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The Flash PaleyFest Sizzle Reel [contains old footage and HUGE spoilers, you’ve been warned]

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one thing I really did like about this episode was its portrayal of how deep seated the trio, particularly Jesse's, issues are. it made clear that the sentiment behind his belittling of tulip over vanilla hash browns or letting cassidy burn was not a one-off to be resolved in a neat arc. like real people, sometimes its one step forward and two steps back. -the same word question anon

YES. I ADORE tulip/jesse but I LOVE that the show isn’t ignoring all their individual and shared issues (you probably saw me talk about Jesse’s here and in the posts linked therein). I was afraid it would but the show is basically deconstructing the whole Bonnie and Clyde thing and being like look - they are criminals bc of how awful their lives were, and that has fallout throughout their lives. sure they have a good time, even a great time sometimes, but things are never easy for them, and there’s a very human and emotional basis for all their strengths and weaknesses. I think one of the central struggles for jesse and his friends this season is going to be how much like his mission for forgiveness for damning his father to hell alienated him from Tulip before, his mission to pursue God may alienate him now. he needs to find a way to reconcile his sense of purpose with the wants and needs of the people he cares about and who care about him. 

When you realize today is Downton Abbey’s LAST DAY at Highclere Castle