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41 comfort food please!

Without fail, Victor went to the same late night coffee shop every time he got off duty.

He ordered the same hot chocolate made by the same barista with the fluffy brown hair and blue framed glasses who wore a gold ring on his finger. 

He waited the same two minutes and got the same bright eyed smile as his order was called, and Victor found comfort.

He found comfort as Yuuri handed his hot drink over, felt content as he accepted it with his hand that had a matching gold ring of his own, he found happiness all over again as Yuuri leant over the countertop of the late night cafe he owned, and smiled as Yuuri whispered in his ear.

“I’ll see you at home.” 

Meet the Mayor! mayor bailey of parfait

inspired by @mayor-aby‘s post!!


Black med hair, brown eyes, thick-framed glasses.

An overall dress with a mini bunny purse and a long-sleeved black and white polka dot shirt!! The red polka dot rain shoes are a nice touch.

mayor’s backstory: She had to move to Parfait to start a new life on her own and to make new friends!! She had never seen much of the world before so she decided to start an adventure.

do you ship your mayor with anyone? I guess I kind of ship my mayor with my boyfriend’s mayor. But besides that, no one really. I do ship certain villagers together though. Tia and Rudy spend a lot of time together. They are neighbors, after all. An elephant and a cat, the love story~

mayor’s favorite food: Mayor Bailey really likes early morning coffee at Brewsters and pumpkin pie! Pudding and yogurt are also great desserts, and noodles with soy sauce makes her happy!! And no one can forget her love for potatoes… She really likes potatoes.

mayor’s family: She gets letters from time to time from her parents and she has a few siblings and an abundance of nieces and nephews whom she adores dearly, one of whom is a mayor of her own town!

how old is your mayor? She is 21, her birthday is on January 5th!

mayor’s bff: Rudy, definitely! Chrissy and Tia are nice too, but Rudy definitely likes to hang out more often. Chrissy and Tia tend to forget about planned meet-ups.

personality: Mayor Bailey really loves all living creatures. She’s been a vegetarian for quite some time and she reminds everyone that plants are living beings too. She is really nice but mean if she needs to be and makes sure not to run over other people’s flowers.

height: 5′3!!


1. watching TV

2. collecting plants

3. breeding perfect flowers

early bird or night owl? She really likes to wake up early for coffee, but she also tends to stay up all night. No wonder she tends to fall asleep during her mayoral duties…

fav flowers: Definitely white cosmos! They’re so pretty, they look like daisies~

fav holiday: Christmas! The snow in Parfait is so pretty.

how did she become mayor? She hopped on a train, not really knowing or caring where it’d take her. All of a sudden, the train’s route ended at Parfait and Isabelle bombarded her with questions and assumptions. She couldn’t really back down, but I’d say the quiet ‘lil mayor is doing a great job so far, don’t you think?

fav shop: Definitely The Roost! It’s so cozy and welcoming.

side stuff:

Her favorite side character is Katie.

Her favorite season is Cherry Blossom season.

She’s currently collecting the mermaid and sloppy series.

Loves polka dots and plants

After he was gone, I didn’t write for four months. I couldn’t remember how to spell anything except for his name. I replayed that park bench conversation every day, and I could never bring myself to go back. I cried for three days straight, hoping he might wake to the sounds of the ocean. I kept shivering like my muscles remembered those cold nights but couldn’t remember the heat of his arms.
That night when we decided we could handle looking in each other’s eyes again, my hands shook for the whole drive over. Over the span of four years, I saw him in his glasses exactly twice, but there he sat across from me with thick-framed brown glasses. He still wore his class ring, and I still remembered how the metal felt against my skin. Our words settled into a place that felt more like a dream than a memory.
Sometimes I convince myself that I am no longer in love, because I don’t want to admit that I still find his fingerprints on my veins. I feel him like forest fires in my bones, and I’m so fucking sick of burning, but I’ve forgotten how to be anything but ash. I have woken up in tears too many times from dreams where the only thing I remember is his laugh. I stifle my sobs so no one notices I still love the one person I shouldn’t.
The idea of him with someone else feels like knives between each and every rib, and I know how hypocritical that is. I have tried on someone else’s affection, but it never fits the way his did. I tried to write him another poem to explain it all but the only words I could find said “he likes me because I am beautiful; you loved me when I wasn’t. He uses the words ‘I don’t love you’ as a threat because he follows them up with ‘yet.’” How loudly do I need to scream the words “I’m sorry” until I feel I am worth forgiving? I still don’t remember how to live in a world where I am not his.
Coffee still smells like his hands. Winter still feels like his arms. That song still sounds like his laugh. He is everywhere and nowhere, the worst combination of wholeness and breaking. I haven’t touched him in nine months, haven’t seen him in two, but if you listen closely enough you can still hear my heart shatter. Touch my fingers, they feel like wanting. Here is my ribcage, it looks like crumbling. I am drowning in a sea of missing him, and my lungs aren’t sure they even want to come up for air. There’s a reason I don’t get drunk and it looks an awful lot like his eyes. I don’t cry over his smile anymore but my mascara is still somehow always smeared. I collect too many bookmarks because I am still saving his place. There is one word used eleven times too many in this poem.
I love him.
—  he went on a date with someone who wasn’t me /// k.b.

Hey Portland! My friend’s daughter ran away, and she didn’t take her medications.

From Tavi:

********* Missing Person************
Please share: Feb. 6th, 2016. Portland, OR.
Runaway child. 14 years old, female.
Short black hair, brown eyes, wears black framed glasses.
Slim frame.
Approx. 5 ft. tall, 115 lbs. Last seen around Portland State Univ.
Black and white plaid shirt and black jeans.
Looking for my daughter, Zander. She’s 14 but could pass for both younger or older. She ran away from home on Saturday, Feb. 6th, 2016.
If seen, please call 503-823-3333
Case Number-16-40139

Hi everyone, thank you for the words of love, the prayers, encouragement and kindness. I have so much gratitude for you all.
There’s still no word from Zander. She’s missing her medications that she needs to take and I’m desperately worried about her physical, emotional and mental safety.
Many people have asked what they can do to help. Please continue to share her picture. Make her face known. Zander is so loved and we all want her home and safe.
Thank you,

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Yey It's open!! Haha. wanna make a request on how will Oikawa+ Iwaizumi+ Aone+ Kuroo+ Kyoutani reacts when they saw their s/o wearing a glasses (they don't wear it often). Make it a little bit fluffy!! Thanks much :3

You’re most welcome! Ohh, glasses, I can indulge this. (I’m sorry about Aone’s I haven’t written him much so I hope it is okay) 

Oikawa Tooru:
. Oikawa raised an eyebrow at his partner, after a good ten minutes of searching he had finally found them in the back corner of the library hunched over open study books, the glasses were certainly new though.
“hmmm those are new, are they fashion glasses?” Oikawa cooed sitting down next to his partner.
“No, they’re prescription. I ran out of contacts yesterday.” They replied not even looking up from their work.
“oh?” Oikawa responded resting his head on his hand, he sat watching his partner for a few more moments before he spoke up again. “They’re pretty cute you know.” he began, smirking when he noticed them pause in their writing momentarily. “You know, if I knew you wore glasses before now we could have done a few more interesting things with our alone time.” he smirked, satisfied with himself when his partners reaction was to cease writing all together.
“Are you always such a creep?” They responded, light blush adorning their cheeks. Oikawa pouted before replying.
“I’m not a creep, I just think your glasses make you look really cute.” his partner eyed him skeptically, Oikawa laughed lightly “what’s with that look? That’s kind of cute too actually you know.” he smiled charmingly at them. Pleased when they blushed harder and attempted to go back to their study. “It’s okay, I know I’m the cutest one in this relationship, I’ll live with that burden.” Oikawa sighed dramatically, leaning over to plant a kiss on his partners cheek before they had a chance to give him a snarky retort. 

Iwaizumi Hajime:
Iwaizumi stood waiting in the hallway, he and his partner had decided to eat lunch together today, they weren’t in the same class so they decided to meet outside their classroom and then find somewhere quiet to sit outside. His partner however hadn’t come out yet, so sticking his head in the doorway he scanned the classroom for them, notching them still hunched over in their seat and writing, he gave a little sigh and walked over.
“Don’t work yourself too hard.” he joked. They made a little surprised sound and looked up.
“Hajime?” they spoke “I’m sorry, I had to finish this.” the apologised sounding guilty. Iwaizumi didn’t really mind, his main concern at the moment however was the fact that his partner was wearing a rather cute pair of brown, square framed glasses, he hadn’t seen them wearing them before and had to admit, if he wasn’t before, he was certainly now a man with a glasses fetish, at least when it came to his partner anyway.
“Hajime?” he heard them ask “Something wrong? You’ve gone all red.”
“A-ah, no nothing wrong.” he coughed, covering his mouth with his hand trying to hide his blush. “You ahh, you wear glasses?” he tried to ask off handily.
his partner exclaimed looking a little embarrassed themselves.
“Y-yeah, I only need them for reading, so I only wear them in class.”
they shrugged.
“I see.”
he stated coughing again. “Well, they uh, they look nice.” he nodded firmly.
Ah…thank you?” his partner replied unsure.
“You should wear them more often.”
he mumbled.
“I only need them in class Hajimie.” his partner laughed lightly.
“W-well ah…” Iwaizumi began feeling embarrassed.
“Maybe you’ll have to help me study sometime.” they spoke suddenly. Iwaizumi simply nodded, really hoping that his partner hadn’t noticed his blushing.

Takanobu Aone:
Aone stood waiting outside of the school gates for his partner, it’s not like he had been waiting long but enough time had still passed for him to begin to wonder where they might be. As if on cue he heard someone call his name, turning around he saw his partner running towards, uniform slightly askew, bag still half open and, he blinked a couple of times as they neared him, were those glasses?
“Sorry to make you wait Aone, I had clean up duty and you wouldn’t believe what happened.”
his partner panted out trying to collect themselves. “I went to take out the rubbish and no problems there until I received a soccer ball to the face.” they grumbled “Ah, it wasn’t on purpose or anything, total accident.” They continued with a smile noticing Aone tense up when they’d told him they’d been hit. “It just really put me out though, I had to pick up all the rubbish and in the confusion I lost one of my contacts.” They pouted doing their school bag up properly and slinging it over their shoulder. “Sorry to make you wait, I’ll buy you something from the bakery on our way home as an apology.” they smiled looking up at Aone waiting for indication that he was ready to leave.
“They uh, they look nice. I’m glad you weren’t hurt.”
Aone muttered scratching the back of his head. His partner eyed for a moment before breaking out into a big grin.
“Maybe I’ll wear my glasses more often then, it would certainly save some time in the morning.”
grabbing Aone’s hand he and his partner began their walk home “Thank you for caring.” His partner said softly giving his hand a light squeeze, Aone didn’t respond, simply gave a little nod and gently squeezed their hand back.

Kuroo Tetsuro:
Kuroo slipped his phone back into his pocket when he saw his partner walking towards him, he’d agreed to meet up with them at the shopping centre today to grab some lunch and go with them to pick new frames for their glasses.
“Hey, sorry for being late.”
they apologised coming to a stop in front of him. “You weren’t that late.” he shrugged, grabbing their hand and heading inside the shopping centre. “So, glasses or food first?” he asked, his partner ‘hmmd’ in thought before replying.
“Glasses first, that way we don’t have to rush when we eat.”
they decided, Kuroo nodded and they headed towards the optometrists. Kuroo started to browse the frames in the mens section whilst his partner was busy talking to the person at the counter, he eyed off a black wooden framed pair, looking around he shrugged deciding to try them on because why not.
his partner called out from the other row “What do you think of these?” they walked over to show him the round, red frames they had on.
he asked looking up somewhat surprised and still wearing the black frames. His partner smirked. “W-what?” he asked trying not to sound like he’d just been caught doing the wrong thing.
“Nothing.” they smiled “They suit you.” Kuroo smirked at hearing this.
“Really?” he replied, his partner did not like the mischievous tone in his voice at all. “What about…” he trailed off picking up another pair with a more round shape and trying those on “these?” he asked smoothly.
“A-ah.” his partner stuttered.
“They’d certainly match those cute red ones you have on now. We could be one of those matching couples.”
he grinned.
“In your dreams.” they scoffed embarrassed.
“hmmm.” he smirked “Well, maybe we could skip lunch and make it a reality.” “T-Tetsuro.” they stuttered at his obvious insinuation.
“Is that a no?”
he laughed placing the glasses back.
“…” they said nothing a moment, Kuroo eyed them, still smirking “It wasn’t a no.” they mumbled.
“Pardon?” Kuroo asked not sure if he heard right.
“We’re stopping by the 100yen store and getting a cheap pair for you afterwards.”
they stated, walking away back to the counter to purchase their selection.

Kentarō Kyōtani:
Kyotani picked up his gym bag as he exited the change rooms, today both he and his partner had club activities, so he was headed down to the oval to meet them. Huffing in annoyance when a first year bumped into him as he stood waiting near the bleachers, he was about to yell at them to watch where they were walking when he heard his partner call out.
“Kyotani! You’re not going to scare that first year are you?”
they smirked, he huffed again giving a little eye roll, his partner laughed.
“You’re not as scary as you think you are you know.” they smirked again, pulling their glasses out of their bag, wiping them down before placing them on. “They’re not as cute on you as you think they are.” he retorted referring to his partners glasses.
“Oh?” they replied, he didn’t like the smug look on their face “So, the other day when you asked me specifically to keep them on win we were-” Kyotani cut them off
“Shut up.”
he growled beginning to walk off, he heard his partner laughing behind him.
“You’re so predictable Kentaro.”
they laughed catching up with him and grabbing his hand. Kyotani looked away and muttered something his partner couldn’t quite hear. They didn’t ask him to repeat it, they did however give his hand a little squeeze.
“They’re not that bad.” he muttered looking straight ahead. His partner didn’t reply, just smiled as they continued walking.