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Pink is a delicate color that symbolizes sweetness. When you think of pink, your imagination is soft and giggly. Pink flowers, pink lips, pink baby clothes. 

It was also the color of Harry’s cheeks when his green eyes fell on you. 

He sat next to Liam, his long locks left down, bottom lip grazed by his thumb and index, long legs pressed against each other as the 4 members of the band were cramped on the purple couch. 

Nick Grimshaw was humming a tune to himself, studying the flashcards on his desk. Louis, Niall and Liam were engrossed in a conversation about last night’s football game and Harry was just enjoying being in the background. 

His eyes moved towards a figure shorter than his, short enough for him to rest his chin on. 

“Nicholas!” He heard you let out an exasperated whine, making the room fall silent. 

“Who spit you out?” Nick teased you, looking at you in amusement. 

“Bug off.” You let out a laugh, huffing at the strand of hair that fell on your face. 

Harry watched intently, having only seen your side and the chocolate smudge on the corner of your mouth, your hair a mess and a clipboard clutched in your hand. Liam elbowed Niall, motioning wih his head towards Harry, making Niall cover his mouth to stiffle his giggles before nudging Louis. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi love💕 can you please do an imagine where y/n is super hard to get but Harry feels determined to get her and at the end he ends up doing it but after having to convince her. Thanks babe.😊

I tweaked that just a tad! x


You were a friend of Glenne; even had a part in setting her and Jeff together.

“Tonight is the night we finally find you a man.” Glenne said, looking at you as you put on your earrings.

You rolled your eyes, “How many times do we have to talk about this?”

“For as long as you actually get a man.” Glenne raised her eyebrow.

“I’m going with the flow, G. I’m not going to force myself into a relationship. You know how I like things,” You popped your lips, looking at your lipstick before turning to look at Glenne, “Nice and slow.”

“You look hot.” Glenne grinned, looking at you. You had an off shoulder beige crop flowy top, black high waisted skinny jeans, burgundy chelsea boots and your hair is up in straight ponytail. Your make up was light but you had an eye catching burgundy lipstick along with your gold hoop earrings.

Your grin matched hers as you glanced at the mirror one more time before you and Glenne got out of your house and drove to Jeff’s, where he was throwing a small get-together for his close friends and a few of his crew.

“I’m telling you, you and Harry would make a really hot couple.” Glenne said.

You groaned, “What’s it with you and talking to me about him all the time?” You parked, unbuckling your seatbelt.

“You’re my best friend. I want the best for you and Harry is exactly that.” Glenne said as you both walked towards the door, Glenne unlocking it with her key.
You were met with laughter of people and chatter and the smell of colognes.

“Finally!” Jeff grinned, walking towards you and Glenne, greeting her with a kiss on the lips before hugging you and kissing your cheek. “Finally took a day off to see us?” Jeff teased you with a roll of his eyes as you all walked towards the others who were sat in the living room.

“I figured I’d let you have the fun of seeing me.” You joked.

“Everyone, this is Y/N Y/L/N, the next big businesswoman who spends her single life working and traveling.” Jeff said as you chuckled, waving at those who sat.

Your eyes lingered on floral pants, traveling to see who wore them, smiling when you saw that it was the one and only person Jeff and Glenne have been trying to set you up with; Harry Styles.

Harry’s eyes lingered on you, an intrigued smile on his face as he stood, approaching you and offering his hand, “Harry.” He spoke, his eyes not leaving yours. You put your hand in his, shaking it.


After greeting everyone else, you all sat, chatting about everything and anything. You were sitting on the couch opposite to Harry, who would grin whenever he said something that made you laugh.
“Y/N, could you be a darling and empty more snacks in bowls from the kitchen?” Glenne asked, batting her eyelashes at you.

You nodded, standing up, “Right pantry?”

“They’re on the counter.” Jeff answered, “Harry, can you help her? They’re a lot for just one person.”

You glared at the couple when you understood what they were after before smiling slightly, looking at Harry who gestured for you to walk in front of him.
You both walked towards the kitchen, Harry supporting a dimpled smile when he noticed your chelsea boots, glancing at his own for a moment.

“I’ll get the bowls, why don’t you open the bag?” You suggested. Harry nodded.

“I like the boots.” Harry said as you put the bowls in front of him.

You smiled, looking at them before looking at his, “I like yours, too. Wait, I think I saw a tweet the other day of your glittery gold ones?”

Harry nodded, “I have an obsession.”

No way! Me too,“ You chuckled, “Jeff got me these rainbow ones last month.”

“These were for you?” Harry gasped, “I helped him choose them.” He grinned, feeling his stomach flutter at the thought of you wearing something he chose.

“I love them.” You giggled, “We need to get those outside.” You held two bowls in your arms. You smirked at him before walking outside. Harry smiled to himself with a shake of his head before holding the other bowls in his arms and following you.

For the rest of the night, you noticed it; Harry trying to impress you and if not, he would be glancing at you. You caught him two times biting his lip before looking the other way with a dimpled smile once he noticed that you caught him. You looked at your phone’s clock, seeing it was 12 am.
You stood up, “Well, I gotta go. It’s midnight already and you guys know I’m not a fan of driving this late.” You looked at Jeff and Glenne.

“Aw, the night is just starting. We can give you a ride home.” Jeff said.

“Wait, Harry lives close to you.” Glenne said, “I’m sure he wouldn’t mind giving you a ride?” She looked at Harry with a sly grin, wiggling her eyebrows.

“I definitely wouldn’t.” He smiled, looking up at you.

“You looked from Jeff and Glenne to Harry before feigning a yawn, "It’s okay. I’m feeling sleepy anyway. Harry can enjoy the rest of the night.”

At this, Harry, too, yawned. “I might be getting a tad sleepy too. Come on. Goodnight, everyone.” Harry waved as he stood up, standing beside you. You looked at him in surprise before saying goodbye to everyone and walking towards the door with Harry following you.

With a smirk and a confident expression, you unlocked your car. “You’re coming with me, aren’t you?” Harry asked.

You opened your car door, getting inside. “Goodnight, Styles.” You closed the door, blew him a kiss before driving off, leaving a very flustered Harry behind.

Harry entered the house again, “She didn’t even give me her number.” He frowned to Jeff and Glenne.

“Y/N…” They both said in unison.

The next day, you woke up and was scrolling through your phone, tapping on the new follower request on instagram. Your eyes immediately fell on the light blue check mark before you saw his name; harrystyles.
With a smile and a giddy feeling, you accepted his request.
It was a total coincidence for Harry. He was checking to see if you had accepted his request, meeting your profile loading pictures instead. He smiled, scrolling through your posts.
he smiled when he saw a picture of you and and a puppy, wanting to scroll down but instead, he double tapped.

“Shit!” He checked when the picture was posted, his eyes widening when he saw that it was a year ago. “Shit! Fuck!” It was too late to unlike it now, if you had the notifications appearing in the newsfeed, he already had looked like a creep.
That night, as he was having a drink with Mitch, he held his phone, debating whether or not he should send you a direct message.
He did.

‘Hi :) x’

15 minutes later, you replied back.

‘Hi, you. :)’

Harry frowned at the lack of x’s. Maybe you just didn’t use them.

'I’ll be straightforward. I want to see you again. Is that fine? x’

You replied minutes later,

I might be busy this whole week’

Harry cursed under his breath,

'Next week? :) x’

You replied,

'Sure. :) x’

He smiled at the x.

'Here’s my number ***-****. Text me whenever you’re free. x’

He waited for a reply, supporting a frown when he didn’t receive one until he was in bed, ready to sleep.

'Will do. x’

The week couldn’t have been going any slower. Harry would watch all your instagram stories, smiling to himself or showing your selfie to whoever was beside him. But you didn’t text him and he was beginning to worry if you ever were going to. Not to brag but if any other girl, they’d be kissing right now yet here he is, not even having your number.

It was exactly 13 days after your instagram texts when he found an unknown number calling him. He answered, “Hello?”

“I’m free tonight. Are you?” You said just as he answered.

Harry’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion before he smiled, “Y/N?”
You hummed in confirmation. “Oh, yes, yes, I’m free. Uh, when?”


He smiled, nodding to himself. “7 it is. Text me your address so I can pick you up.”

“Will do, Styles. Casual or dressy?” You asked.

“Casual.” He answered although he, for one, had no idea where was he taking you yet.

“Got it. See you later, Styles.” He could hear the smirk in your voice before you hung up. He fist bumped the air before rushing to his room, opening his closet while different places floated in his head.

I’m his favorite black chelsea boots, black wife legged pants that had floral design at the end of it and a red shirt tucked inside loosely with a few buttons undone, Harry drove towards your address, finding that you really lived close to him.
He walked towards your door, clearing his throat and straightened his shirt and pants before he rang the doorbell.

After the second ring, he was met with you; clad in an outfit similar to his only your black wide legged pants were plain and you had a blue shirt that was also loosely tucked inside, brown chelsea boots on your feet. You both looked at each other’s outfits before bursting out laughing.

“You stole my look!” You laughed, closing the door behind you.

“You definitely stole mine, love.” Harry laughed, shaking his head.

“Now we’re going to look like we’re matching.” You joked, walking beside him towards his car.

“We are.” He bumped his hip with yours with a smile before opening the door for you.

“So, where are you taking me?” You asked after buckling your seatbelt, looking at him.

“Should I keep it as a surprise?” Harry asked you, turning the ignition on.

You nodded excitedly, slumping in your seat.

He took you to a bowling alley where you crushed his ass then to a small pub owned by a family with karaoke.

You laughed as Harry’s cheeks were pink and his eyes glaring at you jokingly. “I’m never letting you choose me a song. How was I supposed to sing Despacito?”

You laughed, holding your stomach as you had tears in your eyes. “I recorded it!”


Later that night, when Harry drove you home and walked you to your door, he stood with his hands in his pockets, looking down nervously. “I had fun tonight.” He said.

You smiled, “I mean, you were alright.” You joked.

Harry’s jaw dropped, eyes looking at you with worry, “You didn’t like it?”

“I’m just joking,” You giggled. You unlocked the door before standing against it.
“Does that mean I won a second date?” Harry smirked, taking closer steps towards you.

“Wait, tonight was a date?” You asked, almost laughing at Harry whose face fell. “Don’t go fainting on me now. I’m just joking, again.” You giggled.

Harry groaned but smiled, “Stop that.”

“But yes, you won yourself a second date,” You smiled before looking at him with a serious face, “Or did you?” and with that, you got inside, closing the door behind you as you were a giggling mess. You looked at Harry discreetly as he, again, looked flustered.

“She’s going to kill me.” Harry said once Glenne picked up the phone as he drove back home.

The next following days and weeks, you were getting pampered by Harry. When you woke up one day to a Gucci box on your doormat, attached to it an envelope, you were gobsmacked. Inside the box were a pair of customized Chelsea boots that had 3 little daisy flowers on each side, a card that said that they were customized just for you. When you teared open the envelope, you couldn’t contain the grin on your face.

'I saw daisies the other day and thought of you. Also thought of Chelsea boots (I always am). So this happened. I hope you like them. xx -Harry’

You rushed to call him, waiting impatiently for him to pick up. “Yellow?” He answered.

“You’re unbelievable.” You laughed.

“You got the gift?” Harry asked in a happy time.

“I did. But why? Why get me anything in the first place?”

“Because I want to. Also, figured they’d make you happy and guessing from this phone call, you are.” He replied.

“I am.” You giggled.

“Why don’t you put them on on your next date? Tomorrow? Breakfast? You, me, together.” He said nervously.

“I’d love to.” You smiled.

“Great! Wonderful! I’ll pick you up, text me the time, yeah?”

After you hung up and you squealed to yourself, you were already running towards your room to put your outfit together for the following day.
After falling asleep with a smile on both of your faces and getting ready, Harry stood inside your house as you put on your new boots.

“Ow did you even know my size?” You asked.

“Glenne.” Harry replied, opening the door for you and watching as you locked it behind you before you both walked towards his car.

“Of course.” You chuckled.
After arriving to a coffee shop nearby, you and Harry sat down after having your drinks and donuts, beginning to talk about everything.

“So, you like traveling?” Harry asked.

“Love.” You corrected with a smile.

“Do you travel alone?”

You nodded, “Sometimes a friend or some join but I’m mostly alone when I do.”

“Doesn’t it get lonely sometimes?” Harry asked, fiddling with his straw.

You shrugged, “Sometimes it does.”

“Well maybe we should travel together.” Harry suggested with a wiggle of his eyebrows.

“Maybe we should.”


It was the after your fourth date that you and Harry finally kissed. It was the cliché moment of a kiss goodnight on your doorstep, teenage blushes and grins after you pulled away.
It was the sixth date when Harry asked you the question;

“Would you be my girlfriend?” He shouted over the music as you both stood in a local underground band’s concert.

You stopped midway dancing, a grin on your face as you looked at him. “What?” You shouted.

“I asked you,” He shouted, smiling down at you, “Would you be my girlfriend? Save me some energy?” He grinned teasingly.

You nodded, pressing your lips on his, his hands holding your waist tightly.

“Finally. You drove me crazy, woman.” He said against your lips before attaching your lips together again.

I’m sorry for any typos, I’m on my phone and I’m sleepy and my phone’s screen is cracked lmao. Love you & hope you liked it! x

Only Angel: H.S. AU

Harry could barely walk in a straight line as he stumbled over his own feet trying to make his way back to your apartment from the bar. You never liked when Harry would go out and drink, but it was his only outlet after a minor argument that the two of you got in only a few hours ago. 

“Oooff” He said as he tripped over another section of sidewalk, “When in the bloody hell did you get there! You… piece of cement!” He pouted for a moment before breaking out in laughter. “C’mon now Harold, you need to get home to Y/N and profess your love for her…” He continued down the walk, somewhere between a skip and run until he got to the door of your apartment building.

“Knock knock knock” Harry narrated as he gently tapped his balled up fist on the wooden door. After a few moments, he realized that he probably didn’t knock loud enough to wake you, after all it was 2:30 in the morning. He began to pound on the door a little harder, “Ouch!” Was all he could manage when he realized he had split one of his knuckles from his continuous knocking.

“What the hell is your– Harry?” You tried to take in this unusual sight in front of you. His pigeon toed feet were covered in the brown leather of his chelsea boots, his legs shrouded in black denim, and his torso was barely covered with a see through black button up shirt, with his tanned tattooed body peeking through. He had a smirk on his plump pink lips, and as he eyed your body up and down, he brought his bottom lip between his index finger and thumb. His eyes were bloodshot, and his voice appeared to be deeper and raspier than normal,

“Hi baby…” He slurred as he climbed one of the steps and instantly towered over you again. He wrapped his big hands around the small of your back pulling you towards his chest. His normally minty cool breath, was replaced by the fire and strong scent of whiskey. You tried your best not to let him overpower you, especially because you were angry that he tried to solve your relationship problems with alcohol. 

“Are you seriously this drunk right now!?” You continued squirming around in his grip, trying to break free, but his strong arms only held you tighter. His mouth got closer to your ear until he was right up against it.

“You aren’t getting away from me baby. I need to show you how sorry I am for everything I said today…” He whispered as he licked a stripe up the side of your ear. A shiver travelled down your spine as his lips moved down to your neck, and his teeth nibbled on the skin right under your jawline. You couldn’t help yourself as a small moan escaped your mouth. He pulled back immediately, looking at you, as his pupils were dilated. “Fuck, can we take this inside?” 

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spiderkittene  asked:

Could you please write an imagine or a drable with Harry in which the reader is a fan of him and after taking a picture with him destiny keep bringing to meet again?

Hope you like it, love. x


Work has always been exciting to you. Maybe it was because you were surrounded by one old loving lady who treated you like a daughter and 6 other people who 3 of them were your age while the 3 other treated you like a sister, or maybe it was the scenarios you made of every customer who came in to order coffee. Some looked in a hurry, some looked sleepy, some looked giddy and every other emotion known to human kind.

But you certainly would have never guessed that you would meet your idol and celebrity crush.

It was a normal Tuesday morning. It was only you, 60 years old Fiona who owned the shop and Joe who was in the kitchen in the coffee place. You were standing behind the counter, humming the soft tunes of Meet Me In The Hallway to yourself, watching your fingers as they drummed soundlessly on the surface.

The twinkle of the rustic bell above the door bell signaled that someone entered the shop. You were too busy focusing on your drumming to notice the costumer standing before you before someone clearing their throat startled you, making you look up in alert.

And boy were you in alert.

There, before you, stood the man of your dreams, your idol and celebrity crush, Harry Styles. His eyes captivated you, you cursing at how the pictures didn’t do him justice.

Harry chuckled as you stood dumbfounded, your jaw dropped and your eyes wide. “Fan?”

You only swallowed, nodding reluctantly. “We can take a picture after I order? Would you like that?” Harry suggested politely as he stared into your own eyes before his eyes glanced at your lips for a moment before they moved back to your eyes.

You, once again, only nodded. “Can I have a vanilla latte with caramel cream, please?” He asked in his deep voice, a smile on his face.

You cleared your throat, your fingers pressing against the buttons. “That will be 3 dollars and 15 cents.” Harry handed you the money, your brows furrowing as he handed you a 50 dollar bill.

You were searching for change when Harry shook his head, “Keep the change. Tip for being adorable.” He chuckled.

You were almost sure that you were going to collapse any given moment. “Oh, thanks.” You managed to get out, biting your lip to contain your big smile.

You sneakily glanced at him while you made his latte as he stood waiting, on his phone. He was in a blue short sleeved shirt and plain black straight legged lamys that he now wore. His infamous brown Chelsea boots peaking out.

“There you go.” You announced, giving him his order to which he took from you with a polite “Thank you”

“So, uh, the photo?” You stuttered out embarrassingly, tucking your hair behind your ear nervously.

Harry chuckled, “Yes, I remember.”

You called for John, giving him your phone as you walked from behind the counter, standing beside Harry. You almost fell to your knees when he wrapped his arm around your shoulder, your body close to his as you both smiled for the camera.

“Does it look good?” He asked before taking a sip from his drink.

“I’m sure it does. Thank you so much.” You grinned.

“Thank you, sweetheart.” Harry grinned back, giving you a quick hug, “Have a nice day!” Was what he said before he walked out of the door.

That was a month ago. Now, you were walking with your best friend, trying out different dresses for the wedding you had coming up 2 weeks from now.

“I feel like I won’t find it tonight.” You groaned, leaving the fifth store of the night.

“Relax, I’m sure you will. There are a lot of other shops, Y/N.” Your best friend chuckled before pointing at a shop, “Here, let’s see this one.” And with that she ran off.

You groaned, dragging your tired legs behind her before you felt yourself hit someone’s chest, making you stumble backwards before frowning, looking at the person.

“Very sorry, I wasn’t watch- hey!” Harry grinned as he looked down at you.

You gasped before grinning. “The girl from the coffee shop!” He exclaimed.

“In the flesh.” You said with a smile.

“I went back there a week ago and you weren’t there?” Harry asked, scratching the back of his neck.

Your heart warmed at that. “Oh, I’m taking more frequent days off since I’m helping with my cousin’s wedding.”

Harry nodded understandingly. “Congratulations.”


“For the wedding.” Harry chuckled.

“Oh! Uh, yeah. Thanks.” You smiled nervously at him before looking at the ground.

“Well, I better get going before people start noticing me too much. Bump into you later?” He smirked.

“Yeah, bump into you later.” You chuckled and waved at him as he left. You then ran off with a grin on your face to where your best friend were, ready to squeal out the news for her.

Now, 2 weeks later, you were leading the line of bridesmaids down the aisle as you walked gracefully in your beautiful dress, smiling warmly at the guests.

Someone waving their hand caught you, having to take a double take at the person — Harry. Your jaw dropped in shock as he giggled, pointing towards the camera in front of you, making you shut your mouth and stand on the side once you reached the designated place for the bridesmaids.

What was he doing here? In a beige suit with a light blue shirt underneath and a happy grin as he looked at you and waved. You giggled, blushing as you looked at the ground.

Once the ceremony began and your cousin, the bride, had walked down the aisle, making you look at her and her now-husband with dreamy eyes as they said their vows and “I do"s, everyone was escorted to the reception.

“Hey! Coffee shop girl!” You heard, making you grin as you turned, finding Harry struggling to get through the crowd of people, mumbling a few “Excuse me, please"s as he squeezed between them before finally standing in front of you. "That’s your cousin?”

“Yeah. Cousin of the bride. What about you?” You grinned, looking up at him. Despite wearing heels, Harry was still too tall for you.

“The groom is my friend.” Harry replied, the grin not leaving his face. “You know, I never caught your name despite destiny’s attempts in getting us to see each other.”

You giggled as you blushed, Harry taking a step closer. “Y/N.”

“Y/N. Well, Y/N, I’m Harry.” He offered you his hand.

“Hello, Harry. I’m Y/N. What would you like to order?” You joked.

“I’d like to order a dance from the coffee shop girl, do you think she’ll mind?”

“No,” You smiled, “She certainly won’t mind.”

Harry held his arm out for you, his dimpled smile making him look adorable. You hooked your arm with his as you both began not only a fun night, but a fun ride together.

For What It’s Worth (one-shot)

Pairing: 70sBillxRead-ish i guess i make it pretty vague enough

Summary: AU Bill in the 1970′s, meeting his wife and living a life of activism and travel. 

Inspired by asks sent to me imagining Bill in the 70′s. It gets fluffy in some parts too.

warnings: swearing, super light sexual comments.

wordcount: 4,858 IT’S LONG couldn’t help myself lmao

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy, let me know what you think!

She was packing sandwiches away in a back pack in the small kitchen padding back and forth to the fridge and the counter barefoot. The windows and front door were open despite the January chill of ‘73. It was expected to heat up to fairer weather, it was California after all, you can’t keep the sun away.

She stuffed two thermoses, one with coffee and the other with homemade chicken and dumplings into the back pack. Outside she could hear the slow beats of, I Heard It Through The Grapevine, drifting in through the open windows. She listened as she tied up a bandanna on her head to finish off the look of her high ponytail. As she got closer to the door she heard her husband muttering obscenities to himself. He was still tinkering with that damn truck. They’ve only had nothing but trouble with it. It was a marriage gift from her father, but frankly, it was just a piece of shit ‘65 Ford that he couldn’t get sold off his used car lot. And with the miles on it, the transmission was on the verge of giving out.

“Are you gonna get it running, Bill?” She said warily but hopeful not to discourage him from his work.

He huffed and pushed his long hair back, out of his eyes. “Yeah…” he said as he focused screwing some bits on the engine. “Actually,” he stopped, “can you get behind the wheel and start her up for me? Starters acting up but… I think I got it.” His eyes shifted skeptically.

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fine lines

 [ reader x taeyong ] !college au

part i , part ii

▿ nct’s: taeyong

word count; 2.867

contains some mature language

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It occurred to you of how much of a hot mess you were within the presence of such a simple, young man. Nothing rattled you more to your core when you made eye contact with Taeyong. Hani declares that he is nothing but a shady person but you knew that, beyond doubt, that wasn’t true. Or so you thought.

Something about the way Taeyong’s eyes interlocked in with yours, sharing you secrets that only he knows. Dirty little secrets dancing in the dark, waiting for someone willingly to open the door for them to be heard. It may seem completely out of blue and totally irrational considering that you have yet come down from your high with the encounter that happened only hours ago. You couldn’t shake this unaccustomed buzz feeling that was surging wrecklessly through your veins. 

“Y/n you should’ve seen your face! It was hilarious!” Hani cackled, holding her stomach from the ache that was forming in her abs. “Oh god, it was so classic. You should thank me you know?”

“Thank you for embarrassing me? I think not. You have no idea how bad I just wanted to evaporate into thin air.” You huffed. Hani and you were now in your dorm room and it was well passed 6 o'clock. 

You sat at the end of your bed, left knee propped up while your right leg was left dangling over the edge. You were concentrated on painting your fingernails with a basic white nail polish. Hani chortled at your response as she lay flat on her stomach, scrolling through her Twitter.

“Well maybe,” Hani said, dragging along her words, “You get to talk to him now. It seemed like he took an interest in you. He was practically eye fucking you.” She adds. You shot your head up quickly towards Hani, scowling at her.

“Why are you such a liar? Why can’t you just tell me you’re actually like some heinous bitch who has always hated me and is just out to get me for blood now?” You jokingly said, laughing quietly to yourself. “I feel like the chemical fumes from my nail polish is making you delusional.”

Hani laughed at you absurd statement, shaking her head. “Damn, I guess my cover is blown.” Hani says, flipping over on her side to face you from across the room. “Well anyways, the art show starts at 8 so be ready by then. I think Taeil and his friends are coming to pick us up.” 

You resumed painting your nails, dreading for this night to end in the blink of an eye. Although the thought of seeing Taeyong again but out of school grounds, was nerve wracking. Deep inside, you were actually quite excited.

Hours passed and you stood in front of your wall mirror, wearing a white plain t-shirt with ‘c’est la vie’ written in black. Paired with black, tattered jeans and a dark blue denim jacket. You slipped on a few silver ringers and clasped a black leather strapped Daniel Wellington watch against your wrist. You ran your now dried finger nails through your hair, staring back at your reflection. Satisfied with how you look, you slipped on your black and white checkered slip-on vans and sat on your bed, waiting for Hani who takes nearly a decade to get ready. 

You sighed, slipping out your phone from your back pocket. Reading the time 7:53. 

“Hani! I thought you said they would be here by now!” You shouted, unlocking your phone to go check your social media. Hani barged out of the bathroom, wearing a green parka jacket with a plain grey v-neck tee underneath. She slipped on her tight light blue cropped jeans, dancing in them to make them fit. “I know but I guess they got held up in something. They’re still coming, don’t worry.” She responded breathlessly. Hani rummaged through her dresser for socks, rolling them onto her feet once she found a pair and stepped into her brown Chelsea boots. “Do I look okay?”

You look up and smiled. Hani was one of those girls who can wear something so bizarre yet pull it off. Not that her outfit was bizarre.. not as bizarre as a meat dress. “You look cute.” You say, nodding. “Are you trying to impress anybody?” You added, quirking your eyebrow and throwing her a sly smirk.

“Maybe. Maybe not. None of your business.” Hani said with a toothy smile. You playfully rolled your eyes and shook your head, focusing your attention back to your phone. 

Ever since you were aware of Taeyong’s existence, you checked his social media’s non-stop. And as creepy as that sounded, which was, you were just curious. You were on Taeyong’s Twitter account page with your thumb hesitantly hovering over the follow button. Why was this so daunting? As if something bad would happen to you if you followed him on some silly little app? You had no idea why your heart was in your throat and you had no idea why a complete stranger had so much capability of making you feel like you just ran a marathon. You sighed, closing your eyes and pressing the follow button. As dramatic as this would sound, you instantly regretted what you just did. A groan erupted from your throat as you plopped backwards onto your mattress.

You were practically lost in your thoughts, consumed by whatever that wanted to torment you until you were yanked out of your suffocating mind with a simple knock on your door. You sit up, looking at the door while Hani runs to it, yanking it open.

“Well what the hell took you guys so long?” She said, obviously annoyed.

“Sorry Han, this idiot here,” Taeil grunted, pointing at Johnny who was smiling widely. “thought it was funny to moon people while I was driving. And I guess some old angry white lady’s child, which matter of fact was driving a maroon Suburban family car, saw Johnny’s pasty ass cheeks and told the mom which resulted in her nearly driving us off the damn road.” Taeil snapped at Johnny, sighing with frustration. Johnny and Yuta were quietly snickering in the back. 

You stood up from your bed, picking up your grey Fjällräven backpack and walking towards the door where Hani was, completely amused. “Well that was one of the best excuses I’ve heard in a long time.” She said laughing, “Let me get my bag and we can leave.”

“Pasty ass cheeks huh?” You said towards Johnny, giggling. Johnny smiles and nodded at you.

“What’s your name by the way? I don’t think you’ve introduced yourself to us yet.” Johnny says. 


“Now, should we get going?” Hani butts in, walking out the door dragging you along.

You finally arrived to the art gallery hall with the rest of the group. It was quite suffocating actually with Johnny and Yuta constantly bickering over a dumb game called Clash of Clans and Hani and Taeil flirting with one another in the front. You climbed out of the car as soon as it was parked in the parking lot. 

You all headed towards the entrance, not fully realizing how many people actually showed up. Everyone received a brochure by a polite, small older lady once you were past the front doors. Silently thanking her, you separated yourself from Hani and the rest of the group. Walking by yourself, hands in your denim jacket, you looked in awe at all of the surrounding paintings that were hung precisely onto the white wall with small lights hovering over them.

It was unbelievable on how talented a being can be, how delicately yet meticulous lines were drawn and painted onto what used to be a blank canvas. Ultimately, it took incredible talent, dedication and time to create a masterpiece and was presented the opportunity to show an audience with lurking eyes such art.

You slowly padded your feet against the shiny linoleum, your legs having a mind of its own, heading towards a painting that was absolutely breathtaking. So breathtaking that majority of the people who attended this art show, was huddled up one another gazing at it as well.

It was a painting of a girl. The painting was so finely detailed to the point where it looked extremely realistic, as if it was just starting right back at you. But what shocked you the most, is that it sort of had a resemblance to you. You managed to find yourself in front of the painting, searching for whoever the artist was. There the name was. On a small white plaque, written in black lettering. You read

‘Lee Taeyong’.

It’s been almost an hour since the art showing ended and here you were, standing in front of various paintings. Your mind continuously wondered back to Taeyong’s art and you had no idea why. Was it because you were practically obsessed with him? Well, maybe the word ‘obsessed’ is a bit too extreme although you did like him a lot. Or was it because the painting looked like you. It was quite a reach, thinking that the painting looked like you but you continued to question your own thoughts. 

“I hope you enjoyed the show tonight.” A deep voice spoke out. Bringing you out of your hectic thought process, turning your head to the person who abruptly ended the silence within the hall. Your pulse began to quicken as you met the face you were trying to avoid.

There stood Taeyong, his hands shoved in his front pockets. He shifted his legs underneath his black ripped skinny jeans complimenting with his Old Skool Vans and large grey sweater topped off with light blue denim jacket worn over. Your lips parted slightly in awe on how effortlessly handsome a person can be, locking eyes with his. You nodded lightly and brushed your hair behind your left ear.

“Uh.. y-yeah. It was really uhm.. nice.” You said. 

Wait, no that might sound bad. Maybe he thinks I’m trashing on his painting. You thought to yourself.

 “I mean not like I was saying your painting was nice– well I mean, it was nice,  breath taking actually. I- uhm, yeah I should probably stop talking..” You rambled quickly, embarrassing yourself furthermore. You looked down at your feet, biting the inside of your cheek. God why did you have to make a fool of yourself?

Taeyong chuckled slightly. The vibrations of his laugh tickled your fingertips and made your heart do somersaults inside of your chest. Why did you think that was one of the most beautiful sound you’ve ever heard? “It’s fine. I understand.” Taeyong says, fumbling with his fingers inside of his pockets. “It’s cute, don’t be embarrassed.” 

You look up to Taeyong and blush lightly, crossing your feet. “Oh.” 

That was all you could say. Oh. You watched Taeyong’s every movement. You watched as he was messing with his fingers in his front pockets, watched how he scanned your body with every curve on your figure, you watched how he smiled slightly and ran his tongue across his luscious pink lips.

“What’s your name? I never caught it whenever I first saw you.”

“Oh uhm, it’s Y/n.”

“Well Y/n, considering that it’s already an hour past closing, I suppose you need a ride back to your dorm?” Taeyong asks, freeing his right hand from his pocket and ruffling his dusty pink hair with his long fingers. You blink widely and scan around the hall, everyone is gone. Even Hani.

“I suppose so, I’m pretty sure my ride ditched me.” You laughed lightly and twisted your ring on your index finger out of a nervous habit. Taeyong smiled and nodded.

“I suggest we go now before we get yelled at to leave by security.” 

And with that, Taeyong and you walk out into the parking lot, leaving you to wonder how your night will end. Wondering about all of the unrealistic possibilities that probably would never happen but all that mattered was that you got to learn about Taeyong. A lot actually. You learned that he actually only finds painting as a hobby, that he basically paints just to spite his art teacher. This you found hilarious, your laughter boomed throughout the car as you couldn’t grasp onto the fact that Taeyong had an outing against his art teacher. You learned that he preferred to dance and as well as rap, which struck you at a surprise. 

“I’m hungry. Are you? I know a 24-hour diner that’s around the corner from here. We could eat there if you’d like.” Taeyong offered. An offer that you simply could not reject. Once pulled into the parking lot of the diner, you both head your way into the diner and was seated immediately, given a menu and your requested drinks.

“Oooh,” You gasped looking at the dessert section. “This raspberry cake looks so good.” Out of your peripheral vision you saw Taeyong smile at you, shaking his head lightly. “What? Why are you shaking your head at me like a mom who just found their 4 year old child eating a whole box of Oreos to themselves in bed?” You add, dropping the the menu to fold your arms across your chest. Tilting your head slightly, looking at Taeyong.

A laugh erupted from his throat and looked at you with such amusement. “Are you speaking from experience or?” He says. You gasped playfully, putting your hand against your chest as if you were offended.

“Are you calling me fat, Lee Taeyong?”

“No. Of course I wouldn’t call you that, Y/n. If you desire a slice of raspberry cake at 11:34 at night, then so be it.”

“Good. That’s what I expected you to say.”

“Oh, you want me to say the opposite?”

“If you were to say the opposite then I don’t think I would be sitting here with you right now.” 

As the night went on, Taeyong and you sat in the diner for another hour, laughing, teasing and flirting with one another. You got your raspberry cake while Taeyong stuck with coffee. It was nice that you were able to talk to Taeyong, finally after weeks of you just staring at him from afar. And you hoped that Taeyong felt the same way.

“It’s getting pretty late. I should take you back to your dorm.” Taeyong says after a moment of silence between you two. You were sad that this hangout was coming to an end but you agreed with him. You needed to get back to your dorm so that you can study tomorrow for a quiz that you have in your maths class this week.

“Okay.” You simply say. 

The two of you left the diner after the bill was paid by Taeyong. Even though you wanted to pay for your cake, he wouldn’t budge, saying that it was his treat for you. The ride back to your dorm was silent, yet it wasn’t awkward. It was a silence that was peaceful. The sound of the tires driving smoothly with the paved road, the sound of music playing lightly in the background. You stared out of the car window, all too familiar with your surroundings, knowing that your dorm building was about to be right in front of you.

Taeyong pulled up to your dorm on the side of the street and put his car into park. You unbuckled your seat belt and turned your attention towards Taeyong who was following your every movement. “I had a lot of fun tonight, Taeyong. Well besides the fact that you bought me cake but I really enjoyed your painting and your company.” You said, unknowingly biting the bottom of your lip. Taeyong smiled lightly and nodded.

“Thank you, Y/n. I had a lot of fun with you as well. I hope you didn’t enjoy that cake as much as my company.” Taeyong laughed as you crinkled your nose and smiled.

“No, of course not.”

“I’m really interested in getting to know you better, Y/n. I hope that we can hang with each other more.”

You nodded, “I hope so too, Taeyong. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight Y/n, sleep well.”

You blushed lightly and got out of Taeyong’s car, closing it behind you. You turn around to wave a goodbye once more and headed inside of your dorm building. You knew that you probably looked like you were drooling over Taeyong the whole night, which was basically true, but you couldn’t help but silently thank Hani for somewhat making your life more intriguing. Without her, you probably would’ve never worked up the guts to talk to Taeyong yourself. 

Once you reached your room, Hani wasn’t inside. You decided to quickly take a shower to rinse off and remove your make-up, slipping on a new pair of sleeping clothes. You plopped your tired body onto your bed and tucked yourself underneath the sheets. As you were about to slip into a deep sleep, your notification sound went off. You curiously wanted to check it to see what was going on at 1:46 in the morning. Grabbing your phone from your night stand, you read

[ Twitter: ]

@Lee_Taeyong followed you back!

wooooow. i still can’t believe this took me like 2 weeks to write lol. i had writers block and i didn’t know how to start it off :( i’m not sure how many parts there will be but i will try my best to write part 3 soon! school is coming up and i already want to die but you guys!!!!! i got over 100+ notes on part one and i’m so happy that i could cry! haha but i’m glad that you enjoy it. please ask me questions if you have any or tell me how you feel about this part! thank you so much to everyone who has followed me, i will try my best to update frequently and write scenarios if you have any suggestions :) please make them specific as well! i write about nct u+127, seventeen, monsta x, bts and day6! i’ll probaby make a masterlist soon so bare with me! 


anonymous asked:

Really, really in love with your suits HCs. May I ask for more, pretty please? Thank you in advance, sweetheart. Tsukishima brothers (Akiteru & Kei), Kageyama, Hinata, and the girls in dress perhaps? If you're up for them (Yachi, Shimizu, Saeko, lil sunshine - natsu)

I’ve put the ladies in a different request here, and I hope you enjoy these!

Original Suits Headcanons here.


  • Light grey, almost silver suit in silk. Single breasted, and two buttoned- the jacket is accompanied with a dark pocket square and matched with a pair of slim fit, cuffed pants of the same hue. This look is supported by a grey with black lines, checkered shirt, and a matching silk grey tie. Shoes of choice are a pair of white moccasins with black lining.
    • Akiteru has the thinnest proportions out of them all, so the pale colour gives him a little width and bulk, while slim tailoring, especially around the waist and thighs, maintain a sleek silhouette from any angle.
    • This man is possibly one of the laziest dressers out there, with his high school bomber jacket and pants he’s picked up from random stores when his friends drag him shopping, but he cleans up incredibly well.
      • Incredibly fast too, because his hair is not changed much, only slicked backwards slightly around the sides of his face to frame it and not cover it.
      • This gives him a polished look, not too slick, but elegant, with his golden eyes and easy smile that picks up the formality of his outfit into breezy elegance.
    • He does look like a man back from some posh polo club, as many people keep on pointing out.
      • Maybe a golfer, too, and this really doesn’t help because a lot of girls start coming up to him during the party and offer him drinks and talk about what kind of car he drives (it’s a little awkward to have to tell them it’s just a normal Nissan that used to belong to the family).
    • Dancing is his guilty pleasure. He’s actually rather terrible at it, with his limbs flailing a little when the music picks up the pace, but nobody can tell because he looks like an absolute vision in the dim lighting.
      • (Just don’t dance with him.)

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Here’s this week’s black/white and gold inspired layout feat. bits of my christmas party outfit! I’m planning to wear this little black dress with some black stockings, my navy green jacket, my brown Chelsea boots and of course my favorite gold rings…. what do you guys think? // Sending you guys so much love no matter what you’re celebrating this time of year! We’re getting soo close to the new year; let’s make our last few decisions of 2016 good ones.