brown dream catcher

the signs as aesthetic things

aries: Van Gogh vans, french braids, mixing paint, pink lemonade gumballs, sticking daisies in your hair
taurus: sunset polaroids, walking barefoot on sand, light gray vans, taking photos by the pier, fireworks at night
gemini: leather jacket, cherry red lipstick, neon signs, fishnet tights, pink Doc Martens, hanging out at skate parks
cancer: black turtlenecks, perfume from Paris, moon river by Audrey Hepburn, matcha green tea lattes
libra: star hoop earrings, silver metallic jacket, playing the ukulele late at night, blue highlights, silver padlock necklace
virgo: raspberry macarons, paintings of clouds, strawberry fields by the Beatles, picnics for one, lacy white dresses
leo: crystal balls, black nail polish, lavender, taking walks in the woods,  opal rings, amethyst crystals
scorpio: watching 90′s chick flicks, pink feather fur platforms, cat-eyed sunglasses, playing on your Tamagotchi, reading goosebumps
sagittarius: daffodil fields, books of poetry, peach scented candles, making dream catchers, brown combat boots
capricorn: vintage windbreakers, the kids don’t wanna come home by Declan McKenna, riding bikes in the rain, silver nail polish
aquarius: black high heels, pink tulle skirts, strings of pearls, brown sugar latte, cherry blossom perfume
pisces: holographic skirts, strawberry donuts, tie-dye converses, candy by Robbie Williams, looking for mermaids