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Before I go give writing a shot tonight I thought I’d share another one of those extra NWY ficlets. Have some Shrunkyclunks! :D

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Steve Rogers has a broken faucet.

The Universe clearly doesn’t spare anyone from mundane inconveniences because Steve Rogers, Captain America, man out of time, Avenger, Superhero, has a broken faucet, no toolbox to help him fix it, and currently finds himself needing to borrow his neighbor’s.

The only problem, broken faucet aside, is that his neighbor is kind of cute. Kind of impossibly, right-out-of-a-fairytale cute, and Steve’s about 88% sure they’ve been low-key flirting for at least a month now.

It goes like this:

Steve Rogers finds a beautiful grey Norwegian forest cat chilling atop his sketchpad one day. Her name is Winter, and it looks like she climbed up the fire escape and into his living room from the apartment right below his. When Steve brings her downstairs, her owner greets him with the brightest, most beautiful smile he’s ever seen. “I can’t say I’m surprised she picked your place to break into,” Cute Neighbor says. “She’s always had great taste in men.”

Steve might’ve blushed.

The second time he sees him, Steve’s just getting back from his morning run when he bumps into Cute Neighbor as he steps out of the building, hair up in a bun and a huge, brown newfoundland dog at his heel.

“Oh, hi!” Steve says, probably a tad more cheerful than necessary.

Cute Neighbor looks like he’s still half-asleep, but returns the smile anyway, and introduces himself as Bucky and his cute pup as Hagrid. Steve has a bit of a crush on him already.

“I’m Steve,” he says in turn, and kneels so he can pet Hagrid. It gets him a kiss from the dog, and laugh from his owner. Win win.

“You know, I kinda hate you, Steve…” Bucky tells him then, and for a moment Steve’s face falls, but then Bucky winks at him and goes on. “No one should look as good as you do this fucking early in the morning.”

This time he totally blushes.

The third time he sees him it’s when Bucky comes knocking on his door. He’s smiling sheepishly when Steve opens, looking a bit on edge and holding a small parcel.

“Um… the postman left me this, but I think it’s yours,” he tells him. “It says they’re art supplies?”

“Oh! Y-yes, they’re, um, they’re mine,” Steve answers. “Thanks.”

Bucky shrugs like it’s no big deal, and then shuffles a bit on his feet before asking, “So… Steve Rogers?” Steve winces involuntarily, and Bucky’s quick to hold his palms up. “No, no, it’s okay, I just—I was surprised, s’all. I promise your secret’s safe with me.”

“It’s not…” Steve sighs softly. “I don’t mind people knowing that much, I just… I don’t want anyone treating me differently.”

“Ah well, you don’t gotta worry about that,” Bucky says, smirking. “If the landlord raises my rent cause there’s a famous guy living in the building, I’ll be kicking your ass whether you’re Captain America or not.”

Steve is infinitely thankful to Miss Reyes for picking this exact moment to step out of her apartment across the hall, effectively ending their conversation, because he’s not sure what he might’ve done about his racing pulse otherwise. Bucky shoots him one last reassuring smile and a “See you around, Stevie,” and offers to help Miss Reyes down the stairs.

He’s run into Bucky another three times, and the man has been just as charming and gorgeous every single one.

Steve really, really wants to ask him out.

Hence the nerves while standing at Bucky’s door, even if his reason for being here is entirely different. He takes a steadying breath before knocking, and after a few seconds Bucky opens the door. His face seems to light up when he sees Steve.

“Stevie!” he greets him. “What’s up?”

“Hi,” Steve says, unable to hold back his smile upon seeing him. “Listen, I was, um, I was wondering whether I could borrow a wrench? My faucet broke.”

Bucky doesn’t reply right away, just eyes him for a few moments, and then, eyebrow raised and an amused smile on his lips, he asks, “You’re friends with Tony Stark and you have to borrow your neighbor’s wrench?”

And yeah, okay, Steve should’ve seen that one coming. It does sound an awful lot like a half-assed excuse, and if Steve’s bathroom wasn’t currently such a huge mess he totally would’ve run with the chance to flirt with him. But.

Steve opens his mouth but his face alone must be pathetic enough to make Bucky believe him, because before he even gets to say anything, the man’s expression instantly changes, and he says, “Just gimme a sec, I don’t know where my toolbox is. I’ll be right over.”

“Thank you!” Steve tells him, almost reverentially. “I’ll leave the door open.”

Not even 3 minutes later Bucky’s letting himself into Steve’s apartment and meeting him in the flooded mess that’s currently his bathroom, toolbox in hand and looking like he’s trying really hard not to laugh at Steve’s predicament.

“I can’t believe this is really happening…” he says as he hands him the wrench.

“What, you thought it was an excuse to get you to come over?” Steve asks, too focused on what his hands are doing to stop to think about his words. “Cause I might be 99 years old, but I totally could’ve come up with something better. Sexier.”

“I just meant it’s hard to believe that someone like Captain America could find himself in this situation,” Bucky says playfully. “But I don’t know what to tell you, man. Your shirt is soaking wet, it can’t get much sexier than that.”

It takes Steve two seconds to fully process what they both just said.

It takes him another second to blush down to his toes, which seems to just be the effect Bucky naturally has on him, really.

It takes them less than a week to start officially dating.

Virgil the (Semi-)Friendly Ghost

Second Thing’s Second: Part two is here!

Whole Story Summary: Patton Sanders has finally moved into his new apartment, only to learn that the room upstairs isn’t as vacant as it seems. With his new neighbors and friends, Logan and Roman, Patton meets the spectral squatter, not quite prepared for the spectrum of events to come.  

Chapter Summary: Patton’s the new kid in the apartment complex, and new neighbor Roman is more than willing to help him with anything, be it moving boxes or getting acquainted with local lore. His other neighbor, Logan, is less than enthused with his hallmate’s theatrics. 

Chapter Characters: Patton (Thompson), Roman (Sanderson), Logan (Foley)

Pairnings: None explicitly stated, but I imagine ships could be read into some of their interactions.

Warnings: mentions of throwing up and drunkenness; a little bit of yelling and arguing; a tiny bit of spook (?) 

Word Count: 2052

Tags: @ssides @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @pantasticpanini

A/N: So, I saw a text post from @thoselittlesandersides (I believe; sorry if I’m wrong) about a Moxiety AU where Virgil haunts Patton. I also just blew through @pirate-patton ‘s “The Haunting of Thomas Sanders,” so I’m feelin’ real spooky and angsty right now. I really love this AU concept for some reason, so I might write my own take on Thomas being haunted in the future. Or something else. We’ll see. ANYWAY here’s this one.

After 2 years and a couple of shortfalls, Patton had finally found it: the perfect apartment for him.

It was spacious, but not too roomy, with one bedroom, one bathroom, a full-sized kitchen, a small dining room, and a cozy living area, all for an affordable price. The medium-sized Florida town was a great place for a young man like him to get a fresh start, far enough away from the stress and stench of college dorms that he finally felt like a real, new man. The only issue was, it was also far enough away from his home town that his parents and siblings couldn’t help him unpack, and he’d feel horrible if they had to take off work just to help him move some boxes and things. It wasn’t his fault that the landlord was insistent he move in on a Tuesday, but you take what you can get, sometimes. Patton, however, had it good, as far as he was concerned.

He stood beside the U-Haul he’d rented, gazing up at the eight-level apartment building for a moment before reaching back into the truck’s cab to grab a box of his most precious items. He inhaled deeply, set a smile on his face, and slammed the door shut as he approached his new home.

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anonymous asked:

can you make "dating thor would include" headcanon thanks

i’ve never done this before, so i tried my best!!

dating thor would include…

  • Date nights consisting of cuddling on the couch (thor is super into cuddling) and watching movies (he always lets you pick bc he’s a gentleman, but also bc he doesn’t know where to start when it comes to migardian entertainment).
  • Taking crafting classes together bc thor loves stuff like knitting and painting- he proudly presents you with a rather sloppily made pair of mittens for christmas, which of course you love even if they’re a couple sizes too big.
  • Visiting the pet store to see the animals! Your heart always melts a little seeing your giant boyfriend crouching down on his knees to coo at a puppy (thor often gets teary eyed and ends up begging you to let him adopt all of the animals)
  • Eventually you do adopt a dog! She’s a huge, fluffy brown newfoundland that you found at a shelter. Thor takes the adoption very seriously and creates a long list of names- you teasingly suggest sparkles, to which thor scoffs, but the name ends up sticking and sparkles becomes the newest addition to your little family!
  • Cooking together, which is always fun (even though you do most of the work bc thor has never cooked for himself in his life). Sometimes he surprises you with a batch of cookies that he made on his own (often burnt or three times bigger than cookies generally should be) which warms your heart.
  • Thor bragging about you every chance he gets, whether it’s to his fellow avengers or to the guy bagging groceries. He also carries a picture of the two of you with sparkles in his wallet like the proud father he is and proudly shows it to every new person he meets.
  • Thor likes to blow off steam by boxing/sparring with brunnhilde and sometimes even hulk- you like to watch, and bring him snacks/water to make sure he’s taking care of himself.
  • Thor always making a point of telling you how beautiful you are, even if you look like a mess.
  • “I fall a more and more in love with you every day that goes by, you are the most breathtaking person I have ever seen-” “Thor honey i’m on the phone can you please-”
  • Thor scooping you up at random and carrying you around over his shoulder, laughing as you try and fail to wriggle out of his grasp.
  • Thor being an amazing bf bc he loves you so much and wants you to be happy no matter what

Hope these are alright? I tried my best lol

I entered a contest on Wattpad that was to draw a character or characters as a different species. So me, being me, decided to draw not 1, not 2, but 13 characters! And because I’m obsessed with it, I decided to do Milo Murphy’s Law characters. Here’s a list of the characters and their species and breeds.

1. Milo Murphy- Black American Shorthair (cuz black cats are bad luck and he has the whole Murphy’s law thing following him around)

2. Zach Underwood- Tuxedo American Shorthair (he’s also a cat since it’s a play on the term ‘scaredy cat; also he’s afraid of fish and wolves/coyotes so it’s perfect)

3. Melissa Chase- Ginger Tabby American Wirehair (species chosen because of her hair)

4. Sara Murphy- White American Shorthair (just cause; she’s an American Shorthair though because she is related to Milo, who is also an America shorthair)

5. Bradley Nicholson- Black and White Jack Russell Terrier (he’s a dog cuz he dislikes Milo, who in this is a cat; don’t mind the cliché)

6. Amanda Lopez- White Maine Coon (she’s a bit of a perfectionist in the show, and when I think of an animal that prefers calm, clean, and order, I think white Maine coon; I just do)

7. Mort Schaeffer- Brown Newfoundland Dog (I wanted him to be a big, fluffy companion animal)

8. Elliot Decker- White Duck (he’s chased by a white duck on multiple occasions in the show so it was perfect)

9. Scott (The Undergrounder)- Mole (he lives underground and he along with a few others were described as 'mole people’ in the second episode so it was perfect)

10. Balthazar Cavendish- Grey Great Dane (I wanted him to be a more serious and big dog since he is the more serious one between him and Dakota)

11. Vinnie Dakota- Skye Terrier (I wanted him to be something small, fluffy, and innocent, and ended up with this; he has stub stub legs)

12. Brick- German Shepherd (I wanted him to be a large, serious looking dog)

13. Savannah- Savannah Cat (it was just too perfect; no other explanation is needed)

The best part too is that there are thirteen characters (the number associated with bad luck). It’s too perfect! But yeah.

Call this a small prequel to the modern AU I’ve been noodling on. You can blame @a-really-bad-decision​ for the fact that the twins own a salon, because as soon as I heard that, I went “yeeesssssss” and it became canon for this ridiculous universe.


Shaun Gilmore has seen a lot since he moved his bookstore into this building. He’s seen half a dozen landlords come and go in the same number of years. He’s seen a consignment shop, an art studio, a lawyer’s office, and most recently a yarn store try and fail to make the space next door work. It’s a hard life, trying to run an independent business. And this neighborhood is harder than most; his own fortunes have waxed and waned over the years, but gentrification is slowly creeping up on this area of Emon, and whatever his personal feelings about that, it’s nothing but good for his business. (And for Kima’s, though she bitches about it at every turn. He just keeps reminding her of all the new residents who can afford to pay for self defense and martial arts lessons. He knows she’s borrowed money from Allura to keep her place afloat, and is desperate to pay it back. At this point, she can’t afford to turn her nose up at hipsters. That doesn’t stop her, of course.)

When he hears that his new landlords are opening a hair salon in the abandoned space between his shop and Kima’s studio, he doesn’t bat an eyelash. It’s a niche that no one has successfully filled in this neighborhood yet, not unless you count the old-school barber shop in the strip mall a couple miles away. He wishes them well, for their own sakes, and for his - it would be nice to have the same landlords for at least a couple of years in a row. And he genuinely liked the young woman who came to introduce herself last week. Vex’ahlia (“call me Vex”) has a pile of dark hair, a winning smile, and a giant brown Newfoundland with impeccable manners. “My brother’s the stylist, I just handle the money,” she said, winking at him. “And I promise I’m not as scary as my brother.”

Shaun expects she was lying about that last part. Not that Vax’ildan isn’t dangerous. It’s just not the kind of dangerous he was expecting.

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Happy Klaroline Fools Day

Thank you livingdeadblondequeen for the idea. 

“Klaus, do you think that Bob is getting fat?” Caroline asked as she rested her hands on her hips as she looked at their huge brown Newfoundland dog who was currently laying on the wood floor sleeping. Or was sleeping until he heard his name, his head coming up a bit as he looked at Caroline and started wagging his tail, a loud thumping noise filling the room.

“Well, sweetheart, if he is its because you keep feeding him table food and giving him treats.” Klaus said without looking up from his desk in the study. It was the only place in the house other than the dining room table where Klaus could sit down and not have Bob trying to lay on him because Bob loved Klaus as much as Bob loved Caroline. The only caveat was that Klaus did not love Bob the way Caroline loves Bob. In fact you could say Klaus barely tolerated the huge bear of a dog.

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