brown leather necklace

Derek Hale x You
Imagine: Valentine’s Day w/ Derek!

She woke up to an empty bed and no sight of Derek anywhere. Instinctively, she reached for her phone to call him, but realized he had left a sticky note on her phone. “Good morning, beautiful! Don’t worry, I’m okay. You deserve chocolate for putting up with me all the time. It’s never too early for chocolate, right?” She looked over and found a piece of purple wrapped chocolate sitting on the edge of the bedside table. She smiled and happily unwrapped the chocolate and popped it in her mouth. Dark chocolate, of course. Derek was always such a health-freak. She followed the arrow on the bottom of the note and flipped the note over. “Remember when I tried to make brownies and I almost burned down the kitchen? The next note is in the kitchen.” She laughed as she recalled fanning the smoke detector with the empty box of brownie mix. 

She got up and slipped on a silky blue robe and tied it as she slid her feet into fluffy warm slippers. She carefully placed the note in the front pocket of her robe, and her feet shuffled to the kitchen. Her eyes scanned the clean kitchen until noticing a sticky note stuck on the oven handle, as well as another piece of chocolate on the kitchen counter. She pulled the note off and read it, “Remember the time you stole my shirt and I drooled toothpaste all over you? Btw, you did look really good in my shirt. ;)” She burst into giggles and flipped the note over. “Go to the bathroom to find the next note. I hope you’re enjoying the chocolates.” She stuffed the note in her pocket, and unwrapped the piece of chocolate. This time, it had a delicious sweet caramel filling within the dark chocolate. 

After finishing her chocolate, she proceeded to the bathroom for the next note. This time, the note was stuck on the mirror. While she was there, she figured she would freshen up while she was in the bathroom. So she read the note as she brushed her teeth. “Remember when you hid my phone underneath the couch so I wouldn’t play games on it and I couldn’t find it for days?” She spit and rinsed into the sink and washed her face, replaying that moment in her head. She had hid his phone because he kept obsessing over this one game with zombies. So when he was sleeping, she silenced his phone and hid it underneath one of the cushions on his couch. He couldn’t find it for days. It wasn’t until he lost the tv remote that he found his phone. 

She wiped her face dry and flipped the note over, “But I have to admit, that was a clever plan. Go to the living room for next note.” She added the note to the rest in her pocket and skipped to the living room. There, she found another piece of chocolate on the coffee table, but no note. She looked underneath the table but nothing. She ate the chocolate first and contemplated. “Oh wait.” She shook her head in realization. She lifted the cushion she hid his phone underneath and there was the note. She peeled it from the cushion and set it back down. “Remember when we were coming back from the bonfire and we couldn’t keep our hands to ourselves in the elevator? ;)” She blushed furiously after reading the note. Flashes of that night playing through her mind, making her heart race with excitement. “Go to the elevator for the next note.” She read on the back. She pressed the back of her hands against her flushed cheeks to cool her heated face as she made her way to the elevator. 

The note only said, “Open me.” So she pulled the door aside and gasped, not expecting Derek standing on the other side. He stood with a big grin on his face, holding a bouquet of roses. “Oh my god, Derek!” She jumped and threw her arms around him. He laughed and pulled her into a huge hug. “Did you like notes and chocolates?” He asked, slowly pulling away to hand her the bouquet. She nodded and hugged the bouquet of roses with a big smile. “I love them! Who knew the big bad wolf could be so romantic?” She playfully teased him. He chuckled and wrapped his arms around her waist to pull her closer. “I guess the cute little piggy stole my heart.” He leaned down and planted a kiss on the top of her head. She giggled and took a whiff of the fresh roses. “Happy Valentine’s day, babe.” He mumbled into her hair as he slightly swayed her in his arms. “Happy Valentine’s day, Derek.” She softly whispered and kissed the spot of his heart. “Brunch?” He asked and released her. “I’m pretty sure I just had my breakfast.” She grabbed a handful of chocolate wrappers out of her pocket. He laughed and nodded. 

“What would you like brunch?” She asked, unwrapping the bouquet of roses and replacing the old vase of flowers with the new flowers. “Pancakes and bacon on the side?” He asked, following her to the kitchen. “Coffee as well?” She ran her fingers through her hair and tied her hair into a messy bun. “Ye-Wait… what is that?” He said, upon spotting something unusual. “What is what?” She asked as she grabbed the pan and turned on the stove. His eyes narrowed onto the spot on the back of her neck and suspiciously stared at it as he made his way over. She was too busy grabbing all the necessary ingredients and kitchenware to notice him hovering behind her. “What is it?” She carelessly asked again. But he didn’t answer and took a closer look at her neck. “Is that a tattoo?” He asked in disbelief. She turned off the stove and slowly turned to face him with a guilty smile. 

“Surprise?” Her shoulders shrugged up and she flashed a cheeky smile. “Is that real?” He exclaimed and brushed his fingers against the tattoo behind her neck. “Yes?” She nervously chuckled. He stared with an eyebrow raised. “It’s the same as yours but smaller and cuter?” She continued, fluttering her long eyelashes up at him to play up her charms. He sighed and shook his head. “When did you get this? A couple of days ago? Cause it’s still red.” He gently pinched her cheek, which she jerked away and rubbed her cheek, “Yeah, do you like it? I wanted to match the one on your back.” She slightly pouted and held both his hands. He broke out into a smile, “Of course I like it, I just wish you told me so I could have been there for you.” He softly said, giving her hands a gentle squeeze. She sighed in relief and sweetly smiled, “Sorry, I wanted it to be a surprise.” She said, lightly swinging their hands. “Well, it is a very good Valentine’s day present.” He smiled and leaned down to kiss her forehead. She chuckled, “That’s not your present. Actually, hold on, I have your present.” She released his hands and hurried off into the bedroom. She came back with a small box with a red bow tied on top. She lifted the box up to him and watched with anticipation as he untied and opened it. 

“You didn’t have to buy anything for me. I’m happy with you by my side.” He said and he set the red ribbon aside. “I wanted to,” She nervously smiled as she watched him take out a dark cherry-brown leather string necklace with a silver ring hanging on the bottom. She raised her hand and showed off the same ring on her hand. “A couple ring?” He grinned and was quick to try it on. “Wait! There’s a message on the ring.” She laughed and pointed to his ring. “Oh!” He took the necklace off and looked carefully at the inner part of the ring. “Forever your anchor.” He read the engravings and he could feel his heart just melt into a puddle of lava. He looked up from his ring and he pulled her into a tight embrace. “Oh, god, Derek!” She squealed, when his arms crushed her into an affectionate tight embrace. “I love you and every memory I make with you.” He breathlessly whispered and peppered her head with kisses. Although she was somewhat suffocating in his embrace, she replied with a tender smile. “I love you too.” He cupped her cheek and leaned down to tenderly kiss her.

P/N: I know Valentine’s day is over, but I still hope yall enjoyed this :)