brown paper drawings


Kimball Anderson aka @earnestattempts watching their friend Kitten aka @butwhatisit stream Mass Effect on my pillow pile as the sun went down.  (I love drawing friends ahh!!!)

Aaand “Spectagirl” (SERIOUSLY need a new title…) now has it’s own kawaii bishounen desu…..except not really. This is Aimery D'Coeur. His name means ruler of the heart. Really. And he’s a bit of a derp, as you can see.

Sweet, but a bit scattered and easily distracted. Can’t tell here, but he’s got strawberry reddish hair and freckles. He’s the son of an optician, and makes weird, wacky glasses, and sort of accidentally made the ones that Nayana uses. He’s a bit bowlegged for a reason. More on that later. Also, chains on his glasses and stripey socks. Aimery, sweetheart, you need some fashion intervention.  At least have ARGYLE socks…