a show and everyone freezing for a second and having no idea what to do
  • Jamie asking the woman interviewing him where she shops for her lingerie
  • Damon yelling at people for watching him take a shit despite having the fucking door open
  • A 2 second shot of Damon wearing an off-white singlet that no one asked for
  • “Damon, are you wearing lipstick?” “FUCK OFF”
  • Damon staring straight at the camera and getting really close while singing Rockit and making everyone watching mildly uncomfortable
  • “I am relaxed, except for when I’m with you” ~ Jamie Hewlett, done with Damon Albarn’s SHIT
  • Damon’s jar of Feel Good Inc laughs
  • “Castrophonoy”
  • Damon almost throwing up before a show AGAIN
  • Drunk Shaun Ryder feat. lollipop
  • Jamie grabbing and licking the camera
  • Damon being really snarky and sarcastic in an interview
  • Damon getting really annoyed by American children singing the wrong lyrics for Dirty Harry
    • Damon having to explain the lyrics to Dirty Harry and getting increasingly pissed off
  • Then cut to Jamie sitting up in the back of the car and asking “where’s Damon?”, sounding slightly panicked
  • Damon yelling that if everyone keeps farting, he’ll be sick and it’ll mess up his vocals
  • Damon then being a hypocrite and telling everyone to shush, and then farting really loudly

NEW RUSSEL ART‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

If season two had just an overview shot of Mr. Clarke, talking to mikes parents about his tests.

But, only about how he never answers the question eleven or, a problem with the solution eleven.

Mikes parents of course stating that it’s just a teenage phase.

But Mr. Clarke over there like no honey this is weird as shit.

If that happened I would have rolled into my grave.


weird eddsworld doodle dump.. high school edition

i like the idea of tord being super proud of his mullet and thinking it will attract girls and that its the hottest thing. i also like the idea of him dyeing his hair in high school to a darker brown.. maybe a phase or something.. idk.. 


anonymous asked:

Allura’s so gorgeous as a taur OvO Would we ever happen to see Alfor or Honerva as centaurs too?

It’s on the list of Things To Do which keeps growing by the day lmao. For now though, current place of what to expect:

Alfor - silver dapple roan (on black base)
Honerva - Brown (seal) phased out into a medium grey
Haggar - fully phased grey into white. Quintessence done messed up her grey

I’ve just rewatched Last Refuge, and I’m still bummed about the lack of Lisa. 

I know Peyton was working on Frequency, and that’s fine, but consider the alternative. 

Teenage Lisa, who has a huge crush on teenage Mick, a crush which is mutual. Len walking in on the flirting, and dragging her out of the cargo bay. (Len knows Lisa can make her own choices, but Len also knows teenage Mick.) 

Len then leaving her with Ray, because Ray is a goody two shoes, and teenage Lisa liked the bad boys. He’s safe, she’ll think he’s a nerd. Instead Len inadvertently ends her bad boy phase, and starts her “pretty, big brown eyed nerd” phase. 

And oh God, Cisco is his fault. 

I found the post where i discussed this before but it was in an ask, so i’m recreating it and expanding on it.  


Naill was the original one to try out for the X-factor.  He did it on a whim and refused to be in One Direction so he was replaced with his identical brother, Niall, who after watching from the sidelines throughout the tryouts, was already in love with the idea of One Direction and Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn, and could sing and play the guitar.   Instant replacement and voila! One Direction was born.

Naill is currently living in the Irish countryside on his alpaca farm.  He has multiple wives and 12 children all between the ages of 7 and 3 months.  He looks after Niall’s companies in Ireland, and was responsible for when Dublin Records was registered as a farm initially.  You see, he was worried about Niall, who had just broken his neck because of RBB, and was hoping that he could convince him to return to the alpaca farm, or to start a neighboring llama farm.  

So the Niall we knew for the duration of One Direction was incapacitated by his broken neck when they were asked by RBB.  Luckily yet another identical Horan was there and was able to take over for him for the rest of the shows.  Niall’s trip to Asia Jan-March was a cover for his recovery.


In the meantime, the man I call CSM, as we don’t know his real name, the shady man who was responsible for every shady thing they tried to pin on Niall plotted to take his place.  He’s an accomplished liar, he loves pranks, and just might be an actual leprachaun.

CSM is a natural brunette (its how you tell them apart), but he dyed his hair platinum in March 2016 in effort to be Niall.  He used way too much toner.

Ever since that hair disaster he has been phasing the brown in slowly until we ended up with our current way too dark brown haired Niall. (Side note: ombre Niall is the best Niall hairwise).  He is now taunting us with the too dark hair.

So the question is, where is Niall?  is he chained up somewhere? Has he retired to his alpaca/llama farm in Ireland?  Has he recovered from his broken neck? Will we find out the secrets of the multiple Nialls when the album is released?  

And i haven’t even touched on the robot clones…