brown denim pants


In regards to an ask I had seen today. I have yet to screen shot them all, but this is what some of the victims were wearing on the day of the shooting.

Lauren Townsend: Blue top, denim pants, black boots.

Kelly Fleming: Black shirt, denim pants, black/white tennis shoes

John Tomlin: Dark tshirt, denim pants, white/black tennis shoes. Eyeglasses lay on lower half of the face

Corey Depooter: Grey tshirt, denim pants, brown leather boots; backpack.

Daniel Mauser: Tan shirt, denim pants, black/Grey tennis shoes. Eyeglasses partially on upper part of the face.


Imagine Flynn Rider!Zayn, in brown, tight pants and denim shirt, trying to steal a crown from the king and queen but runs into Prince Charming!Liam while in the castle, clad in black slacks accentuating his thick thighs and a tight, white button up. Zayn tries to use his famous smoulder to woo Liam into letting him go instead of locking him in the dungeon. And Liam may be the sweetest, kindest prince, but he can’t just let Zayn walk free after trying to steal his crown. Liam also might be a little infatuated with Zayn because he’s supposed to be looking for a wife but everyone at the ball just wants him for his money. And looking at Zayn, Liam realizes that maybe he doesn’t even like girls.

Liam ends up taking Zayn to the dungeon, making sure the guards see so they’ll leave him alone, but only so he can be alone with him, not that he would admit it. The two of them sit in the dungeon cell together and talk and it turns out they have a lot of common interests which makes Liam’s heart flutter.

When Liam lets Zayn go, he kisses him softly on the cheek, then deciding to be a bit reckless, presses his lips quickly to the tip of Zayn’s nose.  “I hope I can see you again, maybe not in the dungeon?”

Zayn giggles, his nose scrunching slightly, “of course.”

Liam takes a step closer to Zayn, whispering in his ear, “I think I might have found my princess”, biting his earlobe gently before pulling back with a smirk pulling at the corner of his lips.

Zayn, wide eyed, clears his throat and nods, saluting Liam before jogging off.

Once Zayn reaches the woods, he might jerk off thinking of Liam’s warm breath against his neck, imaging it was Liam’s big hand instead of his own. But it’s difficult running with a boner okay?