brown dream catcher

FULL NAME: Crowe Altius
OTHER NAMES: Little Sister, Birdie.
OCCUPATION: Kingsglaive.
AGE: 26-27.
GENDER: Female.
SEXUALITY: A / Homosexual , A / Demiromantic.
ORIGIN: Outskirts of Lucis.
SPOKEN LANGUAGES: Some Galahdan & other Lucian tongues.
RELIGION: Agnostic.
HEIGHT: 5′ 9″
BODY TYPE: Slender and fit.
EYES: Brown.
TATTOOS:  One ( a dream catcher ) behind her left ear, extending to her neck.
PIERCINGS: Both ears.
SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram account but low activity.
SMOKING: Yes ( when stressed ).
ATHLETICS ABILITIES: Close combat , dual blades and basic firearm training. Far ranged , magic. Specialty in elemental magic.
HOBBIES: Riding bikes/motorcycles, volunteering at local shelters, daemon hunting.
FAVORITE FOOD: Galahdan styled curry noodles.
FAVORITE MUSIC: Soft rock, country and synth-pop.
CLOTHING STYLE: Tank tops, distressed jeans, leather jacket on off duty. Glaive uniform on duty. Her ruby necklace is always present.
UNDERWEAR TYPE: Matching sports bras ( front zip ) and bikini briefs.

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billdip promt: what if Dipper has a pretty bad nightmare bout Bill, but it wasn't a nightmare that was under Bill's influence it's just a normal nightmare, but it freaked Dipper out real bad and he wakes up and Bill comes and comforts him cause it wasn't real? idk

“Haha!  Nevermind pain being hilarious, your pain is hysterical, pine tree!  I can’t believe what a crybaby you are!”

    Dipper sobbed.  What did he ever do to deserve this?  He cried out as more pressure was put on his already incredibly sore ribs, he swore they were about to crack.  The pressure was suddenly relieved, but then he was kicked in the stomach.  He tried curling up to protect himself, but Bill had stopped.

    He opened his eyes and looked up at the demon in the teenage body.  ”Huh.  Maybe I’ve gone too far this time.  Sorry, kid,” Bill said, offering a hand to the boy, who accepted it.  ”Then-” he began, but suddenly, he was being pushed, then he was falling a cliff he definitely didn’t remember being there before.  ”Hahahaha!  I was just kidding!”

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