brown eyed cat

[image: screencap of tumblr dashboard. top portion is the last bit of a post by ofools featuring a photo of an grimacing, orange tabby cat with ronnie off to the left & a bookshelf to the right in the background. that post’s caption reads, “Jeremy my Goblin son getting closer and closer”. the bottom portion of the cap is the start of a post from unflatteringcatselfies with a photo of a wide-eyed, brown tabby cat which is notably closer to the camera.]

@ofools my dash did a thing

You: *wants explanation*

Me: *doesn’t have one*

Umm…soo…this kinda just happened. I wanted to improve my masking skills and this was the outcome. Omg I used so many random things I wasn’t gonna post this cause I can’t technically source everything. But we have seen most of the artworks/randomness anyways. If you see an artwork in here and have a source gimme cause I feel like a terrible person >.>

Maturity? What maturity? Don’t tell me you didn’t at least giggle at hearing the most serious char in the effing anime say “pee pee”

I don’t own anything pls don’t sue me

I am so sorry if you wanna yell at me I’ll be in my room *does swan dive into dumpster*

Wanna know why I’m not smiling? My eye liner was seriously SO perfect today and it took me forever but then my plans got cancelled. Can this at least get a couple notes so I don’t feel like it was a COMPLETE waste?