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A Letter to Nintendo (I Met My Love on Mario Kart)

Dear Nintendo,

If you didn’t exist I would not have met the love of my life. You’re probably thinking, “So you bumped into someone and realised you both liked Nintendo, who doesn’t? Cool story…” Not even close. 

The year was 2008, a year I’m sure many hold dear in their hearts. The year Mario Kart Wii was released. I don’t know about yours, but my days were filled with holding that wheel (of the plastic kind). MKWii was basically the air I breathed, I still remember my very first online race as crisp as a freshly cut lawn (Grumble Volcano before people realised that glitch existed). After playing the other Mario Kart games over the years against item-lucky computers (and the rare actual person), this blew my mind. However this is barely relevant to the story. The point is, people. There were people out there, just like you and me, casually sitting on the couch with a wheel imprint (perhaps 3.5% of the racing population) left in our hands and soul. Many hours (days, weeks, months), races (thousands, easily), blood sweat and tears went into this game and we all got something out of it I’m sure; fun, frustration, and friends.

Living in that piece of country people may often forget even exists (if it weren’t for the fact we use kangaroos as transport, especially after we realised emus don’t fly nor reverse), the option to play continental was such a blessing as we would often bump into the same people and you’d have that unspoken connection. No words, no contact, you just recognised each other by your Mii and/or name (for those who didn’t change it from John to W4FFLEZ, to SwagMeister89 every day). There was this one player that just stuck out to me, perhaps it was her luscious brown pixilated hair. Or it could have been because we seemed to be completely evenly matched, the only thing that separated us were those items. She’d win one race, I’d win the next. We had formed some unspoken bond, completely without contact, as we wouldn’t hit each other with items but were happy to do so to others. Side by side we’d race until some item-happy player would come along and separate us. So I’d stop at the finish line for her, even if that meant getting last place, just to let her know I saw what happened and she doesn’t deserve to come last because of some item spammer (you know, usually the 3 red shells one at a time). This became a trend and went both ways, I’d see her waiting there at the finish line for me. Then we’d both stop, together, and neither of us would cross. We just sat there at the line, revving our engines, moving backwards and forwards, wanting the other to cross. I still remember so clearly at 1am in the morning we ended up in a race together with just one other person, so the 3 of us. The race started but, simultaneously, we turned around and went backwards, did loops around each other, did the stop start (like when cloud man picks you up and you need a boost) into each other’s vehicles, grabbed items just to hit each other with, not having a single care about the race itself. This lasted for a good while, many laughs were had, and it seemed a true bond was formed - without a single word to each other. At this point, Mario Kart Wii didn’t have the option to add a friend just by clicking on them, or contacting them for that matter. You had to actually converse with them to get their friend code to then become friends, so all this time we were ‘scouring the country side’ to find each other (or more so because Australia is about as big as a 250kb USB, it was easy to bump into each other). Race after race, hour after hour, day after day, week after week we would race.

I didn’t know who this girl was (or even if she was a girl on the other side, let’s be honest) but we were Mario Kart soul mates. It wasn’t just Mario Kart that I loved, it was racing her, through our unspoken bond and silly rituals, that was fun in the purest form. It sounds like a Mario Kart love story… Until that dreaded time came where eventually we went our separate ways. It was time to say that unspoken goodbye, time to let go of that unspoken bond, time to move on. That was it…

So that’s the story, I met the pixilated love of my life and we raced until we could race no more.

…Ah but that’s only the beginning.

 6 years later Mario Kart 8 was released and I wiped the dust off the wheel, reflecting on the past. That wheel was my partner in crime, Epona to Link. It had scratches, bits missing out of it, even bite marks (ahem, sometimes races don’t exactly go your ways…). Those were the times! I jumped online only to find I had people from France, UK and Italy roam my races. Where were my fellow Australians? I played a few races and that was it, holding too strongly onto the past. Down went my trusty wheel and off went the game.

Until one afternoon my brother was bored (or procrastinating) and wanted to know what Mario Kart 8 was like, as we didn’t spend that much time together it was a prime opportunity to chill. So I popped it on, jumped online and went through the motions. A few races with people so far away, whilst fun, I got bored too fast. Almost switching the console off, something stopped me. Those brown eyes, luscious brown hair, big smile, black outfit. Could it be? It was. It was her. In a packed race filled with people from France, UK and Italy there were two Australians. Myself and the girl I raced almost 7 years ago. The girl who stopped at the line for me, the girl who didn’t hit me with items, the girl who who was my racing equal, the girl who I never spoke a word with but shared an unspoken bond. She had the same Mii, same name, there was no doubt it was her. Unlike me I had a different Mii (puberty does things to you) and a different name (I felt now that I was 23 I could level up from nickname to actual name). I knew who she was but she would never know who I am! I was on the tracks riding next to her, beeping at her, bumping into her, all the while knowing she would just think I’m some weirdo who doesn’t know how to handle a bike. It was all so ironic, as well as the fact unlike MK Wii we both didn’t race as our Miis but as Mario and Peach (the helmets covered up our luscious brown hair, y’see). Mario chasing his princess whilst the princess was basically in another castle/didn’t know who he was. I wanted to reach out and tell her who I was; I was that guy she raced almost 7 years ago, that guy who stopped at the line for her, protected her from items, the guy who she stayed up with into the early hours of the morning, that guy she never spoke a single word to. I savoured every race not knowing if I’d ever be able to see her again. I raced by her side race after race, even though I was hit with her items (“And if you hurt me, that’s okay baby” - Ed Sheeran, ‘Photograph’), I even stopped at the line for her. Did she know who I was? Probably not. Next race she was gone. 

And that is how I met the love of my life on Mario Kart, twice. Does that count as a real love story? We basically raced into the sunset to live happily ever after, right?

So there may be more to it. Being in a state of excitement, nostalgia, and who knows what, I was a man on a mission. When I’m a man on a mission I usually forget the simple things, like clicking on her Mii to add her as a friend. I didn’t even know such a thing existed. So I literally was a man on a mission. My first resort, google. Obviously no luck. Miiverse! Excitedly I reached ‘Search Users’ and typed in her name, only to realise that it was one of the most common names to exist. After about an hour of searching my hope was wearing thin, my face resembled a Mii who came in at least 10th, head down, lost, reflecting, pondering. Hang on, she had stars in her name! Apparently everyone with the name Lisa has stars in them. No luck. Utterly defeated, I held the power button down for two seconds and just before the third I realised something. Something didn’t look right… That’s right, she had spaces between the stars! I’ve never been more determined to hit that space bar. There she was. I had found her.

“Hey Lisa! I’m not sure if you’d remember me but I used to race as Ed back in the MKWii days! Was good to see you, can see you haven’t lost your touch!” Not even sure if she’d see the message or even reply, it was all in the hands of fate now. Fate it certainly was. She remembered me. We conversed through Miiverse, learning little basic bits about each other. The most important being that The Legend of Zelda was our favourite gaming series (and basically favourite thing to exist). To the point I have a Zelda tattoo and her dog’s name is Link. Destiny? From there, she asked for my email address so she could send me a photo of Link (let’s just say I am very thankful for Miiverse’s lack of characters/ability to send photos). 

One message turned into many, across days, weeks and months. A one sentence message grew into paragraphs, pages, novels, photos and videos. One single message evolved into over 25 000 words combined. Who knew what one message could lead to. I had found someone who I connected with on every level, whom I shared endless things in common with, big to small (to the point of both of us being left-handed and our birthdays being 2 days apart). However she lived a whole state away. This was nothing but a mere friendship over the internet.

I came across the amazing fan book “Legend of the Hero” by Kari Fry and bought one, along with a few other Zelda bits and pieces. A thought crossed my mind, perhaps I could send this to her? I mean it’s just as easy for her to go buy it herself, but it would be nice, right? So she ended up giving me her address and I excitedly made her a Zelda package. 

Off it went, along with my number on the back of the package (as required by the, ultimate wingman, post office). I soon received a very excited text message and from there we conversed through text - although we couldn’t let go of our novel emails straight away, as our recent messages were “Hey, just letting you know the Postman has left something in your inbox (Da na na naaaa)!” Soon after she sent me my very own Zelda package, which was easily the best package I have ever received in my life.

From there I knew I wanted to meet her. I wanted to drop everything, catch a plane, and meet this girl who I shared this abnormally special connection with. Meet this girl who I had raced for many hours, days, weeks and months on Mario Kart(s) (“Oh I lost you once but I found you twice, and my search is over” - ‘Deeper Love’, Mike Mago). Meet this girl who I waited for; not only at the line but, unknowingly, for many years. Meet this girl who I had spent hours upon hours writing to, words upon words, photos upon photos. Meet this girl who seemed to be a destined part of my life. That I did. 

One single flight and a solid friendship turned into thirteen flights (within a month) and a beautiful relationship, with the final flight being a permanent one. I’ve now moved states, transferred jobs, and am living with my best friend, my soulmate, my love. Best decision I’ve ever made was to catch that flight. No, the best decision I’ve ever made was to play Mario Kart. 

Who knew that Mario Kart could forever change your life?

Thank you, Nintendo.

- Elijah 

P.S. We are now very happily engaged - Zelda rings* for the both of us!

*Austin Moore from Earth Art Gem and Jewelry ( made both our rings, with Lisa’s being a custom made design. Absolutely recommend!

P.P.S. Here is a link to the video (also included within post) of me proposing to my now fiancee (with Mario Kart included - as well as a Zelda cake): 

Thank you, Nintendo.


I know I post selfies too much but I actually got some that don’t look too bad w/o a filter and had to share this milestone w u guys

Interracial relationships are not a problem. You love who you love. The issue is a man refusing to date a brown woman because he is afraid that his children will look too much like him. The problem increases when men think that if a baby isn’t light-skinned with colored eyes and straighter hair that they aren’t beautiful. The issue is not having a “foreign” girlfriend. The issue is calling women who are not foreign “boring”. Preference is not the issue. Self-hate is the issue. Bashing women who resemble your mother (who you love so deeply) is where the problem lies. Laughing at women with hair and features just like yours. That is the problem… not interracial relationships.

Homecoming: Part 3

Rating: E

Summary: Cassian really misses his feisty mate.

(Post-bonding. Post-ACOWAR.)

Go to: Part 1, Part 2

A/N: Here it is, the very last part :’) Thank you all for coming for the ride! Please enjoy some domestic cuddles, brother bonding, swordplay, and bath time!

Read it on AO3

Dawn bled into noon by the time Azriel’s voice drifted into the General Commander’s tent.

Cassian cracked open a bleary eye, his naked body still curled around Nesta’s. His mate stirred, but did not wake. Given the rigorous evening they had, he didn’t expect her to. He pressed a soft kiss to the back of her neck, grazing the downy hairs there.

Mother above, how he wanted her. As if he hadn’t spent all night re-mapping every curve and dip of her body.  

Azriel called him again. Loudly.

Cassian swore as he rolled out of bed, careful not to disturb Nesta as he did so. Luckily, the instincts that roared at him to defend what was his the night before had quieted down to a sleepy and sated rumble. Otherwise, he would have stormed out of his tent, teeth bared, ready to fight off any male, brother or no.

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01. blanketed in stars

[Jungkook x Reader]

Genre: Fluff

Words: 1315

—> “Please, come with me.”

A/N: random, but i’ve been seeing cute little drabbles everywhere. and since i am kind of terrible at finishing full-length fics, i figured drabbles would be cool to write. xoxo

Jungkook is not what you would exactly call thrilled. In fact, he was feeling the exact opposite emotion.

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Genre: Angst

Warning(s): minor but explicit sexual situation(s), one-sided love, potential clenching of the heart

Lonely. Self-deprecating. Insecure. Shy.  These are the characteristics of your persona that you acknowledge and hate. Change is something you pray you wish you had the strength to do. Your comfortability with your mediocrity is alarming and sad. Over playing scenarios in your head, imagining how it could have been if you had just spoken up—if you had just made eye contact—if you had just given yourself a chance.

Better. Better is how it could have been. Better is what it would be now. If only someone would give you the opportunity you refuse to give yourself.

Johnny is beautiful. He is tall and handsome and kind and smart. You ignore the better half of the lecture to conjure up little scenarios in your head of your happy life with him. How he would kiss you. How he would hold you. How he would wrap his soft pillow-y lips around the hood of your swollen clit, his beautiful brown eyes locking onto yours as you fist his honey brown hair and shove his face further into your sopping pussy. He is too beautiful not to imagine him in that way. The corners of your lips cannot help but fidget into a small smile. A life with him would be so much better.

“Alright, guys. You look bored as hell— I doubt any of you are retaining any of this information. I’m gonna let you guys go. We’ll catch up on the lesson on Monday, yes?”

Idle shuffling of papers and pencils sound immediately afterwards, the sound of your bookbag zipper leading the symphony of zippers following afterwards. You are slow to gather your items, stalling, making a mental checklist of all your valuables. He is sitting in the seat in front of you, taking his time—minding his business. You should just get up and leave, but if you did that you would not be able to admire his backside as he leaves the room. If only you had the guts to befriend him, then you would not have to keep yourself waiting like this. Always waiting.

He finally gets up from his seat and slings his bag over his shoulder. You mimic his movements and get up as well. You try and make it look effortless and intentional as to not look like you were just waiting around. He turns his head in your direction, taking notice of your soft rustling, gazing about your ministrations with curiosity. Head down cast and sliding in your chair, you pretend not to take notice of his stare—wholly conscious of the soft brown eyes raking over your person. Faux obliviousness—a silly strategy to portray coolness—you head towards the trash near the doorway to throw away a piece of paper.

A sudden breeze signals a just-there-body passing your person and your eyes lift to admire the backside of your current crush. Tall, handsome, kind, and smart—Johnny Seo leaves the classroom—the eyes of a lonely, self-deprecating, insecure, and shy twenty-two year old woman following longingly afterwards.  

The signs as The 1975 (iliwysfyasbysuoi) lyrics

Aries: I personify the ‘adolescent on a phone’, speaking like I’m bigger than my body. I personify that lack of freedom in your life, and I’m sure she’ll be gone in a second // This Must Be My Dream

Taurus: Go down. Soft sound. Midnight. Car lights. Playing with the air. Breathing in your hair. Go down. Soft sound. Step into your skin? I’d rather jump in your bones. Taking up your mouth, so you breathe through your nose // The 1975

Gemini: You smashed a glass into pieces, that’s around the time I left. When you were coming across as clever, then you lit the wrong end of a cigarette. You said I’m full of diseases, your eyes were full of regret. And then you took a picture of your salad and put it on the Internet // Change Of Heart

Cancer: Oh I just don’t believe that you have got it in you cause we are just gonna keep “doin’ it” and every time I start to believe in anything you’re saying, I’m reminded that I should be getting over it. I don’t want your body, but I hate to think about you with somebody else. Our love has gone cold, you’re intertwining your soul with somebody else // Somebody Else

Leo: It’s not about reciprocation it’s just all about me, a sycophantic, prophetic, Socratic junkie wannabe. There’s so much skin to see, a simple Epicurean Philosophy. And you say I’m such a cliche, I can’t see the difference in it either way. And we left things to protect my mental health, but you call me when you’re bored and you’re playing with yourself // The Sound

Virgo: My hair is brown, she’s scared to touch. And she just wants to feel something, and I don’t think that’s asking for too much. And when I go to sleep it’s when she begins to weep. She’s appalled by not loving me at all. She wears a frown and dressing gown, when she lays down // She Lays Down

Libra: And well, I think I’ve gone mad, isn’t that so sad? And what a shame you’ve lost a brain that you never had. Oh mum check the car it can’t have gone far, I must have left it on a train or lost in a bar. It’s likely in a Sainsbury’s, flirting with the girls and waiting for me. I jumped on a bus, declared my name, and asked if anybody’s seen my brain // The Ballad Of Me And My Brain

Scorpio: She’s inducing sleep to avoid pain, and I think she’s got a gun divinely decreed and custom made. She calls on the phone like the old days, expecting the world. Don’t fall in love with the moment, and think you’re in love with the girl // She’s American

Sagittarius: She’s a pain in the nose, I’m a pain in women’s clothes. You’re a walking overdose in a great coat. And so she wrote a plan for it on the back of a fag packet. She had to leave because she couldn’t hack it, not enough noise and too much racket. I think I’ve spent all my money and your friends, oh. But how I’d love to go to Paris again // Paris

Capricorn: And you’re the only thing that’s going on in my mind, taking over my life a second time, I don’t have the capacity for fucking, you’re meant to be helping me. When I said I liked it better without my money, I lied. It took a little while to recognise that I, I’m not giving it up again // UGH!

Aquarius: You look famous, let’s be friends and portray we possess something important and do the things we like, meaning, we’ve just come to represent. A decline in the standards are what we accept // Love Me

Pisces: I never did understand the duality of art and reality. Living life and treating it as such. There’s a certain disconnect to touch, that cajoles at the artist with comfort and abandon. Between the spires and the rolling roofs of the white city, that orange English light cast only one, singular shadow. For you are not beside but within me // Loving Someone

I am seeing them perform this album live today, rip any chance I had of sleeping


I decided to bring you guys a little lookbook i guess? this is a sim i created when i was bored and i kind of love her so much…?? ok lemme get to the point

She has heterochromia and frizzy brown hair annnddd freckles. ITS TOO ADORABLE

anways, i havent figured out how to link the words to the links or whatever so HERE:

Heterochromia Eyes:





Face Highlight and Skin (its called the Dewy Skin Pack):




Shirt: From Spa Day.

Peter Parker, Band Geek

Pairing: Peter Parker x (female) Reader

Word Count: 1094

Warnings: none

Notes: Hi there! This is my first fanfiction, and it originated from the part in Spider-Man: Homecoming, where MJ and Tony both mention that Peter quit marching band, and I was fascinated by the idea of Peter Parker being a band geek. This is going to be  a somewhat slow-burning, multiple part story, so sit tight. Thanks for reading!

You stood in your cramped bedroom, facing a flimsy wire music stand that had piles of sheet music on it. A small breeze floated through the open window and into your room and blew your music all over the floor. You let out a small string of curses, put your French horn away in its case, and started to pick up the mess.

Your mom knocked on your door, though the walls were so thin, it was unnecessary. “Y/n? I’m headed to the bank, I’ll be back in five minutes. Dinner is on your own.” You could hear soft footsteps as she left the apartment, followed by a “Hey May! How have you been? How’s Peter? Y/n was really disappointed when he quit marching band. How’s the Stark internship been for him? You know what, come on over for dinner tonight and let’s catch up… ” the pair of voices floated down the hallway.

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pairing: taehyung x reader feat. jimin

genre: character death//angst// inspired by zayn’s new single Dusk till dawn

word count: 1164 words

author’s note: I was craving to write some angst, and was feeling a lil down, so this happened.

“Do you think we will live forever?” He rests his chin on your shoulder, as he lets the words tickle your neck. With hands wrapped around your waist, he stares into your eyes. Those eyes that flicker with warmth and affection towards anyone. He wonders how he managed to snag such an angel.

“Well, forever is a long time but if it’s with you, it’s never too long” you replied to his question to only find him staring back at you. Reaching your hand out to ruffle his brown hair, a habit that you adopted and a gesture that he loved, but a hand stopped at your wrist. Instead, that hand slides up and your palms meet with intertwined fingers.

“I love you so much” he whispers with a tone of adoration lacing it as he leans forward, pressing the tip of his nose against yours.

Work couldn’t get any more boring and tedious, as your superior continues to ramble about the importance of workplace etiquette and how the ceo never seems to get her hints at flirting. You nod your head at whatever she says even though nothing really goes in. You didn’t see a point in offending her so remaining silent is what you do. Clearing your throat followed by a timid ‘excuse me, but I need to hand this to Ji Hyo’, you executed your escape.

A snack wouldn’t kill, right?

Deciding to stop by the pantry, you took a left turn instead of the usual right. A pair of arms enveloped you, with such intensity that caused you to bump against the counter.

“How’s my love doing today?” he nuzzled against the crook of your neck, inhaling your scent. It was moments liked this with Jimin that you enjoyed. He sheltered you from harm, brought you on amazing dates, showered you with tons of gifts and kisses. Jimin was a god sent gift to humanity. He goes the extra mile to help other people, ever the selfless one.

“Barely surviving but at least the day’s coming to an end”. With a sigh, you ranted about the superior that can’t stop bothering you even though you have repeatedly shown your indifference. Realising that you only talked about how your day went, you squeezed his cheeks endearingly and grinned bashfully.

“How was your day, Chim Chim?” you wanted to turn around and continue preparing your snack but the close proximity brought chills down your spine, causing you to stop whatever you were doing. With his lips hovering above your neck, you could almost feel the grin forming on his lips.

“Better with you, my sunshine”.

“My superior is going to realise that I’ve been away for too long and it’s not a pretty sight”. You noticed the grin disappearing from his face, transforming into a pout. You knew he would try to persuade you to stay. Stay for him.

“See you tomorrow then?”

And then you ran. Ran away. After all that’s what you did best at.


Such a familiar term.

Used to describe him.

The one that got away.

You hate yourself for missing him when he’s no longer here for you. You recall the time when you threw your photo frames across the room, leaving bits and pieces of glass on the ground. Shattered like your heart. Sprawled on the ground with a tear stained face, you stare at the ceiling, as if it’s white paint can offer comfort to you.

Today was no different. You were a mess. You saw him everywhere. From the americano that reminded you of his vibrant hues that screamed adventure, to the sun which brought back memories of his sun-kissed skin, that you peppered soft, little kisses on. Even the smallest actions reminded you of him. There was an instance where your company had a mini gathering at the nearby pub to celebrate the manager’s birthday.

But you’ll never be alone

The singer’s voice drew you in like a magnet. Husky voice flooding your ears, calming your soul in contrast to the adrenaline filled atmosphere. Ordering yet another bottle of soju, you drowned yourself in alcohol.

I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn

You bit onto your lip, dining table hiding your clenched fists. Desperately trying to filter out his voice, you shook your head as if trying to shake it off. After a few attempts, you resorted to making small talk with Ji Hyo, one of your closest friends from work, and other colleagues. They kept crooning how sweet a couple Jimin and you would have made and that they wished to find someone like that as well. You tried to dismiss their wishful thinking, claiming that the two of you were only good friends and nothing more.

“That boy really loves you, till the point that he would have given his world for you if you would ever ask”. Ji Hyo stared at you as she spoke, eyes never leaving you.

“Do you even notice?” she continues to shoot you questions, as if trying to test your breaking point.

“Trust me, I know” you mutter out with choked up sobs. Deep down, you knew. You knew how much he loves you. It was so painfully obvious. And it killed you.

Baby, I am right here

Your feet moved on their own accord, stumbling here and then, it brought you to the singer. You giggled and laughed, due to the intoxication of alcohol. You felt dampness on your cheeks and you tilted your head back, laughing once again. Suddenly, you could feel all eyes on you. Before you could do anything else, someone tugged you at your forearm, dragging you away from the scene, away from everyone’s predatory stares.

The harsh winter resembled your heart. With flushed cheeks and droopy eyes, you attempted to make out who dragged you out of the pub. Dangling earrings and an all too familiar eye smile was all you could make out.

“Taehyungie?” you slurred out as the puffs of air left your lips. With arms wrapping around you to give you warmth, whispers of ‘it’s ok, it’s going to be alright’ echoed in your ears. Tightening your arms around him, you breathed in his scent. Minty.

“You’re not him.” Tears came streaming down your face, as you pointed your finger at him.

“I’m here, it’s me Jimin. I’ll look after you.” He reached out to hug you once again, feeling your tears soak his coat as time went by. He continued to stroke your hair, as your sobs carried on.

“But you’re no Taehyung” if the constant rejections from you didn’t hurt him, hearing this right from your lips crushed his heart. You didn’t know how long the both of you stayed in the cold, but all you could see was flashbacks of Taehyung lying on the ground with blood staining his clothes, with nobody there to save him. And you had only yourself to blame for being too late.

“I love you too.”

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Ficlet prompt. A young prince Merlin pranks his crush prince Arthur.

I want to come back to this so bad but I still have other ficlets to write. I might come back anon because kid!fics are awesome.

Welcome to my thesis on ‘Why Merlin Is A Little Shit.’


Prince Merlin, Dragonlord, son of King Balinor of Avalon, and Emrys, prophesied savior to all people of magic, was on a time out.

Sat on a small stool, facing the corner, and bored beyond belief, was Prince Merlin. He was a small boy, only eight years old, with round cheeks and curling brown hair that his mother called a bird’s nest. He wore a blue robe, speckled with dark brown mud.

He was too old for time outs, in his opinion. But his Dad had told him it wasn’t a time out. Instead he had told his son that he should be thinking about what he had done, and how he should have done things differently. It was wise advice, but Merlin was eight and he didn’t much care.

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love you enough to let you go


They don’t meet for two years after Sana’s party. To be honest, they should’ve ran into each other – at Noora and William’s housewarming or randomly at the supermarket they both went to. But somehow, both of them managed to avoid each other, without raising people’s awareness. Chris told everyone that he was called back to the army, and if he was present Eva disappeared into thin air.

They meet at a coffee shop in Oslo in mid November – Eva is freezing, so she decided to put on her warmest and most expensive wool coat. She is busy reading a text from Noora as she goes into the café so she doesn’t see that she walks straight into a person who holds a paper cup full of hot latte.

“Can you watch where you-“ Eva tries to stay calm but it is her favorite coat and now it is ruined but as she looks up she forgets what she has on. Chris is standing in front of her, just as surprised as she. They both just stare at each other for what seems like hours when it is only mere seconds, but time stops as they gaze into each other’s eyes because fuck it has been so long since he saw the strawberry hair cascading down her delicate shoulders and she hasn’t forgot about his brown orbs which she could stare at for hours and not get bored.

“Wow .. hi” Chris could only mutter those little words out and shit when did he become so awkward? He was Christoffer Schistad, he always knew what to say to make a girl’s heart skip a beat. But when it came to this more than familiar face, he had no clue what to say or do. Too much or not enough time has passed since they last saw each other and neither of them had a clue where they stood.

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Thin Walls - Fred Weasley Imagine (requested)

Request: A Fred Weasley imagine where it’s summer holidays and you’re staying at the burrow and you’re dating and can’t keep your hands off each other so there is teasing and blushing and fluff pleeeeeaase 😊💋

P.S. This mentions sex and stuff like that so beware! Also Fred is a tiny bit rude but whatever, enjoy! x

My favorite part about summer were the longer nights. In winter at Hogwarts the sun, if it had decided to shine, would retreat to bed at five in the afternoon and let the moon do the rest of the work. Although in summer, the sun was set to work staying out as late as almost eight thirty and would rise early at five in the morning. The days were longer and the nights were shorter which meant more time to be spending with a particular redhead I had grown to love. Fred and I roamed around the Burrow until nine when the light would cease and Molly would holler for us to get inside before we lost our way. 

Molly and Arthur Weasley had so kindly offered me a spot at their home for the summer when Fred informed them that my parents were going on a cruise for the holidays and wouldn’t be home until a week before school started up again. I suppose looking back on the whole ordeal ‘offer’ wasn’t exactly the best choice of words, Molly more so insisted I stayed with my boyfriend and his family for the break. I couldn’t complain, I got to eat home cooked meals, hang out with Ginny whom I had grown considerably close with seeing as we shared her room, and got to be with Fred every single day. Of course there were a few downsides to seeing each other everyday. 

At Hogwarts there were rules and traditions put in place for young witches and wizards which meant once Fred and I got to his house, we finally gained a bit more privacy than before and trust me we took full advantage of it. After breakfast when everyone would begin their day heading separate ways, Fred and I would sneak off to shower together. In later afternoons we’d slip out to the lake a mile from the Burrow and have snog sessions on a blanket spread by the crystal water. 

Then at night I would tiptoe out of Ginny’s room to cuddle with Fred in the living room. For the most part we were good at keeping from being caught but that’s not to say we never did. Today Fred, George, Ron, Ginny, and I had all decided to take a hike around the path by the house. Molly said the trail led on for thirty miles so it was best if we’d turn around at a distinct landmark the twins had made after walking the trail an entire day to see how far it went. The mile markers were nonexistent and all the miles looked the same in my eyes.

“Are you sure we haven’t passed this so called marker yet, boys?” I asked. Ron was leading the group as Ginny and I walked behind him with the twins at our backs. “Oh I’m sure, darling. Believe me, it’s not hard to miss.” Fred commented reaching forward to pinch my bum. Racing around I gifted him with a harsh shove to his side. Fred only smirked seeming satisfied with himself.

“Sorry Y/n, it’s just too beautiful to resist.” A flash of red coated my cheeks and I had to face forward quickly to keep Fred and George from seeing. 

My efforts came to no avail as George howled in laughter, “Look Freddie, you embarrassed the poor girl!” The rushing wind added more color to my cheeks and made it harder to mask the blush. The sound of Fred’s footsteps sounded closer than before. It didn’t take long for the feeling of his warm lips to press against the shell of my ear.
“Not my fault my bird has got a nice bum.” I nudged my shoulder causing him to stumble back still full of content. I shot Ginny a look of annoyance and she grinned turning to her brothers.
“I bet we already went by your marker and you two have got us lost.” Ginny sassed, folding her arms across her chest and planting herself still in the trail. Ron stopped his movement and swiveled his body around glaring at his younger sister.

“It’s a trail you git, you can’t get lost if you stick to it.” Fred and George chuckled while Ron returned to ignoring the rest of us. The sun was still high in the sky and if my calculations were right I would have to say we’d been trudging on the hike for at least three hours which meant it would take that much longer to get back.
“Wait… Fred I don’t remember passing that boulder last time?” I could hear George whispering to his twins softly and I had to fight the urge to turn around and knock him upside the head. 

“Are you serious?” Ginny shouted. The twins shook their heads laughing and George squeezed by me to throw his arm around his sister’s shoulder.

“Now Ginny, what on earth makes you think I would ever do that to you?” I drowned out her assumingly snappy response and joined Fred. His lips pressed down lovingly onto my forehead and I had to bite my lip to keep from going in for another more heated embrace. A smirk traced Fred’s features as he gazed down at me. 

“Eager are we, love?” Shrugging let my arm fall around his torso the flushness from earlier slowly disappearing.

“Maybe just a bit. I’ve hardly seen you at all this week.” My voice was light and easy melting like butter on a scorching day. With a tilt of his head, Fred raised his eyebrows at me almost accusingly.
“And who’s fault is that?” I knew it was mine and there was no way to fight my way out, also there was no point. Fred took the time I was spending with his mother and sister all week to create new products for his upcoming shop with George, so his play of hurt towards me was an act that I refused to fall for.
“Whatever, your sister wanted to go to town with me and I couldn’t say no when your mother asked me to help with the cake. Anyways, I really did need that knitting lesson from her so I don’t regret a thing. I had a lot of fun away from you, handsome.” 

Fred scoffed and shook his head,“You mean to say you had more fun sitting around talking to my mom and sister than you did when you snuck into my room that night and I-” I cut him short before he could continue. It was obvious where he was heading and I was not in the mood nor the right place to touch on the events of that night.
“Stop! Your siblings are right there, I don’t want them hearing you.”
“You know, love, I’m surprised George didn’t hear you from the living room that night. You were screaming my name so loud I thought you would wake the whole house-” George turned back to us with a look of bewilderment.“

You two did what in our room?” Another storm of embarrassment settled over. Truth be told I should’ve known Fred would say something to his brother but it was awkward for him to find out while we were with Ron and Ginny too. The three began laughing and both brothers high fived Fred and Ginny gave me an apologetic gaze.

“Fred told me about the shower stuff and what you did by the lake but I didn’t know you two got it on in his room as well.” Ron admitted sending me a flirty wink. My mouth hung open and I debated on crawling under a rock and living the rest of my life there or beating the lights out of Fred.

“You told your brother about that!” I screeched covering my tomato red face. Fred nodded, clearly not understanding what the big deal was. 

Ginny shifted her weight between her feet becoming more than uncomfortable and I felt guilty for her being stuck in such an awkward spot.Pushing past Fred I made sure to bump my shoulder gratingly with his and started my walk with Ginny behind the boys, who were still gloating on the secrets Fred had let them in on, and back to the Weasley home.
Tears of rage were swelling in my eyes blocking my vision but I couldn’t care less. Ginny remained silent but ran her hand over my shoulder every minute or so.The three Weasley boys followed in pursuit but I paid no mind. Anger was coursing through my veins overtaking my mind set. A sudden hand pulled me back and I knocked into the broad chest of Fred Weasley. He reached up and skimmed the backside of him hand across my cheek wiping all the falling tears. George and Ron’s heads hung low as what I could only assume was culpability.Fred waved them off to keep walking. The group had gotten quite a ways in front of us and Fred stayed glued to the ground unmoving. “Sweetheart look at me please. I was being stupid and ignorant alright? Besides who cares what they think, they’re just jealous they don’t have a beautiful girl like you to do-” 

Shoving him to the side, and off the trail a bit, I backed Fred into a tree with all my might. His face washed over with a touch of shock and… lust? Pointing my finger in his line of sight I mustered up my strongest voice and scolded him.

“I’m serious, quit it or nothing from that night will never happen again.” This only amused him more as Fred gently took my hand in his and placed a sweet kiss on my knuckles.
“Keep telling yourself that, darling.” The area grew silent and the tension was growing bigger by the second. As much as he pushed my buttons and drove me crazy, I loved him and it wasn’t a secret. Stepping back I released my hold on his collar chewed on the inside of my lip. The same stupid little grin was on full display while Fred brushed away the loose strands of hair covering my face. I was furious beyond belief and wanted to fight his grip but I couldn’t.

“C’mon Y/n, please don’t be upset. I was only joking. I love you so much, I hope you never doubt that.” The genuinity was evident in his voice. I could feel his brown eyes boring into my face searching for any sign of disbelief. Narrowing my e/c orbs I squinted at the wild haired boy in front of me.
“Pretty rude joke to be treating me like that especially in front of your brothers and sister. I’m not some toy or prize you can show off. I did those things with you out of love, not lust I hope you realize that. But I suppose I forgive you. I love you too by the way.” I run my finger along my cheek catching all the tears from hitting the floor. A warm smile rose to Fred’s face and he leaned forward wrapping his arms around my neck to pull my body towards him. I found myself using his body as support and burying my face in his sturdy chest. Fred’s delicate lips ran along the crown of my head then let a trail of kisses on my forehead.

“Glad to see you two have made up and are back to kissing every second of the day, now let’s go! Ron said he heard mom say she’s cooking corned beef sandwiches and cauldron cakes for dessert! Hurry before they’re all gone!” George yelled from the opening of the woodsey area I had brought Fred. I shared a happy glance with Fred then snatched his hand and ran after George, Ginny, and Ron excited to get to the Burrow.

“Y/n, we could just use magic to get there. Faster we get there and beat them, the more food we get. Also the more time I get to make it up to you and show you how sorry I am.” Fred pressed rubbing his thumb along my hand. His offer was no debate, I shook my head yes and soon we were teleported back to the Burrow rushing inside and eating quicker than ever, then sprinting up to Fred’s room, achieving all of this prior to the other three arriving home. When Fred and I reached the stairs I could hear Molly called for us. We retreated into the kitchen putting on our best display of innocence, although the wise witch saw through and laughed to herself saying,

“Now be safe and no funny business; remember these walls are pretty thin, dear. And Fred, be nice to this one, I like her.”

-Daizy xx

Ready Set Go

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Hermione Granger

Setting: Modern, non-magical, high school AU

Word Count: 1,912 

Written For: @naqini [#payback2k15] + @dhrfaves [favorite AU]

Officially, Divinations is classified as a shitty new-age gift shop.

It’s small and it’s cramped and it’s located in one of those seedy, almost-abandoned strip malls on the absolute wrong side of PCH—it shares a mailbox with a discount beauty supply store and a Russian bakery that Draco’s pretty sure is just a front for money laundering, and it always smells a tiny bit like someone spilled a party-sized bottle of cheap domestic sherry on the incense counter. There are Ikea shelves lined with dip-dyed crystals and desert-scavenged fossilized scrub-brush, dusty triangular vials of essential oils and papier-mâché plates inscribed with Celtic runes and medical-grade glass jars filled with loose-leaf dried herbs; there are sandalwood spirit boxes and polished teak rain-sticks and knock-off Inuit dream catchers and a disturbing number of animal skeletons, too, bronze cauldrons and gold needles and multi-packs of purified iron disks.

Officially, Divinations is classified as a shitty new-age gift shop.

But unofficially

Unofficially, Divinations is an underground black-market occult superstore.

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A Fantastic Adventure - Kings Cage AU Part 4

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this really isnt thaaat great sorry


Maven crossed the floor of the throne room heatedly, not willing to believe the intel given to him by the spy he had located in the Rift. He had already chosen not to acknowledge the notion of the Rift being a kingdom. This, though, this was just too unbelievable.

Mare was dead?

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He Was My Yesterday, You’re My Today [Takashi Ninigawa X Reader]

When you had first told him about your upcoming school reunion, he hadn’t been particularly bothered by you attending, he felt no need to worry, you had finished writing the lyrics for his current composition and were in need of a break, plus you had seemed so excited about it, there was no way he could ask you not to go. You had asked him to come along with you, but he had declined, he was a member of Revance, there was no way he wouldn’t be recognised. You were obviously disappointed, but you still smiled at him, understanding as always, as you told him it would be the coming Friday, at the same place the college choir had performed. You had left the room to contact your old friend to let them know, and he had gone back to composing, not thinking much of it.

It wasn’t until the Thursday evening he had begun to worry. He had come up to your room to ask whether or not you were hungry, but you had been in your own little world writing what he assumed were more lyrics, on the phone to the same friend you had spent the last few days in nearly constant contact with, phone on speaker as you focused on the paper in front of you.
“So [Y/N], do you want me to arrange a taxi to come and pick you up?”
“Oh, no don’t worry about me Yuki! I’m staying not too far from the venue as it is, I’ll just walk there!”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, I’m sure!”

The conversation continued for a few minutes, discussing old memories, he was about to leave when he heard your friend say something that caught his attention.
“Oh, did I tell you Len will be coming, [Y/N]?”

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Shut You Up, Didn’t It?

Title: Shut you up, didn’t it? 

Summary: Gabriel gets bored easily, but he thinks he found something…or someone…who may be able to keep his interest! 

Tags: Let me know if you want added to the tag list! :D 

Originally posted by spngayngels

Gabriel sat at a small table in the corner as he looked over the people in the room.  He nibbled on his chocolate muffin as he watched everyone come and go from the little pastry.  He was feeling a bit down as of late.  Messing with the Winchesters was just so much fun, but now he was bored. Sure, he could pull the trickster card and serve some just desserts, but that required effort.  He would have to find the person, then pick a plan…ugh, that sounded too hard.  

So instead, he was people watching, hoping eventually someone would do something interesting or entertaining.  He was beginning to lose hope when he saw a young woman walk in.  She was probably about 24 or 25.  Her light brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail, her brown eyes searching through the crowd as she pushed past the first few people.

Gabriel’s eyes followed her as she moved behind the counter.  “You’re late!”  The manager screamed at her.  Gabriel made a note to teach that guy a lesson about being a douche bag later.

“Sorry, Mike. My car wouldn’t start.”  She said as she moved around the counter and put on a stained white apron.  “Where do you want me today?”  She asked with a slight smile.  The manager said a few words and then she was out in the bakery tending to the people sitting at the tables.  

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Imagine Owen being jealous when he finds out that you’re going out on a date with a co-worker

Owen Grady x Hannah

Requested by:

You had started your park journey as a simple intern. But thanks to your great commitment and professionalism, they decided to give you an opportunity to work with them. You were fearless and patient. So they put you working with Owen Grady, trainer and supervisor of four raptors.

You and Owen made a great team. You were still together doing your job for about two and a half years. You were always tuned and that wasn’t only inside the cage. You were always flirting with each other. People actually thought that you were dating, but you were not. Co-workers shouldn’t have romantic relationships with each other. It could screw things up. And since you two were super committed to keep doing a good job, you never tried anything more than flirt and some signs of affection like tight hugs, intense hand touches, gently hair touches.
One day you were talking with one co-worker and Owen was watching carefully in distance. You were smiling and blushing at the same time. That was getting into his nerves, so he just approached you two and stood still with his arms crossed. At that exact time, your coworker asks if you want to go on a date with him.
“Hey Hannah, I need you right now!” Owen said annoyed. You looked at him and only raised an eyebrow, you realized automatically that he was jealous. But you turned to your co-worker and said:
“Yes, it will be a pleasure Tom!” You hugged him and glanced at Owen who was visible uncomfortable. You only accepted go out with Tom, just to see how Owen would be. You wanted to see if that affected him. And that upset him more than usual. It was clear that he had feelings for you.
“What do you need?” You questioned. He put on a brave front to hide his jealousy and disguised his true feelings. You could sense that his heart was burning.
“Oh, nothing. Forget it. Are you gonna go to a date with him?” His disgusted face was priceless. You tried hard not to laugh in his face. He was so adorable jealous.

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