brown frog


Brown banana frog a.k.a. Striped Spiny Reed Frog (Afrixalus dorsalis)

Picture by Brian Gratwicke,  taken near Libreville, Gabon

Listen. I get it. The sound that this precious little desert rain frog makes in this video is indeed one of the most grin-inducing noises I’ve ever heard.

I understand the appeal. I really do. But you probably don’t even need me to tell you that, for the most part, animals don’t make noises for our entertainment. Right in the description of the video, the guy who filmed this refers to what you’re hearing as a “defensive cry.” Nothing cries out in defense when it’s content. That this frog is repeatedly calling for help means someone is most likely prodding it in some way. That would explain why the camera starts moving once the frog stops making noises. Something has to be done to make it start squeaking again, and sticking a camera in its face did the trick the first time.

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met a friend today!!!
if u know stuff abt mantises i tagged this with like 100000 questions lmao thanks

Today’s Gender of the day is: shape-shifting punk rock frog

[Image description: two side-by-side photos of a brown and green frog from an article; in the first, the frog is sitting on some foliage and its skin is highly textured and spiky, while in the second, it is on a plain white background, and its skin is smooth. Underneath, the headline reads, “Shape-shifting Punk Rock Frog Discovered in Cloud Forest of Ecuador.”]

One thing a lot of people don’t realize is that many frogs will change their skin color depending on their mood.  A lot of frogs that are base green will be bright green when they are happy and a muddy brown when they are not.  A lot of the time, you’ll walk into a chain pet store and see muddy brown frog all huddled in corners of their cages because they’re not getting individual care or are just terrified of the large predators all around them.

One time, I walked into a local pet store to go see what frogs they had in, and their White’s Tree Frog case had two.  One of them was huddled in the top right back corner, smooshing his face against the glass and a shade of really intensely pissed off dark brown.  The other was sitting on a leaf of one of the plastic plants in the enclosure, and was a very bright green as he sat on that leaf, which was slowly rotating under his weight.

Anyways, my point is that Steven is an adorable potato friend and I love him.

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The Man In The Moon - Glenn Miler / After You’ve Gone - Pasadena Roof Orchestra / My Foolish Heart - Carmen McRae / Sunday - Bing Crosby / Moonlight Serenade - Urbie Green / Things Are Swingin’ - Peggy Lee / Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea - Peggy Lee / It’s the Talk of the Town - Georgia Gibbs / I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Right Myself A Letter - Fats Waller / Violets For Your Furs - Frank Sinatra / Small Fry - Bunny Berigan / O.K. For Baby - Benny Carter / I’ll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time - the Andrews Sisters / Leap Frog - Les Brown / Moanin’ Low - Harry James / Saturday Night (Is The Lonliest Night of the Week) - Frank Sinatra / Picking Sweethearts - the McGuire Sisters / It’s Only A Paper Moon - Benny Goodman / United We Swing - Jack Teagarden / Oh! Look At Me Now! - The Pied Pipers / It’s All Over But The Crying - The Ink Spots