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Brown University will stock free menstrual products in all non-residential bathrooms -- men's, women's and gender-neutral
“These products are not luxuries, they are necessities, and should be treated as such.”

This week, Brown University announced that all of its non-residential bathrooms – or bathrooms outside of dorms – will be stocked with free menstrual products. And they won’t be limited to women’s bathrooms. 

Viet Nguyen, the UCS president and a senior at Brown, told The Huffington Post that in an effort to make the initiative more inclusive, it’s essential to have the products in more than just women’s bathrooms.

“We wanted people to recognize that this issue affects trans students as well and that menstruation is experienced by more than just those who identify as women and that not all people who identify as women menstruate,” Nguyen said.

The average menstruating person can spend up to $18,000 on menstrual products over their lifetime. This will make a huge difference – by saving students some money, challenging the false idea that only women menstruate, and helping end the stigma around menstruation. Go, Brown. 

Yasmin Le Bon reading books in street in "New Day at the London Collections" for UK Vogue, August 1986. Photographer: Peter Lindbergh.

“Jean Muir’s light grey soft wool wrap, a beautifully unembellished look with tubular black. The coat, buttonless, seamed, £735, polo-neck tunic, £132, and leggings, £56, both in merino wool; all at Harrods, Browns; Olive Walton, Birmingham; Campus, Edinburgh.”