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Thanks to @3rd-key & the overwhelming loving response from many people, I decided to post another picture from my first official cosplay Photoshoot 😘😍😊 Photo By: Elysiam Entertainment Facebook: Instagram: oxDollface YouTube:


so here’s the thing, like two weeks ago i shaved my head again for the fourth time and i was so freaking excited to be a bald character for my last spook day here in the city. time rolled around and it was 10.29 and i’m sitting in my bathroom, broke as hell, wondering what i’m gonna be. then it dawned on me to be aang, my blessed son and idol. BUT i also had the option to be eleven from stranger things, who is such a great role model and one of my favorite characters. both aang and eleven mean a lot to me so it was a hard decision to make. that being the case i did both! here’s my costume: eleven from stranger things dressed as aang from avatar. the best of both worlds, my guy.

Earlier today I saw a Facebook post discussing this. Then followed by some people defending this person’s cosplay. I just about had it with seeing this image cause you know what it’s offensive. I had to make this image I got so upset.

This was my response to the post..

So let’s break some stuff down on this. A. Where did anyone gather that Garnet was black?

If she is so accurately portraying a character she loves why did she paint her skin that color? Why is she wearing a wig with that texture? Garnets skin is a reddish color, in different scenes and lighting it looks different but even for accuracy it’s not that brown she/he (the cosplayer) so intelligently painted herself as. Her hair, she could have made of foam or some other material but no she assumes garnet who is a space alien made of two smaller ones is black so what did she do? She painted herself the way she thinks a black person looks not how the actual character looks.

B. How is it possible that everyone who isn’t a person of color be more of an expert in this than an actual person of color. That’s incredibly I know that people say oh you people are being too sensitive. But this is something I can’t sit here and listen to or defend her costume choice. Cause you know what had she just dressed as Garnet sans painting her skin there honestly is no real argument to be made. Girls of color dress up as their favorite characters who don’t match their skin tone all the time without painting themselves more white/Asian etc.
The thing is that this isn’t a short conversation it’s very nuanced and painful to have because people will just shut it down by saying on you’re being so sensitive.

Garnet is a space alien. There is something called coding which is when you place characteristics into a character that can be interpreted and perceived a certain way even if that character isn’t. So Garnet may have characteristics that you may interpret as black or ethnic but that doesn’t actually make her that, she’s a friggin space alien with humanoid characteristics..she may be codified as black(by stereotype)(curvy/big hair shape/full lips/voiced by a black woman) but her skin is reddish her hair is a boxy shape, the characters she is fused from has full lips(their skin is blue) she’s not black, people are making her black and giving her visual stereotypes of blackness…Amethyst is also coded as black/Latino but people don’t paint themselves brown to be her…so why is it ok with Garnet?

Sorry this is so long but I’m trying to make people understand that racism isn’t always this evil thing that people do. Sometimes it’s a thing of ignorance that can be remedied with discussion If people listen.

Oh and now I guess you have now discovered I’m a huge fan of Steven Universe…haha guess I should talk more about the stuff I love.

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The Documentary is out now! Only on Pretty Brown and Nerdy’s youtube channel! Hope you all will enjoy it! 4 cosplayers share their experiences with racism in the cosplay community.

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Y'know what I hate? When a cosplayer puts their body and soul into their costumes and genuinely looks fantastic, but because of some physical characteristic (i.e. fat cosplayers), their skin color (i.e. black and brown cosplayers), a handicap (i.e. wheelchair-bound people), or something other than the stereotypical light-skinned, thin, “”“”“perfect”“”“” cosplayers that are heralded by the community, those cosplayers that aren’t “”“”“"perfect”“”“”“ are just ignored, or worse, insulted, by the one community we are supposed to belong in. Just because we aren’t your ideal ”“”“”“perfect”“”“” cosplayers does not fucking mean we aren’t great at what we do or that we don’t look fantastic in our costumes.