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Life sucks. Make Dark die and the other Egos react, please. -Gabe

It was an accident, he swore.

Dark’s eyes are wide as his falls to his knees, hands reaching up to delicately touch at the rapidly spreading stain on his crisp, gray suit. His silver fingers come away red and Wilford stumbles towards him, one hand reaching out, the other swinging uselessly at his side, the grip on his gun loose.

They had been arguing. Wilford doesn’t remember why, only that he’d been irritated and Dark wouldn’t listen and Wilford doesn’t know if the high pitched ringing is from Dark or the boom of the gun. He remembers Dark’s annoyed scowl, his whispered “shoot me” that Wilford is half sure he wasn’t supposed to hear. He remembers his hand on his gun, the shot going off, Dark’s face going slack in surprise and his soft “Will” before he fell.

Wilford drops his gun, dropping beside Dark and gathering him close, mind flashing to a blurred memory of something similar a long time ago (holding on to him, hushing his harsh coughs, begging him to stay in bed and being met with determined, if fever-glazed brown eyes and a “I’m fine, Will, besides, I’ve got work to do” as he struggles to sit up in bed and point out his mayor button and Will would sigh in exasperation-).

Dark’s hands curl in his shirt in a weak fist, muttering “not again” under his breath. Wilford doesn’t know what that means.

“I’m so sorry, Damien”, he shutters, not noticing the name, not noticing the growing crowd of egos around him, not even Dark’s grimace. His mind is elsewhere, looking for a punchline that’ll fix the cracks in his heart.


Veterinary Diaries #1: Pyometra 

10-year-old FS Chihuahua presented with lethargy, fever, and brown discharge from the vulva. Top differential: Pyometra 

Pyometra: Life-threatening infection of the uterus.

The only way to be absolutely certain that this will not occur in your female dog is to spay her. The only treatment for a pyometra is an ovariohysterectomy. A pyometra is 100% preventable, please help spread the word of how important fixing your animal is! 

A 2# infected uterus was removed from a 9# dog. The dog was treated surgically and also with IV antibiotics. Unfortunately, she made it through the surgery but not the recovery process. I have attached first the pyometra uterus and what the uterus should look like. Can you imagine how painful this would be? 


Byssinosis also known as “Monday fever” or “brown lung disease” is primarily associated with textile workers, especially young girls working in factories or mills. 

It is thought that exposure to cotton dust in poorly ventilated environments leads to the disease and its accompanying symptoms, like tightness of the chest, coughing and breathing difficulties. Experts believe the cause to be endotoxins from certain bacteria growing on the cotton. 
In extreme cases, the disease results in scarring of the lungs and, ultimately, death.
During the 1990s, there were 81 bysinosis-related deaths in the United States alone. Such figures would likely have been much higher around the time of the industrial revolution, when cotton and fabric production increased dramatically throughout the world.

i’ve been astoundingly sick so here is a lil doodle of the child unit and parental unit

i’m so curious though how did sadie’s mom get her leg brace thing

Molecule of the Day: Tetracycline

Tetracycline (C22H24N2O8) is a yellowish powder that is used as a broad-spectrum antibiotic. It has a remarkable tetracyclic core, which is shared with a related group of compounds which also have antibiotic activity, collectively called the tetracycline antibiotics.

It is produced naturally by the bacterium Streptomyces via the following pathway:

It is used to treat many bacterial infections such as Lyme disease, and does so by inhibiting protein synthesis in prokaryotes. It binds to the A site of the large ribosomal subunit, preventing the aminoacyl-tRNA from entering the A site to lengthen the growing polypeptide chain. Interestingly, even though it inhibits both the 70S prokaryotic ribosome and the 80S eukaryotic ribosome, it is highly selectively disrupts prokaryotic protein translation, as human cells do not have a mechanism to pump tetracycline into the cytosol, whereas bacterial cells do.

Tetracycline is also used as a selective agent in cell cultures; cells containing the tetracycline resistance gene, tetR, will be able to survive in a medium containing it, whereas those which do not, or have an insertionally inactivated tetR gene, will not survive. This enables for the selection of recombinant cells or cells which have uptaken a desired plasmid.

As an antibiotic, tetracycline suffers from some drawbacks; it can stain teeth yellow, grey, or brown, and cause headaches, fevers, and rashes. 

{C O M E  O N ,  A P O L L O}

‘Enjolras doesn’t apologize. He reaches into Grantaire’s jacket and pulls out a cigarette for himself. Grantaire puts the charcoal down to fetch the lighter, since a hand into his jacket is fine but a hand in his pants is not.

“Even when I learn literally everything about your life, I still can’t make sense of you,” Enjolras says. Grantaire doesn’t dare watch him smoke, so he picks a tourist – a harried brunette with a beret already halfway to falling off her head – and turns to the next page. “I can predict you, but you’re still…nonsense. If anything, this makes you even more frustrating.”

“You flatterer,” Grantaire says with something halfway to a laugh. “I bet you say that to all the boys.”’

{A  M I X  F O R  L U C H I A ' S  A M A Z I N G  F I C ,  G N O M O N}

i. sweet dreams- emily browning// ii. the wolf- fever ray// iii. everybody wants to rule the world- lorde// iv. seven nation army- the white stripes {glitch mob remix}// v. come as you are- nirvana//

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Thinking of a way to say “The Frozen Fever dress bothers me” without sounding rude.

I know I’m not the only one that thinks that, and I’m not a fashion or character design professional (of course), but….

These are some cuts I threw together. the features are meant to mismatch between eachother, so if things don’t match that’s why.

More stuff in the captions, and I’m probably most definitely not done with designs.