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76. “I need you to pretend we’re dating…” this trope kills me everytime

“I need you to pretend we’re dating…”

Zayn looks up from his dog-eared paperback. He’s got one foot propped up on his backpack so that no one can try and run off with it. His boarding pass is tucked into his passport that’s in the front pocket of his button down shirt. He eyes the man in front of him warily and tucks his backpack a little closer to the seat. “Sorry, mate, can’t help you,” he mutters and buries his face in his book.

The man plops himself down, uninvited, into the seat next to Zayn. “Please, just— All you have to do is play along. Just smile at me a bit and maybe hold my hand. That’s all I need. Five minutes?”

Christ. Zayn folds down the corner of one of the pages, pushes his book into his bag, and sighs. The man’s cute. He can acknowledge that. Even with the slightly garish red flowery shirt that’s open almost to his navel and the big, white rimmed sixties style sunglasses that are propped up on his head and keeping back his long brown curls. His jeans have big rips in the knees and when he catches Zayn staring just a little he bumps his knee against Zayn’s.

“Please?” The man tries again and reaches for his hand. He glances somewhere behind him, curses, and then pecks his lips against Zayn’s.

Zayn blinks, a little flabbergasted. He tastes like mint and he has to stop himself from blurting out something really stupid like no, come back here. Do that again.

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