brown leather strap


Very nice and rare Heuer Camaro 7220 NT in full authentic condition. Unpolished case with original sunburst finish and clearly readable numbers between the lugs. The black dial is slightly fading into a beautiful browntone and lume on dial and in hands is still the original one. The watch comes on a brown leather-strap. The Heuer Leonidas signed Valjoux 72 was checked in all functions and is running perfectly. 

this watch was sold!

Chased by the Hunter, Saved by the Wolves ||closed||


When he woke early one morning, when the dew still dotted the glass on his window and the sun had barely peeked through the trees, he had no idea the life as he knew it would change forever in a few short hours. He sat up in bed, stretched his arms widely and slid onto the floor of the quaint and small wooden cabin. His clothes lay over the worn wooden chair next to the even more worn wooden desk and he was quick to change from his night clothes into his greet tunic, laced with brown leather straps and black trousers which tucked into his boots.

The door creaked as he opened it into the modest main room of the home, where Ada stood tirelessly at the cast iron stove, the smell of rabbit stew filling the air. Helden was nowhere to be found.

“Morning, child,” The blonde-haired elf greeted pleasantly. Noticing his attire, she remarked, “Leaving already?”

He nodded, with a small smile. “I saw a thicket of berry bushes about a mile away yesterday when me and Helden were out gathering wood. I figured I’d go pick some.”

Ada frowned a bit. “Alright. Just don’t go too far.” She said, concern on her voice. “I’ll save you some food for when you get back.”

She leaned over and kissed his head, earning a smile, before he grabbed his rucksack and headed out, through the small farm’s fields and into the woods.

He would never see Ada or Helden again.


The shout of the afternoon drunkards was only silence by the god-awful screeching of a fiddle and tone-deafness of a pub singer in the corner. Gornan chugged at his beer as he waited for his client to arrive. It wasn’t an easy life, being a spy. One needed to cut through all the drivel and dregs of normal, everyday conversation about crop tending and which king had seized what power to find the really good stuff. But he was confident he had found something worth a heavy price.

He finally saw his client enter. He never discovered his name. Names were not important to him as long as he got paid. He flagged the scruffed, travel worn man down, sliding the half-empty bottle of cheap ale across to him.

“Got a nice lil bit o’ new for ye,” He slurred, halfway there to being an afternoon drunk himself. “A lil birdie told me tha’ our friends out in t’e Hunt are mighty restless these passed few days. Stormin through a forest nearby, lookin’ for somethin’. Or rather, someone.” He baited his hook, now all he had to do was wait for the bite.


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theme thursday: rustic rucksacks for summer adventures

‘ness’ roll-top waxed cotton canvas backpack by fernwehuk

made with great care and high quality, fernwehuk’s roll-top packs are water-resistant, durable, and weatherproofed for years of radical hikes and camping trips. love the detail of the plaid interior, too. check out more of what this awesome shop has to offer today!

Montblanc's first smartwatch is a big lump of Android Wear luxury
The race to combine old-school luxury brands with modern technology is well and truly on, as today Montblanc joins Tag Heuer in rolling out its own Android​ Wear watch. The Montblanc Summit is the company’s first venture into the digital timekeeping world, bringing with it some of the expertise Montblanc has for crafting mechanical timepieces. Obschonka wears his own prototype Montblanc Summit with a sfumato brown leather strap and all-black stainless steel case. Read more
The Bite

Prompt can be found here

It was dark, a musky smell hung in the air and you were terrified. You lay on a cold table which seemed to be made of steel and brown leather straps were holding you down from your legs and shoulders. You didn’t know where you were but you knew that it had something to do with the Dread Doctors and that soon…you would no longer be human.

Chimeras is what they made, the frightening Doctors with coats of steel, turning innocent teenagers into horrible monsters. It scared you thinking about how you were next and what was going to happen to you. You started to cry, tears rolling off the side of your cheeks onto the concrete floor below you.

“THEO!” You cried out as you heard the clunking on the floor from the Dread Doctors approaching.

You begin to frantically thrash around to try and free yourself from the grip of the horrible straps keeping you captive. They were far too strong for you and eventually you give up from releasing yourself and lie still while breathing heavily awaiting what lies before you. As you look up you see three masks of metal facing you with needles and sharp tools in the hands of the Doctors.

“Please don’t do this.” You say as your voice cracks from fear.

“We do what must be done.”

The first needle goes in at your neck, you scream aloud as a second and third puncture your hip and arm. Liquid shoots from the needles into your body causing immense pain. Cutting into your side the doctors begin to remove a part of your insides. The pain being so unbearable you begin to feel faint as you can hear the splatter of your blood dripping onto the floor. Unable to move you lay there taking in whatever they do to you.

After what seems like hours on end the drilling and whirring of machinery stops and you lay there in silence, only capable of letting the smallest amount of air into your lungs. Your vision is blurry and from what you can make out the Dread Doctors slowly fade out into the dark room leaving you there to die.



You slowly start to open your eyes to see the outline of your boyfriend, Theo, standing there, you aren’t able to make out the other bodies standing around you, but you assume it’s the rest of the pack.

“(Y/N) oh my god what did they do to you?” Theo begins to unstrap you from the table. As your vision becomes clearer you see two drops fall from his eyes above you, falling into your pool of blood on the floor.

“T…Theo?” Your voice barely above a whisper.

“N-n-no don’t say anything, save your breath.” Theo picks you up from the table as you let out a loud moan, pain pierces your whole body sending you into shock as you start to wheeze fighting for breath. You lay cradled in Theo’s arms on the floor as the pack surrounds the both of you.

“Scott w…what do I do, she’s gonna die here if we don’t do something fast.” Theo fumbles for words as he does his best to stop you from bleeding.

“He’s right Scott, we need to do something quickly.” Stiles says. Scott stands there staring at you thinking of a solution to save your life.

“There’s really only one thing I can do, but I don’t know if it will work.” Scott looks unsure as he stares at Theo.

“What is it Scott, hurry we haven’t got much time.” Theo glares at Scott with a pleading look in his eyes.

“I’ll have to give her the bite.”

All eyes turn to Scott as if it was a stupid idea, but as your cry echoes throughout the whole room they think differently.

“ARE YOU CRAZY?” Theo yells out.

“I…its okay Theo.” You whisper to him, as he studies your face leaving a small kiss on your forehead and giving Scott a nod. Theo continues to hold you as Scott leans down next to you grabbing a hold of your arm, his teeth sink into your flesh as you let out a scream. Scott pulls out and you hold your arm as Theo pulls you into his chest and hugs you tightly.

“Its okay (Y/N), you’re gonna be okay.” You lay in Theo’s arms as you feel your wounds beginning to heal, you start to become stronger, and slowly but surely you can feel the pain being drained from your body.

You are too afraid to face the pack but as you gradually turn towards them your eyes glow a vibrant yellow and claws form where your fingernails are supposed to be.


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theme thursday: unique canvas bags and totes

waxed canvas diaper bag in tabasco by kithandkinstore

kithandkinstore’s waxed canvas bag styles all feature a hint of fun, colorful patterned fabric as an accent as well as sturdy leather straps. check out all their color combinations — and shapes! — today. this particular piece is designated as a diaper bag but feel free to use it as a carry-on, a farmer’s market tote … get creative!


etsyfindoftheday | 8.8.15

leather works by jjleathersmith

from backpacks to wallets and other accessories, jjleathersmith’s pieces are just. gorgeous. i love the colors of the hide used, and the combination of leathers in some of the final works. here we’ve got three radical options:

  • the sawyer small roll-top backpack
  • leather passport/journal wallet
  • daypack or weekend bag with removable cargo straps

etsyfindoftheday 5 | 7.9.15

theme thursday: need a new bag? TOTES.

joshua tree carry-all by ameliemancini

into ameliemancini’s illustration style? you’re in luck, because you can get her designs on carry-alls (like this joshua tree style featured here) or as totes sans leather bottom, as well as in pillow, pouch, or tea towel form.

Gear Up Guide: Sofia

“A skilled archer who grew up in the Remnant Valley, Sofia confronts Lara head-on when they first meet in Rise of the Tomb Raider. Dressed in regal Remnant attire, Sofia wears a green long sleeve linen undershirt with stitched leather sleeves made of deer hide and gold Byzantine embroidery on the collar. Her hair bands, buckles, and bracer are made of gold and etched with Byzantine symbols. Brown leather straps and belts rest along her waist, above a sleeveless deer leather armor and chain mail skirt. For extra protection and warmth, she adds a brown bear hide underskirt, paired with leather pants, boots, wraps and gloves. Tan linen straps wrap around her left arm and leg, and act as tourniquets for wounds sustained in battle. “

- Brenoch Adams, Art Director

Get the full resolution on Flickr. Submitted by Neal

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This is what I’d call my expanded but still main EDC. I obviously don’t carry all this gear on my person at all times but it is almost always with me and goes with me to work everyday. I will soon post everything I always carry with me on my person. I plan on going through every item and explaining my reasoning behind why I carry it. My main priority and EDC philosophy is functionality before anything else. Starting with the audio gear: I consider myself an audiophile and a music-lover, so at all times I have a fairly good audio setup. Nothing can beat quality speakers in an acoustically-friendly room but this is the second best for me. My main IEMs are my Shure SE846s. I’ve tried the JH16s and 13s and some FItEar models, but nothing I’ve used so far compares to my SE846s. (That is a highly controversial statement, but it’s all about personal preference and for many reasons I prefer the 846s.) The 846s are reshelled by In Ear Central ( a great option to reshell, I might add) and fit perfectly. I use an amazing silver cable with an awesome connector put together by HPL Audio (a.k.a Chrishimselfcables). To drive them (although they are adequately driven by my phone) I use a (surprisingly) good new FiiO model which I just picked up, the E17K. I had a DAC/AMP that was about 4 times more expensive than the FiiO but this FiiO model blows that out of the water. I carry various cables to connect them together, like a USB OTG, and microUSB to USB. I also always carry my custom molded earplugs for whenever I need to work silently or nap. Watch: One thing I’ve learned about watches is that most of them are way overpriced and are not very good. I’ve been gifted a Rolex GMT but never choose to wear it because I don’t like wearing 8 grand on my wrist. I have opted for a beautiful (and inexpensive) Fossil watch which serves its purpose very well. Phone: My Note 4 and iPhone 6 have both crapped out since I’ve got them so I’m using my backup Nexus 5 right now. It will soon be replaced by either an S6 or an M9. Field Notes and Pen: I carry a Field Notes notebook to jot down quick notes and things to remember. Field Notes is building truly iconic brand. So, while there are certainly more functional models out there I kind of suspend my functionality philosophy and go for the brand. My main pen is a fountain pen, but occasionally I need a ballpoint pen (or gel ink), so I use the original Kickstarter pen that kickstarted the slew of pens on Kickstarter. It’s the BIGiDESIGN Solid Titanium Pen. It has a great heavy and cold feeling which I love. And you can never go wrong with Titanium. Notebook: The notebook I use is made by LIFE. I picked it up while in Japan and have not been able to find it elsewhere. The paper is great and the cover is nice. Fountain Pen +Pencil: I have had many fountain pens, some much more expensive than the 144, but I’ve settled on the Miesterstuck for a number of reasons. I am eyeing some Nakaya models though. I use the classic pilot iroshizuku ink, which is my hands down favorite ink…(noodler’s bulletproof is up there too.) The pencil is the classic but new Palomino Blackwing 602. I never really need a pencil so I’ve ditched my Rotring 800. All I need really is an annotation tool for my books and documents and the Blackwing works very well for that. Wallet: The wallet I have is obviously excessively expensive but I choose to carry it just because I used to work for them and I didn’t pay a cent for it. It serves its purpose and is classy, so I’ve kept it. Sunglasses: The sunglasses are Ray-Bans. I love the Wayfarer lineup and its history. And they look really good and are light. Coin: The coin is a slightly rare dollar coin that I carry for luck and whatnot. BuckyBalls: And the Buckyballs, which have unfortunately been discontinued, are the most fun toy that never gets old. Gum/Mints: Altoids are a classic and cinnamon tastes great. Simply Gum is a great company that makes gum without artificial sweeteners and unhealthy ingredients. It isn’t too sweet or flavorful which I prefer. Aesop: I have gotten into the habit of always using hand sanitizer before eating and basically anything else. This one smells great and I don’t always have to go to the bathroom to wash my hands. Books+Magazines: I always carry reading material on me at all times. I usually carry one nonfiction, one fiction and a couple magazines. All my news is on my phone and iPad. Battery: I’m a heavy user of my electronics so this battery has come in handy so many times.It has a lot of capacity so it lasts me quite a long time. iPad: This iPad is getting old but works great. I haven’t chosen to upgrade it because it is perfectly fine, but I’m thinking of getting the new Surface at the end of this year. The new iPad is way too thin with poorer battery life and not much else changed internally. Knife+Flashlight+Multitool: I use a great Benchmade knife from the Orsborne series. The green aluminum handle is a great color and the steel on this knife is great. The AXIS lock opening is a requirement for any future knife I will ever buy because it is so convenient and easy. The flashlight is a very powerful fenix model. It’s a little big but I don’t carry it on my person anyways and I always prefer more power. The mulitool is the classic Wave in black oxide. This is very handy especially with all the extra bits I have.