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Family Time

Pairing x Reader : Newt Scamander x Reader
Word Count : 588
Warning : none
A/N : Just a nice short one :) Please request, I’d love to write based on your ideas. Y/S/N = your son’s name

To say Newt was a wonderful father wold be an understatement, he was completely smitten with your little bundle of joy and you never see one without the other. Newt was the to get up in the middle of the night when your son would cry for his parents, you often find them cuddled with the creatures in the morning. One thing that would also make your sons little face light up was Frank, Y/S/N absolutely adored Frank and in fact, ‘Frank’ was one of his first words. At times you could tell that Newt was jealous of their bond, whether is was his son loving Frank or Frank loving your son you were uncertain.

Your son was now eight and Newt is confident that he is ready to hep out his father in the case. You were a bit nervous about it all but you agreed as long as you could keep an eye on both of them, you trust your son more than you excited husband. When you gave them the agreeing smile they took off down to the case. You rolled your eyes at their energy and decided to make some sandwiches to take down with you.

You put the now made sandwiches in a basket and added a blanket, maybe it would be a nice idea to have a picnic. You placed the basket on the counter and entered your room. You changed into some light brown three quarter cargo pants and a lighter brown button up top. You pulled on your boots and excited the room. You grabbed the basket and descended into the case. You found the boys at the Occamy habitat. Newt’s back was turned to you so your snuck up behind him and jumped on his back, this startled him but he quickly grabbed your legs so you wouldn’t fall.

“Hello Darling” You giggled and gave him a peck on the cheek.

“Y/N! You startled me” He somewhat whined making your son giggle. Y/S/N may have a lot of Newt to him but he had some of your qualities, he has your lips, ears, hands and giggle. He also had the same look of admiration towards him father.

“That was the idea Newt” You climbed off his back and rolled your sleeves up. Newt looked at you, now taking in your appearance. You hadn’t really warn your case clothes since having your boy and Newt sure did miss it. H loved when you had been working and your hair was a mess and your shirt untucked. There was something about you being natural that he absolutely adored.

“You look stunning” He said causing you to roll your eyes.

“Now, what can I do?” You asked putting your hair up in a sloppy bun. Newt put you and Y/S/N to work.

It had been about two hours and time for lunch.

“Boys!” You called out, trying to locate your son and his troublesome father. You had looked around for a while and finally found them fast asleep on Franks old wooden platform. You smiled at their sleeping figures and decided to let them sleep a little bit longer. You placed the basket in the shack and set off to find a missing Niffler. There are many more members to your family that need feeding first.