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Very nice and rare Heuer Camaro 7220 NT in full authentic condition. Unpolished case with original sunburst finish and clearly readable numbers between the lugs. The black dial is slightly fading into a beautiful browntone and lume on dial and in hands is still the original one. The watch comes on a brown leather-strap. The Heuer Leonidas signed Valjoux 72 was checked in all functions and is running perfectly. 

this watch was sold!

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Can I write another prompt? Is that okay? If it doesn't do anything for the muses then it's okay! :3 Someone keeps leaving presents for stiles in his jeep. But instead of being flattered, Stiles gets kinda mad cause that's his baby someone is breaking into? Ah. Not that good a prompt. Um ending in kisses?

Hope you like this one - you didn’t specify a pairing so I chose Steter <3


It’s a present. Well, it might be a present. The wrapping paper is gold and midnight blue, tied with an delicate gold ribbon. No note, no card. It’s unusual. Suspicious even. Very suspicious considering it’s sitting on the front seat of his Jeep.

It’s not likely to be a bomb. Stiles thinks. He pulls gently on the ribbon, easing it until it falls away. He pokes the paper apart to reveal a clear glass case containing an watch. A very nice watch with a brown leather strap.

Stiles’ watch was destroyed last week. Sacrificed in the name of justice or whatever. Stupid kelpies.

This is a considerate gift. Someone broke into his Jeep, without looking like they broke into his Jeep, to give him a replacement watch.

This means that it is:

A)   Someone who knows him on a ‘personal’ level – meaning pack level.

B)   Someone in the pack who likes him enough to get him a replacement watch that from the look of it screams money.

C)   Someone in the pack who has money.

That’s a very limited potential group.


It’s been at least a week since his watch took an unprecedented swim. Theoretically it could be someone in his ‘normal’ life that likes him and noticed that his watch was damaged.

Stiles bets it’s someone in his normal life.


The next gifts are plaid shirts, high quality ones. They’re soft to the touch, smell of rich cologne.

They’re left on the front seat again, which as nice as that is, is still breaking and entering. Ok, Stiles really can’t get pissed about breaking and entering considering how much he’s done, but it’s the principle. This Jeep is his baby; if this person likes him then they should know this.

Should he leave a note?


The next is a basket of spa gifts, designed to help relax and pamper him. Massage oil, scrubs, bubble bath that smells like cherries.

Stiles has bruises up his thigh from the griffon two nights ago, taking hot baths has helped relieved the deep muscle bruising. The original three options seem more likely.

He really should leave a note.


The gifts keep coming; some fun, some practical, some expensive. Each deposited in the front seat of his Jeep with no clue how they got in.

It’s stopped being cute and started being frustrating. Stiles enlists the help of an expert. Sort of.

“Why am I doing this and not Scott?” Derek asks, looking down at Stiles array of gifts.

“Because I don’t trust Scott to be brutally honest with me,” Stiles replies, “And brutally honest is your thing. Remember that time you told Scott he was probably going to kill someone.”

Derek nods, grabbing one of the shirts, pressing it to his nose. He drops it quickly, grimacing.

“Smells like Peter’s cologne,” Derek says, kicking the plaid shirt away. “Really, really strongly of Peter’s cologne. And his scent. Like he doused himself in it and then rolled around in the shirts. But you’ve been wearing them so now your scents have combined.”

“Now Scott would have just picked up my scent,” Stiles says, “Cause he sucks at being a werewolf.”

Stiles grabs the back of his desk chair, sighing.

“Peter really?”

“Is that a bad thing?” Derek asks.

“Not bad,” Stiles replies, “Just unexpected. I mean it’s flattering and considerate and objectively, yeah, Peter is hot. But I don’t really understand why?”

“That’s something you should ask Peter.”

“Oh don’t worry,” Stiles, says, casting an eye over the gifts, “I plan to.”


“You know,” Stiles says, emerging from the shadows like a fucking badass, “You could have made your interest known by talking to me instead of this whole courting-slash-providing thing.”

Peter smirks, closing the Jeep door. He walks over in that predatory way of his, all swagger and confidence.

“Where would the fun be in that?” Peter says but hands over the gift regardless. Stiles opens it, smiling softly. It’s a book of spells, an ancient text that probably cost a lot of money or blood.

“To answer your question,” Peter continues, “You’re clever, ruthless, strategic, witty, handsome. I could go on but I’ve fed your ego enough.”

“That was a private conversation,” Stiles says, raising an eyebrow, “Also breaking into my Jeep, dude not cool.”

“The real question is do you reciprocate?”

Stiles supposes he does.  Peter has always understood him in a way no one else does. Like he knows how Stiles thinks, how Stiles works. Peter has always trusted Stiles, believed in Stiles, appreciated how clever and dangerous Stiles really is.

A smug smirk curves across Peter’s lips like he knows Stiles exact thoughts. Stiles places the book gently on the porch before kissing that smirk. Peter responds happily, hands pulling Stiles in close. It’s passionate, exhilarating. Peter kisses like he knows exactly how to make Stiles melt. It’s like slipping into a hot bath, warm and comforting.

“Dinner?” Peter asks when they break apart.

“I’ll buy,” Stiles, says, “You’ve done enough providing.”

Peter laughs.


Hope you like it babe <3

What to Buy Your Man for Valentine’s Day

24 ways to show your loved one just how much you love him

The most romantic day of the year is less than two weeks away and rather than waiting until the last minute to get him something special, order him an outstanding gift online today. If you’re not sure what to get your significant other, you’ve come to the right place! Below are ten gifts ideas we know he’ll love. From awesome backpacks to everyday coats, scroll through 24 of our favorite Valentine’s a Day gifts for men.


Coated-canvas and leather backpack


Little America Nylon & Leather Backpack


Thom Browne Wingtip Brogue Boot

Nike Free Flyknit Chukka

Suede-Trimmed Marbled Leather and Rubber Sneakers


A.P.C. Denim outerwear

KENZO Jacket



“Bergamote 22” perfume oil

Artisan Black Gift Set, Eau de Toilette Spray + After Shave Gel

Masculin Pluriel eau de toilette 70ml


OLIVER PEOPLES wafer sunglasses

Grey Wood Grain Sunglasses

Men’s Grey Round TB-011 Sunglasses


Philip Stein Chronograph Active Watch, 46mm

BN0024 in Brown

‘Ancher’ Perforated Leather Strap Watch, 40mm


ISSEY MIYAKE striped pleated scarf

Paul Smith Scarves - Red And Ecru Striped Wool-Mohair Scarf

Diamond-print silk scarf


X ALL_BLUES Men’s Oxidised Silver Bangle

Silver Bolt Cuff Bracelet

Nantucket Bracelet

Mistletoe, A Rucas/Joshaya Fic

—Part 1 of 2 for tonight. Please read Midnight after this one or it really won’t be as good. Just trust me. This is college Rucas/Joshaya. I know its a little early but I have been sitting on these two since my last update. This will be my last up date for the year but next week more Rucas Week info is coming so stay tuned!—

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6 Military EDC Watches Under $100

by Ed Jelley

Watches are an integral part of many everyday carry setups. Beyond their primary use of telling time, they’re also a reflection the wearer’s personality and style. These watches have rich historical appeal as they were made for and worn in the field by infantry, Special Forces, and WWII pilots. Nowadays, military style watches are popular amongst the EDC community for their features, legibility, durability, and aesthetic. They go hand in hand with tactical gear you might already be carrying, but can easily be dressed down due to their timeless designs. In this guide, we’ll show you our recommendations for good looking, rugged watches that won’t break the bank.

3 Styles to Look For

Field Watches: The Field Watch is usually presented with a slim case, with large, easy to read indices. The thinness keeps the watch from snagging on other gear and will easily tuck under a shirt sleeve. Commonly seen with 12 and 24 hour numeral markings, these watches make telling military time an effortless task.

Pilot (Flieger) Watches: The signature mark of a Flieger is the triangle at the 12 o'clock mark. These watches have large faces and are reminiscent of WWII aircraft gauges that they are inspired by. Also known as “observation watches,” these timepieces make it easy to keep track of time elapsed whether you’re in the air or on the ground.

Heavy-Duty Digital: When you need a timer, calendar, stop watch, alarms, and more on your wrist, there are few better options than a heavy duty digital watch. Shockproof, waterproof, and nearly bombproof, these watches are seen in the field in modern military applications.

Now that we’ve got you acquainted with these common types of military watches, here are six of our favorite examples — all coming in at under $100:

Timex Expedition Military Field Watch

The Timex Expedition watches are an excellent choice when considering military style watches on a budget. The clean looks, high legibility, Indiglo nightlight, quick-date feature, and reliable quartz movement result in a timepiece that looks like they cost way more than they do. The stainless steel case is slim and comfortable and the 42mm face wears well on any sized wrist. The indices are labeled with minute markers, allowing the wearer to quickly see how much time has elapsed. At under $40, this watch is a no-brainer to add to your collection.

BUY ($40)

Seiko 5 Automatic Field Watch

The Seiko 5 line was introduced in the 1960’s for having 5 distinct features, all provided at a value. Each watch in the 5 lineup has an automatic movement, water resistance, day-date display, an unbreakable mainspring and a shock-resistant design. These features result in a handsomely styled military watch that will stand up to EDC use and abuse without breaking the bank. The SNK809 measures in at 37mm — ideal for those who want to wear a watch but not be burdened by something huge on their wrist.

BUY ($56)

Timex Expedition Scout Watch

Another affordable military watch from Timex, the Expedition Scout packs many of the same features as the Military Field but in a different design. The black face and brushed gunmetal case result in a more understated look. The Dark green canvas band is high quality and comfortable. You still get Indiglo nightlight, a date wheel, and large, easy to read indices all for around 40 bucks. The seconds hand is a bright yellow arrow, not only does this increase legibility, but it adds a needed pop of color to the dial.

BUY ($36)

Citizen Eco Drive Military Watch

Blending both the Field and Flieger style watches into one package, the Citizen BM8180-03 achieves a distinct military look. Sporting a mineral glass crystal and stainless steel case for durability, the watch can stand up to daily wear. Better yet, its Eco-Drive charging feature makes for low maintenance upkeep as you won’t have to change its battery. For extra utility, the timepiece is waterproof to 100M — meaning you can shower and swim without taking the watch off. The day-date display, large luminous hands, and hour/minute indices are easy to read at a glance.

BUY ($81)

Parnis Flieger Hand Wound Pilot Watch

This Flieger watch from Parnis is a classically designed pilot watch that has a substantial wrist presence. When legibility is key, the 44mm face and large numerals will come in handy. Featuring a hand-wound movement and a large onion-style crown, this watch is a mechanical masterpiece. The Tianjin Seagull movement is visible through the clear caseback, allowing the wearer to witness the gears in motion. The 22mm dark brown leather strap adds to the vintage aesthetic. At only $85, this watch is a great deal — especially given how much it looks like its more expensive counterparts.

BUY ($85)

Casio GSHOCK GA100SD Digital Watch

Breaking away from the classically styled military watches, the GA100SD from Casio represents a more modern take on a military watch. Although several branches of the US Military have stopped issuing timepieces, the watch of choice for many servicemen are made GSHOCKs. Sporting ultra tough shock resistance, an auto-on LED backlight, world time, a precise stopwatch, countdown timer, and 200M of water resistance, the GA100SD is packed with features. The sand colored exterior is perfectly suited to match dessert camouflage but is right at home for casual civilian wear as well. One battery will keep the watch going for approximately 2 years.

BUY ($80)

We’ve just barely scratched the surface of all the military style watches out there. Do you have an affordable favorite for everyday wear, or has your smartphone made the wristwatch obsolete? We’d love to hear what’s on your wrist — reblog with your daily driver!

#BestYearEver: Be More Punctual

How to always be on time, plus shop the best new watches for her and him

No more excuses! Being on time matters, so break that old habit of being late. No one likes waiting around for people and even worse, showing up for a job interview late can be a dealbreaker. If you’re one of those people who’s late to everything, flip your priorities upside down this year and start being on time. Not only will you feel less stressed, you won’t have to apologize or make up silly reasons for running behind. People will also start to trust you more and actually rely on you. So, what are you waiting for?

In order to start working towards a more punctual you, we’ve put together six helpful tips. From thinking ahead to surrounding yourself with more timepieces, scroll down to see how to be on time every time.

1. Think ahead. Plane everything the night before. Have your outfit ready, meals packed, gas tank full, emails answered and keys in a safe place with the rest of your belongings. The only thing you should be worrying about in the morning is getting ready and yourself out the door (on time).

Don’t hit snooze.

2. Don’t hit snooze. As warm and cozy as all of our beds are, get up the first time you hear your alarm go off. Not only will you feel more rested and have more energy when you get out of bed immediately, you also won’t have to rush around getting ready.

3. Anticipate delays. Things always seem to happen when you least expect it. Plan for the worst. Traffic isn’t an excuse, nor is a problem with your transportation. Think ahead and leave enough time for any delays you may experience.

Play a trick on yourself and set your clocks a little fast - five minutes will do.

4. Set your clocks ahead of time. Play a trick on yourself and set your clocks a little fast - five minutes will do. That way when you look to your clocks for reference, you count them as real-time and get to your destination early. 

5. Always plan on being 15 minutes early. This applies especially to an interview or an appointment. Being late to interview is a big no-no and showing up to an appointment late can set back their office’s schedule for the rest of the day. Be considerate and everyone will be happy, including you. 

6. Surround yourself with timepieces. In a world where everyone typically checks their cellphone for the time, having more timepieces around you is the constant reminder you need. Set up a a few new clocks around the house and most importantly wear a watch!

Shop Watches for Her

Brushed Rose Gold/Walnut Watch

Moneypenny Metallic

Classic St. Andrews

ASOS Large Face Slim Strap Watch

ASOS Clean Midi Dial Watch

Novelty Metro Watch

Baker Analog Watch with Leather Strap, Golden/Black

Rumba Delancey Snow Patrol Watch

Mint Pastel Leather Quartz Wristwatch

La Mer Odyssey Wrap Watch

Want to search for more watches for women? Shop from over 150 stores and brands here. 

Shop Watches for Him


No. 1 Watch in White

Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch

Barbour International Black Leather Strap Watch

Michael Kors MK8288 Watch Mercer Black Leather Strap

‘Fergus’ Leather Strap Watch, 42mm

M12 Stainless on Leather Watch

St. Andrews 40mm Watch with Brown Leather Band

Vallelunga Watch

No. 1 Leather Strap Watch

Want to search for more watches for men? Shop from over 150 stores and brands here. Submitted by Neal

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This is what I’d call my expanded but still main EDC. I obviously don’t carry all this gear on my person at all times but it is almost always with me and goes with me to work everyday. I will soon post everything I always carry with me on my person. I plan on going through every item and explaining my reasoning behind why I carry it. My main priority and EDC philosophy is functionality before anything else. Starting with the audio gear: I consider myself an audiophile and a music-lover, so at all times I have a fairly good audio setup. Nothing can beat quality speakers in an acoustically-friendly room but this is the second best for me. My main IEMs are my Shure SE846s. I’ve tried the JH16s and 13s and some FItEar models, but nothing I’ve used so far compares to my SE846s. (That is a highly controversial statement, but it’s all about personal preference and for many reasons I prefer the 846s.) The 846s are reshelled by In Ear Central ( a great option to reshell, I might add) and fit perfectly. I use an amazing silver cable with an awesome connector put together by HPL Audio (a.k.a Chrishimselfcables). To drive them (although they are adequately driven by my phone) I use a (surprisingly) good new FiiO model which I just picked up, the E17K. I had a DAC/AMP that was about 4 times more expensive than the FiiO but this FiiO model blows that out of the water. I carry various cables to connect them together, like a USB OTG, and microUSB to USB. I also always carry my custom molded earplugs for whenever I need to work silently or nap. Watch: One thing I’ve learned about watches is that most of them are way overpriced and are not very good. I’ve been gifted a Rolex GMT but never choose to wear it because I don’t like wearing 8 grand on my wrist. I have opted for a beautiful (and inexpensive) Fossil watch which serves its purpose very well. Phone: My Note 4 and iPhone 6 have both crapped out since I’ve got them so I’m using my backup Nexus 5 right now. It will soon be replaced by either an S6 or an M9. Field Notes and Pen: I carry a Field Notes notebook to jot down quick notes and things to remember. Field Notes is building truly iconic brand. So, while there are certainly more functional models out there I kind of suspend my functionality philosophy and go for the brand. My main pen is a fountain pen, but occasionally I need a ballpoint pen (or gel ink), so I use the original Kickstarter pen that kickstarted the slew of pens on Kickstarter. It’s the BIGiDESIGN Solid Titanium Pen. It has a great heavy and cold feeling which I love. And you can never go wrong with Titanium. Notebook: The notebook I use is made by LIFE. I picked it up while in Japan and have not been able to find it elsewhere. The paper is great and the cover is nice. Fountain Pen +Pencil: I have had many fountain pens, some much more expensive than the 144, but I’ve settled on the Miesterstuck for a number of reasons. I am eyeing some Nakaya models though. I use the classic pilot iroshizuku ink, which is my hands down favorite ink…(noodler’s bulletproof is up there too.) The pencil is the classic but new Palomino Blackwing 602. I never really need a pencil so I’ve ditched my Rotring 800. All I need really is an annotation tool for my books and documents and the Blackwing works very well for that. Wallet: The wallet I have is obviously excessively expensive but I choose to carry it just because I used to work for them and I didn’t pay a cent for it. It serves its purpose and is classy, so I’ve kept it. Sunglasses: The sunglasses are Ray-Bans. I love the Wayfarer lineup and its history. And they look really good and are light. Coin: The coin is a slightly rare dollar coin that I carry for luck and whatnot. BuckyBalls: And the Buckyballs, which have unfortunately been discontinued, are the most fun toy that never gets old. Gum/Mints: Altoids are a classic and cinnamon tastes great. Simply Gum is a great company that makes gum without artificial sweeteners and unhealthy ingredients. It isn’t too sweet or flavorful which I prefer. Aesop: I have gotten into the habit of always using hand sanitizer before eating and basically anything else. This one smells great and I don’t always have to go to the bathroom to wash my hands. Books+Magazines: I always carry reading material on me at all times. I usually carry one nonfiction, one fiction and a couple magazines. All my news is on my phone and iPad. Battery: I’m a heavy user of my electronics so this battery has come in handy so many times.It has a lot of capacity so it lasts me quite a long time. iPad: This iPad is getting old but works great. I haven’t chosen to upgrade it because it is perfectly fine, but I’m thinking of getting the new Surface at the end of this year. The new iPad is way too thin with poorer battery life and not much else changed internally. Knife+Flashlight+Multitool: I use a great Benchmade knife from the Orsborne series. The green aluminum handle is a great color and the steel on this knife is great. The AXIS lock opening is a requirement for any future knife I will ever buy because it is so convenient and easy. The flashlight is a very powerful fenix model. It’s a little big but I don’t carry it on my person anyways and I always prefer more power. The mulitool is the classic Wave in black oxide. This is very handy especially with all the extra bits I have.

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