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alright, so one morning I go to my campus’s main library to study, no one is really there & there is no line so I go to get a coffee. It’s a good coffee place and I’ve been going there since freshman year.

There’s also this delightful butch girl that has this short brown curly mohawk and tattoos and she’s really cute and laughs a lot with her coworkers. But again, I’ve been going there since freshman year, so you’d think I’d get used to her and the radiance of her coffee scent. Wrong. Wrong, wrong.

Anyway, that morning I go to get my coffee thermos filled up and they had a new system: a credit card thing that lets you tip. So I’m paying and the ‘you can tip’ thing lights up and I get a bit flustered, it was only a coffee refill…and yet.

‘this is a really cool thermos.’ She says to my $25 thermos because it is and she smiles, smiles. I was customizing the tip at the time and obvs wasn’t looking at my goddamn hands. I hit an extra zero.

Anyway, instead of tippng .50 cents for a coffee refill I tipped 5 dollars, hit send and became so embarrassed I ran away. Five dollars, that’s like a 150%.

The punchline is that coffee shop AUs are a LIE and being gay is a lot of TROUBLE lmao.

Why Don't You Do Right

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Request: Happy Imagine based on ‘Why Don’t you Do Right’ by Amy Irving.

To the person that requested this: I hope this is okay, and you like the direction i went with this xx

Happy sat around the table, listening to his brothers speak.
They had been in Church for over an hour now, trying to make a plan.
Henry Lin had made it very clear. If SAMCRO could compel the judge to dismiss the case against their supplier, the Chinese would open their pipeline to the guns to the club.
The club needed this, and they would do what they needed to to make sure this deal happened.
“Juice, what do you got?” Jax  asked at the head of the table.
All eyes turned to the kid with the mohawk.
“James Brown. He’s at that old nightclub up on St Hill Lane. He goes there every thursday.”
Juice said.
The club nodded.
“That swanky old place?” Tig asked and Juice nodded.
“Classic old school club, performers and everything.” Chibs nodded and the boys smirked.
“Lets head out.” Jax said and lifted the gavel, signifying the end of Church.
The club stood and filed out of the room.
Gemma watched them with dark eyes as they moved through the clubhouse.
Happy’s face was blank, his eyes dark and cold as he moved through the room.
He was ready for a fight, and he hoped silently that the judge wouldn’t give into them that easily. He had a lot of tension built up inside of him, and torture was his favourite way to release it.
The club walked in silence outside to the line of bikes and Happy straddled his before bringing it to life and lifting his helmet to his head. He looked at his brothers and they’ll nodded.
Jax pulled out of the lot and the rest of the club followed in line as they headed for ‘Masons’, the old gentleman club on the other side of town. The old club with the dimmed lights and smoke lingering in the air. The club where you worked.

The club wasn’t overly crowded, only about a dozen men scattered across the round tables in the room. Smoke lingered in the air from their cigarettes and the lights glowed red. Girls in tight dresses moved around the room, trays in their hands and they deliver drinks to the men at the tables.
Happy stood in the entrance with the club and a blonde girl in a sparkly red dress walked over, a smile on her face as she eyed the club.
“Can I help you, boys?” She purred and moved her arms, showing off more cleavage.
Jax looked her over and gave her his famous smirk.
“We’re looking for Mr. Brown.” He said and licked his lips as his eyes moved over her body.
Happy stood silently, his face cold as he watched the interaction.
The girl looked all of them over before smiling at Jax.
“Follow me.” She purred and led them to the back of the club.
The boys exchanged smirks and followed her through the club, she led them to a hallway off the side and past what Happy assumed were ‘private’ rooms.
Finally she pointed to the last door on the right and she smiled at each of them as she moved back down the hall, swaying her hips as she went.
The club nodded to each other before pushing the door open and swarming inside.
Mr. James Brown sat in a leather arm chair in the corner of the room, a cigar in his left hand and a whiskey in his right.His eyes went wide as the club filled the room and he looked at the guys clad in leather as they towered over him.
Happy smirked and he moved forwards.

“Thats enough, Hap.” Jax ordered but Happy ignored him, his face in a grimace as he lifted his fist and swung it once more, colliding his knuckles with the mans jaw.
“Hap!” Jax yelled loudly and Happy straightened, his breathing heavy and he looked at his president.
Jax looked at him firmly.
“Take a break.” He ordered and Happy nodded, shaking his fist as he moved out of the room and back down the hall.
He walked slowly and rolled his shoulders, glad to have relieved some of his attention.
The same blond leant against a wall in the main room and her eyes followed Happy as he moved across the room but he ignored her and headed for the bar.
A redhead behind the bar smiled at him widely as he leant across the bar and she swayed her way over to him.
“What can I get you?” She purred and fluttered her lashes.
Happy smirked.
“Whiskey.” He ordered and she nodded and went to fetch his drink.
Lights flashed to the main stage and Happy looked at the large red curtains hanging.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome to the stage, our very own, Scarlet!” A voice said through the speakers.
Some of the men clapped and Happy turned back to the bar and thanked the girl for his drink before lifting it and heading to an empty table in the corner.
“You had plenty money, 1922.” A voice sung out and Happy watched the curtains as an elegant hand appeared through the fabric.
Happy put his glass on the table, listening intently to the low soft voice.
A paino picked up with a jazzy vibe as you sung the next lyrics.
“You let other woman make a fool of you.” You sung and you moved through the curtains.
Happy eyes fell over your  body, the tight red gown hugging your curves perfectly.
Your hair was curled and your makeup was done in a classic pin up style.
Happy was hypnotised by your voice as you moved across the stage, his eyes glued to your body in that dress.
There was a long slit up the side and your long legs moved beneath the dress as you swayed your hips.
“Why don’t you do right, like some other men do.” You sung, your eyes scanning the room.
All eyes were glued on you as you sung and moved across the stage.
You went into the next verse and Happy watched you intently.
You smiled as you sung your line and your hand moved down the fabric of your dress and you tugged.
The dress fell away and wolf whistles filled the room as you stepped out of the fabric, a black corset hugging your curves and making your cleavage bulge.
Happy licked his lips as he looked at your legs, black lace garters around your thighs and you walked confidently across the stage as you sang.
Slowly you began to move off the stage, trailing your hands across the men in the crowd as you sung.

Happy’s eyes never left your body as you moved through the room, your voice hypnotising every man in the room.
Your eyes were bright and your body flirted with each of them as you swayed your hips to the music.
Your legs moved in sync with the music as you made your way around the tables and your eyes landed on the table in the corner, where Happy sat.
You was intrigued by the man in the leather kutte. Most of the customers were business men escaping their reality and you locked your eyes with his as you walked towards his table.
Happy licked his lips as you moved closer, your body moving smoothly to the music.
Your fingers reached out and trailed across his shoulders as you sang and your body was close enough to touch.
But Happy didn’t move his body, only his eyes followed you as you swayed your hips next to him, your eyes studying his tattooed arms and patch.
His eyes locked with yours and you stared at each other as you sung your last line and slinked back to the stage, throwing him a wink over your shoulder as you walked, your hips swaying until you disappeared behind the curtain.
Happy licked his lips and adjusted his pants before standing.
He had to find her.
“Lets go.” He heard behind him and he turned to see the club filing out of the hallway.
“I’ll catch up.” He said.
Jax paused and looked at him questioningly but Happy didn’t wait around.
He moved quickly to the back of the club, desperate to find the dressing rooms.
He opened a door and found it empty but he kept moving.
Finally he opened a door and found you sitting in front of the mirror, lightbulbs around the edges of the frame and you patted powder onto your face.
You glanced at the door and smiled to your reflection as Happy entered the room.
He stood silently, watching you touch up your makeup.
Neither of you spoke and you redrew the wing of your eye liner before blowing a kiss to your reflection and swinging your chair around to face him.
You sat in your black corset and garters, the lights illuminating your skin and Happys eyes drew invert inch of your skin.
You studied him with a smirk on your face and you crossed your legs and lent back in the chair.
“You liked the show?” You asked coyly and Happy nodded.
Your voice sounded like heaven to him, soft and pure and he stepped closer, his eyes never leaving yours.
You smirked and stood, standing almost eye level with him in your high stilettos.
Your hips swayed as you moved closer to him and you reached your hand out, tracing gently across his chest.
A low growl escaped his lips and you smiled as you walked circles around him, letting him see you from every angle.
“Whats your name?” You purred as you stopped in front of him, your hands running across his chest and over his shoulders.
“Happy.” He said, his voice low and raspy and you licked your lips seductively.
You lent on your tip toes and tilted your neck so your lips were against his ear.
“(y/n).” You whispered.
Suddenly you turned and walked towards the mirror once more and scanned the make up on the dresser.
You picked a bright red lipstick up and ran it across your lips.
You leant across the dresser and lifted the lipstick to the mirror, drawing your phone nu,ber on the glass.
Happy’s eyes lingered on your ass as you bent across the dresser and he licked his lips before you straightened and put the lipstick back.
Your eyes locked with his once more and you walked back towards him.
“I gotta go, Happy.” You purred quietly.
Happy nodded and you smiled before reaching out and touching his toned chest.
You reached up on your tip toes once more and pressed a kiss to his cheek before walking out of the room.

The club sat outside on their bikes and finally Happy walked out of the doors.
“What the fuck, Hap?” Jax called.
The Tacoma killer ignored him, just headed for his bike and the boys exchanged smirks as Happy sunk onto his bike, a bright red lipstick mark on his cheek.

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I had a dream I ruined Beyoncé because she was evil.

And then the walking dead crew was there and we were all fighting this group of what sorta looked like orcs from Lotr except they had these weird red and brown Mohawks and Daryl and I were besties and I had really bad aim

srirachasluts  asked:

Hi! May I have a ship please? ☺️ 5'3" girl, short brown mohawk/fauxhawk, brown eyes and freckles. Culinary student, barista, and cook. I love food, having a fun time with my close friends, and being a little crazy. And I love your blog! 😍

Thanks!!! 🌸

I ship you with Marius.

He enjoys the fact that you can cook, because he would just adore being the taste tester. He thinks you’re cute, and admires your freckles, sometimes even counting them as you sleep next to him. He loves how you can have fun and just be around friends, as that is something important for him.

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Humanstuck headcannons

Karkat-Short, American, Pale, Albino but dyes his hair black. Skinny because he doesn’t eat too much because he locks himself in his room. Dad is a preacher and older brother is a social rights activist, human rights major and stays on Tumblr all day.

Aradia- Medium hight, chubby, Japanese, fair skinned, black hair with a red streak, dark brown eyes. Mother is right hand to a business CEO. Sister is a skinny, tall pot-head who works at an erotic book store. She’s always in trouble with someone

Tavros- Short, skinny, Hispanic, tan. Brown hair in a mohawk, septum piercing, light brown eyes. His older brother works at Disney Land as Peter Pan, his dad is a martial arts teacher. Tavros is paraplegic because he got into a car crash when Vriska was driving. Thats how she severly damaged her eye and lost her arm.

Sollux- Tall, Skinny af, pale, Korean. He has the genetic mutation that makes your eyes two different colours, wears 3D glasses as a joke. One eye is green, one is blue. Stays at home and plays games all day. Mituna has brain damage from a skateboarding accident. Their dad is forced to work with the Condy because of debt. He used to be a bee-keeper. 

 Nepeta- Shortish, French-Canadian, Olive skin, muscular and toned. Short dark brown hair, green eyes. Meulin was born deaf, she works with her mum as a zoo-keeper. They all speak fluent French and English. They wear cat tails because they spend most of their time with the Lions at the zoo.

Kanaya- English-Indian, Dark skin, tall, skinny. Short black hair, green eyes. Aspiring fashion designer. Karkat’s cousin. Porrim is a raging femminist, sexuality major. Mother is a doctor, specifically pediactrics. 

Terezi- Australian, medium hight, pale, red hair, skinny but a little chub. Born blind, loves dragons. Plays D & D with Nepeta, Vriska, Eridan, Karkat, and Tavros. Sister is a skateboarder, game disign major, lost her sent of smell because of a skateboarding accident (When Mituna got brain damage). Mother is a district attorney.

Vriska- Skinny, Danish-American, long blond hair, blue eyes, blue streak. One eye with no sight because of car accident same with her arm. Prosthetic arm. Sister is a liberarian. Mother owns a fishing company. Used to work with Summoner. 

Equius- Muscular, Black, Louisiana, blue eyes. Long black hair. Robtics engineer, Same with his brother, His dad owns a horse stable. They used to ride horses as kids. Horrus in a relationship with Rufioh. 

Gamzee- Skinny, tall, Mexican-American, shaggy black hair. Juggalo. Green eyes. Bakes a lot and sells pies. Makes pot brownies a lot. Crush on Tavros. Kurloz is mute from childhood trauma. Dad runs a successful circus.  

Eridan- Skinny, lean, tall, pale, Northern English. Has genetic mutation that makes eyes violet. Dark brown hair and violet dyed hair. Hipster. Cronus is a greaser, collage-drop out. Lives with dad and Eridan. Dualscar is the right hand man to Condy. Eridan grew up with Feferi and are childhood friends. Eridan has a heart disease. He can’t leave the house.

Feferi- Short, chubby, black, American but moved to England. Meenah is a mechanic. Condy is the CEO to Betty Crocker. They live by the sea. Hates Eridan because of a fight he and Sollux got into as kids. Takes care of Eridan reluctantly.