brown paper package

I have been waiting forever to share this with people who would appreciate it but I had to wait until they went public about it.

SO. On Christmas Eve my brother came over to celebrate Christmas with the family like he always does. My gift is a giant brown paper wrapped package tied with string. I opened it up and SUPRISE

The hard cover harry potter book collection. I have always wanted once since I was removed from my moms house and her boyfriend destroyed my old copies. So this was like, the greatest present ever because it was sooo expensive. So I open it up to bask in its glory when I notice the Chamber of Secrets is turned over. I just thought it was a packing mistake so I go to flip it over and a little blue sock falls out.

And by now I’m like WAIT.

and in the sock is a little note for me.

“We solemnly swear we were up to no good and because we managed to get into some mischief, it looks like you’re finally free to be the best aunt ever!”


I just wanted to share probably the BEST announcement ever with you guys. I am so happy and excited. I have nicknamed it “Dobby” because they are waiting to find out the gender until it’s born. 


Prompt: You gradually fall for Simon

Simon/Reader, Fluff and Smut.

Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content, NSFW

When you’d arrived at the Sanctuary, near starved and desperate for the safety, Simon had been one of the first people you’d met. Even covered in more than a week’s worth of grime, hair slicked back and clothes riddled with what felt like more holes than fabric, he’d still find cause to make a pass at you.

At first you’d thought it must be a wind up, a cruel joke to make you look stupid in front of the others but then he’d waggled his eyebrows and the grin that slotted between his moustache had been nothing but genuine. Road weary and still grieving the loss of your husband you’d given him a flat “no, thank you,” that had only made him chuckle before he shook away the word like water off a duck’s back.

That was six months ago.

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Brown paper packages

Hello, I was wondering if you could write a Newt Scamander X reader fic. Maybe one day his SO comes home with a brand new book that she’s excited to read. But once she starts, she gets itchy and the skin on her face gets red and irritated. Once Newt sees her, he is surprised and tried to help, realizing that the ink and something from the book caused the reaction. Thank you!

Master list

Originally posted by harryismyfirstname

Almost hopping from the emerald flames of the fire, you excitedly peeled away the brown paper that your book had been lovingly wrapped in, desperate to delve into the new wonderful world of its pages, but not before popping open the lid of newts case, poking your head inside and letting him know that you were back safe, his barely audible reply coming from somewhere deep within his own magical world. Just as you were closing the lid, the niffler came flying at you, ‘oh hello, are you going to read with me, mischief?’ you asked the little pest, as it nuzzled into your hand, getting awfully cosy with your wedding band that sat comfortably on your ring finger. 

 Carrying the little creature across to the living room, you settled yourself down in the plush armchair, tucking your legs cosily underneath you, as the light summer breeze whispered through the slightly open window, carrying the scent of freshly washed linen to your nose. You cracked open the book, giddiness shooting through you at the slight cracking sound of the spine, knowing that you were the very first person to read what secrets its pages had to offer.

Snuggling down you began to read, devouring the first chapter like a starving man, fervently flipping your way through several more chapters, only stopping to rub at your eyes or to scratch a seemingly endless itch.

A fumbling sound came from newts study, along with a mumbled ‘bugger’, followed by rushed footsteps. “have you seen the bloody Niffler, darling?’ newt asked as he crawled under the coffee table.  Letting out a light giggle, giving his bum a gentle prod with your foot, you held the niffler up for him, where the oily black creature still sat comfortably in your hand, nuzzling into your wedding band. As newt attempted to wriggle out from underneath the table, banging the top of his head on the edge, he looked up at you, realisation clear in his sea green eyes, quickly being washed away with concern.

“have you been crying love? Are you alright?’ he asked as he leapt up from the floor, to ever so gently cup your cheek, ‘no, I’ve been itchy since I got back, I’m not sure why’ you mumbled as you rubbed at your eyes once more.

Newts brow furrowed, his eyes still full of concern, ‘come here love, I’ll get you something for the itching.’ Offering his calloused work worn hand to you, reluctantly you set your engrossing book down, after slipping a scrap piece of parchment in between the pages to keep your place.

Newt held the lid of his case open for you to climb inside, where you placed the niffler back in his burrow, as newt bustled about his work shed, plucking leaves from an acid green plant, and placing them in a cup of boiling water, waiting slightly impatiently for the tea to infuse.

“the redness is going down, are you still itchy, love?’ he asked, stroking his thumb over your cheek bone, ‘not as much’ you reassured, as he passed the odd smelling tea to you, ‘it’ll make you drowsy, I’m afraid’ he murmured, as you took a quick scolding sip. His brow was still furrowed, before he disappeared back up the rickety steps, leaving you utterly bewildered holding your medicinal foul tasting tea, before hurrying back to your side, book in hand.

“I read an article about a new compound that some printers are using in their ink,’ giving him a slightly odd look you nodded for him to continue, ‘well you could be allergic to it.’ A note of excitement in his voice at his discovery, you nodded once more, not fully taking in what he was saying, as your mind filled with fog.

Newt guided you to the worn armchair that sat in the corner, where he had hand reared countless orphaned creatures, sitting up with them day and night. Settling you down, before covering you with patchwork blanket, placing a chaste kiss to your forehead.

Leaning on his messy counter, he took the parchment from your book, and picked up where you had left off, his soft soothing voice slowly lulling you to sleep.


Have a great day and be safe  


Thirteen Reasons Why | Phan

Summary: Maybe if things had went different for Dan, he would not have felt the need to do what he did. And unfortunately, it’s too late for anyone to change what has happened. But, they can listen to the reasons why everything happened the way it did. -OR- Thirteen Reasons Why AU with Phan

Chaptered Work: This is Tape 1: Side A

Warnings: mentions of suicide, damaging in reputation, and brief mentions of depression. 

Word Count: 4,254

Authors Note: I don’t know if I’m going to get shit over this but honestly, I really enjoyed the book thirteen reasons why and frankly, I enjoyed the show to some degree as well. And I don’t know if it’s because I related completely to Hannah Baker, or if the deeper meaning meant something to me, but I decided I wanted to rewrite it. But with Dan and Phil. The plot line is going to be exactly like that of the book, but with the tapes and some of the same background as the show. And I really hope that this gets the message I want it to across: even if something seems little to you, it can mean the world for someone else.


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anonymous asked:

Hello! Could I request the RFA and the Minor Trio's reaction to finding out the MC is terrified of thunderstorms? MC tries her best to be brave and hide the fact that she's scared, but she gets found out. If you decide to do this, thank you in advance! I really love the way you write these headcanons!

When your internet crashes and everything deletes. Help! Lol, I’m dying inside

Thank you so much! And I’m sorry about this being late, I was working a lot on getting my Masterpost up, as well as school and such. Yeah, not fun. Anyway!!!!! Let us begin!!!


  • He was going to an acting workshop for the day, and it ended up thunder storming about fifteen o’clock (three o’clock in the afternoon)
  • He didn’t think much about it, until fifteen minutes later when you called
  • “Jagi, everything okay? Did the power go out?”
  • “Oh, um nothing! I was just wondering how things were going? But I won’t bug you I just wanted to say hi! Um, have fun and see you later!”
  • Before he could say anything you hung up with a quick and loud burst of static
  • He looked confused for a second, but went back to his workshop
  • When he got home you were no where to be found, all the lights were off, and there was no sound
  • You weren’t in the living room, the bathroom, the kitchen, your room
  • He went into his room and hear a sound from the closet, a sort of sniffling
  • “MC?”
  • He opened the door to find you, curled up on the floor in the very back of the closet, one of his shirts in you lap, your face stroking the blue plaid
  • “MC is everything okay?”
  • You jumped at the sound of his voice and tried to play it off
  • “Oh, oh hi Zen! Yeah, of course everything’s okay! Yeah, just um…”
  • He kneeled down and scooted next to you
  • “Are you sure?”
  • “Oh Zen! I just hate the thunderstorm so much!” You leaned into him
  • Just then a crack of thunder echoed through the room and you jumped, practically diving into his lap
  • “Oh Jagi.” He whispered affectionately, before scooping you up and petting your hair and you tightened your arms around him
  • Singing in your ear he decided to try something
  • “Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.”
  • You jerked your head up at the familiar words and he smiled
  • “Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens”
  • “Brown paper packages tied up with strings” You replied softly
  • “These are a few of my favorite things” You two sang together, before erupting into giggles
  • He carried you to the living room, popped in “The Sound of Music” and you two spent the night to beautiful music, humming along to your favorite tunes
  • It ended up being a good night


  • He actually didn’t mind thunderstorms
  • To him they were quite calming
  • Unfortunately, you didn’t think the same way
  • It started thunder storming quite loudly one summer night and you bolted up out of sleep
  • Yoosung heard a small creak of the floorboards
  • “MC?” He asked groggily
  • “Yoosung, it’s really loud, do you, do you think it will pass soon?”
  • Yoosung sat up, reaching his arms out to you
  • “You okay?”
  • You accepted and ran over to him
  • He wrapped his arms around your back and you nuzzled up close to his chest, happy for the second body
  • It didn’t matter how muggy it was, or the weather outside, you two were happy to be in your small cocoon together
  • The next day it was still raining
  • Thankfully it was Saturday so Yoosung didn’t go to class
  • He managed to convince you to walk to the bookstore with you, despite you jumping forward every time you saw a flash of lightning in the distance
  • You picked out a book, as did he
  • “Here MC! A book about thunderstorms! That was you can study about it so you won’t be so scared!”
  • You thanked him gratefully
  • Outside you two walked home hand in hand, close under the umbrella
  • You didn’t feel as bad
  • And right before you two hit the house you gave him a quick peck on the cheek
  • He blushed thoroughly as did you lightly
  • You nuzzled up to him and he felt like the luckiest person alive


  • She sort of had her suspicions
  • You were always jumpy when it was stormy out
  • She figured
  • She was getting ready to go grocery shopping when it started thunder storming
  • Hard!
  • “I’m going out MC, see you in a bit!”
  • “But Jaehee it’s storming outside!” You jumped up quickly
  • “MC, are you okay?” She asked in reply, “You seem kinda antsy.”
  • “It’s just, well, I, I really hate thunder storms, I mean, what if you get struck by lightning!” You reddened slightly at this admission
  • Jaehee just smiled, despite herself
  • Kissing you softly your cheeks flushed again
  • “Want to come with me?”
  • You began to shake your head, but ended up agreeing
  • At the store you were on edge the whole time
  • Staring out towards the tinted windows, jumping at any sound the came from it
  • Jaehee noticed this, so decided to buy ice cream for the both of you
  • You went home and had it for desert
  • “MC you have some on your cheek.”
  • “Ahh! I’ll get it!!”
  • “No, it’s okay, I’ll do it for you.”
  • By the end you were so red and distracted to notice the storms ;)
  • Hehehehehehehe


  • Jumin was unfazed by everything
  • Including weather
  • There could be a tornado on fire outside and he’d still be in his office, looking up the highest quality cat back scratcher products on sale
  • You, unfortunately, were much less like that
  • It was storming especially bad outside
  • And you were pacing around the whole house nervously
  • Jumin was at a conference, but came home early
  • Right as the power went out
  • He hear you shriek and ran over to make sure you weren’t hurt
  • He found you tangled in your sheet
  • “Jumin!”
  • He couldn’t help but laugh at that picture, but you were wriggling in frustration
  • Untangling you he realized you were shaking slightly
  • “Are you okay” He asked, voice full of worry
  • You held onto his shirt
  • “T-thunderstorm” You whispered softly
  • He smiled again, wrapping you in a big bear hug
  • You were swept up to your feet with a slight gasp of surprise
  • He put on a CD and you two danced around the room, the light of the moon being the only possible chance for you to see
  • It was altogether very relaxing
  • He knew just how to make you feel better


  • He was typing up on the computer, half buried in his thoughts, trying desperately to ignore you
  • When the first crack of thunder sounded
  • You were lying on the couch, huddled up, trying to ignore the person in the same apartment as you, the bomb, everything, when the sound made you jump up and run for the hills
  • At first you ran to talk to him, but when you saw him you had a moment of recognition, and instead headed towards your room
  • He heard sniffs, and his first instinct was to run towards you, but he forced it down
  • But when it didn’t stop for five minutes he gave up
  • “MC?!” He ran around the house, trying to locate the sound, which seemed to echo everywhere
  • Finally bursting into your room, knocking be damned, he saw you surrounded by blankets, pillow in your arm, sniffling
  • A flash of lightning passed, and you burrowed deeper into the pillow
  • “Hey.”
  • You jumped when he went behind you and put a hand on your head
  • You turned to see him crush you in a big hug
  • You were still slightly shaking, choosing to wrap yourself around him, arms tightly around his neck
  • He kept stroking your hair and you kept holding on tightly
  • “I’m sorry.”
  • You looked at him in disbelief after hearing those words
  • “I’m sorry MC, I need to stop pushing you away. You’ve done so much for me, and I’ve done nothing to help you.”
  • You nodded at those words, leaning into him once more
  • “That’s all I’ve ever wanted to hear.”
  • He held you closer, determined to never let you go like he had before
  • He was blind, so he didn’t care much about it
  • But you hated the lightning
  • One time you two were driving home and a huge flash sparked across the sky, like ones in pictures in meteorology books
  • He noticed you stopped talking, but thought you just wanted to focus
  • You were gritting your teeth the whole way
  • When you two got home you excused yourself and V sat down on the couch
  • He noticed you were gone for a very long time, so he went to look for you
  • “MC?” He called out to you
  • Stepping into the bathroom he heard you
  • Even though he was practically blind he could still see that there was not nearly enough light in the bathroom to be normal
  • “MC, are you okay?” He asked worriedly
  • He heard sharp rustling, and almost sighed in relief when you pressed yourself against him
  • “Yeah, it’s just, well I really hate the lightning in thunder storms, but I shouldn’t bother you.”
  • “MC, don’t be ridiculous.” He kissed you lightly on the forehead
  • “It doesn’t matter what, if you are distressed about something then it’s not a bother to me.”
  • Scooping you up, he was very good at carrying bridal style, he brought you to couch and turned on Outlander
  • He knew you loved it, besides the music was very relaxing to him
  • You fell asleep to the sound of Scots running around the pastoral lands of Scotland
  • V was glad you could get your mind off the lightning


  • Let’s face it this boy would not care at all about thunder storms
  • So, when you acted jumpy around it he would always say with disbelief;
  • “MC are you really scared of some thunder?”
  • And you would say no, trying not to dive under the table for fear of the winds whipping about outside
  • He didn’t understand how someone could be scared of it, and let’s face it, despite your every effort he knew you were scared
  • He felt like he shouldn’t care
  • It’s just a storm
  • But one night you were especially nervous, and no one was home
  • Saeran was outside, walking along the beach like he would sometimes, when it began thunder storming
  • Walking a bit farther, he finally turned back and began to walk home
  • When he got home you were pacing in the kitchen
  • You jumped when he got it, completely soaked to the bone
  • “Saeran are you okay?”
  • “Yeah MC why wouldn’t I be?”
  • “Oh, no reason.” You looked away, and began to walk to get Saeran a towel
  • When you came back Saeran was sitting on the couch
  • You gave him the towel, just as thunder sounded and you flinched
  • “MC, really, are you okay?” He asked
  • “Y-Yeah.”
  • “No, seriously.” He pulled you down onto his lap, and ignoring his sopping clothes you wrapped your arms around him. “Look MC, please tell me.”
  • “Well, I know that you don’t really care, and that it doesn’t bug you, but I really, I really hate thunderstorms.” You buried your face in his shoulder, trying to avoid eye contact
  • He pulled your chin up gently, and could see you were shaking slightly
  • Kissing you gently he picked you up and carried you to the bathroom
  • You looked confused and he replied; “Due to my carelessness you are sopping. Care to join me in the bath?”
  • You blushed profusely, but nodded slightly
  • “And don’t worry MC,” he added, “I don’t care if you hate thunderstorms, if you really hate them then I will make sure that they will never bug you.”
  • Hugging you tighter he put you by the side of the tub
  • You two had fun in the bath, and Saeran finally knew what it was like to worry about someone
  • They honestly didn’t notice
  • Vanderwood we love you, but you’re super dense
  • You didn’t even have to hide it, they wouldn’t realize it
  • But during the summer when there was a string of huge storms, they had a chance to realize
  • The first day you dealt with it, but by the second night you were practically running around screaming
  • When you had to go out to the grocery store you practically rammed your cart into some random stranger
  • It was a draining day
  • When you got home there was no Vanderwood in sight
  • And when an especially bad part hit you dove under the table
  • Vanderwood was practically dead on their feet
  • “MC?” They called out, but there was no answer
  • Looking around they finally found you
  • “MC? Tell me, what’s wrong?!”
  • “Thunderstorms.” You replied, barely over a whisper
  • They nodded, as if processing the whole thing, then coaxed you out from under there and sat you on the table
  • “I’m going to cook tonight, Ratatouille?”
  • You nodded shyly, they knew exactly what your favorite food was
  • After dinner there was cuddling, and Vanderwood made sure you didn’t notice outside
  • You were very grateful

Yay! Updated it!

Birthday Boy (Ross fluff):

Wasn’t going to post anything, but I’m snowed in and Ross turned 20. Holy fuck. Hope you enjoy! xx

It felt like I’ve known him my whole life. He knows how I like my coffee with just milk, and he likes his with just milk and two sugars. He knows that rubbing my back at night helps me fall asleep within minutes, and I know running my hands through his hair made him relax and give in. He knew that I wasn’t close to my family growing up, and did everything in his will power to make me feel like I had a place. Brought me to concerts, family occasions, and vacations. He made me feel like I belonged, and on his birthday I just wanted to thank him.

I roll onto my back and see Ross sound asleep only a few centimeters away. His arm was around my waist still, and his cheek was pressed amongst the pillow. His hair was wild from last nights activities after going out, but he looked so peaceful. Las Vegas for shows was his dream. He felt like they really achieved something- and well, he loved the city and nightlife. It was different than the beach and lounge vibes we were used to. It was exciting and non-stop.

He lets out a yawn and pulls my body against his. He rests his face in the crook of my neck, and his thumb brushed against my hip. I run my fingers through his wild blonde locks, and press my lips against the crown of his head. “Good morning, birthday boy.”

“Just a few more minutes.” He mumbles against my skin.

“Okay.” I say quietly with a smile. “Happy Birthday.”

“Thank you.” He says before drifting back to sleep for a half hour. I texted Rocky asking for him to order us breakfast and have it sent to our the room.

Today I didn’t plan much.They weren’t going to have sound check till 3, and then meet and greets so I had him to myself for the morning and afternoon. We were going to eat breakfast, and I was going to give him his presents. And then a long soak in the tub was a must.

I hear a knock on the door and I press my lips against Ross’s forehead before escaping from his hold. I slide on a pair of sweatpants and one of Ross’s white shirts before walking to the hotel door. I thank the employee after her wheels the cart into our room, and he said someone would be back for it later today. I thank him once more before shutting the door behind me.

“You didn’t have to.” I hear him say from the bed. I roll my eyes before wheeling the cart to the bed and see him sitting up and sliding a pair of boxers on.

“It’s your birthday! You’re so old!” I say with a giggle.

“Hey!” He says throwing a pillow at me playfully. I giggle and set the two trays in front of us. Eggs, french toast, fruit, coffee and orange juice. Perfect. We eat in silence, his head resting against my shoulder. He was awfully cuddly this morning, but I wasn’t complaining. After winter break I was going back to school, and he was going back on the road. I spent my Christmas with his family, and would fly to San Diego to spend the rest of break with my uncle.

“I love you.” He says after taking a sip of his coffee. “You’re so good to me.”

“You’ve showed me the world, Ross.” I say with a smile talking about our summer together. I worked on my blog, and traveled the world with him. Spent most nights in English bars and venues, and during the day my hand glued to his as we explored.

“Are those wrapped presents I see over there?” He asks picking up his head and looked over at two presents under the Christmas tree that was still in the hotel room. I nod my head and nudge him to go get them. He grabs the two packages. “One is heavy.”

I roll my eyes moving the trays back to the carts and sit back against the headboard.

“Which one first?” He asks turning to look at me. He sat at the foot of the bed across from me with an eager smile on his face.

“Not the heavy one.” I say with a wink, “Save that one for last.”

“Okay.” He says with a smile before opening the brown paper packaged hockey jersey.My roommate’s dad is the coach of the LA Kings, and I managed to sweet talk him into making a costume hockey jersey with Ross’s name on the back of it. It was signed by everyone on the team and I knew he would be over the moon about it.

“How did-what.” He says with large eyes. “You’re the best.”

“I know.” I say with a smile. He leans over and presses his lips against mine. I kiss him back before playfully pushing him away to open the last one.

“This one is from my uncle and I.” I say crossing my arms against my chest waiting for the yells of excitement to escape his lips. He unwraps the paper and sees a white guitar case. He furrows his eyebrows together and opens the case and sees a white, white pearl and gold detailed fender in the case.

“YOU DIDN’T.” He yells looking over at me. I nod my head with a smile causing him to pounce at me and he pressed kisses all over my face before passionately kissing my lips. I cup his face in my hands and kiss him back with all the love I had for him.

He pulls away and looks down at me with tears in his eyes. “Thank you.”

I wipe away the tears that managed to escape and kiss him onces more. “Test it out while I get the bath ready.”

“I love you so much, baby.” He says kissing me once more before unpinning me and carries the guitar to the living room part of he room.

I smile to myself and walk to the bathroom. Happy Birthday, baby.

It occurs to Jean right then, as he holds the ugly scarf under the table wrapped in the same brown paper as his mother’s package, that no one cares if it’s ugly.

Fic:  Wrapped up Tight 

Thanks to @crowcalled for this prompt for Marco’s birthday!  A collaboration between @flecksofpoppy and me.

Of biscuits and blessings

Based on “Imagine courting Fili and being nervous that Dis will not approve of you” from ImaginexHobbit

Requested by @gothamsiren99


The lanes and thoroughfares of Erebor were bustling with activity, and you held your head high to greet everyone who acknowledged you with a nod or a smile as you passed, despite the tingling hum of your nerves and the clamminess of the hand that Fili held in his strong, sure grasp.

“I wonder if I should have brought the biscuits after all,” you fretted suddenly, glancing to the brown paper-wrapped package in your free hand, and Fili frowned.

“Why not? She’ll love them.”

“But it’s such a simple gift, and they’ll only remind her that I’m just a baker.”

The beads that adorned his braided mustache glinted in the light when he shook his head. “You must remember, Mum’s not led the life of the pampered princess,” he assured you. “Everyone worked hard in Ered Luin. If I brought home some dwarf lord’s spoiled daughter who didn’t know flour from talcum powder, she’d box my ears.”

You giggled, though the pattering of your heart quickened as Fili saluted the guard who stood at the entrance to the royal halls and led you down the long corridor. He drew up before an ornately carved oaken door, but showed no hurry to knock, instead stopping to slip his arms around your waist and smile warmly on you.

“Don’t worry,” he said soothingly. “It’ll be fine.”

With a steadying sigh, you nodded, distractedly smoothing the collar of his coat over his chest, though you confessed, “I want so badly for her to like me.”

Fili’s kiss was soft on your forehead, and his gaze was full of encouragement. “She’ll love you…as I love you,” he promised, brushing your lips with his own before adding, low and yearning, “and when the time comes, if you’ll have me, I know she’ll be proud to call you daughter.”

A smile brightened your anxious face and your hand strayed to the coarse, golden hair of his beard as your lips sought his again, fervently this time, his arms encircling you more securely and your eyes falling closed in bliss until, with the click of a lock, the oaken door opened and the Lady Dis stood on the threshold with a surprised expression, taking in the sight of you in her son’s arms.

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Round Two: Week 9

This week’s topic is…

“Brown paper packages tied up with string…”

Our OTP is finally married!!!! Now that we’ve all enjoyed our front row seat for the wedding, what gift did you bring the lovely couple? A knife block? That set of whiskey tumblers? A two week cruise? Feel free to get creative.

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Kissed Often

Request: suho and number 10 please! :)))

10) Your bias confesses to you.

Member: Exo’s Suho x Y/N

Type: Fluff

My feet hit the hardwood floor at the same time as the door buzzer rang. It was the second time this evening that it went off, but the first that it wasn’t accompanied by a solid thud into my mail slot. 

I had been receiving odd mail today and it was honestly beginning to unsettle me. 

It began this morning…

I walked into my office building, the usual weekend drag propelling me forward. I had an inner dialogue long since launched about how much more I needed the money that came along with this job than the aggravation it brought me. 

“Mail call,” my office mate cooed, setting a carefully wrapped brown package on my desk. 

“I didn’t order anything,” I muttered, picking it up and flipping it over. Sure enough it was addressed to me. Whatever it was was covered in thin, brown paper, wrapped in twine. 

“Well,” my coworker asked, not leaving her position by my desk. “Are you going to open it?”

I heaved a sigh and plopped into my desk chair, setting my things down and picking up the package instead. The twine slipped from my fingers and off of the paper, quickly unpacking itself. I flipped over what seemed to be a novel and stared completely confused at the cover. 

“Wuthering Heights,” I whispered, shaking my head. It was one of my favorite romance classics. I squinted, noticing a thin ribbon placed in the book. I flipped the pages to what was marked and was surprised to see a passage highlighted. 

“He shall never know I love him; and that, not because he’s handsome, but because he’s more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made out of, his and mine are the same,” I read along quietly. 

“Creeeeepy,” my coworker chuckled, picking up her coffee and continuing to her desk. 

“Mail call,” my coworker giggled again around noon. 

“Yah,” I grumbled, shooting her a dirty look as she sat another brown papered package on top of my keyboard. “Who is giving you these?”

“The mail room,” she laughed, sitting back down at her  desk and shooting a glance my way. She sipped on her water patiently, waiting for me to open the package. 

“This is weird,” I grumbled, stopping what I was doing to pick up the new novel-sized package. I ripped at the paper carelessly this time, flipping over the cover to see another novel I knew well, greeting me. 

I looked to my coworker who continued to stare back at me. 

“Anna Karenina,” I sighed, showing her the cover. I flipped to the bookmarked section in this one, reading the highlighted section. “I’ve always loved you, and when you love someone, you love the whole person, just as he or she is, and not as you would like them to be.”

“Are you in a drama right now?” my coworker giggled, shaking her head. 

“This isn’t funny,” I huffed, slamming the book on top of the other. 

After walking the five long blocks home, clutching my bag to me anxiously, and therefore the books I had grown perplexed by, I finally reached my apartment. As soon as the door shut, I was locking it and slid my back up against it, heaving a sigh. My buzzer made me jump as I heard a plop on the hardwood directly to my left. To my dismay, I looked over to the area of floor beneath my mail slot and my breath caught. 

Another book wrapped in brown met my gaze. 

I turned around quickly, pressing my eye against the peephole. No one stood on my doorstep. 

I avoided it for a few minutes, continuing my daily activities that I normally did upon arriving home. Eventually I had run out of chores to do, and met the book once again. I grabbed it, sitting on the couch and tore the paper. Dangerous Liasons by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos stared back at me. 

I swore that I couldn’t breath. This was one of my ultimate books, and an absolute favorite. 

“Now I’m going to deny that I was aware of your beauty. But the point is, this has nothing to do with your beauty. As I got to know you, I began to realize that beauty was the least of your qualities. I became fascinated by your goodness. I was drawn in by it.” I read aloud, even though no one was there. My heart beat quickly as I shut the cover again. 

I jumped as the buzzer rang again, a soft knock following it. 

I crossed my living room slowly, feeling like I had gone completely mad. The sound of my heart pumped in my ears and I could hear myself breathing. I looked into the peep hole to see someone standing there. It was a man with his back turned, but he seemed familiar, the arc of his shoulders, his stance. I knew him, and I was overwhelmed with emotion as I pulled open the door. 

“Junmyeon,” I breathed. 

He spun, a small smile on his face, but an even bigger smile in his eyes. He was holding a book in his hands which he extended out to me. I took it from him carefully, looking up at him as I saw the title. 

“It was you all along?” I whispered. He continued to stand still, not giving me any kind of signal. 

“Turn to the marked page,” he smiled, nodding, waiting. 

I opened the cover of Gone With the Wind, flipping quickly to the page that had a bookmark placed in it. 

“You should be kissed and often,” I repeated the words on the page, Suho’s eyes not leaving my face. “and by someone who knows how.”

I looked up at him, and I swore if I could have hearts in my eyes, I would’ve. I liked to imagine Suho sitting in his dorm, scanning these books that had become just as close to him as they had to me, making note of the perfect sections to highlight. 

He continued his smile as he approached me, his lips only centimeters from mine. “I don’t know if I’m the best for the job,” he breathed, analyzing every inch of my face. “But I’d like to try.”

I nodded lightly, not breaking his gaze. His lips met mine and I was surprised at how gentle he was. His narrow fingers slowly met my face, his fingertips brushing against my cheeks. 

My life was no great novel, but it seemed to be turning into quite the romance. 

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simmering-pancakes  asked:

If you feel like it, please respond with five things that make you happy when you get this. Then, send to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously. You never know who might benefit from spreading positivity!❤️

1. Rain drops on roses
2. Whiskers on kittens
3. Bright copper kettles
4. Warm woolen mittens
5. Brown paper packages tied up with string


kittendonut: When you’re having a shitty day and then a LITERAL BROWN PAPER PACKAGE, TIED UP WITH STRING shows up in your mail box.


Zodiac Advent Calendar Day 22: My favourite Christmas songs
  • Aries: Elvis Presley - Here comes Santa Claus
  • "Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus/ Riding down Santa Claus Lane/ He's got a bag that's filled with toys/For boys and girls again/ Hear those sleigh bells jingle jangle/ What a beautiful sight/ Jump in bed and cover up your head/ Because Santa Claus comes tonight."
  • Taurus: Nat King Cole - The Christmas Song
  • "Everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe help to make the season bright/Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow will find it hard to sleep tonight"
  • Gemini: Dean Martin - A Marshmallow World
  • "It's a marshmallow world in the winter/When the snow comes to cover the ground/ It's the time for play, it's a whipped cream day/ I wait for it the whole year round.
  • Those are marshmallow clouds being friendly/ In the arms of the evergreen trees/ And the sun is red like a pumpkin head/ It's shining so your nose won't freeze."
  • Cancer: Bing Crosby - I'll be home for Christmas
  • "I'll be home for christmas/ You can plan on me/ Please have snow and mistletoe/ And presents on the tree/ Christmas eve will find me where the lovelight gleams/I'll be home for Christmas if only in my dreams"
  • Leo: Donny Hathaway - This Christmas
  • "Presents and card are here/ My world is filled with cheer and you/ This Christmas/ And as I look around/ Your eyes outshine the town, they do/ This Christmas/ Fireside is blazing bright/ We're caroling through the night/ And this Christmas, will be/ A very special Christmas, for me"
  • Virgo: Bing Crosby - Silver Bells
  • "City sidewalks, busy sidewalks dressed in holiday style/ In the air there is a feeling of Christmas./ Children laughing, people passing meeting smile after smile/ And on every street corner you'll hear/ Silver bells, silver bells"
  • Libra: Julie Andrews - My Favourite Things
  • "Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens, brown paper packages tied up with strings/These are a few of my favorite things/ Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes/ Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes/ Silver white winters that melt into springs/ These are a few of my favorite things"
  • Scorpio: Elvis Presley - Blue Christmas
  • "And when those blue snowflakes start falling/ That's when those blue memories start calling/ You'll be doin' all right with your Christmas of white/ But I'll have a blue, blue, blue, blue Christmas"
  • Sagittarius: The Ronettes - Sleigh Ride
  • "Our cheeks are nice and rosy/ And comfy and cozy are we/ We're snuggled up together/ Like two birds of a feather would be/ Let's take that road before us/ And sing a chorus or two/ Come on, it's lovely weather/ For a sleigh ride together with you"
  • Capricorn: Bing Crosby - It's Beginning To Look Like Christmas
  • "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas/ Everywhere you go/ There's a tree in the Grand Hotel, one in the park as well/ The sturdy kind that doesn't mind the snow/ It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas/ Soon the bells will start/ And the thing that will make them ring is the carol that you sing/ Right within your heart."
  • Aquarius: Frank Sinatra - Mistletoe and Holly
  • "Oh by gosh, by golly/ It's time for mistletoe and holly/ Tasty pheasants,Christmas presents/ Countrysides covered with snow./ Oh by gosh by jingle/ It's time for carols and Kris Kringle/ Overeating, merry greatings/ From relatives you don't know"
  • Pisces: Frank Sinatra - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  • "Here we are as in olden days/ Happy golden days of yore/ Faithful friends who are dear to us/ Gather near to us once more./ Through the years we all will be together/ If the fates allow/ So hang a shining star upon the highest bough/ And have yourself a merry little Christmas now."