brown chelsea boots


Here’s this week’s black/white and gold inspired layout feat. bits of my christmas party outfit! I’m planning to wear this little black dress with some black stockings, my navy green jacket, my brown Chelsea boots and of course my favorite gold rings…. what do you guys think? // Sending you guys so much love no matter what you’re celebrating this time of year! We’re getting soo close to the new year; let’s make our last few decisions of 2016 good ones.


I was at a Halloween party tonight where a wife dressed up as her husband, including drawing tattoos on with markers and wearing his clothes. It was obnoxiously cute.

So. A concept:

Harry dressing up as Louis in rolled skinny jeans, his Y.E.S. lighthouse t-shirt, a beanie and Louis’ blue Adidas shoes. He draws the other half of his tattoos on his own opposite arm.

Louis dressing up as Harry in Harry’s skinny jeans he has to roll 17 times, his Styles shirt unbuttoned to his belly button, Harry’s beat up brown Chelsea boots and the other half of his tattoos drawn on his own opposite arm.

Thank you.


The look of today is made to hug those curves. Loving these high waisted dark wash jeans I bought in Las Vegas 🎰

Zara geometric cropped top
Vintage silk scarf that was thrifted
Topshop Joni high waisted skinny jeans
Old Navy brown pointy toe Chelsea boots
Michael Kors two tone drawstring shoulder bag


An Essential Piece
It’s essential to have a go-to causal outfit that you know you can rely on. Something simple, comfortable and versatile. Above are two perfect examples of such outfits.
The first man is wearing a simple tee, black skinny jeans and brown Chelsea boots. This is definitely very on trend right now but also simple to put together. The second man is dressed similar but I love his beige jacket. Fashion isn’t about piling on vast amounts of items in hope that the look good in unison, it’s about carefully selecting small, thought out items that really compliment each other.