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Just got my book “Redhead Beauty” by Brian Dowling. I really like his work, his commitment and passion, to show especially the beauty of people with red hair. Furthermore I can recommend this book to everyone who likes beautiful portrais of red headed people and wants to support his work.

Lovesick Syndrome

Bucky x Reader

Summary: The harder it is to deny yourself your soulmate, the sicker you become. Soulmate!AU

Word Count: 2.7k+

Warnings: angst, unrequited love, kinda anti-nat (still love her tho), fluff, everybody is sick yo

N/A: HEY GUYS!! I got inspiration and i came up with this! enjoy!!

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It all started when Natasha came into the Compound after Steve and ‘his’ team returned from hiding in Wakanda. She came sauntering in with a stunning man on her arm. He had thick, dark, brown hair and gorgeous sea blue eyes. He wore a thick, black leather jacket with a dark blue Henley. He was absolutely breathtaking. He took her breath away with just the small smile he gave her when she politely introduced herself.

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Eyes that are filled with the bright light of the moon, sharp as flint, strong as steel and soft as mist on a still lake at dawn. Wild as the sky on a cloudy day and calm as the sea before the storm, carrying the force of rivers and tides, rocks and mountains, rain and lightning. Eyes with the power to change shade like shimmering moonstones and silvery waters. To gaze into grey eyes is to behold a magical spectrum of light and shadow.


Eyes that are as dark and deep as the infinite night sky, holding the mysteries of galaxies inside them. Mesmerizing pools of the purest ink hiding onyx and obsidian in their depth. Eyes reflecting the heavens, as exquisite as liquorice, as opulent as ebony and as lustrous as melanite. The universe resides in black eyes and staring into them will reveal the true meaning of stargazing.


Eyes that sing of the forest, of linden leaves dancing in the wind and emerald moss resting in the shade. Ponds of jade reflecting leafy trees in all their splendour, the shades of dusky gardens and endless sunny fields. Peridot eyes hold the bliss of spring and the freedom of rolling hills. The woods forever dwell in green eyes and looking into them is looking into the heart of the earth.


Eyes like melted chocolate, filled with the warm glow of the sun. Dark as coffee and luxurious mahogany, passionate as blazing fire, comforting as rich caramel and captivating as burning sunsets. Eyes that tell the tales of ancient hazel trees, of chestnuts standing tall upon the ground. Honey and cinnamon lend them their sweetness while amber and topaz give them their glory. To meet the gaze of brown eyes is to discover the true value of gold.


Eyes that carry the depth of the ocean inside them, clear as the sky on a summer day. Bright as aquamarine and dark as lapis lazuli, pools of sapphire holding both the strength and serenity of waterfalls. Azure eyes singing of freedom and adventure, of water glittering in the sunlight and waves breaking on the shore. To gaze into blue eyes is to drift off into an eternally glistening sea.

Get To Know You

Request: Hey! It’s always cool to find someone new writing on here! Youre doing great. Do you think you could do something with harry hook and a reader who is related to ariel in some way (daughter, niece, it doesnt really matter as long as she’s a mermaid) please? Pirates and mermaids make excellent pairs in my opinion. Love ya. Good luck :)

Pairing: Harry Hook x reader


The sharp chime of the school bell rung out through the hallway announcing that it is now time for classes to begin once more, I gave a light tug to my painted locker and pulled it open. Unlike most of the lockers in the hallway, I had taken the time to decorate the outside of mine, so that I always know exactly which is mine without checking each individual numbers on the doors.

Placing my palm against the cool metal of the locker, I guided my forefinger down the glittered pattern which I drew on. Baby blue and teal glitter swirled it’s way across the left of the panel and scattered into shards of broken shells and stars.

Within minutes, everyone from in the hallways had already vanished off to their next period so that they aren’t noticed as late, but me on the other hand- I had a different plan for the hour.

Pulling a small cloth backpack out of my locker and replaced it with my school bag full of school books, I then pushed the door shut, locking it and proceeded to make my way through the deserted school halls. Footsteps echoed throughout the shallow corridor as if I was being followed so I swiftly turned around the corridor and out a large mahogany door which leads to the backgrounds, in an attempt to lose the company.

Once I was out of the sight of the front classrooms and overlooking teachers, I slung my bag over my shoulder and broke into a sprint down the path, making my way past the hedges and to an opening at the bottom of the field.

The bright Auradon sun shone down against my body as I pulled my bag off my shoulders and laid it on the floor next to me, this was one of my favourite places in the whole of Auradon, a crystal blue lake shimmered in light, slight ripples lapping across the surface from a minuscule stream trickling into the larger body of water. It was hidden by a surrounding of deep green trees, the large branches blanketing across the back half of the lake whilst the rest was blocked off by the school hedges.

I slowly let my body drop to the ground beside the clear, blue lake and laid my head back onto my bag, soaking in the nature around me.

I prefer to be here, in a natural surrounding instead of cooped up in a sweaty classroom with crowds of royals and other fairy tale descendants.

I haven’t always attended Auradon Prep but for the first half of my life, I lived in the ocean with my mother Adella, grandfather Triton and many other Aunts who now have other families of their own.

You see, I’m a mermaid. My mother decided to send me to live with my Aunt Ariel after finding out that I can change from human to mermaid at will.

She told me that I would have a better life in Auradon with other children my age and to achieve a better education here at school, but everything is so different compared to my old life, more people and more confined spaces, less animals and less free time. Everything and anything is scheduled and rushed unlike under the sea where you flow with the tide.

I laid in a peaceful serenity for a few more moments before lightly kicking off my light blue converse, placing it to the side of my bag along with my socks and shirt so that I was now in my pastel ombre’d bikini top and shorts.

I leaned over against the edge of the lake, toes dipping into the cool, fresh water and dipping my forefinger in to trace gentle patterns against the surface, watching as small discarded leaves clung to my finger.

This is where I belong, not in the stuffy castle but out here among nature; the chirping of the birds, the feeling of summer breeze among my light teal hair.

Suddenly I was snapped out of my trance as a twig snapped behind me, causing me to jump and dive straight into the depth of the lake in an attempt to hide from whoever interrupted my peace.

“Come on lass, you know I saw you” A thick accent rung out, muffled slightly from being under the water. Looking down towards where my legs once were, now showing a beautiful pastel blue and teal mermaid tail, small rays of sun illuminated the inside of the lake caused the colour of my scales to shimmer and concentrated rainbows to emit from the clashing of the reflective colours and the sun rays.

I swam deeper into the lake, trying to escape the trespasser but he was very persistent- still sitting beside my bag minutes after I had dived in. Being the nosey mergirl I am, I swam further to the surface and poked the top of my head out to get a good look at the boy who was waiting for my appearance.

He wore a dark red leather pirate coat over the top of a ripped grey shirt and low hanging, worn brown trousers. A black, tri-horned hat was placed atop of his messy brown hair and dark eyeliner surrounded his sea blue eyes but in his left hand, he held a glistening silver hook- Captain Hook’s son from the isle.

“Well, well, well, what have we here? A fish who seems to have lost her way.” A smirk played across his face as mischief glinted in his eyes.

I nervously smiled at him as he helped me out of the water, one arm around my waist and his hook under one of my arms as if we were dancing.

As soon as I was out of the water he placed me down onto the floor. I was about to find somewhere to sit to dry off but he plopped himself down next to me and pulled me close, one arm wrapped around my shoulders, the other he leaned on, supporting his weight. He put his hook under my chin and turned my face so I was looking into his eyes.

“My father used to tell me stories of mermaids when I was younger, telling me about how beautiful they are.” A sad look in his eyes as he remembered the fond memories of his late father, he looked back down into my eyes, “He wasn’t wrong.”

A blush formed on my (skin colour) cheeks, it isn’t every day that someone from the isle compliments you, or well, holds you either, especially someone like Harry.

“You don’t even know me” I murmured, tearing my eyes away from his light blue orbs

“I’d like to know you” I looked back down towards my legs which I hadn’t noticed had reappeared due to the encounter with the enticing pirate.

“The name’s y/n,” I smiled, newly found confidence allowing me to glance back up at Harry
“y/n? That’s a gorgeous name. Suits you” He complimented with a slight smirk creeping along his perfect features

“How did you even get here?” A bright red blush spread across the entirety of my face, as I slowly edged away from the pirate.
“Magic.” He had a devious grin on his flawless face. He quickly stood up and pulled me with him, enclosing me in his muscular arms, our bodies flush against each other. “So, what do you say? Will you let me get to know you?” He leant down and whispered in my ear. My face becoming a darker shade of red, “Sure, I mean, why not?” I nervously laughed, I don’t know what’s happening, I’m usually fine with guys, but he’s different…

i have always wanted blue eyes. i wanted to be the mystery wrapped in girl that the books told me were heroes. i wanted to be desire. i wanted to be the ocean, to be the sky, to be drowned in and taken like the voices of sirens, tangled in blonde hair, lost at sea. brown eyes must do on the sly what blue eyes will burst out and sing, must skulk around and observe the world, clandestine. but brown eyes see dirt and see skin and see scars and brown eyes know the glint of glowing limbs and perhaps brown eyes are safer. they don’t get lost in the passing of the breeze. 

brown eyes  ||  a.c.


Mermaid moodboard : Arctic selkies

Those kind of selkies live in the Arctic ocean, by the Groenland’s shores and Northern Canada shores. Unlike Europpean selkies, their hair is white and their skin tone light brown; their eyes are blue like the sea and their seal form is white; when they turn into a human form, their seal tail remain. Inuit mermaids and them are in very good terms and often, a mermaid and a selkie form a strong bond of friendship.

Sail away

Pairing: Reader x Euron Greyjoy

Warning: Well, it’s Euron Greyjoy… Smut (Loss of virginity, dirty talk)

Since you were a little girl you loved the sea. It was your first love. You loved the water, the waves, the wet sand under your naked feet and the salty air in your lungs. Water were the only thing you really felt comfortable in. Just swimming in the sea or a lake, feeling the rain on your skin – It was the most beautiful feeling in the world.

You walked down the beach close to Storm’s End when you saw a giant ship at the horizon. The sails were black with a golden symbol which you weren’t able to see details. You decided to continue your walk and followed the ship to the port. Of course, you were faster, but at least you could finally see the emblem on the sails; a golden kraken. This must be a Greyjoy ship! Greyjoy ships normally stand for trouble, but why would they attack Strom’s End? Normally they only attacked small isles and poor villages.  

“(Y/N)!”, you heard somebody shouting. It was your uncle, who worked as a fisherman. “Go and help your mother at the tavern, I will deliver some fresh fish later”, he said to you. 

“But I – “ he interrupted you immediately: “Go now, (Y/N)!” You nodded and left. 


At the night of the same day some strangers entered the tavern which belonged to your family. One of the men directly looked at you. His face was round with a full beard, brown hair and blue and grey eyes, just like the sea. His smile had something cruel, but somehow you felt immediately attracted to him. Was he from the Greyjoy ship you saw earlier?

“Welcome”, you greeted them shyly.

“Please bring us beer, beautiful lady”, the handsome one said. You nodded and came back a few moments later with beer for everyone. 

“Thank you, dear. What’s your name?”

“M-My name is (Y/N) Storm.”

“Do you know who I am?”

“A Greyjoy?”

“That’s right. I am Euron Greyjoy, the drowned god. Do you know why they are calling me the drowned god?” You shook your head and Euron tapped on his thigh to symbolize you to sit down. You kind of felt uncomfortable with this, but as you sat down on his leg it felt oddly good. “Soon I will be the king of the Iron Islands. I will kill my brother, Balon, and claim the salt throne. After that I will be drowned in the salt water and as soon as I come back the whole island will belong to me.”

“And what happens if you die?”

“I don’t die. I am the sea, I am the storm.”

“The sea is beautiful. Wild and untamable.”

“Just like me.”

“Why is your crew so silent?” Euron laughed at your question.

“They can’t talk anymore, my dear. So, you love the sea?”
“I do. All my life I wanted nothing more than to sail away, to live on a ship and to be a captain.” You laughed. “Stupid, I know.” You shrugged your shoulders. “I am sorry. I need to work now.” You wanted to stand up, but Euron wrapped his arms around you.

“It’s not stupid, not for me at least. I could take you with me. You could be my salt wife. And someday maybe I will build a ship for you.” His strong arms around your body made you nervous.

“Why would you do that? You don’t even know me!”
“You are beautiful and we have something in common. I love beautiful and strong women.” He was probably insane, but with every word you felt more attracted to him. What’s wrong with me?, you asked yourself. You glanced at him and saw the sea in his beautiful and bright eyes. He is so handsome… “You look at me like you want me to kiss you”, Euron said and grinned.

“I do, actually”, you admitted. “I don’t see many handsome men here.”
“Well, how could I not fulfil a beautiful women’s wish?” He cupped your face in his hands and placed a kiss on your lips and suddenly everything got out of hand. You both shared an extremely long kiss and after that you grabbed his hand and took him with you upstairs.

“I’ve never done this before”, you told Euron as you opened the door to your chamber.

“What? Fucking with a guest?”
“Fucking in general.” Euron looked at you in surprise.

“It’s easy to learn”, he said to you and sat down on his bed. You took place on his lap again and almost started right away to hump him. “Slow down, girl”, he said to you. “Let me take off my clothes first.” He took off his belt and finally his pants. His member was half-hard, pinkish with a thick tip and some veins. “I know, it’s big, but don’t worry. It will fit”, Euron explained while he unbuttoned his shirt. You took off your dress as well and crawled on the bed. Euron followed you and placed himself on top of you. “So I will be your first one?”

“Yes”, you answered and smiled. Euron gave you a kiss.

“You know, it will hurt”, he said and one moment later you felt his hard dick pressing against your entrance. He grabbed his member with one hand and pushed himself into you with two quick strokes. It felt like something was breaking inside of you. It almost was like a painful cramp.

“Shit!”, you cursed and gasped for air. Euron chuckled. “Stop it!”

“I’m not doing anything. I will start moving slowly now.” He moved his lower abdomen back and forth, pushing his dick slowly deeper inside of you. “Does it still hurt?”
“I’m fine”, you answered after you relaxed a bit. You closed your eyes and tried to concentrate on the feeling. You liked Eurons warmth and his breath on your skin. Euron kneaded your breasts with one of his hands while his dick slipped in and out of you, but he didn’t really seemed satisfied with you, and it kind of made you sad. Maybe I’m too ugly or too boring, you thought.

“Euron”, you started. “I want to be your salt wife. I want you to fuck me in all my holes, as often as possible.” He started grinning, his movements got faster.

“Hmm, tell me more little girl”, he said. “Do you really want to get fucked in all your holes? Your nice mouth and your tight arsehole?”
“Yes. Use me in every possible way.” Saying all these dirty things to him made even yourself wetter and you ran your fingers down your own body, until you found the tiny little spot between your labia. “Fuck me harder. Now.” Euron fucked you with hard, but slowly strokes. You cried out his name as you were close to your own climax.

“Tell me more dirty things, my queen”, Euron almost said begging. “I want to come.”

“I want you to fuck me hard and fast, I want you to punish me. I am a bad little girl.”

“Aye, you are!” Euron gave you one last stroke before he sank into the bed sheets next to you. You still rubbed yourself, and Euron watched you with great interest. “Show me how you do it, (Y/N).” You spread your legs a little bit more and pushed one finger into your cunt. It was wet and slippery from Eurons semen and your own juice.

“Lick it clean”, Euron commanded. You almost hesitated, but Euron took your hand and led it to your mouth. The taste was awful, bitter and salty, but it was also arousing. You felt ashamed. “Oh my little lady is blushing… But you wanted this, right?” You nodded. “You want to be my salt wife. So do what I tell you to do.”

“I will do everything for you!”

“Good. Now come for me.” Euron put his hand on your snatch and stroke your clit with sharp thrusts which made you see stars. You trembled uncontrollably and whimpered as you came.

“Euron”, you moaned exhausted and placed your head on his bare chest. “That was insane.” He kissed your head.

“It was. And I will do a lot of other things to you if you accompany me.”

“Do you really want me to come with you?”, you asked in disbelief. Maybe your boring life finally had an ending, maybe you were finally able to travel around the world – with a handsome man on your side…

“It’s a command”, Euron said and you smiled.

Sharks and Polaroids

Words: 1,144

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A/N: @cryopods asked and I deliver! Based on the ask sent by @buttsareprettycooliguess “Mermaid!klance in which keef is a photography student taking shots of the ocean, and comes across a friendly merbro who knows spanish and offers to pretend to be a dolphin for some Aesthetic Pics™"

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“Who I Am Inside” Part 5

“Who I Am Inside” Part 1

“Who I Am Inside” Part 2

“Who I Am Inside” Part 3

“Who I Am Inside” Part 4

A/N: Sorry this is kind of short! I will have more out soon! Let me know if you want to be added to the tag list!

*Sam’s Pov*

   The drive from Indiana to Kansas wasn’t that long. It just took a few days to get back to the bunker. Y/n hasn’t said a word since we got her from her house. She just stared out the window, lifelessly, holding a pink baby quilt. I’m assuming that it belonged to her sister. I couldn’t imagine what she was going through right now. Her family that she knew is dead, her house burned to the ground, and her place of work. On top of that, finding out that Dean and I are her brothers, and her dad isn’t who she thought it was.

Dean stopped along a couple of fast food places so we could just get straight home. I thanked god that no cop pulled us over because we were all still covered in dried up blood. Dean and I didn’t try to start a conversation with Y/n most of the way because we understood she need her space. As we got closer, I thought I would try to give it a shot, but she beat me to the punch.

“Why are these things after me?” she says quietly.

“Because you are a Winchester. A long time ago, when I was six months old, a demon came into my room and tried to take me. My tried to stop him, begging him not to touch me. He killed her, she burned on the ceiling above my bed, and that day dad vowed to kill whatever killed her. He became a hunter and fought against the supernatural. He went undercover and did a whole bunch of cases around the United States. Pretty much taking Dean and I along with him everywhere.” I went ahead and told her the whole story of our lives.

“That sounds very fucked up. How do you guys go on with this hunting thing? Doesn’t it ever get old?” she asked.

“Like I said. Saving People, Hunting Things, It’s The Family Business.” Dean responded, solemnly.

“Didn’t you kill the thing that killed your mom though?” she inquired

“Revenge isn’t all what it’s cracked up to be, Y/n. Plus once you start hunting, there is no turning back. Are you sure you want this? This is a very big decision, and I just want to let you know that you will never be able to have a normal life after this. Just take your time and think about it for awhile.”  I said to her.

“Sam, I lost everything. I lost the two of the most important people in my life. The demon at the Library pretty much told me I was screwed until the day I die. I can’t turn back now, even if I wanted too.” she said.

“She’s got a point Sam. Y/n, first things first, we will train you to protect yourself. Then we will show you all about the lore and doing research, train you how to act while going undercover, and how to hunt. I will throw some more lessons in there too babygirl, but for now we start small.” Dean informed her.

I looked over at him as he talked to her. I could tell that Dean was starting to take Y/n under his wing before he even could. It was sweet, honestly. I liked how he was already accepting her into our group. She needed us, and we needed her. I just hated the fact that she had to go through all this pain. There’s always burdens a hunter holds.

*Y/n’s Povs*

As we pulled up to the place were these boys call home, I looked around. All I saw was an creepy abandoned building in the distance. Is this seriously where they live? Is this even safe?

“Home Sweet Home!” Deans cheers to himself as he parks the impala near the stairs.

“Is this a safe place to live in? An abandoned factory?” I questioned him, as I got my bags out of the trunk.

“You will see.” Dean says with a smirk as he pulled out a box from his pocket.

He opened it up and a key was in there, and he went over to the ridged concrete stairway and halted at an old, rusted looking door. I pursued after him down the stairs and watched him open it. Once we were inside, I couldn’t believe my eyes. This place was huge. It looked like something the military used back in the day.

“Welcome to your new home, Y/n!” Dean exclaimed, while taking off his beat up leather jacket and dropping his duffel.

“You guys live here? This place looks amazing.” I gawked, eyes still roaming over the room, taking everything in.

“Yeah, our grandfather gave us the key a couple years ago to this place since we are legacies to the Men Of Letter. You are too, you know? This is on there bunkers.” Sam quipped.

“I’ve never heard of the Men Of Letters, what did they do?”

Sam went ahead and told me all about the Men Of Letters, and told me about the encounter they had with our grandfather. How they took down Abbadon

“Time Travel?” I asked

“Yeah, I know. There is a lot of weird stuff out there. Dean and I stopped asking questions a long time ago.”


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My gaze followed the sound that came from the corner and all of the sudden I saw a man appear. He looked exhausted, as he fancied a long, brown trench coat. His eyes were as a blue as the sea, and his hair just looked like a mess. It made me want to run my fingers through it.

“Hello, Y/n. My name is Castiel. I am an Angel of the Lord.” He said, in a deep voice.

“You’re an angel?” I asked in complete shock.

“Yes, I am. I’m so sorry to hear about your family. I wanted to let you know that they are happy in heaven. Both of their Heaven’s consist of old memories of you. Especially Nevaeh.” He said.

I looked down at Nevaeh’s pink quilt in my arms, not even noticing how my grip became tighter.

“My Nevaeh. Gone. Why?” I thought to myself, as tears formed in my eyes.

Sam threw Castiel a look, while he tried to figure out what he did wrong. Then he walked over to me and put a comforting hand on my shoulder.

“Hey Y/n, If you want, the shower is down the hall. It’s been a rough couple of days. It might help take some off your edge off.” I thanked him, and went down the hallway as instructed.

The bathroom was very nice, but also very cold. I made my way over to the tub and ran some hot water. Once the tub was halfway full with plenty of bubbles, I went to take my clothes off. My eyes caught a glimpse of my reflection before I even raised my shirt up. Y/c eyes meeting y/c eyes. They didn’t look the same as they did a few days ago. Warm and full of hope for the future to come. Now, they looked hardened and full of dread. Almost completely red from the tears and dried up mascara. My cheeks were stained with tears. Hair was matted down and oily.  My expression unreadable.

“Well, you got what you wanted didn’t you! You wanted something different! You said you felt like you were meant for more! You wanted to get away! You wanted to be free!” the girl in the mirror yelled at me.

More tears fell from my eyes. Misery and grief taking over me.

“This is not what I wanted. This not what I meant. I didn’t mean for anyone to get hurt.” I quietly sobbed to myself.

“This is all your fault! You’re the reason why your family is dead! You’re the reason why the Library burned down! You’re the reason why your mom and John couldn’t be happy! Because your mom had to raise you! She gave up the love of her life to raise her pathetic daughter, who ended up getting her killed! You killed Nevaeh! Your beautiful, little, 6 year old sister! She loved you so much! You meant the world to her and you watched her die in your arms! You should’ve been the one lying on the floor covered in blood! Not them!” spat my reflection.

“It should have been me!” responding to her, my sobs getting louder.

You think you can become a hunter? Are you kidding me?! You don’t even know how to make a fist properly, let alone shoot a gun. You’ll just be dead weight to those boys. You don’t have what it takes. If they go on a hunt with you, they will be dead in the first 5 minutes trying to save your ass. You’ll just drag them down. Just like you did your family” she smirked.

Rage started to cloud over my grief. I saw her smirking and couldn’t take it anymore. I punched the center of the mirror with my fist. It still stayed in tack. Getting even angrier, I punched it until my knuckles started to bleed. Cracking than finally shattering at my last punch.

I dropped down to my knees as I let my loud sobs consume me. I curled up in the fetal position and just let it all out. My knuckles started turning white, as blood trickled down my arm at an alarming rate. I didn’t care. I just wanted my family back.

A couple seconds later, I heard the door being kicked in, but I didn’t even budge. I just laid there. Dean came in and concern was written all over his face. He bent down and hovered over me, examining my arm. He reached for the tweezers, while Sam and Cas came through the door. Worry in their expression, the knelt down to Dean’s stance as he pulled out all the glass that lodged into my fist.

Sam gently carded his fingers through my hair and kept whispering,

“Everything’s going to be ok. Shhh. Y/n, we got you.”

I couldn’t really make out what Castiel said. The only thing I heard was something about “Healing her”. Dean just told him to wait until he got the glass out.

My thoughts were still haunting me as they carried on with conversation. Maybe my reflection was right. That I’m not cut out for this hunting business.

“How will I ever be able to track my family’s killer when I can’t even make a fist?”

“How will I ever be able to help Sam and Dean when I can’t even help myself?”

“How will I ever be able be able to save people, when I can’t even save myself?”

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       Asher raised what could only be described as a glass of poison to his nose, the mere scent of the thing potent in all forms of the word. Just the way he liked it; particularly if he was going to be at this event and all. Then again, as his heterochromatic blue-brown eyes peered around at the buzzing sea of masks, he felt absolutely enveloped in mystery and intrigue, an underlying air of confidence and sultriness blanketing the grand ballroom. The entire place had been transformed, and though he found himself by the bar drinking his worries away, he couldn’t help but feel utterly immersed in it all, captured by the enigma. Glancing over to his side, his gaze landed upon another lone wolf like himself, and with the adrenaline coursing through his veins — in addition to the notion of being anyone or anything behind his mask— he approached the other. “What are you drinking? I’d recommend their specialty drink ‘POISON’,” he offers, raising his glass as a gesture, “but I think they took the word too literally.” 

to the boy with hair as blue as the stormy sea and eyes as brown as your favourite chocolate cake - who looked so angry, but smiled when he saw the new Harry Potter book

to the girl with hair as curly as Merida and eyes filled with tears like the salty ocean - who cried and cried and cried, but tried to smile when she saw me

to the old man with hair as dark as our thoughts and eyes as bright as the starry night - who looked so lonely when he looked down the bridge, but smiled when he saw a little dog catching his own tail:

I noticed you when no one else did. I was there and you are not alone.