brown iris

Jason and Tim in: Always lock the bathroom door (Ft. Dick Grayson)

Tim: *seated on toilet, happily reading a magazine*

Dick: *swings the door open*

Tim: Dick, I’m trying to use the bathroom!!*tries to close door*

Dick: *swings it back open* Nope, you know the rules little brother. JASON!!

Tim: no no please don’t call ja-

Jason: *appears from down the hall* Whats up

Dick: look at your little brother


Tim: *desperately tries to cover himself* Jason don’t take a pic-!

Jason: *takes multiple pictures* Dick, get in this selfie with me

Tim: Seriously, you guys stop!

Dick and Jason: *Take multiple selfies with Tim in the shot*

Dick: Tag me in that one!

Tim: can’t a man take a crap in peace?!

Dick: What kind of man wears My Little Pony boxers?Hahaha!

Jason: *Takes picture of boxers* This is so going on instagram hahaha

*Dick and Jason walk away laughing*

Tim: God, I hate this family

Blue and green eyes were always beautiful
With their bright colours and pure patterns
But Brown eyes were always ordinary
With their plain colour and flat pattern
Until I noticed how deep they were
And how they slightly differed from the black of the eye
Brown eyes were ordinary
Until I saw the gold tones
brought out by the sunshine
reflecting in them
dancing a pattern across the iris
Brown eyes were always ordinary
Until I saw how beautiful they contrasted
The white of your eyes surrounding them
Brown eyes were ordinary
Until I fell in love with someone
With brown eyes.
—  Blurredmeaning
In The Foundry

I feel as if my eyes
are movie cameras;
a perpetually rolling film,
brown iris lenses capturing moments
so perfect they could almost only
have been directed.
I am in a dimly lit restaurant:
we are a large party several dozen strong.
We are raucous, clamouring,
our voices like windchimes
in the midst of a typhoon -
so much harmony, dissonance
and discord.
In the eye of the storm,
in my small bubble of quiet,
I survey the tables closest to our own
and it is then that I see them.
Just a man, and just a woman,
staring into each other’s souls
as if hypnotised.
Their lips move but I
do not hear their exchange - they
are far too far from me.
But what I cannot hear, I see:
she reaches out a hand,
caresses his dark beard -
her fingers kiss each strand of hair
and his eyes close for a moment.
The tension in his face lessens,
his brow loosens, his lungs exhale
and his lips part.
They do not kiss.
But he takes her hand in his
and opens his eyes to see his sun once more.
All this in the complete silence
of the noise we all were making.
But I sat, quiet, all the loudness nothing
but a static hum, and their love
singing like church bells
on a Sunday morning.
I sat there, silent,
and smiling.

Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow stay whitewashing characters while The Flash now has a main cast that is majority POC

jisoo has such pretty eyes. like god damn. i feel like a poetic ya novel protaginist all like ‘he held galaxies in his eyes’ or ‘his eyes shone like starlight, glistening with his hopes and dreams’. like his eyes are so captivating! from the tip of his winged eyeliner to the deep brown of his iris to the curve of his aegyeo-sal there is no doubt in my mind that joshua hong jisoo has the prettiest damn eyes i’ve ever seen.

Wake up time

i stretched and yawned pulling up the soft white covers in the king sized bed i shared with my boyfriend. i rolled over and looked at him. his beautiful slightly flatten hair, scruffy eyebrows, his large yet loveable nose, soft skin slightly opened mouth which was letting a few snores escape, oh god i loved this man. i smiled and kissed jacks nose making him crumple his face ever so slightly and his eyes flutter open to reveal deep brown iris. “mmm baby its so early” jack groaned in his sexy morning voice which made me giggle. i glanced over at the clock 11: 34. “babe its almost lunch c’mon” i had whispered. “no” jack whined engulfing himself in the covers. i just shook my head and decided there was no point in trying to argue with him. i slipped back underneath the covers and wriggled so i was facing jacks back. i let my arm drape over him and i snuggled into the nape of his neck. soon jack twisted around and wrapped both of his arms around my body. i smiled into his chest taking in his scent. “you know i love you, like a lot, like a lot a lot” jack mumbled into my hair. i smiled and looked up at him, meeting his loving gaze. “yeah and you’re alright i guess.” i shrugged smiling. “alright? babe i’m amazing.” jack smirked at me planting a peck on my lips. “i would say convince me but i’m too damn comfy and cozy right now” i smirked at jack. “well i could prove it to you if you want me to” jack said smiling starting to peck along my neck his stubble grazing my chin and all over my lower face and up neck. “ok thats enough barakat” i smiled up at him and in one swift motion snatching the covers all to myself. “Babeeeeee” jack whined as the slightly cold room air hit him. i just sat there and smiled smug at myself and my little heist of the covers.

“whatever” jack groaned and snuggled into a ball and attempted to sleep again. “you lazy man jack barakat” i giggled now standing on the bed wrapped in my burrito of covers. once i said that jacks eyes shot open and soon i was laying in a blanket help on top of him and his arms squeezing me not letting me go. “ok you win this time Mr barakat” i smiled nuzzling once again into his chest. he just groaned in reply already half way back to sleep. i love days like this just lazy little ‘teddy-bear’ snuggly perfect days with my perfect man.

A/N i love doing these short little things like they are just cute relief things and i love em. keep requesting lovelies <3